Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review in 2022 (Spectra)

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is now the Spectra WordPress Gutenberg Blocks plugin because they changed their brand name to Spectra.

It is a perfect block plugin with advanced features. Spectra – WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin was developed by the Brainstorm Force team; you may know it as the Astra team. 

Bloated page builders harm web performance, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and others. Spectra is optimized for performance and flexibility. And offers modules to create styled web pages without coding.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg helped remove the bloated page builder, even on my website.

You only need the native editor and a flexible WordPress theme. 

It saves time and effort with its straightforward design and easy customization. Set of unique Gutenberg modules that can be used to build pages and posts. Also, you can get demos from the Astra using any of Gutenberg’s compatible themes.

In my experience, this plugin works with any WordPress theme, including Astra, GeneratePress, Blocksy, Zakra, Kadence, OceanWP, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about WordPress themes, check out my related articles 👇

Gutenberg Blocks Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

You can access various features, such as patterns, templates, and wireframe block styles, that can be used across your entire site. 

Users can quickly and easily create Gutenberg pages and posts with ready-to-use templates. It only takes a few seconds to import and access all of it for free.

You can make any website, including blogs, news, magazines, services, and woo-commerce sites. If you’re used to page builders in your approach, you’ll be perfectly comfortable with Spectra.

I like their feature, like you can activate or deactivate blocks that are very good for speed optimization for WordPress websites.

Designed for speed and performance, it follows the latest coding. It allows us to create websites that load faster, unlike page builders.

Allowing generating CSS & JS files for Gutenberg block style is one of the plugin’s tiny optimization settings instead of loading the CSS & JS inline on-page.

You can also regenerate your CSS and Javascript. It includes SEO-friendly schemas such as tables of content and FAQs. It helps content be shown in a Google-rich snippet that can bring extra traffic to your website.

Also, there are 34 different types of blocks 👇.

Creative and ContentPosts and FormsSEO and Others
Icon ListPost TimelineReview Schema
Marketing ButtonPost LayoutsTable Of Content
Content TimelinePost MasonryFAQ Schema
Multi ButtonsContact FormsHow-To Schema 
LottieAnimationPost CarouselAdvanced Columns
WP – SearchGravity Form StyleMasonry Gallery
Advanced HeadingContact Form 7 StyleTestimonials
TabsSectionSocial Share
Call To ActionInfo BoxBlockquote
Inline NoticeStar Rating
TeamGoogle Maps
Price ListTaxonomy List

Gutenberg Blocks Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Plugin got a quality rating of 300,000+ active installations. 

Spectra Users Ratings
Spectra Users Ratings

Best Addons for Gutenberg Plugins (Spectra)

After version 5.0, Gutenberg became a WordPress feature.

It focuses on a different editing experience using the Gutenberg layout. After introducing that, developers created plenty of block plugins.

The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is one of the most well-known. Now you can build pages and posts directly in the block editor. Page builder plugins such as Elementor, Oxygen, BB, and WP Bakery are no longer required.

Let’s look at some of the best add-ons for Gutenberg, along with some explanations.

1. Info Box

Info Box

Info Box block is the best addon for Gutenberg; you can locate an icon or picture with a heading and a description.

You can replace the image with one of the icons from the current library or your own. Also, you can change elements, colors, fonts, and block options.

2. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

The Review schema allows you to add structured data reviews, grades, and much more to your website so that search results may publish in rich snippets.

Your website helps visitors make decisions by providing products and recommendations. You can include the review in your search results.

Customize the colors and font to match the design of your website.

This template presents a reviewed item’s photograph, summary, and other information that can help you rank highly.

Example Ratings and Reviews

3. FAQs

Spectra FAQ Schema

Make it easy for users to find solutions to their most fundamental problems.

Create a stunning quickstart guide that answers all of their questions. Also, if you are a blogger, you can use that for an article such as “Frequently Asked Questions.” 

A sales website, including a FAQ page, will help answer the questions and drive sales. Even so, you can reduce your service time with help services. 

Google FAQ Example
Example: Google FAQ

You will not need to do anything about coding or other complex work. Your Q & A page can go online with just a few clicks. It has two layouts: accordion and grid.

The Faq page can be entirely customized with color, font, frame, width, and other options. Rich snippets improve overall website visibility by taking up more room in search results and engagement.

Google will display your content for search queries and relevant answers to commonly asked questions. It helps your site become a resource for people.

Additionally, take caution when adding FAQs: 

  • Only adding relevant FAQs
  • Keep it simple to get the best results.
  • The answer should be around 200 characters
  • Answers must provide solutions to the questions
  • Make FAQs to attract people rather than spam.

For further information, see the Rankmath detailed FAQ article.

4. How-To Structure

UAG "how to" Schema

A “How-to” structure provides process guidance for instruction-based questions straight in the rankings. That schema can be added to your article to inform what content you want to display in search engine results.

This add-on will help to do that without coding or additional plugins. The cool thing is that this module adds How-to Schemas to your page automatically.

You’ll be ready for search engine advances once you correctly update your “HowTo” web content with structured facts. That includes rich rankings that will help your content attract users before they enter your site.

Example of " How to" Schema
Example: How to Schema

Providing the correct format for a post can help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. These schema blocks have built-in template support that you can activate with a mouse click. 

Then search engine crawlers can understand your schema structures. However, remember to check for Google-rich results after adding a schema to your pages. Google shows a valid schema or some invalid things.

After successful setup, look for your schema work progress in the Google search console.

5. Inline Notice

UAG inline notice

The Inline Notice lets you locate a notice anywhere on the site.

You can adjust your appearance to discard the after-reading information notice section. That is useful if you only want the user to read the message after ignoring it.

A notification always shows up if you use the standard. All can customize each aspect of the notification panel in color, text, border, and background. It will make it more engaging with your website’s layout. 

6. Multi Buttons

UAG multi button
For example, multiple buttons

Perhaps you wish to create a web page with multiple buttons.

With a single click, the multiple-button design adds extra keys. Create a more compelling call-to-action with innovative click designs.

7. Call To Action

Call to action Block

Using a free service, creating an account, or subscribing could be necessary. It helps design a captivating call to action by looking at attractive labels and information.

That improves advancement on the website. Fast adjusting the location gets the visitors’ attention and encourages them to interact and take action. (For example, Download, Click, Subscribe, Get Started, etc.)

5. Advanced Columns

UAG advanced columns

Advanced Columns is one of my favorite modules, and it’s something I’ve used a lot in my work. It allows you to build multiple stylistic columns for any purpose.

It makes it easy to create columns on your page or post. Then you can customize backgrounds, images, videos, widths, spacing, borders, and colors, among other features.

Gutenberg WP Search

You can place the search space wherever you desire with the block.

You can easily add it to any page using the block and customize it. Introduce users to the facts they want and give them a great user experience.

9. Marketing

Markreting Block

Create elegant action buttons with the marketing banner to engage more users, such as the Call-To-Action, the promotional element.

You can use it for things like free trials and other marketing encouragement.

10. Icon List

Icons list Block

Encourage users to access your information by including icons in pages and posts or using a design element. Make a list of focal points using the icon item.

You can also customize it according to your choices.

11. The Grid or Masonry Post

Grid and Masonry posts

If you are creating a content-focused website, this is an excellent block to show your articles with mixed design. You can modify most post elements, including background, spaces, typography, headings, meta, colors, and images. Also, you can disable them for mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Still, I didn’t add a post border option to that block, but you can set a frame from an advanced column because it has a border option. This is a well-known module that you will know how to use.

12. Timeline

Content timeline Block

You can use this block to display events according to your preference, with complete control over the content and styling.

Also, arrange them in any order you like, whether by date, title, or selection order.

13. Price List

Price list Block

The Price List block can display the pricing on a stylish and comprehensive menu with other services and products. It’s available in various styles, including dotted, dashed, dependable, grooved, and more.

14. Group/Team

ultimate addons for gutenberg team

Consider presenting your audience to your team, among other things.

If you wish to highlight the specifics of your team members, you can include their social media profiles, contact information, role, and position.

15. Testimonial

Tesmontal Block

You can get closer to a sale faster by having customers review their title, image, etc. Tell users what your clients are saying about your service or product.

Customers read client feedback and thoughts before making purchases.

For example: “They Love Us,” or “What do people say about us?”

16. Advanced Heading

Spectra Advanced heading Block

The Advanced Heading block allows you to use a divider between a title and a sub-heading. You can change the title’s header tag and other settings and adjustments like colors and fonts.

17. Table Of Contents

Table of content Block

A table of contents improves the user experience and your search engine ranking and reduces the bounce rate. Also, visitors can check for a quick overview of the content. You can add heading tags and automatically adjust them without coding. 

Simply hyperlinking from the table of contents allows you to change the shades, text, and scrolling top. You can use a third-party plug-in like LuckyWP Table of Contents.

It creates an SEO-friendly table of contents for your placements, pages, or post styles.

18. Lottie Animations

Lottie animations Block

Your web pages’ readability and appearance can benefit from Lottie’s animation, which can add and controlled using advanced stuff.

Also, control the speed and change the direction of the movement.

It will enable the motion to play sideways. You can upload an animation file that you created. Also, for pre-made animation files, input the URL.

I’m not recommended for this if you are concerned about website speed because animation can significantly decrease site speed and hurt core web vitality.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Templates and Patterns

You can choose from several pre-made starter templates to create a website based on your preferences. You can choose from various options, including about, section, testimonials, idols, call to action, and more.

1. Templates Pages

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Templates Pages

There are too many pre-built pages with UAG templates, including the landing page, the home page, the contact pages, and the about pages.

I think this is the most extensive pre-built free template collection ever created, so all you have to do now is pick your favorite.

You’ll have it all in those categories: services, yoga, restaurants, music, blogs, brand selling, SEO, consulting, local businesses, authors, speakers, etc.

2. Spectra – WordPress Gutenberg blocks Patterns

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Patterns

There are almost 200+ pre-built patterns such as a call to action, featured, FAQ, heading, portfolio, service, static, team, text, and more.

So you need to import and edit your ambition and live it. It’s a straightforward thing with UAG Patterns. Also, there are dark and light templates for you if you desire.

3. Wireframes

Wireframes Blocks in Starter Templates

50+ Wireframe They are similar to patterns but have wonderful quality designs, including testimonials, action buttons, feature sections, and more.

Best Addons for Gutenberg (Spectra): Conclusion

There is a notable advantage to using Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. That helps create attractive websites without learning to code and has faster loading times than other third-party page builders, especially Elementor.

Previously, I used Elementor to make all of my designs. However, I switched to Gutenberg because I had trouble with Elementor’s performance on my website.

It needs vast server resources; you can check it using Query Monitor.

Elementor has a ton of additional CSS, JS, fonts, and other outsize stuff that causes your website to slow down. You know, many-core web vital items are related to CSS and JavaScript.

This is one of the main reasons many websites built by large site builders fail to meet web vital requirements. 

Many plugins impact site vitals, while others undertake CPU-intensive hidden tasks that increase usage. Examples include WooCommerce, WpDiscuz, Statistics, Gallery, Chat, Carousel, and JetPack.

They can impact various elements, including poor server response times, render-blocking resources, DOM elements, and other crucial aspects. 

Gutenberg has some drawbacks, such as the fact that you can’t live-build a page using it. It has less functionality than other page builders.

You can’t even create header and footer sections. Although the page builder is simple to use, Gutenberg is not.

You need an excellent hosting service with vast server resources using a heavy page builder. If you are on shared hosting, you will have problems with site performance and SEO flaws.

You need to enhance your CPU and RAM and think about cloud hosting or Litespeed Hosting solutions. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with Gutenberg because I always focus on website performance.

Here is another excellent block plugin for Gutenberg if you are interested: Gutentor Review

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