Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business

When it comes to website builders, Strikingly can be considered something of a newcomer to the industry. It did not enter the market until 2012, which was several years after its primary competitors, but it has since gained a considerable amount of popularity. The website builder focuses on the creation of single-page websites that do not require any knowledge of programming.

Because of this, it presents a very interesting opportunity for marketers and businesses of all sizes. Portfolios, product landing pages, and event pages are all examples of common types of pages that display all of the relevant information on a single, attractive page. You have the option of including both an online store, with a maximum of 500 products, and a blog in addition to your showcase.

The designs have a very contemporary feel to them and will look great when viewed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can even improve the experience of using a mobile device by adding a mobile action, such as a button labeled “call” or “send email” that provides easy access. This will make navigating your website on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, even simpler.

You will be able to create a simple website and evaluate the functionality of Strikingly primary features with their free entry-level plan, which is available in perpetuity. Strikingly has recently increased the limit for the number of pages a website can have from one to five, which means that you can now expand beyond single-page websites. But what if you require additional supplies? You are required to go with the Pro plan. It supports up to one hundred pages, which is probably more than what the majority of websites will require.

Find out everything else that Strikingly has to offer together! We’re going to take a close look at what stands out as successful and what could use some work.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 1

Cons and Pros of Strikingly


Best-in-class support

In the support competition, Strikingly came out on top thanks to the speed, friendliness, and effectiveness of its help center.

Simpleness of Use

Putting together a website using Strikingly is not a difficult task at all. The fact that the editor is a drag-and-drop interface makes it especially user-friendly for novices. Coding abilities are not required in any way.

Focus on a single page

If you want to create a single-page layout that looks very professional, the editor is a great tool to use.

For multiple websites, inexpensive

The price of the Pro plan, which includes three websites, is only $16 per month. It’s not a bad deal considering almost all other website builders require an additional fee for each additional website you create.



It is typically possible to optimize fundamental aspects of your website, such as your title or meta-description, but it is extremely challenging to raise the ranking of a single page. If search engine optimization is a priority for you, you will need to upgrade to their most expensive plan (Pro) in order to make use of multiple pages.

Limited Version Free

It is possible to get a feel for the editor using the free version, but you won’t have access to features such as adding your own code, which is something you can do using virtually any other free website builder.


The Pro plan (which costs $16 per month) is the only one that does not include Strikingly ads. However, in comparison to its competitors, it is quite pricey despite having a general decrease in the number of features it offers. On a more upbeat note, it enables you to create up to three websites, so that’s a plus.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 3

Pricing of Strikingly

$0 Free

Acceptable for the purpose of observing how the editor operates. 5 pages are included, along with a single product store.

$8 Limited

Includes both a domain name and an online storefront with five different items. Included are up to two different websites. The still reveals Ads that really stand out.

$16 Pro

Unlocking the site’s search function, as well as the password protection and members-only areas. Build up to three distinct websites, each with a maximum of one hundred pages.

$49 VIP

All features, including a widget for live chat and a newsletter tool, as well as phone support in English. Includes the ability to sell an unlimited number of products and up to five websites.

Prices for contracts lasting one year. Included for a full year is the domain. You also have the choice between a monthly subscription and a plan that is valid for two years.

In addition, there is a plan called Audience that is an add-on and gives you the ability to include live chat, email campaigns, and paid membership subscriptions. The cost begins at ten dollars per month.

You can also purchase personalized email addresses through Strikingly; the cost of these addresses is $25 per year. These addresses will use your own domain.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 5

Details of the rating

Ease Of Use

The editor has a straightforward design and is simple to operate. You have the option of editing individual sections either by selecting one of several different layouts or by switching to the “drag and drop” mode.

Choice and Design Flexibility (Templates)

There are approximately one hundred templates to choose from, the vast majority of which appear to be single-page designs. Obviously, if you require more pages, you can add those in. Strikingly just recently added new designs to their template library, which is why the overall aesthetic is quite contemporary.

It’s great that you can change the design without having to worry about losing any of the content; our research has shown that very few website builders offer this functionality in the modern era. When you feel like it’s time for a different looking layout, you won’t have to go back to square one and start all over again thanks to this feature. In addition, the style editor grants you complete authority over the overarching visual presentation of your headlines, navigation, buttons, and other elements.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 7


You are required to choose either the Pro or the VIP plan. If you do not opt out, Strikingly will display a logo in the footer and add “on Strikingly” to the SEO-title of your website.


The actual editor can be used in one of 14 different languages. Utilizing the Multi-Language feature is the most effective method for producing a website that supports multiple languages (requires the PRO plan at least). This will add a language selector to your website, allowing you to link multiple Strikingly websites together by using their respective sub-domains (e.g., Although it’s not the most beautiful solution, it does the job. It is possible to add translations that were done manually as well as translations that were done automatically (via Google Translate), but in order to do the latter, you will need to upgrade to the VIP plan.

Domain Name Of Your Choice (e.g. .Com or .Net)

You can purchase a domain for a yearly fee of $24.95 or connect an existing domain with any paid plan. We strongly suggest looking into purchasing the domain elsewhere, such as through Namecheap, as the prices offered there are typically much more competitive.

Navigational Depth

You will need to upgrade to their Pro plan in order to access more than one level of functionality. You will have the ability to add a dropdown menu.

Widgets (Small Tools To Add Extra Functionality)

There are a few widgets you can use with Strikingly, such as a simple registration form for events, classes, and appointments. A quaint app market for third-party applications is also at your disposal. However, in order to use apps like MailChimp and Ecwid, you will need to upgrade to the Pro plan. In addition, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to add a new feature via HTML.

Mobile App: Android & iOS

The mobile app for Strikingly gives you limited editing capabilities for your website. You have the ability to modify the text and images, but you are unable to make adjustments to the styles or use the drag and drop feature. It has a clumsy interface because any changes made are immediately saved, and there is no undo button.

In addition, you are able to manage orders, view site statistics, participate in live chat, and respond to people who have submitted forms. You can also gain access to the complete editor by logging into the website from your mobile device.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 9

E-Commerce Features

If you also want to sell products, having an online store is a nice addition that could be interesting (works for both physical and digital products, with a max of 500 products). As payment gateway options, Stripe, Square, and Paypal are all available to choose from. You have the ability to add images, videos, and reviews of your products, as well as to invite other users to write reviews based on their experiences as a customer. You also have the option to send emails to recover abandoned shopping carts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There is no problem with optimizing your titles and meta-descriptions in any way. However, when all of your content is only displayed on a single page, you should not expect to achieve outstanding SEO results. You’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan in order to produce content that is more laser-focused. Because of this, you will be able to optimize each page (up to a maximum of 100) for a different keyword.


You can add a blog to your one-page layout, despite the fact that doing so is not particularly common. The articles open on a page that has a different layout than the rest of the page, which is not the most elegant solution. On the bright side, there is a commenting feature, support for RSS feeds, and AMP that can be utilized to speed up the loading times. Additionally, you have the ability to copy posts from one Strikingly site to another.

Visitors Analytics

The integration of Google Analytics is a possibility.

Contact Form

The contact form already has a number of pre-populated fields; unfortunately, you cannot add any of your own. As a workaround, you can create a custom form; however, as you probably guessed, this feature is only accessible to users on the Pro or VIP plans.

When you subscribe to one of these plans, you will also have the ability to send personalized autoresponders to whoever submits the form.

Member Areas

With the Pro plan, you will be able to add password protection to your website. Strikingly also includes a feature called Site Membership, which enables your site visitors to sign up for an account and view content that is restricted to members only. You can even charge a membership fee to your audience in order for them to become a member (Pro plan and above).

Newsletter Tool

There is a straightforward newsletter tool available. Users who have upgraded to the VIP tier are given the ability to send up to 10,000 emails per month to a total of 2,000 different email contacts. Another option is to buy the Audience plan add-on for your subscription. Obviously, another option available to you is to make use of an external newsletter service. Email automations are also available.

Add Code For Html

In order to add HTML code to your page, you will need to upgrade to the PRO plan, which costs $16 per month. A feature that is typically included in the free plan of the vast majority of alternative website builders!

Storage Space

500MB – 100GB

It is contingent on the plan. You get 500 megabytes (MB) per site with the free plan, but with the Pro plan, you get 20 GB. On the VIP plan, the maximum amount of storage you can have is 100 gigabytes (GB), which is a huge amount; the only time you’d really need this much space is if you were uploading a lot of photos and videos.

Backups & Restore

Compatibility with the Pro and VIP plans. Provides the ability to restore your website to any of the previous 20 versions.

Support: FAQ, Chat, Email, Telephone

Strikingly is your best bet if you’re looking for excellent customer support around the clock. They came out on top in our support tests, scoring the highest marks possible for both their speed and the quality of their support. Telephone assistance is included with their premium VIP plan.

Fun Factor

The editor does an excellent job, particularly when all you require is a simple layout for a single page. Because the menu is well thought out, there is no need to struggle with cryptic settings.

Overall Rating

Strikingly is an excellent solution for layouts that only require one page or for very small websites. Putting together a site like this is not too difficult, and it can be done rather quickly thanks to the intuitive user interface. If you want more features that are considered standard, you’ll need to upgrade to at least their Pro plan.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 11

Strikingly Review: Summary

It is best to use the Strikingly website builder if you want to design a single-page layout for your website. These layouts have gained a lot of popularity in recent years because they provide a comprehensive view without the need to navigate through multiple pages. It’s as simple as scrolling up and down.

Each page is broken up into several distinct sections. To add a specific feature, you simply need to click on the location on the screen where you want it to appear. This could be an image, some text, or a form to get in touch with you. You can even add more advanced features such as booking forms or popups; however, we found these to still be quite basic in comparison to the tools offered by other website builders (for example, we couldn’t find a way to accept payments through the booking tool).

You might be able to find what you need in their app store, which does not, unfortunately, carry a very large selection of apps; alternatively, you can directly add some HTML if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Bear in mind that in order to do this, you will require a paid plan.

Additionally, ecommerce is accompanied by strikingly. Naturally, this only makes sense for very small online stores like this one. It’s possible that managing a store that lists hundreds of products on a single page won’t be very user-friendly, and it’s pretty obvious that doing so will hurt your SEO efforts.

Why is that the case? In a typical scenario, you would optimize each and every page for a particular keyword. Because you have consolidated all of your content onto a single page, the information that you provide to Google will be less useful. Is the majority of the content you provide a page that lists your products, a contact form, or just a portfolio of your best work? I’m going to guess that you see where this is going wrong. If you place a high value on search engine optimization (SEO), you will probably require multiple pages with content that is more narrowly focused.

Having said that, recent updates give the impression that e-commerce is one of the areas that Strikingly is focusing more on; consequently, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is something they address in the not-too-distant future.

Support is one area in which Strikingly really shines. They came out on top in our in-depth support competition, beating out well-known website builders such as Wix and Squarespace.

Therefore, if you only require a simple website for an event, a personal portfolio, or some other kind of landing page, Strikingly may be an excellent option for you. You won’t need much time to set it up. You should look into using Weebly if you intend to create something with a more complicated framework. In addition to having a user-friendly interface, their website allows users to include an unlimited number of subpages.Strikingly Website Builder Review. Great tool for creating little websites for business — 13

Do you need a website builder like Strikingly?

Advisable, if

  • You want to develop an attractive website that consists of a single page.
  • You need a support team that will go above and beyond for you.
  • You need to set up a simple layout as quickly as possible.
  • You can’t rely on just having a single website.

Not advisable, if

  • Your project is heavily focused on SEO.
  • You design a challenging website.
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