Review of Zendesk Sell: Is It the Right Choice for Your Company?

Zendesk Sell is a well-known piece of customer relationship management (CRM) software that gives businesses the ability to better organize, manage, and optimize their sales processes. Users are able to easily track leads and sales tasks, and it also gives them the ability to communicate with their contacts via e-mail, phone, or text message. This customer relationship management software performs particularly well for groups that base their overarching business strategy on direct sales strategies. Check out our review of Zendesk Sell to see if this software could be the answer to all of your company’s problems.

Who Is Zendesk’s Best Customer?

Sales teams that use multi-channel communication as a sales strategy: Zendesk Sell has features, both built-in and through outside integrations, that allow sales reps to communicate with leads through multiple channels, such as phone calls, texts, and emails. For example, Because of these capabilities, Zendesk Sell is especially useful for sales teams that present their products and services to multiple channels of potential customers and then nurture those leads. Because of this, as well as a number of other reasons, we recommend Zendesk as one of the best software options for maintaining customer databases.

Companies that send their sales representatives out into the field on a regular basis: The mobile sales features that Zendesk Sell offers, such as SMS texting, GeoVerification, and visit tracking, are among its most notable characteristics. Because of this, it is also one of our top choices for the best business account management CRM software systems and one of the best mobile CRM systems.

The following are some high-level lead management tools available to small businesses: This customer relationship management system is at the top of its class when it comes to managing leads in various ways, such as collecting their data, organizing their contact information, assigning them to representatives, scoring them, and putting them into categorical lists. It is also our top choice for the best CRM to use for managing leads, making it our number one pick overall. Freelancers can make particularly good use of certain of these lead management tools, which helps put this CRM software in the running for the title of best CRM software for freelancers.

For Whom Zendesk Sell Is Not an Appropriate Solution

Businesses that sell a variety of products or services can only have one customizable sales pipeline on the Team or Professional plans and two on the Enterprise plan unless they subscribe to the more expensive Sell Elite plan. This plan is out of reach for many small businesses because it is so expensive. Because of this, CRM software like this is not a good fit for companies that offer a variety of products and services and therefore need different pipelines. Pipedrive is an alternative that we recommend to businesses that sell several different lines of products and have a requirement to visualize multiple pipelines.

Sales managers who are looking for features that provide inexpensive sales reporting: Although the lower-tiered plans include features for sales forecasting and goal tracking, the Enterprise and Elite plans are the only ones that include features for activity reporting, individual rep performance monitoring, and advanced sales insights. If you are looking for a CRM with low-cost reporting and analytics features, Zoho CRM is an excellent alternative solution to consider. Read through the list of the seven essential CRM reports to gain a better understanding of the reports that your CRM system should generate.

Businesses on a smaller scale that engage in content marketing via social media: There is no functionality for content management or social media marketing within Zendesk Sell, despite the fact that Zendesk Sell is a reliable CRM software for direct sales. Both HubSpot and Zoho CRM are regarded as some of the most effective social media CRM platforms; as such, we recommend using either one of them if your sales strategy places a significant emphasis on this form of marketing.

Zendesk Sell Overview

The most effective way to describe Zendesk Sell is as a user-friendly CRM system that is loaded with features for lead management. Any problems that are discovered will be the result of the absence of a free option and the requirement of additional payments or upgrades to obtain particular features, such as lead data generation and reporting tools.


  • Excellent functionalities for both lead management and direct sales endeavors.
  • Advanced mobile CRM application
  • interface that is friendly to users and is simple to integrate with applications developed by other companies


  • The majority of the reporting tools only come with the more expensive plan tiers.
  • Features such as lead generation and data enrichment require an additional purchase at a higher price.
  • There is no option for a free forever plan.

Zendesk Sell Pricing

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The pricing of Zendesk Sell is not terrible on a per-user basis until the higher-tiered Enterprise and Elite plans are purchased. The primary distinctions between the plans are based on the modular features that are included and the advancements that are made to certain tools. For instance, upgrading from the Team plan to the Professional plan results in the first significant change, which is the addition of expanded lead management tools that include automation.

Sell Team for $25 per month per user

This plan grants you access for as many as three users and provides you with the ability to organize basic contacts and leads. You will also receive the ability to schedule appointments, email integrations, and everything else that the mobile application has to offer, including geolocation tools and the ability to track visits. You have the option to activate Sell Voice, which is an integrated phone system that enables you to make calls directly from contact pages and manage SMS texting campaigns.

Sell Professional — $59 per month per user

Those who wish to upgrade to the Professional plan receive everything that is available with the Sell Team plan, as well as the ability to send bulk emails from the CRM system, which is only available with the Professional plan. The lead management features are also more advanced, with the ability to capture leads into the CRM system from online website form submissions and automated lead distribution to your sales reps based on triggers or criteria. Additionally, the lead management features include the ability to distribute leads automatically based on triggers or criteria.

Sell Enterprise — $125 per user, per month

Sell Enterprise includes everything that the Professional plan offers, but in addition, it includes lead scoring, product catalog customization, and role-based permissions. These role-based permissions allow you to set access restrictions based on a person or team’s position and hierarchy within the organization. This plan gives users access to an automated power dialer, which allows users to pre-set outgoing calls and have the phone dial them automatically based on a contact list stored in the system. This feature is included as part of the calling features.

Sell Elite — $249 per user, per month

When you upgrade to the most expensive Zendesk Sell plan, you gain access to a number of new reporting features. These features include the ability to view reports on rep performance, advanced sales insights, and success insight reports. This plan also gives you the ability to customize an unlimited number of sales pipelines and use them in order to accommodate differences in the sales process that are associated with the various products and services that you offer.

Zendesk Reach

The prospecting and data enrichment capabilities of Zendesk Reach are available as an add-on that is completely optional. This add-on comes with three different choices, each of which is charged on an annual basis:

  • Reach Basic: $27 per user, per month
  • Standard: $63 per user, per month
  • Advanced: $81 per user, per month

You get a certain number of credits that you can allocate toward automated marketing email sequences, data enrichment to update or improve profiles, and purchasing new contact lead lists depending on the plan that you choose. The Advanced plan not only provides you with the most credits for these tools but also extends to offer direct dial phone numbers and information about the technology stack that a lead company is currently utilizing.

Zendesk Sell Features

The Zendesk Sell platform provides sales teams with a centralized system for lead management and for maintaining communication with contacts. The mobile application also allows teams to manage their sales teams while they are out on the road or in the field.

Lead Management

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This customer relationship management platform provides various lead management tools, such as the organization of fundamental contact information, the detection of lead duplicate data, the tagging of leads, the filtering of lists, and the automated assignment of leads. There is also the option to create hierarchies, which is useful if you are selling to companies that have their own subsidiaries or parents, as well as the capability to score leads based on the likelihood that they will turn into closed deals.

When managing lead data, users have the ability to create data fields that can be customized to account for the specific information they wish to collect. It is also possible to make certain fields within lead records mandatory and to configure online web forms in such a way that they immediately add leads to your customer relationship management system when an inquiry is submitted. The Smart Lists and Smart List Template features allow you to save lead data views so that you don’t have to continually re-customize filters every time you want to view a lead list.

Multi-channel Communication Features

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Your sales representatives will have the ability to communicate directly with leads and customers through a phone system that can either be built in with the help of the Zendesk Voice software or integrated with a third-party voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) provider through Zendesk Sell’s customer relationship management (CRM). In addition, it gives you the ability to compose and send emails and SMS texts to a single recipient at a time or to a large group of recipients all at once.

Mobile App

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The data in the mobile application of Zendesk Sell is synchronized with the data in the web application, allowing you to manage leads and sales tasks while you are on the go. There is also a geolocation tool that allows users to find leads in their immediate vicinity and get directions to their address directly from within the app.

Last but not least, the visit tracking and GeoVerification feature gives you the ability to confirm that your sales representatives have in fact been to the leads they claim to be visiting. This functionality confirms location by using the representative’s current location as it appears in the mobile app.

Integrations from Third Parties

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The API and standard integrations allow you to sync the data of hundreds of your favorite third-party applications with the CRM system, and you can use the features of those applications from within the CRM system. There are a number of well-known applications that can be integrated with Zendesk Sell, including Zapier, Mailchimp, HubSpot, QuickBooks, Slack, and Trello.

Customer Support

Users have access to a vast array of customer support options when they make use of Zendesk Sell. These options include round-the-clock, live chat, phone, and email support. Users are guaranteed to always have access to the resources they require in order to use the platform because the company website also includes a vast selection of articles covering a variety of subjects connected to the process of configuring and using the features it provides.

Simpleness of Use

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When compared to other CRM systems, the usability of this product ranks quite high overall. The user interface is uncluttered and makes use of straightforward color schemes that do not overpower users. The availability of the Zendesk Marketplace, which allows users to locate and connect third-party applications, makes the process of installing and integrating the CRM with other applications seem simple to the vast majority of users. Usability problems have been reported, and they are related to problems with synchronizing data, particularly with email integrations.

What Customers Think About the Zendesk Sell Platform

Users find the platform intuitive and simple to integrate with other software applications, according to reviews that can be found online for Zendesk Sell. In addition, reviews demonstrate that the lead management tools provide users with a high level of convenience. When users attempt to synchronize their email systems with a CRM, the most common problem that occurs is that there are inconsistencies in the data. It has also been reported that it is difficult to get in touch with the customer support team.

Bottom Line

The lead management capabilities, mobile application, and communication tools offered by Zendesk Sell are particularly noteworthy. These tools include an integrated phone system, mass emailing and texting campaigns, as well as texting campaigns. Because of this, businesses that engage in direct selling through a multi-channel strategy either from an office setting or while out in the field can benefit from what Zendesk has to offer because of the flexibility that it provides.

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