Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts

Looking for a site builder that’s easy to use and includes personalization? Read our Duda review before making your choice.

Let’s meet Duda

In today’s “gig economy,” more and more people are going it alone. Whether you’re a freelance web professional, a startup entrepreneur, or a small web production agency, scaling up your business can be difficult. You must seek new clients in order to expand, but you must not neglect your current clients.

Subcontracting can help clear a backlog, but you’re ultimately responsible for everything from design to copy, functionality, system administration, and customer support. Growing your business can sometimes feel like a losing proposition.

Creating Fully Responsive Websites

Consider Duda and its responsive and mobile sitebuilders. If you’re a web designer, developer, or writer — or a combination of the three — Duda can help your business grow.

Its drag-and-drop, fully responsive sitebuilder allows you to get your customers’ websites up and running faster and easier than other Content Management Systems (CMSs), including WordPress.

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 1Duda’s Background

Over nine million different websites are hosted by Duda, which has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Duda, which was founded in 2010 by a group of college friends who referred to themselves as “The Dudes,” is a website-creation platform designed specifically for use by owners of small businesses. Since then, it has progressed to the point where it now addresses the difficulties that small web agencies experience when constructing mobile websites.

Even though the first mobile sitebuilder is still in use today, its functionality has expanded significantly from that of a mobile-only design platform to that of a more general sitebuilder that makes it extremely simple to create responsive websites that look great on any device.

What does “Duda” have to do with anything? Those of you who are fans of the Coen brothers will appreciate the way the service got its name. It’s a reference to the main character in The Big Lebowski, the movie that the company’s founders liked best.

Infrastructure of Duda

In spite of the fact that Duda does not provide the kind of specifics about their network or hardware infrastructure that full-featured web hosts do, the information that they do share is more impressive than the majority of sitebuilders, particularly in regard to the speeds at which pages load.

  • Amazon Web Services provides safe and reliable cloud hosting for all of Duda’s websites (AWS).
  • A global Content Delivery Network (CDN) is what Duda uses to host all of the files that require a lot of bandwidth, such as images, PDFs, and other documents.
  • Duda’s servers optimize the content that is served based on the type of device that is making the request for the content. This process is referred to as “dynamic serving.” When a page is requested from a mobile device, for instance, the quicker-loading mobile version of the site will be loaded rather than the slower-loading desktop version of the same page. This is because mobile devices have smaller memory capacities than desktop computers.

Preferred by Google PageSpeed

Only Duda is recommended by Google PageSpeed, making it the only website builder available. Only websites that adhere to Google’s recommendations for accelerating load times on web pages are eligible to receive the preferred status from the search engine. Every time you publish or update a site using Duda, the site is automatically optimized for speed. This happens on all of Duda’s sites.

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 3

Why is it important that a page load quickly? The most recent versions of Google’s algorithms are designed to give preference to websites that load more quickly, particularly those that are responsive or optimized for mobile use. The data that Google has collected supports their position, which is that websites with a faster load time have longer visitor sessions, lower bounce rates, and more page views. It is estimated that your website will receive 7 percentage points fewer conversions for each additional second that it takes to load. There is a correlation between speed and your bottom line.


The paid plans for Duda include both automatic and manual backups of your data. You are able to restore data from up to 20 automated backups or 10 manually stored backups at any given time.

The Responsive Website Builder Provided by Duda

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 5

If you’re a freelancer or run a small agency, the value of your time far exceeds that of simple monetary compensation. If you want your company to grow, you need to develop websites that are superior to those of your competitors in terms of both design and functionality as quickly as they can.

Let’s take a look at ten of the ways that Duda can make the process of building a website easier for you:

  • You are not required to learn any kind of secret code, but it certainly won’t hurt to be able to do so
  • A front-end interface based on drag-and-drop, which makes it possible to craft as you go
  • Pre-designed website sectioning that takes care of architecture for you
  • One-click SSL certification, which increases customer trust in the brand
  • On-the-go front-end editing for a more efficient work flow
  • There is no need to worry about running out of resources because they are unlimited, including storage and bandwidth
  • Located on the famous AWS, a reliable source
  • 99.99% availability, saving you money, time, and the hassle of downtime
  • Multiple languages, perfect for serving customers from all over the world as well as international teams
  • There is a Developer Mode accessible, in the event that you would prefer for your Developers to Work Instead

You can gain a competitive advantage by using Duda’s Responsive Sitebuilder. There are two distinct approaches to the construction of websites.

Import Data From Previously Established Websites

Importing all of the information that is found on an already-existing website is the quickest and easiest way to get started with the creation of a Duda site. Therefore, if your client requires a replacement, obtaining the information about their website requires no effort on either your part or your client’s part.

Simply input the URL of your old site, and Duda will automatically import the information to the appropriate widgets and pages, all while maintaining the look and feel of the new theme you have selected. Even color schemes from the previous website can be detected and replicated by the Sitebuilder.

How Effective Was the Tool to Import Site Content?

After giving the active site importer tool a try, we discovered that it was simple to operate. The first thing you do is choose a template, and then you select the kinds of devices you want to optimize for. When we imported our existing website, the site builder was able to retrieve the majority of the important information (page structure, contact details, social information, and some text).

A Couple of Bumpy Rides

On the other hand, it selected some photos in an odd and seemingly arbitrary manner at times.

The good news is that it is very simple to resolve these minor issues, and as a result, you do end up saving a significant amount of time overall.

Questionnaire with a Company Logo for the Web Design Discovery Process

Duda enables you to send a form-fill questionnaire to your client in the event that they do not have an existing website and want you to create something from scratch for them. The questionnaire will ask for the relevant information.

Because the client never needs to be aware that Duda is even a possibility thanks to the fact that the questionnaire bears the name and logo of their own company, (More information about Duda’s white label products can be found in later sections.) Your customers will also have the ability to upload images for your use or reference through the form.

Drag-and-Drop Style

You can avoid as much or as little web coding and development as you want with the help of Duda’s responsive website builder. You have the option of sticking with their widget-based modules in order to create WYSIWYG designs and functionality, or you have the option of making use of your web development skills in order to customize HTML and CSS code by using Developer Mode.

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 7

The website builder offered by Duda includes a library of site templates, all of which are mobile-friendly and offer a selection of over one hundred fonts, stock photos, parallax effects, and flat icons.

You are even able to copy and paste elements in various locations on the same site or in different sites. In addition, once you have a site up and running, you can make a copy of it to use as a template for future sites or clone it to use on other sites.


The website builder offered by Duda provides access to an extensive library of widgets, which can be defined as “blocks of pre-coded design or functional modules,” and include the following:

  • Integrated pop-ups and contact forms that can be connected to your MailChimp or Constant Contact mailing lists, as well as a Google Sheet.
  • A useful feature for mobile sites is the click-to-call and click-to-email buttons.
  • Appointment scheduling using vCita, as well as reservations through OpenTable
  • Issue coupon codes
  • Disqus or Facebook comments
  • You can upload documents such as PDFs or spreadsheets.
  • Maps
  • Donations can be accepted through PayPal.
  • Social sharing
  • RSS feeds from Twitter and Yelp

Widget Builder

You are free to develop your very own tailor-made modules if none of the pre-made widgets provide the functionality that you require. The site builder ensures that your customized widgets won’t interfere with the functionality of the pre-existing ones, despite the fact that the widget builder enables customization.

You can even set the permissions of the site so that your customers can change these custom widgets directly from their own dashboards if you want to give them that ability.


It is just as simple to add a blog to a website as it is to add a new page, and it will be automatically added to the top menu of your website. It is possible to import an existing blog from an RSS feed, complete with titles, formatting, videos, images, comments, and author and date information for individual posts.

An introductory post that reads “welcome to our blog” is automatically generated whenever a new blog is created.

The blog is capable of reporting fundamental metrics like pageviews, and it can be set up to accommodate multiple authors.

Individualization and Dynamic Content

Even on the free plans, the Duda Sitebuilder enables users to add dynamic content to their websites, which is one of the most impressive and distinctive features offered by the company. You can personalize the content that a visitor sees based on a wide variety of triggers, such as actions taken by the visitor, the time of day, the day of the year, geolocation, and the number of times the visitor has visited your site in the past.

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 9

After that, triggers can call up content and other actions, such as displaying coupons, images with a holiday theme, holiday-themed pop-ups, feedback requests, and Facebook “Like” buttons, among other things. Additionally, you have the ability to make your own triggers and actions.

Your ability to add dynamic and personalized content is a powerful differentiator for you in comparison to your competitors, whether you are a web producer, an entrepreneur, or an agency.

Other Features

Image Manipulation

The website builder offered by Duda enables users to perform fundamental edits to uploaded photographs, such as cropping, rotating, and resizing, in addition to the addition of their own images or free stock photographs. You have the option of uploading images from either Dropbox, Google Drive, or Facebook. There are also widgets available for the creation of image sliders, galleries, and albums on Facebook. In addition, there are over a thousand icons to choose from.

Optimization for search engines (SEO)

The majority of plans include support for 301 redirects, automatic sitemaps, Open Graph integration with Facebook and LinkedIn, customizable metadata, and image alternate text.

Developer Mode

In contrast to other site builders, which only provide a drag-and-drop interface, Duda gives you full control over every aspect of your website, including the ability to add your own HTML and CSS code.

Translation Into Multiple Languages

The Sitebuilder offered by Duda makes it simple to generate alternative versions of your website in 55 or more languages by utilizing Google Translate. If you want to make absolutely certain that the translations are accurate, you can even edit these pages after they have been generated.

Custom Domains

The most expensive paid plans enable users to create websites using their own unique domain names. (Only a subdomain, such as, is provided with the free version of the site builder.)

Permissions for Customers

You have the option of providing your customers with access to a restricted version of the dashboard for Duda’s sitebuilder. Granular permissions allow you to specify and restrict the types of changes that users are permitted to make.

Duda’s Solutions for Online Business

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 11

Replicating an e-commerce website can be a challenging endeavor. Even with the free plan, the site builder offered by Duda makes it possible for you to quickly and easily establish an online store by utilizing the same WYSIWYG interface.

When compared to other site builder hosts, the e-commerce functionality that is included in the more expensive plans is particularly impressive. The number of products and integrations offered by each plan is what differentiates them from one another. Regardless of which site builder plan you go with, you will have access to an integrated e-commerce platform. Additionally, given that the storefront is an integral part of the website itself, it has inherited all of the same design elements in order to maintain coherence.

The following is a list of some of Duda’s most notable e-commerce features

Payment options

Customers on your website have the option of making purchases with either PayPal or Stripe (for credit cards). On the highest-tier plan, you can enable up to thirty or more different payment methods. In contrast to the majority of other website builder stores, Duda does not take a commission on any of your sales. You are the sole owner of each and every penny that you earn.

Costs of delivery and duties

Taxes, shipping costs, and times can all be calculated and added automatically at online retailers. Your customer has the option of selecting different shipping companies, such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS, as well as different delivery turnaround times. Your customers will have the option to select either a flat shipping rate or shipping costs based on the total item weight.

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 13

Store management

Both you and the customer have the ability to create categories and personalize product pages.

Control of stocks and supplies

Include a variety of sizes and colors for the products that your client purchases. Additionally, merchants are able to monitor the quantities of stock in their stores. You have the option of configuring the website to send an alert to the retailer whenever the available inventory falls below a particular limit.

Digital inventory

The most expensive plan that Duda offers enables users to sell downloadable digital products such as video, audio, and image files, as well as e-books and other formats.


When one of your customers applies a discount to an item’s price, the website will show both the original price and the discount applied. You have the ability to create coupon codes that can be applied to specific items or to the entire order.

Analytics of the store

You should monitor how well your pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate links, and email marketing campaigns are performing.


It is possible to make a request for free SSL encryption certificates. On the other hand, custom code that loads insecurely from an HTTP server will not function properly on a website that uses SSL.

Plans for Duda Responsive Website Builder

Because Duda only provides a limited number of pricing plans, it is easy for business owners, freelancers, consultants, and web producers to estimate how much money they will have available to pay for the service.

Duda can be used without providing a credit card. Every plan, even the free plan, includes the following benefits:

  • Responsive templates
  • Import functionality on the site
  • Dynamic content/personalization capability
  • A store with more than 10 products, even on the free plan
  • Help and guidance in the form of a knowledge base and tutorials
  • Simple analytics
  • Pictures without limit
  • Unlimited capacity for storage
  • No fees for in-store transactions
  • Warning of low stock

If you continue to use the free plan, advertisements will be displayed on your website, you will be unable to request an SSL certificate for your online store, and you will not have access to backups of your website.

What additional benefits are included in each paid plan in addition to those that come standard with the free plan?

Your response is as follows:

  • No ads
  • The use of backups and restores
  • SSL certificates
  • Complete analytics
  • Support via e-mail
  • Your own personal online store that is connected to your Facebook page
  • Monitoring of stock levels
  • Over thirty different modes of payment are supported
  • Developer mode
  • Multi-language site capability

These additional benefits are included in the most expensive plan:

  • Custom domains
  • Coupon code
  • Calculations of taxes automatically applied to products
  • A mobile application for the management of stores
Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 15

Plans for Building Mobile-Only Websites

Duda began its existence as a website builder that was accessible only via mobile devices. Since then, they have increased their functionality to include a sitebuilder that is fully responsive across all devices. Due to the company’s long history, Duda continues to provide customers with the option of a mobile-only plan. Both a click-to-call widget and a widget that provides directions from the end user’s current location are included as part of the mobile-only plan. These two widgets are the best features that come with the plan.

It is unclear why a person would choose to go with the Mobile Website Builder plan when Duda’s Responsive Website Builder already includes that capability in addition to others.

Websites optimized for mobile

Your already-existing website can be converted into a mobile-friendly homepage in a matter of minutes with the help of the Duda website builder, which is one of the builder’s best features.

Your existing website can be made suitable for the age of mobile devices with only a few mouse clicks. To use this feature, all you need to do is enter the URL of an existing website you own, and Duda will take care of the rest.

Resources for Small Businesses and Agencies

Because Duda can provide their customers with such a comprehensive list of features, it’s possible that smaller web agencies and individual web producers will feel a little overwhelmed by it. How is it possible to communicate and sell these features and benefits in a way that is clear and convincing?

Marketing Content

The good news is that Duda is aware of your “deer-in-the-headlights” appearance and provides you with a streamlined and efficient package to communicate with customers in a way that is sure to be successful.

These are the following:

Branding with a white label

You are free to use your brand across all materials as well as the dashboards on Duda’s website.

Sales collateral

Duda has developed marketing materials that can be used by you to make the sale of your services more convincing. Handouts, infographics, and PowerPoint presentations are all available for your perusal and selection.

Landing pages

Duda makes available pre-configured landing pages for your agency’s website, which can be used to inform customers about the new services and products offered by your website.

Case studies and online books

Ready-made marketing materials for you to hand out to your customers.

Events such as webinars and workshops

Regular webinars are held by Duda to assist small businesses in becoming more proficient with their site builder tools. You will also have access to all of the recordings of the previous webinars. During onboarding workshops, you may even learn Duda-specific sales pitches to use.

DudaPro Reseller Program

Duda’s reseller program is a bit meta. They make it possible for you to sell Duda to other web agencies by providing you with a separate plan for that purpose. Free hosting is provided, and there are no restrictions placed on the amount of bandwidth or the number of pages. Developers who are subscribed to one of the DudaPro reseller plans have access to the Duda API.

If you are a reseller, you have access to the highest level of support available, including phone hours, and it is available in a number of different languages. A free trial version of DudaPro is available for users to try out.

Duda will provide you with a dedicated account manager who will provide you with guidance on everything you need to know and do prior to the launch of your product or service.

Fulfillment Channel

Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 17

The Fulfillment Channel is a one-of-a-kind sitebuilder offering provided by Duda. You are able to get in touch with and hire specialists who are able to personalize Duda’s sites through the channel. These specialists function in a similar capacity to that of a subcontractor, working behind the scenes.

You can get help with the following by hiring specialists:

  • Taking on the commissioning of whole websites
  • Integration of individualized widgets via API
  • Customized CSS or HTML
  • Migrations of websites
  • Mobile-only sites

Support for Customers, Email Accounts, and Statistical Analysis

Duda allows for the creation of custom domains, but it does not host email accounts for its users. Therefore, in order to implement custom e-mail capability, you will need to go through another provider.


Review of Duda Website Builder: it is ideal for agencies, publishers, and web hosts — 19

The support channels that Duda makes available to you are organized into tiers according to the plan that you select. E-mail support is included with the more affordable paid plans, while phone support is exclusive to the most expensive option.

The community forum or any existing tutorials within the knowledgebase need to be accessible to users on the free plan.


You will have access to a wide variety of analytics tools within the Duda website builder. These tools are intended to assist you in determining which pages on your website are generating the most revenue. The built-in tools of the website builder can display a variety of information to you, including the following:

  • How many people visit your website each day?
  • Where they came from and which pages on our site they went to
  • What actions site visitors are taking on their mobile, tablet, and desktop devices

Simple Configuration for Google Analytics

Your dashboard or a summary email will provide you with access to this information, both of which are also available. In addition, Duda gives you the option to incorporate Google Analytics into your website.

It is possible to set up the Google analytics tool by simply inputting your Google account number into the relevant field on the Google analytics setup page.

Social Media Features

Duda is equipped with a number of tools that make it simpler for website visitors to connect with your online presence via various social media platforms. Some of these tools include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The social icons feature of the website builder allows you to add links to your various social media profiles.

In addition, Duda makes it possible for you to incorporate a share button into your website. Through the use of the button, your site’s visitors will have the ability to easily share your website with their friends and followers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. This not only improves your chances of getting more views from a variety of audiences, but it also has the potential to be helpful if you run an online store on your website.


The creation of a website for a small business can be made much simpler with the help of Duda. In addition to this, they provide many opportunities for website consultants and agencies to expand their businesses. The Responsive Website Builder offered by Duda can make it simpler and more efficient to take on additional customers.

You also have the option of becoming a Duda reseller or locating suitable subcontractors for your various projects. Website designers who do this as their primary source of income should give Duda and its plethora of tools geared toward small businesses serious consideration.

There are three main reasons to go with Duda

  1. Web professionals who are working to expand their businesses stand to gain a great deal from the streamlined process that Duda provides for the design and publication of websites.
  2. The dynamic content is a standout feature of the sitebuilder offered by Duda. Duda will provide you with the tools to trigger and act with a wide variety of dynamic content widgets, allowing you to add a level of customization to the websites that you design.
  3. The website builder provided by Duda makes it very simple to set up an online store.

There are three reasons why Duda should not be selected

  1. You should look elsewhere for hosting if you have advanced requirements, such as the need for dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) services, cloud hosting, or specific hardware and network requirements.
  2. Even though Duda offers some integration functionality with Facebook, it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a way to combine a client’s website with their Facebook page because Duda only offers a limited amount of integration features.
  3. If your customers require email addresses that are associated with their own custom domains, you will be required to sign up for an email plan with a different host.
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