12 best free WordPress themes with demo content (templates)

If you’re getting started with WordPress, you probably already have some knowledge of plugins and themes. But if you are not, you can get help with your new website from the free themes with demo content.

These best free themes are recognized for their easy-to-customize options and dynamic features. You can select a free, flexible theme and save more money. They have templates for any industry, so you can use them for any project for your client or your website. If you’re a beginner, start with pre-built demo content.

These themes will help your vision. There are plenty of templates for blogs, services, freelancing, and whatever your purpose is, and all themes are free. How cool!

Choose a flexible theme for your website because, after all, changing a theme is uneasy, and it will be crucial that you focus on things before making a decision.

The themes should be well-structured and coded in WordPress’s guidelines. Compatibility with other plugins is a critical factor in speed optimization and SEO. Moreover, it must be fully customizable and has a great look—maintenance, and updates regularly.

It’s common to hear that free themes are risky; they aren’t well maintained as premium themes. Honestly, many premium themes are garbage. They only do the best marketing rather than deliver a decent product. I don’t want to mention the names, but they are junk. Many beginners are trapped in their cages. 😂

Read my comprehensive article on blogging tools, where you can learn a lot of information, including my theme recommendation. If you’re having trouble with your website’s speed, read the FlyingPress Review.

This article does not contain any sponsored or affiliate links. This a genuine recommendation. You can download all themes from the official WordPress theme directory.

Best WordPress Themes with Demo Content. All are available in the WordPress theme directory.

1. Blocksy

Blocksy WordPress theme logo

Blocksy is the best free theme overall and provides highly customizable features, even the free version. If you are interested in the Blocksy theme, read the in-depth review. Although Blocksy has a paid version, you shouldn’t need to upgrade if your project isn’t complicated. 

Do you know?

The Blocksy header and footer builder is the best feature; no other theme has an accurate builder of that kind. Content Blocks is the best feature in the Pro version I use.

Theme typography allows you to adjust the font across your entire website easily and supports extensive typefaces. With the Premium edition, you can use custom fonts, Adobe, and host Google Fonts on your server.

Blocksy offers simple stuff to create the element of your website. You can remove the copyright footer and put it wherever you like without using an extra code. With three customizable rows in Blocksy, you can change the header style and widgets. You can use multiple rows, and the free edition has a sticky header.

Blocksy Companion is a plugin that extends the Blocksy theme’s features, such as more widgets, cookies, and integration with Mailchimp and WooCommerce. Widgets include social icons, contacts, promotions, newsletters, and posts.

Blocksy free includes a ton of features than other free WordPress themes. Even have more features than paid WordPress themes. 

Blocksy offers 25+ free demo content with a complete design. It benefits beginners because demo content import is easy with blocksy. The starter sites are beautiful and fully active with this free WordPress theme with demo content.

Okay, I’ve listed some of them in this table; take a look at them; there are also images.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Blocksy NewsGutenberg
Modern Shop Brizy, Elementor
Travel Gutenberg, Brizy
App Gutenberg, Brizy
Charity Gutenberg, Brizy
Product review Elementor
Business Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor
Home Gutenberg, Brizy
Tasty Gutenberg, Brizy
Web Agency

It is also perfect for Gutenberg to create rapidly and efficiently. The theme developed by “Creative Themes” also has good video tutorials on YouTube.

2. Kadence

Kadence theme logo

Kadence is similar to Blocksy in that both themes include the same features and some differences. A fully customizable theme provides elegant options to create a stunning site without the paid version. The Kadence theme has a header and footer builder featured in drag and drops option like Blocksy. This is a notable feature because it is lacking in many popular WordPress themes.

You have complete control of all of Kadence’s elements. Allows you to customize the theme’s colors, structure, and customization to your taste. No need to be concerned about choosing a tricky page builder because the theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg. 

They have their plugin; the Kadence Blocks, such as the Kadence theme, is free and can be upgraded to the pro version. The free edition provides more control and structure for your pages and posts, but the premium version has many more. Also, the theme is built to work with any page builder you want. 

Get free demo startup templates with the Kadence theme.

You should first install the Kadence templates plugin. There is demo content for both Gutenberg and Elementor. Some are free. Still, those only available in the pro edition are marked as Pro. You can easily import them onto your website.

Look at some free Starter Templates examples here. 👇

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Business EventsGutenberg
Web-AgencyGutenberg, Elementor
Online CourseElementor
Resto EcommerceElementor
Design CourseGutenberg
Print Shop
Recipe Blog
Control BusinessElementor

3. Neve

Neve WordPress theme with free demo templates

Neve is a popular WordPress theme with a backend by Themeisle. Also, it is lightweight with many customizations. Suitable for various websites, including blogs, businesses, agencies, shops, and even the most complicated purposes. Expand the color scheme of your website; numerous color schemes can keep the design of your website fresh.

Neve integrates well with Gutenberg, Elementor, BB, SiteOrigin, and Divi Builder. Other similar themes offer limited website builders, but Neve includes builders such as Architect and Divi. You can continue to use the preferred page builder to create stunning websites, making the process much easier for you in the long run. 

If you’re a blogger, use specific layout features to customize your weblog’s look completely. Offer your overall blogging experiences a significant increase with features designed to improve user experience. 

You can import and use over 100+ starter web pages with Neve. And 50+ free pre-site samples with different visions. All are cloud-based; you can download them anytime.

Some free pre-site are highlighted in this table.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
FreelancerElementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder
OriginalElementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder
ArtistElementor, Beaver Builder
Video BlogBrizy, Elementor
Electronics ShopElementor, Gutenberg
VintageBrizy, Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder
CharityElementor, Gutenberg
DoctorsBrizy, Elementor, Gutenberg
Music TeacherGutenberg, Beaver Builder
RestaurantBrizy, Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder
PsychologistGutenberg, Beaver Builder
Neve free pre-site demos
Neve WordPress theme with demo content

4. OceanWP

OceanWP Theme


OceanWP currently has over 700,000 installations and over 4,000 five-star ratings, which is quite impressive. It is a popular free, lightweight theme that looks excellent.

Back in the day, I dislike how hidden their pricing is because every extra feature costs money. However, it’s optimistic now that they offer a fully pro edition for one fee. They provide extensive customization, grid designs, five archives styles, and a separate mobile sidebar for content websites. 

I especially loved their grid layout.

OceanWP font customization Oh, that’s amazing; it cannot be compared to other themes because it includes all tweaks, including header, menu, widget, headers, footers, and more. It also has an inbuilt Google font deactivate option. A significant drawback is the lack of a header and footer builder in OWP.

OceanWP balances with other features, such as the layouts, shortcodes, spacing, link effects, placement, mobile menus, and icons, and can remove the footer copyright.

The free edition is well enough for content websites and comes with 15 free demos. The Pro version has plenty of stater templates. All OceanWP Free Demo content work with Elementor and Gutenberg.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Mega GYM
Gym Club
Music Teacher

5. Zakra

Zakra WordPress theme

Zakra is a top theme because it is speedy, lightweight, and designed on a light structure. So that means you’ll get a website that’s lightning fast. However, don’t expect too much from the free version, as it is perfect for simple blogs and lacks many features, don’t hope as Blocksy. 

Zakra is compatible with any WordPress plugin and integrates with WooCommerce and page builders such as Brizy, Elementor, and block editor. 

Zakra pre-built startup sites that you can import into your website and customize to your taste. You don’t have to start from scratch when importing demo content onto the website. It reduces your effort and time.

Zakra has 80+ demos, thirty-plus free demos, and forty paid.

You can quickly import when you’ve installed the theme. 

This table highlights some free starter sites.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Health Blog
Restaurant Blog
Travel Blog
Job Portal
Book Author
Agency 02Brizy
Zakra Free Demo Content
Zakra free demo content

Finally, Zakra is a well-coded theme, but its free version is minimal. The theme, like GeneratePress, is fast, letting you make it simple.

6. Astra

Astra WordPress theme

Here’s a popular Astra theme, but I’m not too fond of it. It is an excellent WPT ideal for ANY website built by the Brainstorm Force team. Astra is lightweight and speedy because it doesn’t load much code on your site. This is a significant advantage; a successful website must be fast and light. 

The theme can load Google fonts directly onto your website’s server. You can add multiple footer lines to Astra and pick if you want content, a widget, or something else with sticky headers. 

There are too many pre-built pages with UAG templates, including the home page, contact pages, and about pages. Including services, yoga, restaurants, music, blogs, brand selling, SEO, consulting, local businesses, authors, speakers, and more.

This is the most comprehensive pre-built free template collection ever made. All you have to do now is pick your favorite and start.

There are almost 200+ pre-built patterns such as a call to action, featured, FAQ, heading, portfolio, team, text, etc. It’s straightforward with UAG. Also, there are dark and light templates for you if you want.

Read Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg Review for more information.

Here is some example of free templates.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
LearnDash AcademyElementor, Beaver Builder
Fashion Lifestyle BlogElementor
Motivational SpeakerGutenberg
Travel BlogGutenberg
Photographer DarkGutenberg
Courier & Delivery ServicesBeaver Builder
Online Programming CourseBeaver Builder
Brand storeElementor
Astra free Starter Templates
Astra Free Starter Templates

7. CosmosWP

CosmosWP  theme

CosmosWP is a fully Gutenberg-compatible theme, making it simple to configure your website. An excellent way to create a unique combination strategy for your website. You can create websites, including weblogs, marketing, sports, restaurants, charity, academic, medical, WooCommerce, etc. And etc.

The theme works well with any page builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and WP Bakery. It is simple to design unique and fashionable websites using your chosen builder. With this theme, many parts of your website, including widgets, sidebars, buttons, menus, and sections, are entirely under your control.

Gutentor, their Gutenberg block plugin, has purified features. If you are interested in the performance of your website, this theme is a clear option for you. However, my speed test was slow compared to Generatepress, Astra, Blocksy, OceanWP, and other popular themes.

Importing the demo into a fresh new WordPress installation usually is the most efficient solution; do not use it for your existing website.

You can create a fantastic website fast using their 20+ free made templates. Integrating templates is a good way to get your strategy ready to go. To use the CosmosWP demos, you must install Gutentor, Breadcrumb NavXT, and Contact Form 7. Related LuckyWP Table Of Contents.

All free WordPress website templates are designed for Gutentor. 

Here are a few examples of free templates:

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
CosmosWP Starter Sites (Templates)

8. Sydney

Sydney WordPress theme

Sydney is a notable WordPress theme in free and paid versions and back in aThemes. Read my Sydney theme review.

The header image is among the main features of the Sydney theme that sets it apart from online business designs. It can use the full-screen image with a call to action. Also, the gradient effect makes browsing more engaging for visitors. You can use Sydney to create a floating background feature row in your design.

The theme was built with a mobile responsive style, making it mobile-friendly. Suppose site visitors want to access it on mobile or other devices with tiny screens. In that case, the website will dynamically scale to fit their screens.

You can get your brand off to a new beginning with Sydney’s free templates. The main drawback is that these templates support the Elementor page builder; you can create pages without them. I don’t think I need to go into detail about how painfully slow Elementor makes web pages load. 

If you want a professional and top-notch user experience, avoid page builders.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Sydney free demo content
Sydney free templates

9. Phlox

Phlox theme image

Phlox is a stylish theme that is excellent for almost any website. It provides pre-site demos compatible with the Elementor builder. It is effective in free and pro versions. It is an ideal theme for creating any website, including small businesses, e-commerce, travel, galleries, and other websites.

You can also change the theme’s features and include a wide range of customization options faster, allowing users to customize any element website easily. It also has a unique multimedia gallery. The theme’s key features are featured post sliders, special widgets, layout options, formats, and typography. 

This theme uses the popular Elementor and is one of the most straightforward drag-and-drop page builders. Simple to design attractive websites without knowing how to code. However, you will need to learn how to code because these page builders will clutter your website. 😂

Like the Sydney theme, this theme demos only support Elementor, which is a significant disappointment. Over 70+ free demos and over 50+ premium demos are included.

The demos have been thoughtfully created and are simply outstanding. Templates can help you start your website project for every area by providing pre-built pages and designs that you can modify. You can start from the beginning.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Creative CorporateElementor
Digital Shop
Web Agency
Creative Portfolio
Phlox free theme templates
PopularFX theme

PopularFX is a free WordPress theme with over 250 free and premium templates. I don’t recommend these themes because they make me feel top-heavy.

Nevertheless, the wide variety of designs and resources makes the process of creating a website more simple. It is essential and valuable in every industry. Also, PopularFX has some visual effects. If you want to destroy your website, use visual effects to make it more attractive when an element is a place. 😂

PopularFX offers ready-to-use demo websites that you can set up in minutes. At this point, they bring up that the theme has unique features. The templates are provided as somewhat attractive. That has the advantage of allowing you to get started quickly with free WordPress website templates.

PopularFX may have 100s of free demos contents. Here are a few examples:

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Popularfx pre made templates

11. ColorMag

ColorMag WordPress theme

ColorMag is a theme in the style of news, magazines, publishing, and any other type of content website. However, I do not enjoy their free edition because it has limited features and encourages you to upgrade to the premium version. That’s terrible!

ThemeGrill’s ColorMag theme has over 100K active installations. It is integrated with many website builders, allowing you to design following Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor, SiteOrigin, etc.

ColorMag has 15+ widget sections. You can pick between full-width, left sidebar, right sidebar, or both as your basic page design. Also, choose different layouts for your posts, web pages, and specific items.

The premium version is available if you want more customization, including 25+ demos, fonts and colors, web layouts, and custom fonts.

ColorMag demo content is compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
ColorMag MainGutenberg
General NewsElementor
Dark News
Wild Magazine
Business Magazine
Entertainment News
Top Magazine
ColorMag demo content

12. ChromeNews

ChromeNews free demos

ChromeNews looks like another bloated crap theme. It is designed for magazines or news websites and also be used for blogs. Native Breadcrumbs, a few typographic settings, archive layouts (List or Grid), and global content configuration options (Sidebar + Content or Content + Sidebar) are available for free customization.

Blocksy, Kadence, and OceonWP are far superior if you’re just getting started with WordPress; the free versions allow for complete flexibility.

There is an option for background images in the header, bottom, sidebar, and navigation. The free version offers a dark theme, which is good. However, I don’t like to have to install so many plugins to use every feature. Plugins are always a part of any website, but they cause it to load slowly.

I included it on my list because it contains ten functional free demos that can be imported with a single click. These are compatible with Elementor or Gutenberg.


This summarizes my list of the freest WordPress themes with demo content. I can’t confirm all themes mentioned above is outstanding.

Here are my top recommendations, which I play with a lot.

  • Blocksy: a perfect theme for all-around
  • GeneratePress: an excellent play sheet
  • Kadence: easy to use with grant features
  • Neve: has similar features to Blocksy/Kadence with 50 free demos.
  • OceanWP: extensive font customization 
  • CosmosWP: many customization options
  • Zakra: an ultra-fast, lightweight
  • Astra: I hate their looks, But the theme isn’t terrible.

The essential parts that affect how visitors perceive your website depend on having a solid, attractive, and responsive website. These best free themes are quality and provide a terrific place for your website with pre-made templates. Additionally, remember that accessing a free theme from the WordPress theme directory is strongly recommended to guarantee that it is updated and well-coded.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

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