Sydney WordPress Theme Review 2022 (A Decent freemium)

Sydney WordPress theme offers a quick and easy approach to creating a business or professional website. Both a free and a premium version are available.

Sydney theme backend from the big company “aThemes” with many reference sources. You can build your brand from the start with a Sydney configuration. Start managing your website as soon as possible and use this theme’s features for all your needs.

The header media is one of the significant features of the Sydney theme. A full-screen graphic and a call to action button are included. Users find exploring more fluid and engaging because of the fading feature. ⇨ Read my CosmosWP Theme Review.

The free and premium ready-made templates are integrated with Elementor, so it is a big drawback because I hate page builders. You can find the free version in the WP Theme directory, and I’ll explain the pro version later.

Sydney’s free version is available from the WordPress theme directory. It has approximately 100,000 active installations and, like most free versions, has very few features. If your work is severe, you need to get the premium version.

Should You Use It? That decision depends on your viewpoint and gets some details from this review. Let’s look at the free version features in this section when comparing the differences between the free and pro versions. 👉 Read Gutentor Review.

1. Sydney Child Theme

WordPress Child Theme

👉 Why is a child theme required?

You can update your theme without worrying about losing functionality, design changes, or customizable settings. Since all of your main theme customizations are saved by the child theme. That is the reason why everyone recommends using a child theme.

The parent theme contains all the required PHP and style assets. In addition to the main theme, the “child theme” simply includes the styles and features specific to that theme.

All your customizations can be saved in child themes. The core theme is adaptive enough to enable regular updates and ensure you never lose adjustments. It is similar to a protective cover. The main theme, which is the true core, is covered by a subtheme.

You can download a child theme from the theme’s website. (Take the Sydney Child theme, for example). Child themes can’t be applied to your theme, correct? It’s time to replace it with a new, better WordPress theme because it’s definitely outdated.

2. Sydney WordPress Theme Demo

Sydney WordPress Theme Demo has 4 free templates for Elementor Page Builder. Also, that needs WPForms, Hubspot, and Sydney Toolbox plugins additionally. Here read 10 Free Themes With Demo Content. 👇

  1. Main
  2. Shop
  3. Plumber
  4. Leads
Sydney Main Demo Example
-Sydney Main
Sydney shop Demo Example
-Sydney Shop
Sydney Plumber Demo Example
-Sydney Plumber
Sydney Leads Demo Example
-Sydney Leads

Here are some Sydney WordPress Theme Demo Premium templates. 👇

  • Agency
  • Construction
  • Author
  • Wedding
  • Coworking
  • Restaurant
  • Original Pro, etc.
Sydney WordPress Theme premium Demo
Sydney WordPress Theme premium Demo

Also, since these aids the Elementor page builder, you can create pages without these templates. I don’t think I need to explain how slowly Elementor makes websites load.

👉 Why am I not a fan of page builders?

Page builders should not be used if you want a highly professional design and a good customer experience. If the server is poor, the code is poorly written, or the structure is complex, it can take longer for your website to load.

The core problem is that cache plugins, and page builders sometimes clash. A startup company with very low website traffic volume can get away with a few-second delay in loading time. But, a successful business with many visitors may be significantly impacted by a delay of a few milliseconds.


Popular websites and well-known e-commerce websites usually do not use site builders. Let’s say you want to improve your designs or make it easier for the website to manage many users without crashing. The best approach, in this case, is always to get away from website builders.

3. Sydney Theme’s Core Features

👉 Single Posts Customizing

The Sydney Theme offers fewer single post customization options, making it unsuitable for blogs or content-focused websites. Use Blocksy, Generatepress, Neve, or another suitable theme if your website is content-focused.

However, Sydney Theme’s free version offers several basic options, like the change of color, header spacing, image positioning, image layout, meta placement, spacing, and elements like post tags, author box, post navigation, and related posts.

Look down for some options in Single posts, Customizing 👇

Sydney Single posts Settings 2
Sydney Single posts Settings

👉 Sydney Theme Widgets Areas

Sydney Theme contains five widget areas, and when using the Customizer to preview and change the widgets visible on other pages of your website, you can go to those pages. Includes the footer and sidebar as well. 👇

Sydney Theme Widgets

👉 Blog archives Customizing

Website archives Options for customization include the potential to adjust the font size and color of the title as well as the six blog layouts, text alignment, show excerpts and excerpt length, meta position, and delimiter style. 😒

Sydney theme Blog Layout
Sydney Blog archives

👉 Scroll to Top

Icon or Text + Icon, Button Radius, Position, Side Offset, Visibility, and Bottom Offset are features of the scroll to top option.

Sydney Scroll to top

👉 Theme Header Settings

Menu Position (Left, Center, and Right), Container Type, Sticky Header (A Good Option in Free Version), Sticky Header Type with Always sticky, and On scroll to the top are just a few of the flexible options available in Sydney Header Layouts and Settings.

Sydney theme offers different mobile header layouts, including three different designs, additional off-canvas elements, link alignment, link separator/spacing, and menu icon. Carts, buttons, menus, search, and contact are examples of header elements.

Sydney Mobile header
-Mobile header
Sydney Header Settings
-Header Settings
Sydney Header Layouts
-Header Layouts

👉 Sydney Footer Settings

Sydney Free features Container Types, Contained and Full-width, 4 Footer Widget Areas, and an 11 Footer Widget Layout. It also features separate PC and mobile visibility and vertical alignment at the top, middle, and bottom. 👍


Sydney is one of the WordPress theme users who can change the WordPress copyright footer credits without coding or plugin. 👇

Sydney Footer Widgets Layout
-Footer Widgets Layout
Sydney Copyright area
-Footer Credits
Sydney Footer widgets Settings
-Footer widgets Settings

👉 Button Settings

Sydney offers unique button settings, such as bottom padding, left-right padding, and button radius. Additionally, the options are the background color, border color, hover state, text color, and font size.

👉 Customizing colors

Sydney’s free version offers a variety of color options. You have the opportunity to modify the background color, primary color, body text, links, content links, and headings from H1 to H6. Furthermore, the sidebar and form fields are individual.

👉 Customizing Fonts 

Sydney offers font options, allowing you to customize the line height, letter spacing, font family, weight, and style. It includes text transformation and text-decoration as well. Additionally, every heading from H1 through H6 has a font size option.

Sydney theme Customizing Fonts
Customizing Fonts in theme

👉 Host Google Fonts Locally

Even though you may think that the font’s small size has no impact on how well your website works. Wrong; free stylish fonts like Google Fonts are the main reason fonts are so extremely slow today.

Currently, thousands of Google fonts can be loaded with even simple plugins. But regardless of your site size, typefaces have a significant performance impact. There are several things to consider for fonts, and they all affect how quickly your page loads.

A great approach is locally loaded web fonts; this method is still standard among designers who care about performance. The Sydney theme is even included in the theme.

Sydney Load Google Fonts Locally

Additionally, “Use Any Font” plugins, and others can be used with it. The option to choose which fonts to use on your WordPress website. You can use custom fonts currently available in the TTF or WOFF formats without utilizing additional servers. 

👉 Customizing Hero

From the Hero configuration, you can choose the header you want. Your home page’s header can use an image, video, full-screen slider, or none of the above. Choose the full-screen slider, image, or video hero style for all pages except the home page.

With Hero Slider, the slideshow can contain up to five images. In the Hero Type area, choose where to display the slider. You can also include a call to action button.

Customizing Hero

If you include a video, the photo will serve as a stand-in, whereas the video loads. Attach your video to in.mp4 format and keep the file size as small as possible for maximum performance. 👉 Read Images Optimization Plugins.

You can also enter a YouTube URL, but this is not recommended because YouTube is hosted on a different server. The theme recommends 1920 x 1080 pixel dimensions. It is simple to use and best suited for pictures the same size as your video—you can cut the image after submitting it for a great match.

4. Sydney Pro WordPress Theme

Sydney, like most others, has a premium version. Here are some features below.

  • Premium Starter Sites: Use the one-click demo importer to deploy one of any 18 stylish starter sites from the pro version.
  • Hero Shortcodes: Add widgets, including slides, carousels, galleries, and more; simply insert any shortcode into your hero section.
  • Top Bar: Set a top bar just above the header and fill it with data like your address, mail, contact details, etc.
  • Controls Each Page: From the post editor, you can choose whether to display the header, sidebar, and feature image on each individual page.
  • Extra Header Module: With the Extra Header addons, your website gains a new range of header-related features.
  • Mini Cart: Users can add products to their micro carts by clicking the cart icon in the top right corner.
  • Dynamic View: Without reloading the product page, show a short viewing popup of the details.
  • Toolset: The toolbox contains all the equipment to use WP to build custom content, including custom posts, layouts, maps, and more.
  • Pro Templates: The Sydney Pro design platform allows you to build modules using the WordPress editor.
  • Animated Widget: Animated widgets are a friendly and stylish way of moving headers. But due to slow loading times, I do not recommend things like animation.
  • Dual Buttons: A friendly and stylish widget to display two buttons.
  • Forms Widgets: Three form widgets can be customized to show a contact form 7, WPForms, or Ninja Forms.

Paid themes, in comparison, provide much greater customizability and a more professional look. Free themes are a good option for simpler websites. However, I recommend using premium themes if you’re creating extensive websites.

Choose a free theme with a “paid” version you can buy if you want to utilize it. You’ll eventually get to the point when the free theme is no longer suitable because you require a complete redesign or functionality.


5. Sydney Free vs. Pro

I’ve listed the differences between Sydney’s free and premium features in the table below. 👉 Read GeneratePress vs Blocksy Comparison.

Some Features Sydney Free Sydney Pro
Support priority 👎 👍
Block Editor Tools 👍 👍
Starter Sites 4 15+
Breadcrumbs 👎 👍
Extra header elements 👎 👍
Language splitter 👎 👍
Login-register 👎 👍
Sticky Header 👍 👍
Blog Designs 6 7
Featured blog hero 👎 👍
Designs for related articles 👎 👍
Footer Separator/Background 👎 👍
WooCommerce Fundamental Extending
Wishlist/Checkout 👎 👍
Product Search 👎 👍
Hooks System 👎 👍
Animated heading 👎 👍
Product Gallery  👎 👍
Remove footer credit 👍 👍

Sydney pro theme prices start at Individual License at $69 per year, 5 License fees at $99 per year, and Unlimited License fees at $199 per year.

Sydney pro theme prices
Sydney pro theme prices

Of course, premium themes are more expensive, but they also look prettier and have more personalization features. Pro themes come with additional support in addition to even more features. It is a simple-to-use theme with basic documentation.

Some themes are certain to be modified over time and keep functionality. Pro themes are a far safer option for your website, but that is not always the case because some free themes allow you for comprehensive customization, like Blocksy and Kadence.

6. Theme Hooks System

For example, the “Hooks” feature is a robust tool that lets you easily add any content to any section of your website.

Its organizational structure, in my perspective, makes it far more reasonable than page builders. The flexibility to easily change website layouts and layouts. Consider that you simply needed to add something above the title on one page.

Is it that it was going to be easy?

I’d think many themes wouldn’t be able to handle all of your random item layouts. As a result, you may have to ask a designer to finish it for you, or you can do it yourself. You have the option to create stuff with Sydney PRO that will be shown across your website.

However, it is not as accurate as Blocksy and GeneratePress. Both of these themes are more customizable than Sydney.

Consider These Factors Before Selecting A Theme 👇

👉 Clean coding

You won’t be able to check the coding for yourself to see if it is correct. You must read reviews and identify whether other trustworthy developers have used the same stuff. Coding of the highest quality is carried out successfully and in keeping with execution.

👉 Compatible with all plugins

Perhaps they make an effort to do everything. I noted that some themes include options for SEO, speed optimization, and much more. But, fully functional themes should be avoided because they won’t perform as expected.

A well-coded theme will work for all other addons and plugins, including e-commerce, forms, caching, and SEO. Most plugin issues in themes are caused by badly coded, a failure of directions, or too complicated designs.

👉 Good Design & Customizability

WordPress themes are customizable elements that improve the visual interest of your website. Many are simplistic and provide a standard unified layout. The theme was one you chose because it was attractive at the time.

However, as soon as you notice the thousands of other websites with a similar look, you realize that the trendy look is actually pretty boring and not at all fascinating. Some themes feature a few basic settings that let you change the font and color.

Other themes include options that let you modify almost every aspect, including the colors, styles, designs, and surfaces. Although more expensive, premium themes are not always superior. It is no surprise that free themes are limited and offer few possibilities.

👉 Choose a well-known theme

You should select a popular theme to get additional support from existing theme users. The more successful it is, the more detailed directions and online tutorials you can access.

No matter how much help the official theme developer promises to provide, using an unknown theme from an anonymous source will always bring you difficulties. No one will be able to make changes or resolve problems.

👉 Used by many developers

It is much easier to find developers who know how to use it effectively and to get free assistance from others who have used it in the past.

The theme will continue to be updated to keep it modern, appropriate for future additions, and innovative. The design gets better as the theme’s audience expands, and its designers are inspired to make continuous improvements.

👉 Why are many themes extremely slow?

The main reason many WordPress themes are too slow is because of their extensive customizability. It is difficult to handle everyone’s needs when there are too many theme requests. Since more features always load more bloated elements, fewer features always load fewer scripts. 👉 Read Speed Optimize Plugins.

Funky elements are another thing that leads to the complexity of some WordPress themes. There are far too many effects loading at once; motion, bar, button, etc. Even though it attracts beginners. But your website actually starts to deteriorate.

👉 Popular may not be the best product

No matter how well-known or many customers they have, some companies sell more things than others. Does this indicate that their products are worthwhile? It simply means that they have strong marketing and wide popularity.

Conclusion: Sydney By Athemes

Sydney is a simple theme with some valuable features suitable for your business. You can start with the free version and later upgrade to the pro version for more advanced features. However, I disliked that Sydney starter templates only include the Elementor page builder. This is Sydney By Athemes’ biggest flaw.

Many themes already have pre-built websites with Gutenburg, BB, and Oxygen, but not this. Sure, it’s simple for me to fling out without stating that Gutenberg blocks are more significant than page builders.

However, Sydney can be used without demos, much like Gutenberg. One of the main reasons why WordPress sites load slowly is the site builder. 👉 Read Ultimate Addon Gutenberg Review.

Many page builders load all settings on the front end. Yes, you can simply enable the ones you need. Nevertheless, for the most part, many usually load whole collections even if you only use one feature from the source. However, only the one used in an activated section is loaded with Gutenberg.

The block isn’t loaded if you don’t use them. There are no additional Javascript or stylesheet files loaded on your website. Sydney WordPress Theme is a decent theme to use, and the pro version has many features. Still, I recommend using Gutenberg, writing the code yourself, or hiring a professional developer.

Hosting Recommendation 👇

Can i use Sydney WordPress Theme for Blogging?

Yes. You can use that for blogging, but the theme mainly targets businesses and freelancers. If you primarily focus on content, go with a simple WordPress theme like Generatepress, Kadence, Blocksy, etc.

How Can I Remove Credit From Sydney WordPress theme?

Sydney is one of the WordPress theme users who can replace the copyright footer credit without code or plugins. Simply go to the footer settings and edit the credit to your name.

Does Sydney Theme Support WooCommerce?

Basic WooCommerce functions are supported by the free version. However, the pro version offers features like Wishlist, Item Palette, Multi-step Payment, Flat Stick Cart, Store Header Styles, etc.

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