The 6 Best CRM Tools for Small Businesses: Streamlining Customer Relationship Management for Maximum Productivity

How can you help your sales and marketing team navigate the plethora of free CRM platforms that are currently available to them? The Ascent evaluates the best free CRMs and covers all the topics that are important for you to think about.

In today’s modern businesses, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are an absolute necessity, particularly for B2B companies. These tools give you the ability to prioritize leads based on where they are located in the sales funnel as well as the actions they take toward making a purchase, as well as track the status of leads and ensure that proper relationship management is carried out.

CRM software also manages communications tools, enabling users to track outreach and make notes of any useful learnings gleaned from the experience.

There is a wide range of prices and feature sets available for customer relationship management (CRM) systems. A growing number of these customer relationship management (CRM) platforms offer options that are free indefinitely.

These are severely limited in comparison to the paid options, but they provide all of the features that are required for successfully completing a transaction, as well as all of the space that is necessary to get started and test out the system. Some of these are even completely open source and free CRM platforms.

Whether you are beginning from scratch or switching to a new system, there is a ton of value in adopting a free option to ensure that it fits your needs without taking any financial risks. This is true whether you are beginning from scratch or moving to a new system. Keep reading to learn more about the best free customer relationship management software options.

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Here are our top choices for the top free CRM programs for your company:

  • Insightly.
  • Agile CRM.
  • HubSpot CRM.
  • Capsule CRM.
  • Zoho CRM.
  • Bitrix24.

What to take into account when selecting free CRM software

There is not much of a difference between selecting free CRM software and selecting a paid platform to use. The one and only exception to this rule is that you ought to have more self-assurance when testing out brand-new CRM marketing systems that contain features you aren’t already familiar with.

If you have to switch between different systems, you will definitely find that it takes a toll on your time, but it is well worth your time to test out a different system or two for free before committing to the paid options that they offer.

When choosing between different free CRM systems, here are three factors that you should take into consideration.

Feature diversity

There are a lot of free options, but most of them severely restrict the number of features you can use on their free plan. This is to be expected and is easy to comprehend; however, it is important to keep this at the forefront of your mind when evaluating the various paid systems available to meet the requirements of B2B marketing and sales.

If you only have access to a quarter of the features of your new system, it will be difficult to get a comprehensive review of it.

Benefits for your company

Take careful notes on the amount of time it takes for your team to adjust to the new CRM. You want this platform to provide you and your team with previously unrealized levels of productivity and enable you to reclaim previously lost time.

The most important thing is that the system should be able to automate processes that you are currently performing manually but which consume an excessive amount of time and leave you vulnerable to an excessive amount of human error.

Pricing tiers are broken down

Be sure that you have a solid understanding of the various pricing tiers that are available for the free CRM that you are considering. If things go well for both your company and your new CRM, you’ll want to have the financial flexibility to be able to move up to the next pricing tier, even if it’s just the most fundamental one. This will ensure that you do not need to learn an entirely new system as your business continues to flourish and grow.

Our picks for the best free CRM software for small businesses

The following is a list of six free options that offer your company varying degrees of CRM features and capabilities without charging it any money. These free options give users a fantastic chance to test out a system without the risk normally associated with fully committing to using it.


Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that caters to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to enhance their lead management and sales capabilities. Users are provided with everything they require to successfully manage projects, record sales, and track contacts as part of Insightly permanently free plan.

Insightly is a company that specializes in ensuring that businesses provide the highest possible level of customer service to their clients. The platform has a pleasant appearance, intuitive dashboards, deployment that is performed in the cloud, and exceptional customer service that is provided by the platform itself.

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If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you will have three options available to you. The free plan is expanded upon by the Plus plan, which adds additional features and one hundred email templates that have already been designed. The Plus plan costs $35 per user each month.

The Professional plan costs $59 per user per month and includes additional features such as the capability to assign leads to specific salespeople. The Enterprise plan, which costs $129 per user per month, gives you access to unlimited components for all of the essential features you require.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM was developed with both freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses in mind. It is one of the most user-friendly customer relationship management systems out there. Developers working on Agile CRM have made usability improvements in order to deliver a layout that is logical and simple to navigate.

The majority of the game’s major features can be accessed with one click at any time. These features include customer data intake that is more streamlined, lead tracking, appointment scheduling, email tracking, and call-tracking tools that allow users to make and record calls directly within the platform.

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If there comes a time when you must move beyond the free option, Agile CRM provides three paid plans at prices that are reasonable. The Starter tier comes with additional marketing levers and costs $15 per month per user.

The Regular tier costs $50 per user each month and includes help desk tools and reporting capabilities as part of its package. The last available choice is their Enterprise tier, which comes with extensive integrations and even more reporting capabilities for an additional monthly cost of $80 per user.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is the go-to free software option for customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing software. The free version of HubSpot includes all of the software that HubSpot offers, including its CRM, marketing, sales, and services tools.

It is equally well suited for sales teams that require CRM as it is for marketing teams that wish to automate their communication processes. The following are some of the key features: contact management, deal tracking, form builder, email and ad management, live chat with site visitors, support for ticketing for customer service, and more.

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If you decide to upgrade from HubSpot’s free CRM to one of their hubs, the starting price for two users is $50 per month. This price is based on the number of users you have. The marketing hub will cost an additional $800 per month after that, bringing the total cost to $3,200.

Prices for the sales hub are comparable, coming in at either $500 or $1,200 per month. Paid plans, much like the free CRM bundle, can be bundled together if the customer so chooses. However, it is clear that switching from the free option to a middle or top tier for one of the paid hub plans is a significant time and financial commitment.

There is no question that these are powerful tools; however, it is very likely that it will be quite some time before you need to graduate to all of the features, users, and other amenities that are offered with those pricey options.

Capsule CRM

Both sole proprietors and small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from using Capsule CRM. Users who are primarily concerned with B2B sales will benefit the most from using the platform. It is a mobile app that can be trusted in addition to being a cloud-based option.

Included in the features are customer segmentation, call support, lead management, and organization of contact information. The free version includes all of the features; however, it is restricted to only two users, 10 MB of contact data, or 250 contacts, whichever number is reached first.

Even in comparison to other free CRMs, the scalability of Capsule’s free option is severely hindered as a result of this limitation.

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If and when you are ready for an upgrade, the cost of upgrading to Capsule CRM is relatively low. The Professional tier costs $18 per user per month and includes 50,000 contacts, 10 GB of storage space, a large number of helpful integrations, and much more.

There is also a Team tier, which costs $36 per user per month and includes advanced sales reporting, role definitions and team task assignments, as well as other features. It is unusual to find storage restrictions, so ensure that you take this into consideration before coming to a conclusion about what to do.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is just one component of a much larger ecosystem of business applications. It is designed to function as a unified hub from which all aspects of your company’s operations can be managed. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations, by providing different pricing tiers and a range of functionalities to choose from.

Both desktop and mobile browsers can take advantage of Zoho CRM’s streamlined and intuitive user interface. The management of leads and sales pipelines, in-depth reporting and analytics, and similar functions are among the most important features.

In addition to its free plan, Zoho offers paid plans on three different price tiers. The free plan includes up to ten pre-built email templates, management of social media platforms and sales tasks, event tracking, and call logging.

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In addition to everything that is available in the free version, paid options for Zoho begin at $12 per month per user for the standard option. This option includes workflows, forms, and custom reporting dashboards in addition to everything else.

The Professional add-on costs $20 per user per month and extends the standard plan’s functionality to include real-time customer tracking as well as other features. The next option is Zoho Enterprise, which costs $35 per user per month and includes AI tools, advanced reporting customization, and prioritized lead tracking in addition to other features.

The highest available tier of Zoho CRM costs $45 per user per month and provides maximum feature counts in addition to advanced artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. In the event that you do not have an excessive number of users, the solution offers a lot of bang for the buck.


In the realm of customer relationship management (CRM), Bitrix24 is a one-of-a-kind solution that stands out. Small and medium-sized businesses that struggle to communicate effectively and run their operations efficiently across silos are a good fit for the product.

It provides all of the features that are typically found in CRM software, such as pipeline management, lead scoring, deal tracking, landing page and form creation, email marketing, and pre-built workflows to automate outreach.

Bitrix24’s unusual features include, but are not limited to, tools for task management and project management, basic e-commerce capabilities, and more. The free option has a storage limit of 5 GB and a monthly email limit of 1,000 messages, in addition to a few other limitations.

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The free version of Bitrix24 includes the vast majority of the software’s features in its entirety. If you find yourself in a position where you need to upgrade to a larger plan, the starting price is $24 per month for two users and 10 GB of storage space. The price goes up to $69 per month for six users when they share 50 GB.

There is also a Business plan that costs $199 per month and allows an unlimited number of users in addition to unlimited data storage. This plan costs $99 per month for 50 users and 100GB.

All the CRM power you need, absolutely free

After going through these six free CRM options, you should feel prepared to test out a CRM without having to commit any resources to doing so. Using a free CRM option is an excellent method for getting your automation of prospecting, sales, and marketing off the ground and built into a developing part of your company. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Free options provide everything you require to get started, and if you find that you like the system you’ve chosen, you can upgrade to a paid plan and take all of your data and customizations with you when you do so. It is a risk-free method of delving into a contemporary commercial requirement.

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