Monday Sales CRM Review: a Customizable Platform for Customer Relationship Management and Sales

Monday Sales CRM is a platform for customer relationship management (CRM) that is highly customizable, and it is also a powerful sales tool that can assist with the collection and cultivation of qualified leads throughout the entire fulfillment process. The management dashboard is laid out with a combination of folders and boards, and it can have as many as fifty columns total. These columns can be used to manage different types of groups, including leads, qualified leads, and disqualified leads. In order to centralize your entire sales pipeline, Monday includes both an open application programming interface (API) and a large number of native CRM integrations with popular software applications like Outlook, Gmail, Excel, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Shopify. Using “recipes” to set up automations with third-party applications is a simple task that does not require any prior experience with coding to accomplish. You could integrate with MailChimp, for instance, and then choose to immediately track and organize the results in real time. The sections that are bolded in each automation template contain pre-populated fields that can be used as simple triggers and actions for a variety of tasks that save a lot of time.

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Recipes make it simple to set up automated action integrations for your sales pipeline.

Why Monday Was Selected for Project Management

Through the use of Monday’s available automations, you’ll be able to give your CRM software many of the time-saving and organizational capabilities typically associated with project management platforms. The customer relationship management software for sales also includes a core work management platform that is built to manage and scale any workflow. Although automations are not exclusive to Monday Sales CRM, the straightforward trigger and action templates that are compatible with a wide variety of third-party applications make it particularly simple to automate a seemingly endless number of different tasks. You can set up a notification to send a message via Slack once the status of a project is marked as ready for review rather than holding weekly status meetings. You could also go into a very granular level of customization and set it up so that any time an email is opened, a message about it is sent to the Slack account of one of your sales representatives. The platform also provides centralized client communication, which can automatically log emails that have been sent, keep a record of interactions with customers, and make use of personalized email templates to save time.

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You can track all customer-related activities and receive notifications when a lead opens an email with complete email sync and tracking for Outlook and Gmail.

The Standard plan, which is the most popular option, is an excellent selection for smaller teams that want to automate some tasks and streamline communication. On the other hand, the Pro and Enterprise options are better suited for larger teams that will utilize high-frequency automation actions, sales forecasting, and lead scoring.


  • Every plan comes with an unlimited number of boards to help you keep track of your projects, clients, and processes.
  • Automations that save time are especially simple to construct and put into action.
  • Monday Sales CRM plans always include round-the-clock assistance for customers.


  • Every paid Monday Sales CRM plan requires a minimum of three seats to be purchased.
  • There is a cap placed on the amount of actions that can be automated each month.
  • Compliance with HIPAA and access to certain security features are only available with the Enterprise plan.


Monday is in the top tier when it comes to ease of use as a result of the hundreds of available templates and simple custom automations that come with a large number of third-party integrations. You can quickly add a full CRM workflow to capture leads, track sales pipelines, and manage contacts from the template section by using integrations with HubSpot, Gmail, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, SurveyMonkey, and Salesforce. All of these can be installed with a single click. The platform will also provide you with a list of recommended templates based on the answers you provide during the setup process. This will allow your system to launch quickly using correctly constructed processes that adhere to best practices, and it will do so based on the information you provide during the setup process. The template center makes it possible to quickly and easily complete tasks such as developing a high-level marketing budget and implementing an effective visual sales pipeline. These tasks can also be customized over time to perfectly fit your teams’ needs and preferences.

Monday Sales CRM Features

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You won’t have to switch between different programs or tabs because Monday Sales CRM provides all of the features that are necessary to manage the entire sales pipeline, from the initial lead to the final sale. Post-sale activities can be supported by the simple automation tools, which can send automatic alerts to your financing team thirty days after a sale so that they can collect payments. Standard plan is sufficient for the majority of businesses to get the most out of Monday’s CRM platform, but for larger operations, Pro level offers significantly more desirable features and action limits to choose from. Standard plan is adequate for the majority of businesses to get the most out of Monday’s CRM platform. We have identified a few of the most notable features that distinguish this CRM from its competitors. All Monday products come standard with the core work management platform, which allows you to centrally plan, organize, and monitor all of your company’s projects.

  • Recipes for automation. To automate tasks and streamline your sales pipeline, you can quickly integrate with third-party business tools.
  • Work administration. The entire workflow platform is included with every Monday product.
  • Leading scorer. The highest-value leads can be identified in order to effectively prioritize.
  • Template center. With ready-made templates for every industry, your team can get going in a matter of minutes.

Automation Recipes

Monday’s CRM stands out due to its exceptionally simple integrations and automations, which can be constructed based on straightforward if-then statements and do not require any complex coding on the part of the user. For instance, you could use the phrase “When a task is overdue, notify the project manager” to make certain that nothing significant is overlooked during the course of the project. You can also use automation with many third-party apps, such as sending messages through Slack when a new lead is turned into a qualified lead based on specific criteria that you can customize to meet your business’s needs. It is essential to keep in mind that automations and integrations are evaluated based on the number of actions performed. After upgrading to the Standard plan, you’ll have access to these actions, but you’ll only be able to perform 250 of each type per month. With the Pro plan, that limit can be increased to 25,000, and it can be increased to 250,000 with the Enterprise plan.

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Automating almost any repetitive task that you can think of is a great way to save time and keep yourself organized.

Work Management

The work management platform provided by Monday is an independent, five-tiered product that is included with the sales CRM and can be accessed from the home dashboard. The Standard plan is by far the most popular option, and it was created with team collaboration and workflows in mind. These workflows include guest access, whiteboard collaboration, guest calendar views, Gantt views, timeline views, and Gantt views. Additionally, the Standard plan includes five dashboards per account and a six-month activity log. The other plans include additional features such as time tracking, private boards, formula columns, and multilevel permissions.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a feature that is exclusive to Enterprise and assigns an automatic score to each of your leads based on the criteria that you specify. A score will be determined by the default settings, and it will be based on the job title of the lead contact, as well as the revenue and number of employees of the company. You can use scoring to ensure that your leads with the highest level of qualification have the shortest wait times and are attended to by your most experienced salesperson.

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With the lead scoring feature, your team can quickly determine which new business opportunities are the best.

Template Center

The template center is a significant contributor to the ease with which Monday’s platform can be utilized on a more advanced level. Everything from a comprehensive sales pipeline to the onboarding of new customers to the training of new sellers is sitting ready to be accessed and put into action. In many cases, these templates include helpful integrations and automations that would be difficult to visualize or build from scratch without a significant amount of previous experience utilizing tools that are very similar to the ones being used in the templates.

Explore as many of the professionally-built templates as you can so that you can enhance or even completely replace your current workflows and procedures.

Even if you already have a sales pipeline that has been successful for years, it is always beneficial to see how the professionals at Monday have constructed their CRM dashboards in order to get the most out of the features and tools that are at their disposal. There are 19 different categories to choose from, each offering dozens of time-saving templates. These categories include sales and CRM, marketing, operations, and project management.

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Numerous sturdy templates provided by the software allow you to get going right away with the appropriate procedure in place.

Monday Pricing

Monday Sales CRM offers four paid plans in addition to the free Individual version: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The listed prices for these plans range from $8 to $16 per monthly seat with an annual plan. Annual subscribers can save up to 18%, and educational institutions and nonprofit organizations may be eligible for free or discounted access. Consumers should keep in mind that most plans require a minimum of three seats in order to pay the total monthly cost. The free plan only allows for two seats, and businesses that want to buy more than 40 seats will need to get in touch with sales to get a customized price quote.

You will need to get in touch with the company in order to obtain pricing information for the Enterprise plan; however, this lack of transparency in pricing is typical for the most expensive plans. Businesses that are interested in receiving a tailored estimate should get in touch with the Monday sales team.

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  • Starting price (per user per month based on three seats). $ 0.
  • Features. Mobile apps, unlimited boards, 5 GB of storage, 200+ templates, 20 column types, web-to-lead capture, two-factor authentication, limited mobile apps, and 24/7 customer support are all included in this plan.


  • Starting price (per user per month based on three seats). $ 10.
  • Features. Everything that is included in Individual, including lead-through-deal management, unlimited visual sales pipelines, unlimited contacts, custom fields, complete mobile CRM, complete API access, and document management

Standard (most popular)

  • Starting price (per user per month based on three seats). $ 14.
  • Features. Everything included in Basic, as well as a timeline view, a calendar view, guest access, email sync, sales analytics, Mailchimp integration, five-board dashboards, twenty gigabytes of storage, sales forecasting, automations with 250 monthly actions, and integrations with 250 monthly actions.


  • Starting price (per user per month based on three seats). $ 24.
  • Features. Everything included in Standard, plus custom notifications, commission management, time tracking, workflow and approval automations, 10-board dashboards, advanced reports, private boards, 100 GB of storage, automations with 25,000 monthly actions, and integrations with 25,000 monthly actions.


  • Starting price (per user per month based on three seats). Custom quote.
  • Features. Everything in Pro, enterprise-scale automations and integrations, enterprise-grade security, advanced analytics, multilevel permissions, guided onboarding, priority support, 50-board dashboards, 1,000GB of storage, automations with 250,000 monthly actions, integrations with 250,000 monthly actions, and HIPAA compliance are all included in the Enterprise plan.

There are minimum seat requirements for the majority of Monday Sales CRM plans, which could significantly raise the overall cost for very small teams.


Setting up Monday’s CRM is a quick and painless process that can be completed in a matter of hours for the vast majority of small businesses that do not have thousands of active leads to migrate. However, because there is a great deal of leeway for personalization, the basic configuration and a fully optimized sales pipeline can appear to be worlds apart from one another. As was the case with every CRM that we investigated, the amount of time and effort required to set up the system is largely determined by the scope and intricacy of the business. Small businesses that use Monday should have reasonable expectations that they will be able to get set up in a single day, with a few weeks of fine-tuning to build the most effective custom boards, automations, and workflows possible.

Customer Service

Every plan offered by Monday includes email and live chat support for customers around the clock. Enterprise subscribers are given priority support and are assigned a customer success manager who is responsible for delivering individualized onboarding, extensive training hours, and ongoing personalized support. Throughout the course of our guided demo, we found the support staff on Monday to be particularly knowledgeable and helpful.

You can learn how to import your data from Microsoft Excel, manage your leads, connect your boards, and complete a variety of other tasks that will assist you in making the most of the CRM’s capabilities through the in-app CRM Learning Center, which provides articles and videos to assist you in accomplishing these goals. This section also includes popular features such as automations and integrations, as well as training modules that are categorized according to their level of difficulty, ranging from beginner to master.


The number of actions that can be performed in a given month places restrictions on some of the most desirable CRM features, such as automations and integrations; these restrictions vary depending on the plan. Automations become available with the Standard plan; however, the Standard plan’s limit of 250 automated actions per month will keep them out of reach for all but the smallest businesses and teams. If you need more actions in a given month as a subscriber to the Standard plan, you will need to upgrade to either the Pro or the Enterprise plan. At any time, you are able to make changes to your plan, and refunds are calculated on a prorated basis for annual subscribers.

It is not possible to combine or combine different paid Monday Sales CRM plans for different members of your team, as this is a requirement of all four of the paid Monday Sales CRM plans. The Individual plan with always-free rides has a maximum of two seats available.

Monday CRM FAQ

Is Monday CRM free?

Yes. Monday provides completely free versions of its sales CRM, marketer, projects, and dev products for an indefinite period of time. In each instance, the free version has a maximum of two seats per account and a feature set that is severely restricted in comparison to the paid versions. The free Individual version of the sales CRM comes with a mobile app, web forms that can be used to capture leads, templates that can be used for lead contacts, and deal management.

Is Monday a CRM or a project management software?

Monday was originally conceived of as a tool for managing work, and the company continues to view all of its offerings from this vantage point. Monday has spent the past two years developing its customer relationship management system (CRM) into a comprehensive tool that can help modern businesses manage the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to order fulfillment.

Who owns Monday?

Roy Mann and Eran Zinman are responsible for the establishment of Monday. The company began trading publicly on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol MNDY on June 10, 2021, the date it went public on the market.

Overall Value

We recommend Monday Sales CRM for …

  • Automated systems that are simple to operate and offer time savings to businesses.
  • Companies of a smaller size that only require the most fundamental CRM features and are willing to pay less for them.

We don’t recommend Monday Sales CRM for …

  • There is a possibility that small agencies and independent contractors will not be able to meet the user minimum on Monday.
  • Users who find working with Gantt charts or Kanban cards tedious or unpleasant.
  • Companies that do not intend to utilize integrations provided by third parties.

The Conclusion

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The sales CRM platform provided by assists teams in managing the entire sales cycle as well as tracking customer data. This is accomplished through the use of simple-to-build custom automations that get rid of repetitive tasks and manual labor.

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