Zendesk Chat Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

What is Zendesk Chat?

The live chat application known as Zendesk Chat was developed by the software company Zendesk, which also produces a variety of other applications. Zendesk Chat is a standalone chat product that is well-designed, straightforward, and simple to use.

An Overview of the Zendesk Chat Service

Alexander Aghassipour, Mikkel Asger Svane, and Morten Primdahl are the three individuals who launched Zendesk in 2007. At the moment, the business caters to more than 150,000 customers across all of its products, which can be broken down into two categories: the Support Suite and the Sales Suite. The primary service that Zendesk provides is their help desk and ticketing software; however, they also sell a variety of other products that can either be integrated with the help desk or utilized independently as stand-alone applications.

Live chat, chat history, active visitor monitoring, analytics, and real-time monitoring are all part of the Zendesk Chat product suite. When compared to other live chat tools, it is a reliable option that falls somewhere in the middle of the road and has reports that are only moderately detailed. The live monitoring tool is especially useful for businesses that want to engage in proactive conversation with the visitors to their websites.

There is a free plan available for Zendesk Chat; however, we found that it offers very little value because it only permits one agent and one concurrent chat at a time. The three paid plans are priced per agent, with the cheapest plan costing $19 per agent per month. As the price of the plan increases, so does the number of features included in that plan.

Zendesk Chat is, all things considered, a powerful and user-friendly live chat application. Companies that are interested in enhancing their customer support are strongly encouraged to consider Zendesk Chat’s Team or Professional plans. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a software solution that also includes marketing features, such as email campaigns and pop-ups, then the alternatives may prove to be more beneficial for your company.

Zendesk Chat Key Features

In this section, we will go over the most important features that Zendesk Chat has to offer and explain how those features can benefit your company. You will get a sense of what the tool looks like throughout the review thanks to screenshots that we have included of important sections.

Dashboard and Widget for Chat

The functionality of live chat for your website will be provided by the combination of the inbox and the widget. The chat widget is added to your website so that visitors can interact with one another, while the inbox is where customer service representatives will respond to messages and carry on conversations with site users. In general, using Zendesk Chat results in a smooth and uncomplicated live chat experience.

Chat Control Panel

After changing their status to “Online,” Zendesk agents will start receiving incoming chats in the dashboard of the application. During a chat session, any incoming messages will appear as windows that will take up the entire screen. Agents are able to minimize these chat windows so that they have more freedom to move around the rest of the Zendesk dashboard. For instance, they can move freely between the Home, Analytics, and History tabs. When they are ready to respond, they can then maximize the chats again. The following image depicts what it looks like when a chat window is currently being used:

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The number of active chats is displayed in the tabs that run across the bottom of the screen. The time of the visitor’s first visit to the site, the total number of previous visits and chats, the visitor’s location, information about the browser used, and contact information are some of the pieces of information that are included in an active chat window. Agents are able to carry out standard actions such as sending files and emojis, sending pre-written messages, and transferring chats to different departments while they are conversing with customers.

Widget for Chat

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Visitors to your website will communicate with one another through the use of a chat widget, which will be displayed on your website. The widget includes the vast majority of standard capabilities out of the box, such as the ability to attach files, rate chats, and forward chat transcripts. The widget is amenable to substantial personalization and editing so that it can be adapted to the aesthetic standards of your organization.

Live View of a Visitor

A helpful way to track visitors, engagement, which web pages are being viewed, and other information is to have a live view of all visitors who are currently on your website. The live visitor view that is provided by Zendesk Chat gives users both a list and a “visual” view of website visitors. This tool is especially helpful, and the only other competitor in our live chat category that comes close to matching its functionality is Crisp, which provides a live map view of site visitors.

The list view, which is displayed below, will show the total amount of time that each visitor has spent on the site, as well as any previous visits or chats, and the URL of the page that the visitor is currently viewing:

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The “visual” view is a method of monitoring site visitors that is only marginally effective. This view is visually interesting, but it does not provide the same easily accessible and useful information as the list view does. In addition to that, the text is strangely out of focus.

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You’ll also have the ability to do the following within this section:

  • Engage in proactive conversation with each visitor
  • Organize visitors according to their activities
  • Identify returning visitors

Chat Archive and Transcripts

Every plan, with the exception of the free plan, comes with unlimited access to the chat history for Zendesk Chat. This function will be useful to any company that wants to be able to look back on chats for whatever reason they might have. The fact that chats cannot be exported as a CSV or Excel file, which would be useful for conducting searches based on the most frequently used terms, is the primary limitation of this section. In general, however, the unlimited history is a very significant advantage.

Within the tab labeled “Chat History,” you will find the following information:

  • The name of the guest
  • Agent who was in charge of the chat.
  • Duration of the conversation
  • Scores given by visitors
  • Number of messages
  • Full conversation

The following is what the view will look like once you choose a specific archived chat to look at:

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The transcript will include a full account of everything that took place during the initial conversation. The transcript of the chat can be exported by the agents and sent to them via email or a web link.


The real-time monitor that is included with Zendesk Chat gives users an overview of current site metrics, such as the current response time, the number of visitors in the queue, and the average length of a chat session. It is very similar to the Analytics section, but rather than providing information for the entire period of time, it gives metrics for the most recent half an hour.

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If you require a live monitor, you will be required to pay for one of the more expensive premium plans because this feature is exclusive to the two most expensive plans. We came to the conclusion that, despite the fact that it is beneficial, it might not be essential for many businesses, particularly smaller businesses with less site traffic.


The reporting section that is included in Zendesk Chat is not nearly as detailed as the reporting sections that are included in some of Zendesk Chat’s competitors; however, it does provide the essential basics that customers would find interesting. In light of the significance of the metrics that are incorporated, the fact that it is so straightforward is not necessarily a drawback. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the plans that cost the most money do not include analytics and reporting in any of their features. This means that you are unable to view any reports of historical data when using either the free plan or the Team plan.

Here is an illustration of the reporting section, for your reference:

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The following metrics are included in this report:

  • The total number of chats provided
  • The total number of conversations that were skipped.
  • Chat duration Response time
  • Ratings of client contentment
  • Wait times (served chats)
  • Wait times (missed chats)
  • Conversions

The date range can be changed so that agents can compare analytics on a weekly or monthly basis. Agents can also set up email reports, download reports as CSV files, and change the date range.

Additional Features Available in Zendesk Chat

Monitoring of Conversions

Establish some objectives for your website and monitor their progress in achieving those objectives. You are able to monitor, for instance, the number of clients who were moved to make a purchase from the website as a direct result of your marketing efforts. Both the Professional and the Enterprise plans include access to this particular feature.

Routing of Chats

Set chat limits for agents and establish routing rules for all incoming conversations. These capabilities contribute to the streamlining of the workflow and the incoming number of chats throughout the entirety of your organization.

Divisions and Roles

Establish separate departments, such as Sales or Support, and then designate specific roles, such as Sales Representative or Support Agent, to fit within those divisions. This function can be used to help determine which employees have access to what, and it can also be applied to routing rules. The Enterprise plan includes access to this particular feature.

Triggered Messages

You can create triggered messages that will automatically be sent to visitors based on the actions that they take on your website. You can set a proactive greeting, for instance, that will automatically be sent to visitors who have been on the site for one minute without using the chat widget. This greeting can be sent to visitors even if they have not used the widget.

Customer Service for Zendesk Chat

The availability of customer support from Zendesk differs according to the Zendesk plan that you have purchased. Customers on every plan can utilize the Help Center and the community resources available to them. Email support is available for all plans except for the Lite plan. Customers with the Team and Professional plans have access to chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while customers with the Enterprise plan have access to chat support around the clock.

  • Support Options for Customers Include Email and Live Chat
  • Assistance to Customers Availability: Varies
  • Help Center as well as Community Posts are Additional Support Resources.
  • There is Application Status Page

Pricing for Zendesk Chat

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The pricing structure of Zendesk Chat is based on a pay-per-agent model. On the monthly subscription plan, prices range anywhere from zero dollars to seventy dollars for each agent each month. There is a discount available for each plan if you choose to pay for it on an annual basis.

  • One agent, one chat at a time, and limited features make up the “Lite” plan.
  • $19 per agent per month for the team, with unlimited chat history and chat transfers included.
  • The Professional plan costs $35 per agent per month and includes chat support and conversion tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Enterprise: $70 USD per agent per month, chat support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and skills-based routing

Is Zendesk Chat the Appropriate Choice For You?

Zendesk Chat is an independent live chat tool that includes the majority of the essential features required to support the live chat goals of any company. It was one of the simplest live chat softwares to install and use among all of the live chat softwares that we reviewed, and its primary advantages are its ease of use and the Live Monitoring tool that it comes equipped with.

In general, we suggest using Zendesk Chat for organizations of any size that are searching for a straightforward live chat software to use. Although there are no advanced features such as chatbots or marketing tools, the live chat-focused tools are sufficient for accomplishing the task at hand. If you will require reports, the Professional plan is going to be a much better choice for you than the Team plan, which is still a good option.

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