15 Best Movies About Loneliness: You will feel depressed

If you’re looking for movies about loneliness, this list is for you. Its category has a wide range of films. Cinema has the power to evoke many emotions, romance, happiness, sadness, and hate. 😥

Loneliness is a feeling that anybody can sense. Imagination is a practical option for us to deal with emotions we’d rather keep hidden throughout the day.

Loneliness, maybe the most common experience, shows as human sadness, a part of that suffering. I notice that most people look for love stories, romance, and emotional movies. It might be a connection to a better spot in our internal struggle. 

When you’re alone, not least since there are more things, emotions, and thoughts. Lonely has been the subject of many films around the world. These factors, as you may know, are more than just figures. 

However, as shown in many films over the decades, this concept creates a specific cinematic style. Also, these movies are not about loneliness; they have some meaningful stories. 🙂

Loneliness Movies: You will Experience Aloneness

This list of people who find loneliness movies is not limited to romance. As concerns movie categories, I keep them different. A film can be equal to a thousand words. Maybe you’ve already seen most of these movies. 

It’s challenging to bring emotions on a monitor. When done right, the film might make you feel something you didn’t expect. Loneliness touches everyone at some point in life, and it’s a sentiment that so many creators have captured on camera. 

Here are 15 notable movies that tackle the topic of loneliness. There may be some spoilers in this article. In my reviews, I try to keep movie spoilers to a minimum.

1. Moon (2009)

Moon 2009 is the Best Loneliness Movie

The budget of merely $5 million and the one character in the film was one of 2009’s most tremendous changes. It’s a fascinating concept and looks fantastic on a limited budget. 

You know how difficult it is to create an emotional plotline in a sci-fi film. It needs to focus on the scientific theory while adding a potent dramatic aspect to the story. 

Sam Rockwell’s captivating acting skills and Duncan Jones‘s debut in this sci-fi theater acquire more significant depth than the moon and space. Nathan Parker, the screenwriter, is impressive. I couldn’t visualize myself in Sam’s. 

An underrated cult classic sci-fi story crammed into a low-budget movie. It was a bit of a letdown at the end, but this is an exciting and thought-provoking component of the science fiction category.

Moon 2009 is a fantastic film to see if you want to experience various feelings about loneliness from different sci-fi themes.

2. Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild

Into the Wild carries us on a captivating adventure in times of change. Many details in this film are from the original story. That movie’s musical score is both familiar and tuneful. It changes the lead actor’s emotions significantly and advances the plot, giving us perspective on how Chris feels about life. 

The cinematography virtues of this film are unique and fit the story’s background; you can expect to see Chris on his journey. Although an exact meaning may satisfy, sticking with the movie’s character is easier. Should such a decision be used to decide how it gives a perspective to humans? 


Emile Hirsch gave his best performance as Chris. Many emotional situations of interaction happened between Alex and the people who befriended him and attended to his wild journey. 

Sean Penn isn’t much of a film director; he’s better known as an actor. Nevertheless, this film is the greatest, in my opinion, of his few directing credits.

3. Never Let Me Go (2010)

Never Let Me Go Movies About Loneliness

Never Let Me Go isn’t a pleasant or tasteful film; instead, it’s upsetting and gloomy. Sadness, fatigue, loneliness, fear, anger, and experience are all evoked by this movie.

Of course, it’s a science fiction film, but it’s not attractive and miserable like none other. Aside from the plot, nothing indicates this is a science fiction movie.

The main characters, Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield, all provide outstanding performances. The plot and fiction are excellent. Like the music and camerawork, it is pretty dark, which fits the film’s tone.

It’s a heartbreaking tale about human frailty and replicas forced to live or die. I can’t say much about it, but if you want to see it, you’ll be depressed.

4. Cast Away (2000)

Cast Away (2000) Tom Hank

Cast Away is one of the most captivating stories of love and the human spirit’s conquest. Tom Hanks’ acting skills touch your soul as you consider humanity and strength. The story is excellent, and there is just the proper mix of action and drama throughout the film.

Additionally, the costume design and cinematography are also stunning, and they perfectly complement the plotline. It becomes quiet for the duration of the story. It’s saddening, but it’s also pretty encouraging. It makes you realize that some aspects of life aren’t all that divergent. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the director “Robert Zemeckis” because he’s made some great films. Some instances are as follows: Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, What Lies Beneath, The Polar Express, and Allied are just a few of the films that come to mind.

Many impressive discoveries are made in the film, such as not providing Tom Hanks much dialogue and showing him to be lonely. He’s miserable and lonely, and he feels isolated from the world. Also, get into his mood of being trapped on an island and think about how you can feel it. You must see this film to get the mix pack.👌


5. Lost in Translation (2003)

Lost in Translation (2003) Lonely Movie

Lost in Translation is visually impressive, with a storyline and visual aspects that tell a deeply personal story about people’s natural experiences. 

It provides an engaging story about two separate lost hearts yearning to find love. Sofia Coppola proves capable of creating an emotional density with a sorrowful storyline.

The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, Somewhere, and The Beguiled are among Sofia Coppola’s best films.

The musical score features well-chosen tunes that complement the film’s melancholy tone. The outstanding performances by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson perfectly stabilize the theatrics and delicate humor of the movie.

Filmmakers can extract all of the elements required from the performers, resulting in shows with an in-depth emotional response that helps build the characters’ connections. It does not include multiple plot events. Get funny and also some lonely feelings.

6. Her (2013)

Her (2013)

Her movie is a stunning example of a film about loneliness because it’s something different from others about deep human behavior and technology. We can love something and not own it at the exact moment. 

Every scene, in some way, contains a lot of meaning and a lot of thoughts. It has the potential to show us how to release the true power of the human mind and spirit when they are combined.

Also, the colors throughout this film can evoke a combination of details. Perhaps even to help remove the ridiculous idea that we have something in this world excluding our experience. Humans should become genuinely free human beings. 

Scarlett Johansson gives one of the perfect vocal performances, and Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant. Camera work at its highest quality level. It produces magnificent sound and visuals. Spike Jonze’s filmmaking tone is likely to be as different as something. He draws stuff from nothing as we’ve never seen it before.

Her movie got honest, positive feedback from critics, including Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Filmaffinity.

7. Wall-E (2008)

Wall-E is a famous movie by Pixar and quite attractive. It has murky tones, but the romantic drama is so heartfelt that it’s difficult to ignore the sad effects. 

This film was written and directed by Andrew Stanton. He has done notable work as a director and writer. 

  • Director: Finding Nemo and Finding Dory
  • Writer: A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 4, etc.

Wall-E is a fantastic combination of everything that creates its capacity to give the slightest of civilization and kindness. It tells a great story with two characters who don’t converse much—genius for innovative cinematic art that is funny and heartwarming.

It also has a message about preserving the environment and inspiring ourselves and others by studying it so that young and grown-ups can accept and thoroughly understand it.

This animated film style takes attention to the film’s uplifting statement. With loneliness movies, Wall-E goes beyond this background into a beautiful and hopeful plotline. 


They take the audience on various spectacular experiences using the elegance of animation. The portrayal of Wall-E’s environment, feelings, and relationships are outstanding.

8. Leon: The Professional (1994)

Leon The Professional: Natalie Portman

With Jean Reno and Gary Oldman in Natalie Portman’s screen debut, Natalie Portman shines out as the star, showing her ability in her first film.

The audience’s closeness to these characters drives the cinematic tactics used in this film’s most crucial scene to do an excellent job of establishing the bond.

This movie is at the top of IMDb’s top 250 list with 8.5 ratings. The story of Leon and Mathilda is just a deeply felt one. It contains exciting moments like Leon’s “No wife, no children” loneness. 

Some quite authentic feelings of a vengeful story are all present in this film. Luc Besson has written and directed many more films, but this is his most recognized work with a different style. 

Top-notch performances, brilliant character development, cinematic cutscenes, and an unusual relationship. Take some time to watch this vintage movie.

9. The Age of Adaline (2015)

It is intriguing to watch this film because of something as slight as natural science fiction as Adaline’s potential. The writing and directing are both excellent films about aloneness.

I liked how they used a quantum theory principle about relaxing the effects. The movie reminds me a little of David Fincher’s film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” The concept is different; some little science bits are similar.

It’s still an attractive film, but the plot gives some privileged feelings. Blake Lively delivered an outstanding performance from beginning to end. Although the story is likely to be hasty, the unique concept is executed effectively.

The color design, images, and cinematography all create the sense that this is a highly made film. Make time to watch those films on loneliness.

10. Passengers (2016)

First, I have to state that this is a science fiction movie set in space, yet it contains far more romance than other space films. It’s also a great example of loneliness films.

Like the movie character, the film begins to feel lonely. You will find yourself questioning yourself and putting your selflessness to the test due to the film’s captivating questions.

It’s a beautiful movie with a thrilling storyline that bothers and twists us to the point where we can’t escape humankind’s mistakes and scientific faults that leave us hopeless.

Visually impressive and keeps your attention for a long time. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were both excellent. Passenger Movie is ideal if you want to complete a space movie that takes you away from it all. It’s also unlike other movies like Alien Attack or other violence-style films in that it moves slowly and alone.

11. Let the Right One In (2008)

Let the Right One In

“Let the Right One In” is far more than a Hollywood movie; it’s Swedish and genuinely stunning.  Appeared to be having a good time with the story. From my perspective, every element of the film was excellent.

The camerawork is fantastic, and it creates a great vibe. I immensely liked the gloomy, wintry night sequences; this film nearly makes you feel the freeze in many moments. Let the Right One In features a few scary phrases, although they aren’t that scary.

The music felt natural and kept up with the all-around world. Also, it elicits a wide range of emotions that I could go on about, but I’m trying to stay as far away from spoilers as possible.

You should watch it if you haven’t already. Because it’s in Swedish, I can’t say much more, but it’s interesting.

12. The Wrestler (2008)

The Wrestler movie an excellent representation
-Amazon Prime

Darren Aronofsky is a brilliant, thrilling film director. His work highlights his obsessive-careful attention to the design approach and human-facing challenges. 

Mickey Rourke’s portrayal is probably the best of his career. The ones that engage you in a character’s world for a while, pulling you through a tricky spot with him.

The Wrestler is an excellent representation of someone who has managed to keep that brightness on throughout their profession. Randy is a brilliant character study in the film. 

The writing, guiding, acting skills, cinematic techniques, visual effects, and sound editing are well-executed. It’s filled with sadness, distress, and loneliness; these emotions strangle the audience. 

This wasn’t just a sports film; it was also a drama. Everyone could experience the Wrestler without losing anything, making it ideal. From loneliness, you get a different sense of time.

13. A Single Man (2009)

A Single Man” is an excellent example of lonely movies

“A Single Man” is an underrated but excellent example of lonely movies. There aren’t many attention-getting films, but it shows the type of loneliness that puts this movie on the list—a sad story about someone who has lost loved ones.

A never-ending route through sadness. About the risks of falling in love with someone so deeply that you forget the pain in your life. Colin Firth and Julianne Moore give the most excellent performances.

Tom Ford indicates a disastrous emotional experience with vibrant visual effects and stunning cinematic techniques. Emotions and bad feelings are prevalent to reveal a difficult situation.

The cinematography is also magnificent, switching between cool and warm tones depending on the mood. Although A Single Man is not a mainstream film, I believe you will prefer it if you favor lonely movies.

14. Misery (1990)

Misery1990 - Kathy Bates

“Misery” is only one of a few brilliant movie adaptations of Stephen King’s novels. The first time Rob Reiner directed different movies beyond his style, he was a good director.

Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, The American President, The Bucket List, and more films by Rob Reiner are probably familiar.

This movie is unsettling, tense, lonely, and deeply shocking all in one package. Overall, this exciting film should keep you on the edge of your seat.

Kathy Bates won the Oscar for best actress for this role, and she was a constant threat in every scene. A plotline with minimal physical activity creates a strong sense of motion that draws you further and further into the situation as it progresses to its closing.

Misery is a classic, and I recommend it to all severe audiences, notably suspense and psychological thriller lovers, as well as authors that love movies concerning Stephen King.

15. 127 Hours (2010)

127 hours, the story of Aron Lee Ralston is a superbly crafted self-preservation thriller led by James Franco’s flawlessly exciting performance.

This film is visually unique, but it is also tough to watch. That someone went through all of that suffering makes it hard to manage. It is an extraordinary story about never giving up hope and including lonely moments.

Danny Boyle is the director of this movie, and he has a unique style and some touches in this movie. Maybe you know of his notable works such as The Beach, A Life Less Ordinary, Slumdog Millionaire, Steve Jobs, 28 Days Later, and Sunshine.

The tension and intensity in this scene elevate the film to higher places. There were no uninteresting parts in this film. The emotional moment provides insight into a real-life situation.

This isn’t your typical movie about romance or fantasy lonely stuff; instead, it’s a true story with a motivation that’s not easy to watch. However, I recommend this to those who like biographies and touching movies about loneliness.

Additional Lonely Movies

Greetings, lonely friends! These are also movies with excellent entertainment that are just alone. I think you’re okay; watching some of these movies, something as familiar as loneliness. 

After you’ve finished with the films on my list, I recommend checking out these similar fabulous films.

  • Taxi Driver 1976
  • Joker 2019
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World 2012
  • Falling Down 1993
  • Before We Go 2014
  • Ruby Sparks 2012
  • I Am Legend 2007
  • Distant 2002
  • Fight Club 1999
  • Interview with the Vampire 1994
  • Manchester by the Sea 2016
  • Where the Wild Things Are 2009
  • Wild 2014
  • In Your Eyes 2014
  • The Truman Show 1998

Many films have been made about this theme, not just in Hollywood but also in other countries. Find and watch them; if you find something great, please let me know in the comments section.

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