Uncovering the Truth: A Comprehensive Review of Squarespace

You can think whatever you want, but there’s no denying that Squarespace’s homepage is appealing to the eye. We’ve tested a lot of different website builders, and out of all of them, there’s hardly any other company that understands how to stage its product with such perfection. Everything appears to be very modern, clean, and perfect. And having celebrities like Zendaya, Idris Elba, and Keanu Reeves as brand ambassadors doesn’t hurt this image one bit, either. 

Squarespace has steadily become a solid all-rounder in the web platform space, despite the fact that it initially gained popularity as “a website builder for creatives.” The new version 7.1 of Squarespace came out recently, and with it came some helpful new additions to the editor, such as pre-built page sections and more versatile template options.

Most recently, it has introduced its Fluid Engine editing system, which transforms its traditional editor into a more adaptable drag-and-drop editor.

Other features, such as e-commerce, member areas, appointment booking, restaurant reservations (thanks to its recent acquisition of Tock), social media templates, and an email marketing tool, help Squarespace serve an even wider range of users than it already does.

These are just some of the features that are available; now let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of Squarespace in their entirety.

Quick Summary of Squarespace review

The blogging feature offered by Squarespace is superior to those offered by the majority of its rivals in terms of power and flexibility, and the company also excels in terms of support. They provide over 140 customizable templates that are perfectly suited for use on mobile devices. Despite the fact that it has undergone significant development in recent updates, getting used to the platform may take some time because of some usability issues. The starting price is $16 per month.

Squarespace markets itself as THE website builder for running blogs, online portfolios, and online stores. The purpose of this review is to provide you with an overview of the most recent version’s primary features (7.1).

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Squarespace Pricing

$16 — Personal

A viable option in the event that you do not require an online store. Up to a thousand pages are included with each plan.

$23 — Business

Included in this update are new marketing tools such as Pop-Ups and the Announcement Bar. Internet shop charging customers a transaction fee of 3%

$27 — Online Store (Basic)

You won’t have to pay any transaction fees if you sell online.

$49 — Online Store (Advanced)

Including absolutely everything. Make use of cutting-edge e-commerce features.

The monthly prices are based on annual contracts, and the first year of domain name registration is included at no additional cost.

Through Squarespace, you’ll only be able to register brand-new domain names. Existing ones need to have a different registrar point them to your Squarespace website so that they can be used.

Squarespace: Pros and Cons


Designs and Templates

Squarespace has more than 140 advanced themes that are designed to work well with mobile devices like tablets and phones. They seem to make an effort to achieve perfection in each and every little detail of their designs; the fonts, sizes, and images all seem to work together perfectly. Through the Design menu, you have a lot of leeway in customizing their pre-made templates.

Do keep in mind that the images utilized are frequently the primary source of support for the templates. If you replace the ones that they provide with your own, the appearance of your website will be very different.

Blog Features

Squarespace is an excellent option to consider using if you intend for your website to feature a blog as one of its primary components. They support everything you can think of, including AMP, have a multi-author commenting feature, the ability to schedule posts, and a feature-rich commenting system. Squarespace even allows users to host their own podcasts, which is a nice touch.


You should be able to get a response almost immediately if you use live chat. When we did a support test over the course of several weeks, the interactions we had with their support team were, on the whole, very positive.

Their customer service team will even occasionally take the time to record brief screencasts for you, which will walk you through each step in detail.

Mobile Apps

At the moment, there are four distinct Squarespace apps available. The most helpful one is simply called Squarespace, and it can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. It gives you the ability to edit almost every aspect of your website, including the pages, the blog, and the store.

Page limits

Squarespace, in contrast to Wix, which has a limit of 100 pages, is capable, in theory, of supporting up to 1,000 pages. This indicates that it is capable of supporting sites of a greater size. Nevertheless, they suggest keeping it at 400 as the absolute maximum in order to keep your website operating without any hiccups until).

Tools for Creating Content

With apps such as the Squarespace Video Studio App, which enables users to create and share videos, and Unfold, which provides users with hundreds of editable story and post templates for their social media accounts, Squarespace is the website builder that content creators should use if they want to build their ideal website.


The website’s editor’s usability

There are a few aspects of the product’s usability that I believe could be enhanced, specifically: It should just save your work automatically and provide a sitewide undo button (or a feature that allows you to view the site’s history) rather than asking you to save your work after each change.

It seems as though a greater number of clicks are required than are strictly required in order to complete basic website editing tasks. Also, keep in mind that any changes you make will be visible to everyone as soon as you save them. When performing larger updates, this can be a little inconvenient at times.

Website Speed

Their templates receive low ratings from Google’s Page Speed Tool, which may result in an unsatisfactory user experience on mobile devices and may also have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

A single sub navigation

Squarespace is not a good option for more extensive websites because it does not support hierarchical menus. Because of this, utilizing Squarespace to develop websites that support multiple languages is next to impossible.Uncovering the Truth: A Comprehensive Review of Squarespace — 3

Rating Details

Ease Of Use

Even though it is relatively simple to operate, Squarespace is not the most intuitive tool available. The user interface is kept to a minimum, which is appealing, but there is room for improvement in terms of its usability. For instance, I had the impression that the editor was holding me back by constantly requesting that I save any changes I made to the document. It is likely going to take you a little bit more time to fully understand everything when compared to using other website builders like Weebly.

Flexibility And Choice Of Templates

They have the most success with their templates. There are close to 150 different designs to choose from, and the patterns have a contemporary and artistic aesthetic.

It is unfortunate that after the update to version 7.1, it is no longer possible to switch from one template to a completely different one. On the other hand, its layouts are now more flexible, which means that it is relatively simple to change the design if it is necessary to do so.

Every template is fully responsive, and many of them also include features that are tailored specifically for mobile devices. In the “Business” Plan, the HTML and CSS can be controlled by the Pros.


Every plan is completely ad-free.


The editor is compatible with all languages. There are six languages used for the interface (EN, ES, FR, DE, IT and PT).

Integration with Weglot, which enables translations, is available. This enables you to display either automatic or manual translations of your content in addition to displaying a language switcher in the header of your website. It is very simple to set up, but if you need to translate a large number of words, you may require a paid Weglot plan. There could also be some potential problems with SEO.

Your Own Domain Name

Subscriptions purchased on a yearly or bi-yearly basis come with a free domain name for the first year; after that, prices start at $20 per year. There are significantly better deals to be had at domain registrars like Namecheap. Existing domains can be redirected to websites created with Squarespace as well. They provide email addresses through Google Workspace, and the cost to maintain each account is $6 per month. Extra details are needed.

Depth Of Navigation

There is only one level beneath the primary navigation. You are able to organize it by using “Folders,” which, to tell you the truth, is a term that makes it sound much simpler than it actually is. Under the primary navigation found on some templates is a secondary navigation provided by certain templates.

Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)

The Squarespace Extensions marketplace is home to a variety of different app offerings. The ones that are available right now are primarily concerned with online commerce and accounting. Other add-ons, which can be accessed through the web editor, are available to users of the Business plan and higher. These add-ons include pop-ups and an announcement bar, photo galleries, appointment scheduling, social media widgets, tools for restaurants, and a great deal more.

Mobile App

Us available for iOS & Android

The app that Squarespace provides isn’t particularly complex, but it allows you to make changes to any of your pages directly from your mobile device. In addition to that, you’ll have the ability to manage your inventory and view statistics. You’ll need Squarespace version 7.0 or a later version to make use of it.


Included in the Business plan and higher. Your website or blog can have a shopping cart added to it in a matter of minutes. It provides customer logins and enables you to sell not only physical products but also digital downloads, subscriptions, services, and classes in addition to the products themselves. Integrations are also available with Etsy, Amazon, and Instagram, amongst others. Learn further in our comprehensive analysis of the e-commerce industry.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The SEO options provided by Squarespace are reliable, and you can modify elements such as the title tags, meta-description, and URLs (for any page). It is possible to give images alt text, but doing so can be a laborious process. Additionally, 301 redirects are an option.

Note that if you are creating a website that supports multiple languages, you should use subdomains to organize the languages rather than subfolders. This might not be the best thing to do from a search engine optimization standpoint. The alternative, however, which does not use a subdomain, will only display translations without using distinct URLs for each language, which is not beneficial for SEO in any way.


Can be a viable alternative to a WordPress blog due to the fact that it supports all of the standard blogging features, such as commenting and multiple authors, as well as geolocation tags, AMP support, and the ability to pre-schedule posts. You are able to import a blog that you already have hosted on WordPress, Blogger, or even Shopify if you already have one. One of the most unique features is podcast hosting, which comes complete with an RSS feed and syndication through iTunes.

The absence of the Fluid Engine editing system for blog posts is the only significant drawback to this feature. As a result, you have significantly less control over the layout and design of blog pages.

Visitors Analytics

The built-in tool for visitor analytics is very detailed and provides important statistics concerning customers and their purchases. The more advanced reports will include purchase funnels, logs of visitor activity, and search keyword data. You can also check your statistics by using the Squarespace Mobile app on your mobile device. You can configure Google Analytics to get even more information.

The Contact Page

A contact form builder that is fully customizable and offers a wide variety of field options.

Password Protection & Member Areas

The Member Areas feature of Squarespace enables you to add premium, members-only content to your website. This can include things like classes, workshops, podcasts, and more. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with the email marketing service provided by Squarespace. Pricing for Member Areas begins at $9 per month.

Newsletter Tool

Email Campaigns, which is Squarespace’s name for its email newsletter service, can be connected to both your website and your online store. Mailchimp will also be an option for you to connect.


Allows for the addition of additional widgets and tools. You also have the ability to edit the source code of your template when you use the Developer Platform.

Unlimited Storage Space

There is no limit on bandwidth or storage.

Backups & Restore

In addition to the export of data for products and blogs, Squarespace does not offer a backup feature of its own. It’s a shame, considering other website builders, like Wix and Webnode, provide fairly sophisticated backup options.Uncovering the Truth: A Comprehensive Review of Squarespace — 5

Support — FAQ, Chat, Email

Live chat and a ticket system available around the clock. The knowledge base contains all encompassing information. Additionally, the personal support is excellent, and it did very well in all of our extensive support tests (they were a bit slow to answer emails from time to time).

Overall Rating

Squarespace is a great option for smaller websites, online stores, and blogs that need to look professional, despite the fact that its user interface is not quite as intuitive as other website builders’. Support, both in the form of a knowledge base and individual assistance, is a significant asset to have.

Conclusion to the Squarespace Review

We have to be honest and say that in the past, we have always considered Squarespace to be a little bit overrated. The interface for editing, which is rather convoluted, used to be a major source of contention. Thankfully, this has been made better in more recent versions of the software. The site builder now supports genuine point-and-click interaction, despite the fact that it is not yet fully functional. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises while also speeding up the process of building your website.

Incorporating additional software and functionality

In addition, there has been a shift toward offering a wider variety of tools and add-ons, such as the recently launched Members Areas, Squarespace Scheduling, Email Campaigns, and the Tock restaurant reservation system. These, on top of existing features such as support for ecommerce and podcasts, demonstrate Squarespace’s goal to position itself beyond the realm of portfolios and personal websites, towards being a complete, all-in-one business platform. This is demonstrated by the fact that Squarespace has added these features.

This is a trend that is closely reflected in the real-life websites that are being created with Squarespace. These real-world websites span a wide range of categories and purposes, but they all manage to retain Squarespace’s signature bold aesthetic.

Website Creator for Blogging

The blogging system is fantastic and provides a great deal more flexibility than the vast majority of other website builders, with the exception of WordPress. In addition, we feel obligated to give props to Squarespace for the content creation apps they offer, such as the Video Studio and Unfold. These apps are a huge benefit to anyone who is interested in integrating their website with social media.

However, there are times when it still seems a little too simplistic, and until you become completely familiar with the editor, it may require a respectable amount of trial and error on your part. Some of the page elements only consist of an icon, and it’s not immediately clear what their function is supposed to be. Fortunately, Squarespace includes a wealth of high-quality tutorials that thoroughly cover all of the available tools.


Each annual plan comes with a domain name included. Even though it costs $16 per month for the “Personal” plan, users get unlimited bandwidth and up to a thousand pages of storage space with this plan. You will need to upgrade to the “Business” plan, which costs $23 per month, in order to add premium features such as marketing banners and ecommerce. Although these are the costs for annual contracts, you also have the option of paying month-to-month for the service in question.Uncovering the Truth: A Comprehensive Review of Squarespace — 7

The conclusion

In spite of the fact that our research has shown Squarespace to be a trustworthy website builder, the page load times still need some work. Even though Squarespace has some flaws, we believe in the company’s mission to provide “better websites for all.” Because they provide both written guides and real-time assistance, using their platform to develop an attractive and search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly website won’t leave you feeling isolated at any point.

Wix.com is another alternative to Squarespace that you might want to look into if you are looking for a website builder. They, like Squarespace, place a strong emphasis on the aesthetic quality of design, but they are, in general, more adaptable than Squarespace.

Do I need Squarespace to build my website?

Advisable if

  • You want something simpler than WordPress.
  • You need a platform for simple publishing if you are a podcaster or blogger.
  • You want to design a chic website.
  • You require 24-hour customer service and are willing to pay more for it.

Not Advisable If

  • A really simple website editor is required.
  • Page speed is crucial to your experience.
  • You want to build an international website.
Uncovering the Truth: A Comprehensive Review of Squarespace — 9


Squarespace: Is it safe? What volume of traffic can it handle?

In the editing mode, Squarespace employs SSL encryption, a feature that distinguishes it from the vast majority of other tools. Both their Unlimited and Business plans support unlimited traffic and are able to manage extremely high numbers of people visiting the website at the same time. If you have ever worked with WordPress before, you will probably understand the value of this.

Can I use an iPad or iPhone to access my Squarespace site?

Yes, their layouts are responsive, which means that they will adjust themselves to fit the screen of whatever device your visitor is using. They also provide mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, which enable you to edit your site even when you are away from your computer.

Does Squarespace come with email addresses?

No, you will need to set it up in a different location. They strongly suggest using Google Workspace. Alternatively you can purchase your domain name through a registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap and let email run through them.

Can I create a private area for members only?

Yes, if you use the Member Areas feature from Squarespace, which is an additional service that starts at $9 per month. This enables you to provide premium content, such as classes, workshops, and videos, to members who have paid for access to that content.

Can I use 301 redirects on Squarespace?

The mapping of URLs is something that can be done, yes. If you are migrating your website from one system to another, you can rewrite old URLs that, under normal circumstances, would take visitors to an error page.

Can I make money off of my Squarespace website?

Utilizing banner ads from Google AdSense or another provider. You also have the option of including affiliate links on your website.

Can I bring my current blog over to Squarespace?

Yes, Squarespace allows imports from a variety of file formats. WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace 6, Blogger, Shopify, and Big Cartel are some of the websites that use these platforms. Additionally, Squarespace gives you the ability to export your blog.

Do Squarespace websites incorporate accessibility features?

Unfortunately, Squarespace’s templates are not designed with accessibility in mind right out of the box when they are first created. You are able to make manual adjustments to make certain elements more accessible (colors, spacing, font sizes, etc.), but in order to make Squarespace websites fully accessible, you will need to use an app that was developed by a third party. Squarespace has indicated that they are working to improve template accessibility; consequently, we are anticipating the introduction of these features in the near future.

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