Tawk.to Review: Features, Pros & Cons

What is Tawk.to?

Tawk.to is a free live chat and customer support software that focuses on providing features that are useful for assisting customers. It provides essential live chat features in addition to additional services such as the employment of chat agents and virtual assistants for hire.

Tawk.to live chat is one of its competitors’ rising stars. Additionally, it is one of the largest providers that makes its services available to users at no cost whatsoever.

Review of Tawk.to in Brief

Robert D’Assisi and Shankar Karupp established Tawk.to in 2010, and the company’s headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada at the present time. The free live chat software currently has more than 3,600,000 users all over the world, making it one of the most widely used live chat applications there is.

Tawk.to stands out from the competition because, among the major live chat softwares, it provides the most sophisticated and advanced free live chat capabilities. Even though many of our rivals provide free live chat plans, none of them provide a feature list that is as extensive as the one that tawk.to provides. It is important to note, however, that tawk.to is not an all-encompassing customer enhancement software like others on the market, as it is only a live chat and ticketing software. It does not include email campaigns or chatbots.

Overall, tawk.to is a dependable live chat tool that is available for free, making it an excellent choice for companies of any size that are particularly interested in live chat and ticketing capabilities. If these are the only features that you require, switching to tawk.to will result in cost savings for you. On the other hand, if you want a software tool that comes with a wider variety of features, such as chatbots or email marketing, then you will probably find that more advanced software, such as Freshchat or Intercom, meets your needs better.

Tawk.to Key Features

This analysis will provide an overview of the most important features of tawk.to, along with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages associated with these features. In addition to this, we will provide images so that you can get an idea of what the software actually looks like.

Live Chat

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Live chat is a tool that enables businesses to connect in real time with the visitors who come to their websites. The primary service that Tawk.to provides is live chat, and it comes equipped with all of the essential live chat features. In comparison to other, more pricey options, we discovered that the interface can occasionally be a little cumbersome, but the live chat itself operates without any problems.

Interface for Chatting

You can see a picture of the tawk.to chat interface down below. The image below shows what the chat interface appears to be like when viewing two chats at the same time. Agents have the ability to view up to four chats simultaneously.

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Tawk.to provides some helpful features geared specifically toward agents, such as the “Whisper” function, which enables agents to discuss visitor chats amongst themselves in private without the visitor being aware of it. It is also possible to have multiple agents participate in a single chat as part of a group conversation.

The following is an explanation of some additional tawk.to chat live chat features:

  • Using triggered messages, the chat can send automated messages to visitors based on requirements such as the amount of time the visitor has spent on the site, the visitor’s actions, or the visitor’s demographics.
  • Canned Responses: Canned responses, also known as pre-typed responses to frequently asked questions, are a time saver for customer service agents. Tawk.to enables users to send an unlimited number of canned responses.
  • Preview of Visitors’ Typed Messages: The preview of visitors’ typed messages enables agents to see what visitors are typing before the visitors have actually sent the message, which enables agents to respond to inquiries more quickly.
  • Visitor Satisfaction Ratings: Visitors have the ability to mark a chat as either helpful or not helpful, which enables you to determine whether or not you are successfully resolving customer pain points.
  • Email Transcripts: Chat transcripts can be emailed to visitors and agents alike. This feature is available to both parties. This makes it possible for users to refer back to the chat and assists agents in keeping track of the messages they receive.
  • Screen Sharing allows you to provide assistance to site visitors by viewing what they see on their own screens and directing them toward a solution. Before beginning the screen sharing session, visitors will be required to give their permission.
  • Application for Mobile Devices: The tawk.to mobile application frees customer service representatives from the necessity of using a desktop computer in order to respond to customer chats and support tickets.
  • Tawk.to is currently available in 27 different languages, making it simple for users from all over the world to communicate with one another.

Widget for chatting

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The tawk.to chat widget is what visitors will use in order to communicate with customer service representatives. The widget gives the impression of a compact chat window, which you are able to lightly personalize in accordance with your preferences.

Visitor Info

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Tawk.to is able to record data about visitors, which your team can then use to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and the behavior they exhibit while using your website. Under the Monitoring tab, site visitors are divided into three categories: active, idle, and served. This section will also include the visitor’s browser, the type of device they are using, the number of visits they have made, as well as the number of chats they have had.

Information for Guests of the Site

tawk.to provides a variety of metrics concerning the activity and information of visitors across all of the different sections of the software. The following are the aspects of this information that are most crucial:

  • When a visitor maximizes the chat window
  • IP address recording
  • When the guest departs from the website
  • Preview while typing


Reporting is absolutely necessary in order to monitor and enhance agent productivity as well as customer engagement. Tawk.to incorporates a reporting section right into the platform, which compiles vital statistics regarding live chat, tickets, and the knowledge base. The software incorporates all of the fundamental metrics that are necessary for a business. Because it takes a few hours for the data to populate within the reports section, it is not possible to use it reliably for real-time reporting. This is one of the disadvantages.

The following illustration demonstrates how reports can be viewed either as lists or as graphs:

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The most important reports are:

  • Talking volume
  • Timing of the initial response
  • Customer happiness
  • Ticket volume
  • Timing for the resolution of tickets

Chat Agents and Virtual Assistants for Hire

The service of hired chat agents and hired virtual assistants is the aspect of Tawk.to that stands out as the most distinctive feature. You can hire chat agents and virtual assistants to support your business functions and site visitors for a monthly fee. This is ideal for small businesses that don’t have the bandwidth to interview and train in-house customer service representatives. Chat agents and virtual assistants can be hired to support your business functions and site visitors.

The Chat Agents

You are able to hire chat agents directly from the Tawk.to website if you use their service. This capability is fairly unique to tawk.to, and it would be useful for a company if they wanted to make live chat available around the clock. You have the option to buy fewer or more hours on a weekly basis, depending on your needs. You will provide information about your company to the agents so that they can accurately relay information and answer questions posed by your visitors. This will ensure that the agents are able to communicate with your visitors in the most efficient manner possible.

The following is a list of the various pricing options for hired chat agents:

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Virtual Assistants

An employee who provides your internal team or your customers with assistance in the form of administrative, technical, or customer service assistance is known as a virtual assistant. In order to ensure that your virtual assistants have a smooth transition into your organization, the majority of their training and onboarding will be under your supervision.

The following is an outline of the pricing for Tawk.to’s virtual assistant:

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Chat Pages

You can use the chat pages that are hosted on Tawk.to even if you don’t have a website of your own or if you want your live chat tool to exist on its own webpage. This function would be useful for smaller companies that do not yet have their own websites but would still like the option to provide live chat support to their clients and customers.

Customers of Tawk.to have the ability to personalize the URL of the chat page, upload agent photos, include a job title and description, as well as links to social media and external websites. An example of how the chat page might appear if it were customized to serve as an agent profile page is shown below:

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Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a resource that addresses the common concerns and frequently asked questions of your customers. It is essential for your company to have a knowledge base in order to provide adequate customer support, as this allows site visitors to look up information without having to interact directly with a customer service representative. Rather than including a section within the live chat interface dedicated to frequently asked questions (FAQs), tawk.to, like many of its rivals, hosts a separate landing page for its knowledge base.

When utilizing tawk.to to compile a knowledge base, you will be required to design a landing page that will house the knowledge base articles. When configured, the landing page will have the following appearance:

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The following are some additional capabilities offered by the knowledge base:

  • A search bar that enables quick and easy article location
  • Ticketing capabilities integrated into a chat widget


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A ticketing system is a software application that allows businesses to record, monitor, and resolve issues raised by their customers. Tawk.to comes equipped with its own ticketing system, which enables agents to receive tickets through the Knowledge Base and the chat widget even when they are not actively online. The ticketing system that Tawk.to uses is efficient, despite its appearance being a little bit dated.

Visitors are required to provide both their email address and a message before submitting a ticket. Agents have the option of responding to tickets either within the Tawk.to system itself or through their personal email accounts.

Agents are able to do the following with the ticketing interface:

  • Agents should be assigned to the ticket
  • Keep the ticket’s status up to date
  • You can assign low, medium, or high priority to the tickets
  • Send visitors any attachments you have

Support for Customers on Tawk.to

The customer service department of Tawk.to is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. After sending a chat, we discovered that agents were immediately available to speak with us and were able to answer all of our questions pertaining to the software.

  • Customer Support Channels: Email, live chat, and various social media platforms
  • Availability of Support for Customers: 24x7x365 via chat
  • Additional Supporting Materials: Blog, Videos, Help center, Developer platform

Pricing & Cost of Tawk.to

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The pricing for live chat on tawk.to is currently free and will continue to be free forever. There are a few additional features that can be purchased for an additional fee on the tawk.to website. Tawk.to is currently working on a number of features, such as real-time chat translations and in-chat payment processing, that will require users to pay for access in the near future.

  • Hire Live Agents for as little as $1 per hour
  • Employ Virtual Assistants: Rates Starting at $7 an Hour
  • Remove the tawk.to branding for a monthly fee of $12
  • The monthly fee for video, voice, and screen sharing is $29

Is Tawk.to the App That Meets Your Needs?

Tawk.to offers a completely free live chat service, and it currently has over 3 million users all over the world. The software incorporates all of the essential live chat features that are necessary to support and interact with customers. Even though their live chat is their most popular feature, it is still a full-featured customer support platform that businesses can use for a variety of different support channels.

Tawk.to provides the most feature-rich free plan available among all of the live chat softwares. Additionally, it provides one-of-a-kind services such as hireable chat agents and virtual assistants. This solution is perfect for any business that is looking for a live chat solution that is both free and dependable. However, if you need email campaign capabilities, chatbots, or advanced integrations, we recommend that you go with a customer engagement solution that is more comprehensive, such as Tidio or LiveChat. Both of these products offer these features.


  • It is completely free
  • More robust than the free plans offered by competitors
  • Customers of Tawk.to have the ability to hire chat agents and virtual assistants directly


  • The user interface is not quite as intuitive as that of paid competitors
  • There are no features for chatbots or email marketing
  • You are required to pay in order to remove the “Powered by tawk.to” branding
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