Optad360 Review: Grow Ad Revenue With Machine Learn

The good news is Optad360 is a Google Certified Partner. You can monetize your website without bothering. Using machine learning technology, OptAd360 increases revenue potential while keeping a good user experience. 

The AI technology enables optimization boosts in earnings from the programmatic advertising space on your websites, like Ezoic. 

The algorithmic concept continuously improves ad space with the proper detection process of website content and layout. These guys are a solid platform for medium and high-traffic websites if you’re looking for a better header bidder solution for your hard work. However, they only accept low-traffic websites. 

Online ads are the most common way to monetize online content. Because it takes less time and is simple to deploy, there are many different ways to monetize your website, and you can pick the one that best fits your website.

Programmatic advertising is widespread, and most professions use AI technology to improve its effectiveness. OptAd is one of them and a reliable ad management service that provides premium partners. You can feel confident that only high-quality ads will show on your website. 

Optad360 Review: What do they Offer?

They approved websites in 16+ languages, including English, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and others. Every ad network has its own set of guidelines for what you have the option to engage them. Here are some of the services that Optad offers.

1. Key Features

1. Simple Integration

Simply add a primary tag to the website to activate the Integrate and Run advertising features and unlock the full power of your website. You shouldn’t connect to third parties, update your DNS with them, or do anything else.

2. Dynamic Ad Design

How the site’s ads are shown depends on the website’s quality, GEO, user behavior, and devices. That entirely automated operation. They offer decent ad space because relevant ad units have constantly been chosen, dramatically impacting revenue. Adaptable configuration and served with Ad Mapper technology.

That analyzes multiple parameters and adds the proper ad style.

3. Ads Refresh

Many platforms and providers now use Ad Refresh technology to enhance ad impressions. Also, Machine learning involves the rate of ad revenue by being prepared to detect ad spots in the viewers’ active viewpoint. Refreshing ads in specific locations while keeping a positive user experience for site visitors.

4. Header Bidding

A simple explanation of header bidding

A simple explanation of header bidding: Real-time bidding for the sale of advertising space, with the Supply Platform offering the highest bid to the Ad Network. Header bidding is nothing new these days. It can significantly increase revenue, which is a replacement for the old Google waterfall process.

You can obtain the most efficient CPM by equally integrating the SSPs with the highest figures. These bids matched the set price and retargeting states publishers specify on the ad server. Bid chooses a top offer, and the user’s display is shown with the ad content. The process would take a short time.

JS code enables publishers to make bid requests by leveraging browser assets.

5. Accurate Reports

This platform offers a real-time revenue statistics facility. Reporting and analyzing is a critical features for access to data. It monitors your revenue, ad views, clicks, and CPM daily. We can find what is wrong with our website using deep analysis tools. Ezoic report is my favorite because they are very depth.

6. Optad360 Demand Partners

Optiad is already a Google-authorized partner. They also have multiple partners to increase your potential, so here are a few.

  • Yandex
  • Adform
  • Mgid
  • Taboola
  • Rubicon
  • Criteo
  • Sovrn
  • Pubmatic
  • RTB House
  • Xandr
  • OpenX
  • Index Exchange

2. Requirements For OptAd360

optAd360 network requirements
OptAd360 Requirements

The exact minimum requirement depends on the country; some need at least 50 000 monthly page views, while others need 500 000. Google Adsense account is not required to use Optad360, but the guidelines are similar to Google. The majority of the website’s visitors must come from organic searches.

It is unnecessary to mention other conditions because they are the same as(Ezoic, Mediavine, etc.). Read more about the condition here.

3. Display Ad Format

There are also multiple ad formats, including banner and video ads. You have access to in-feed native, static, floating, screening, anchor, in-text, stuttering, pre-roll, post-roll, vignette, and other ads with Optad360.

Here are some examples: 👇

Optad360 Video Ad Examples
Video Ad Examples
Optad360 Sticky-Ad Examples
Sticky-Ad Examples
Optad360 static ad Examples
Optad360 static ad Examples

4. Payment details

Optad360 offers a 30-day billing cycle, similar to Ezoic and AdSense. $100 minimum payout threshold and no costs related to the revenue transfer.

They provide many payment options, including wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise. I like that because many ad networks offer payment options, just a few like PayPal or bank transfer. Still, Optad offers four, making it potential for everyone.

Optad360 Payments Methods
Optad360 Payments Methods

5. Start With Optad360

If you meet Optad360’s requirements. You should also check Google’s guidelines.

Fill out the sign-up form for optad360 with all the necessary information. They will manually analyze your website and contact you for the next step.

Start with optad360 network

The website’s information chooses the website’s monthly site traffic and submits the past ninety days’ value of analytics statistics.

Wait a few days.

If your website is approved, they will mail you; otherwise, an account manager will get some other information from you. They require additional site traffic information on Google Analytics like GEO, Session, and others.

6. Pros And Cons

Optad360 has more positives than negatives, IMO, which is based on my experience and the opinions and comments of others. However, it is dependent on what you value and oppose.

1. More assistance from a personal account manager1. No in-depth analytics like Ezoic
2. Easy integration; nothing manual2. The beginner has no chance; high-traffic requirement.
3. Dynamic ad layouts3. Threshold of $100, but this is ok.
4. Videos, native, and banner ad types4. Low CPM rates compared to Madiavine and Adthrive (depending on your traffic quality).
5. Machine learning
6. Numerous payment methods and a 30-day payment cycle.

7. Optad360 Alternatives

There are a bunch of alternatives on most platforms. Also, read my Comprehensive AdSense Alternatives article; there is a lot of STUFF.


Ezoic is the finest option, and they are a publisher optimization service than a call ad network. Increase ad revenue by 50-250% with Ezoic.

OpenX, Appnexus, Spotexchange, Amazon, Yahoo, Outbrain, and the official Google Partner are some excellent supply partners that Ezoic offers. Ezoic is continually on my list; you can touch them without traffic with a decent website. Ezoic allows a small publisher, which is perfect. Learn about Ezoic here. 


Another Google publishing partner they are the best CPM among ad networks; it’s an excellent way to earn decent revenue. The lengthy approval process and high traffic conditions can’t reach small publishers. You cannot use other monetization methods with Mediavine because it is a total ad management solution.

The minimum threshold for wire transfers is $200, whereas PayPal’s is $25. Mediavine ASK 50,000 sessions (it hit with almost 65-70k page views) to your websites during the past 30 days. You must have original content that is both long and interesting. The website complies with Google’s standards. 

Your revenues will improve if you have notable traffic from top countries. 


Monumetric is a skilled ad management solution where you can make good money. If the website receives fair visitors, anyone can use it. PayPal and bank transfers as payment methods. The invoice is scheduled 65 days after the end of the month. Monumetric requires only 10,000 PV, which is fair.

The requirements are the same as Google’s, a high level of quality is always required. If you do not have 80k PV, there is a $99 setup fee.


NeworMedia has positive ratings. Real-time bidding, cutting-edge analytics, and a Google MCM partnership offer high-quality ads with good user experiences. The platform integrates with the header bidder to maximize your profits. Payment periods are 30 days. Wire, Payoneer, and PayPal are available options.

Criteria are at least 30k monthly visits and Google’s guidelines. Additionally, they expect at least two ad units. Related: Newor Media Vs Ezoic.


If you want to maximize your revenue from impressions, use ValueImpression, which allows publishers to improve their ad revenue. There are around 50 more top-notch ad-demand providers. VI performs with high traffic and accepts wire transfers, cryptocurrency, and Payoneer payments.

These guys require at least 100,000 monthly pageviews and exclude gambling and X-rated content. It should be simple for you to access them. Simple to register a website on their platform.

Do Optad360 ads affect the site speed?

They have an impact, just like all ad networks. Websites with many ads load significantly slower. There is no way to avoid it because they are all external servers over which we have no control, but there are a few ways to speed it up.

I proposed using first-rate web hosting and a reliable cache plugin like Flyingpress to resolve this without affecting performance. Yes, I use FlyingPress; it delays external stuff and allows you to pass Core Web Vital effortlessly.

Optad-360 uses lazy loading and CDN to speed up ads and minimize their impact on your websites, but there are still concerns.

Ads.Txt transparency of programmatic

Most monetization solutions have an ads.txt file to function correctly and enhance automatic advertising. The data contains a list of suppliers to sell the site’s ad inventory. It’s like making a public statement about who can sell your ad space.

You can quickly add it to the root of your website by using the file manager in your hosting CPanel to locate your website folder. Create an ads.txt file, and add your provider lines. When using WordPressAds.txt Manager is a free plugin for managing ads.txt. Adding the file to your site is simple once it is linked.

Ads.txt Example

Wrapping up

 Time to finish up my Optad360 Review. If you meet the requirements, you should try this ad management platform. You need visitors and high-quality content to see some decent outcomes. I don’t recommend AdSense if you meet the requirements for Ezoic, Mediavine, Optad360, or any other top-notch CPM network. 

AdSense is always an excellent place to start if you don’t know much about it or aren’t eligible for any of the others. It is a simple way to monetize. Insert a little code that will display related ads to your audience.

The only matter is that you can’t earn revenue from them.

You can access many monetization options, and selecting the ideal ad platform can take time and effort. If you begin with some, use fewer ad positions because the user experience always matters. Also, websites that use multiple monetization sources slow web speed and impact SEO because search engine algorithms penalize websites with many ads. 

If you hate ads, you can use sponsored content from client links and guest content to earn money. You will need some traffic and a good Doman authority rating, too. Avoid using low-quality solutions like pop-unders and notifications. 

You’ll make double as much money as you expected by studying various traffic monetization strategies. It won’t take long for you to recognize the true worth of your traffic and gain knowledge of how and where to maximize it.

Wrapping up



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