ReklamStore Review: Monetization Platform for Publishers

ReklamStore is an online advertising platform that includes monetization and a demand-side platform (DSP).

This ReklamStore review is about their monetization platform for the publisher. Honestly, their monetization does not work for everyone; it only works in certain areas. In addition, ReklamStore is a growing solution provider in Turkey.

So here is my experience with ReklamStore as a publisher.

ReklamStore Review In 2022

They are connected to demand and supply from all over the globe. As a reseller, ReklamStore is a partner of Google Ads. However, it is not a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

These guys mention that they use header bidding technology, but I can’t recognize it. They deliver to publishers with many demands, ad exchanges, and direct bidders, such as:

  • Appnexus
  • Adform
  • Pubmatic
  • Google
  • Criteo
  • Themediagrid
  • Rubicon
  • Improve digital and More.

Their SSP platform is self-service, enabling you to integrate ad code into your website and get started quickly. There is no supervisor or other review person.

You can view your earnings, generate detailed reports, and track performance using reliable statistics. Impression, click, date, ad placement, size, click-through rate, CPM, and all configurable variables are all updated in real-time.

According to SimilarTech, ReklamStore used at least 650+ publishers. 

Most publishers are in Turkey because of these guys in Turkey. It works well there and in other nearby countries. You can also refer publishers to Reklam and receive a 10% commission based on their earnings.

I noticed that some people do not include ad.txt, so they can only show limited ads on your website if you do not include ad.txt. To get the most out of them, ensure your Ads.txt lines are set up on your site. They have started up a variety of new global markets online, ad exchanges, and direct bids.

 ReklamStore Ad.txt
ReklamStore Ads.txt

1. ReklamStore Ad Formats

ReklamStore provides different display ads, including standard banners, responsive banners, leaderboards, interstitials, native, mobile, and more.

  • Banners (300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 970×250, 300×600)
  • Interactive (Mobile Postitial, InRead, Desktop Postitial, Flipside, In-Page Notification)
  • Sticky Ads (Mobile and Desktop)

Look at some examples. 👇

reklamstore display ad formats
ReklamStore Display ad formats
ReklamStore Display ad formats Sticky
Sticky ad formats
Google Resell Ad
Google Resell Ad

They, like all ad networks, have an impact on site speed. Advertisement-laden websites load very slowly. There is no way around it because they are all the external servers over which we have no power, but there are a few things we can do to speed things up.

I recommended using top-notch web hosting and a durable cache plugin to resolve this without slowing things down. Yes, I used the FlyingPress cache plugin, which is suitable for delaying external stuff and allows you to pass through Core Web Vital effortlessly.

ReklamStore uses lazy loading and CDN to hurry up ads and minimize their effect on your websites, but there are still problems. Read my 100+ first-rate blogging tools and website resources.

2. ReklamStore Payments

  1. Minimum Payment Threshold: $50
  2. Payment Processes: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, & PayPal.
  3. Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
  4. Monetization Bidding: CPM and CPC

3. ReklamStore Requirements

There are no specific traffic requirements, but they do not accept any site with adult content, gambling, pirated content, illegal content, or any site without content. Any ad network has requirements that must be followed for a website to be approved. Most kinds of publishers will accept them.

ReklamStore manually and automatically reviews each site application; most of the time, they are approved with a good website.

They continue to inspect the site after getting approval.

The good news is that there is no minimum traffic requirement, so even if you are a small publisher, you can give it a shot.

4. Pros and Cons

pros and cons meme
1. No minimum requirements
2. Two Targeting options (creative and advanced)
3. Header bidding
4. IAB standard banners
5. Global demand partners
6. Affiliate program
1. Low CPM rates
2. Threshold $50
3. Sometimes displays poor-quality ads

5. ReklamStore Alternatives

Yes, they work well in areas like Turkey and other nearer states, but they are regularly unfit. I also don’t get excellent rates from them. The following are some alternatives that you can try.

1. Ezoic

ReklamStore Review: Monetization Platform for Publishers — 5

There are many options available with the publisher optimization service from Ezoic. Including CDN, hosting for websites and videos, SEO, consent, data management, and domain management. Ezoic is more than just a revenue source. 

However, your website should comply with Google’s Ads guidelines to get approval. The approval process usually takes somewhere between one and seven days.

You can apply to the next-level program if you have 10,000 or more monthly visitors. You can use Ezoic Access Now if you have a low-traffic website. (There are no minimum traffic requirements.)

2. Monumetric

You can join it if you have a good traffic website. Monumetric offers four potential monetization packages for publishers. You can join their Propel program with at least 10,000 monthly page views. 

Remember that most of your traffic needs will come from the best nations in the world, including the United States, Europe, Canada, and others.

You’ll have to pay a $99 startup fee if you don’t have 80K page views per month. You can adjust it to your monthly revenue.

Infolinks is a senior and leading publisher’s ad platform, and its banner ads look different. You may not require a considerable traffic volume, but you will need a professional website that focuses on quality.

The approval process usually takes a few days, probably three. The publisher has complete control and customizes it to your appreciation. Pubmatic, Yahoo, Google, and OpenX are among Infolinks’ other demanding providers.

4. Valueimpression

Valueimpression is a high-quality ad management service that helps publishers maximize their earnings. They’ll be great, so almost 50 high-quality ad supply providers are available. You need to have at least 100,000 in monthly website traffic.

The site should not contain any x-rated or casino content. If your website matches the criteria, you should have no difficulty reaching ValueImpresson.

5. Newor Media

NeworMedia is a Google ADX partner. It also focuses on revenue growth through real-time bidding and advanced algorithms.

You’ll have a minimum of 30k monthly visitors, which is a complex task for newcomers. They also partner with leading networks and DSPs, including Amazon, OpenX, and Appnexus.

Many monetizations and native advertising platforms are available, such as MGID, PurpleAds, Content-AD, and Revocontent. If you have a medium-sized website, you have Mediavine, SetupAd, and Pubgalaxy. 

Other high-traffic websites with header bidding solutions include GumGum, Adthrive, Adsparc, and many more.

You can use content placement, also known as “sponsored content platforms.” You can set your site up on an Adsy platform. Have the chance to start receiving unrivaled content online from buyers and generate income after putting it on your platform.

Is ReklamStore an Alternative to Google Adsense? 🤔

Google Adsense is a CPC network and the most popular monetization platform. And you know that there are many conditions used for Adsense, but the answer is “no” because there are many differences.

Adsense is the largest monetization platform in the world, and they help millions of websites monetize. However, ReklamStore is still growing services, and nearly 650+ publishers use their platform. Yes, but you can use them as an alternative if you get kicked out of Adsense.

6. ReklamStore Affiliate

They have an affiliate monetization platform for publishers with reasonable demands. So you can get some nice stuff. 👇

  • Performance-based revenues
  • Promotion of prevalent banner ads
  • Branding tips to promote
  • A private account manager
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Net 30-day payouts
  • More stuff


Conclusion meme

ReklamStore is neither a good nor a lousy monetization platform for publishers without traffic requirements. However, it would be best if you sometimes stayed for good earning potential. For a start, that means you can’t get high CPM rates. You know, it gets some, not just this platform. 

All platforms get some time for complete optimization. For example, Ezoic gets 90 days for complete optimization; the same goes for Monumatric, Mediavine, etc.

Publishers have a wide range of monetization options. You can also work in affiliate marketing if you dislike ad networks. Suppose you worry about your website’s speed performance. In that case, an affiliate program is an excellent option because we can’t control the impact of third-party ad codes on our website. 

Affiliates have no effect on the site’s speed or user experience, which is advantageous. However, you’ll need a steady flow of unique visitors to be a successful affiliate marketer. 

Web hosting is the most critical aspect of using ad networks. If you’re experiencing difficulties, don’t forget to check out my hosting write-ups.



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