Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication is the solution that we believe offers the most adaptability in terms of customer relationship management (CRM). The most noteworthy feature of is its extensive customization capabilities, which give the team and sales managers the opportunity to make the software reflect their individual needs. is an excellent choice for companies that have highly specialized sales procedures and closely knit departmental communications because it offers fully customizable dashboards, templates, workflows, forms, quotes, and widgets in addition to fully personalized labels and items. — the Best Customizable CRM Software

In addition to providing core CRM features such as sales pipeline and contact management, workflow automation, and email sync, gives sales teams and managers the power to customize almost every aspect of the CRM, in addition to connecting to a multitude of integrations and the native API, to ensure that the CRM is tailored to the specific requirements of the business. Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 1, in contrast to some CRMs that come with a predefined list of automations, gives sales managers the ability to create custom workflows through the use of formulas that are modifiable. These workflows help to reduce administrative tasks, improve team collaboration, and make it easier for clients to communicate with the company.

What Makes So Special

You are able to easily customize your CRM workspace to meet the requirements of your company. This includes everything from lead scores and labels to visual dashboards and pipelines.

Your team members have the ability to create individualized workflows, which can automate repetitive tasks such as sending notification emails, moving deals forward in the pipelines, and updating contact statuses.

You are able to further customize the CRM so that it is suitable for your needs by making use of’s native application programming interface (API) and extensive set of integrations (which include Slack, Zoom, and Zendesk). and the Things That Bother Us About It

Although provides a wealth of instructional materials to make the learning process easier, a fundamental understanding of mathematical formulas is necessary in order to create automated workflows. is not the best option for sole proprietors and very early-stage startups due to the fact that it places a strong emphasis on concurrent processes and cross-team collaboration.

The Free and Basic plans don’t provide any access to the email functionality and have very few lead and deal management features available to use.

Simpleness of Use

One of the most important aspects of a successful CRM implementation is making sure that the software can be navigated easily by any user, regardless of their level of technical expertise or prior experience with CRM. provides that in abundance right out of the gate, which is something that appeals to us about the service. During the demonstration of the software that we were given, we discovered that the information regarding the customers is neatly organized into folders that can be used to represent various departments or aspects of the sales process. Each folder has its own set of dashboards that can be customized to track a variety of data, including leads, campaigns, cross-departmental projects, budgets, timelines, and more. Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 3

You can set up dashboards in a variety of ways that are adaptable to the specific requirements of your business, or you can use templates – which are somewhat analogous to the smart list templates available in Zendesk Sell – to rapidly create new dashboards and sales pipelines. Template selections include customer onboarding, support ticket management, invoicing and billing tools, marketing campaign management, and project management and workflow tracking. Your team members will be able to create workflows that are optimized, manage leads, and organize their contacts thanks to CRM-specific templates. In addition, provides its users with a sales enablement kit, a sales materials repository, and a dedicated CRM template specifically designed for real estate agents. If none of the over 200 available templates are quite what you’re looking for, it’s simple to create a board from scratch in a matter of minutes using individualized column and row configurations.

Integrations between business apps can be set up with the same ease. The majority can be added in just a few clicks from the integration center, and there is no need to write any code. You can connect to an additional set of applications by using Zapier, discover additional choices in the connected marketplace, or make use of the open API. Some of the popular choices include Mailchimp, Slack, and Zoom. requires very little in the way of training, but the company does provide support in the form of a large knowledge base of resources, a community forum, and a dedicated dashboard within the app for users who experience problems or who want to learn more about the features and capabilities of Highlights provides its users with a wide variety of helpful CRM features and tools.

Sales Workspace Customization

It is absolutely necessary for the success of a customer relationship management system to accurately reflect the sales process and to be tailored to the particular requirements of the company. The fact that allows users to personalize their experience is one of the platform’s most powerful features. During our testing of the platform, we discovered that users have the ability to construct individualized dashboards from the very beginning of their experience. These dashboards can be tailored to each sales stage or team. They have the ability to add as many as 20,000 rows and 300 columns per board for enterprise plans, allowing them to neatly organize all of the pertinent data, such as leads, accounts, opportunities, and activities. This capability is available for boards with a maximum of 10,000 rows and 200 columns. You have the ability to create custom labels for deal stages as well as different opportunity priority levels, just like you would with many other CRMs. On the other hand, the labels on are color-coded, which makes it simple to recognize the most important information just by taking a quick glance. Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 5

In addition, gives you the ability to populate dashboards with individualized widgets that can show calendars and timelines, pending tasks, the workload of your sales team, key performance indicators (KPIs), targets, and any other information that is pertinent to your company. You can even visualize your deals as wandering lamas and turn them green once the deal is closed to add some light-hearted fun to your sales management. This is something you can do if you want to add some lightness and playfulness to your sales management. Who ever said that being in sales management meant you couldn’t have any fun?

Automation of Workflows

Automated workflows are an important feature of CRM that businesses use to ensure that no details slip through the cracks and to free teams to focus on their work rather than on the minutiae of updating a CRM database. This allows businesses to be more competitive in their industries. We really like how workflow automation can be used in to send emails and notifications, move contacts and deals along the sales process, create reminders and tasks, and make team management easier. Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 7

You have the option of selecting an automation from a comprehensive list of predefined options or developing your very own using formulas consisting of triggers, conditions, and actions. Each dashboard comes with its own unique automations that are set by default. For instance, you can decide to automatically send a personalized email to a newly qualified lead, or you can define the logic for moving deals between pipelines. Both of these options are within your control.

Management of Leads Throughout the Whole Cycle

The functionality of the vast majority of customer relationship management systems (CRMs) ceases once the sale has been finalized, compelling businesses to implement supplementary software or other systems in order to manage post-sale activity and the associated work of other departments. In contrast, users of are able to manage the entirety of the customer journey in a single location, from the generation of leads to the management of contracts, billing, and onboarding. is an excellent option for all kinds of companies, from real estate to software development, because it enables users to build individualized dashboards that reflect their company’s internal organization and to establish individualized automated workflows that ensure a contact moves fluidly through the various stages of a business process. Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 9

Data Visualization Tools

The true value of customer relationship management software lies in its ability to improve decision-making and develop actionable business strategies. CRM software is excellent for capturing and managing information about customers. provides a variety of options for viewing your data, after which it can be shared either privately or publicly. The Kanban view is great for drag-and-drop deal management, the files view helps you organize documents and images for easy access, and the Gantt view provides a quick overview of timelines and dependencies.

You can also easily create charts for tracking particular KPIs, monitor the workload of your team to ensure optimal performance, get a visual snapshot of key item information with the cards view, and even set up and display the information collected through the use of custom-made forms. All of these features are available to you through Workfront. You have the ability to add as many views and dashboards as you see fit in order to visualize the data that is most important to the success of your company.

Cooperation within a Team

Because individual teams and departments frequently depend on one another to complete their respective tasks, it is imperative that everyone have access to the same information. The ready-made templates and customizable dashboards offered by provide teams with the visibility they require, serve as a central point of communication to ensure that everything stays on track, and lead to an increase in overall productivity. Because businesses can also grant guest access to particular boards and files, is an excellent option for teams that frequently work with freelancers, contractors, or hands-on clients who want to collaborate in real time. In addition, users have the ability to set a work status, which allows them to indicate whether they are working from home, absent due to illness, taking a break, or attending a meeting. This facilitates seamless and uninterrupted collaboration.

Third-party Integrations Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 11

Businesses are given the ability to fill in the blanks that are left by’s functionality thanks to a comprehensive library of integrations. You can connect the software to Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to facilitate real-time communication and messaging; you can attach and share files from OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox; you can integrate Google’s suite of business apps directly into your dashboards; and you can connect the software to any number of other services.

The integration with Zapier and Make, which serve as a gateway to thousands of additional options, is available to you in the event that you are unable to locate the app that you require. Although some of these integrations are available in other CRMs, is the only CRM that provides its users with a native Email & Activities app. This app enables users to monitor recent conversations and updates and to set up custom activity triggers for intelligent workflow automations. is the only CRM that provides this app. Sales Pricing Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 13 provides users with a variety of reasonably priced service plan options, with prices beginning at $30 per month for three users. In addition to this, there is a restricted free plan that allows for a maximum of two users. Every paid plan provides access to over 200 different templates, as well as unlimited contacts, pipelines, dashboards, and documents, as well as mobile apps.

You have the option of paying for your plan on a monthly or annual basis, and the costs of the plan go up based on a combination of the number of users (with a minimum of three) and the plan tier. You can get a feel for the software by signing up for a free trial that lasts for 14 days.

The following prices, when calculated on an annual basis, are applicable to three “seats” (users).


This plan allows for up to two users, web forms for lead capture, up to one thousand contacts, 500 megabytes of file storage, a Kanban view, and one data visualization dashboard.


This plan costs $30 per month and includes everything that is included in the Free plan in addition to unlimited read-only viewers, contacts, and customizable pipelines, in addition to 5 GB of file storage space.


This plan includes everything in Basic in addition to two-way email sync with Gmail and Outlook; quotes and invoices; Gantt, timeline, and calendar data views; guest access; up to 250 automations and 250 integrations per month; and 20GB of file storage. The cost of this plan is $42 per month.


This plan includes everything in the Standard plan as well as private boards, sales forecasting and CRM metrics, time tracking, chart and workload views, email tracking, up to 25,000 automations and 25,000 integrations per month, and 100GB of file storage for a cost of $72 per month.


This plan includes everything in the Pro plan as well as enterprise-grade security, advanced CRM reporting, lead scoring, team quotas, up to 250,000 automations and 250,000 integrations per month, and 1 terabyte of file storage. However, in order to receive a quote for this plan, you will need to call customer service.

Introduction and Implementation

Because it is a cloud-based service,’s software can be accessed and used from any location that has access to the internet. All of the difficult and time-consuming technical work is completed in the background, allowing new users to immediately log in, create new boards either from scratch or using a template, and start adding tasks. Customers who would rather work in an environment based on a computer can download the desktop app for for either Mac or Windows and then follow the same setup procedure to get started. provides a “Getting Started” class that is delivered in the form of video lessons and can be accessed from within the CRM. Businesses that require additional support during the setup process or training can take advantage of the partnership program offered by and receive paid assistance. Customers can get a quote by contacting the company and describing the services they require, as well as the size of the team and any other relevant factors.

Assistance to Customers Sales CRM Review — customizable solution for specialized sales procedures and strong communication — 15 provides email customer support around the clock, seven days a week, as part of all of its plans. Additionally, the website provides a self-service knowledge base that users can search to find tutorials, guides, and other reference materials. In addition, the company hosts live webinars every day, which cover a variety of topics pertaining to the software and how to make the most of its capabilities. Webinars can currently be attended live or on demand in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Hebrew. The company is currently working on implementing a chat support option, which should be available soon.

The Enterprise plan of comes with additional perks, such as the assistance of a dedicated customer success manager for onboarding and training. Additionally, throughout the duration of the subscription, the user will have access to continued personalized support.

When we contacted’s customer service department to inquire about their onboarding and training options, the representatives were friendly and eager to be of assistance. Almost immediately, a representative got back to me with in-depth information about how to get a price estimate and find out more about the partnership training program that the company offers.


Despite the fact that the software offered by is straightforward, the company’s pricing model is deceptively intricate. It varies depending on the number of seats, which is typical for customer relationship management software. However, rather than basing pricing on the precise number of users, the company requires customers to choose in increments of three, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and so on. Because of these tiers, the prices of the individual plans are adjusted accordingly, making it somewhat difficult to choose a plan that is in line with your financial constraints and can accommodate a sufficient number of team members. gives users a great deal of leeway to tailor every facet of the customer relationship management system (CRM) to their particular requirements. On the other hand, the product’s greatest strength is also one of its greatest weaknesses, as some customers may discover that they spend more time adjusting the software’s settings than they do actually employing its features. It’s possible that some companies would benefit more from selecting a customer relationship management system that offers fewer ways to customize it.

The application of if-then statements is essential to the customization process on many levels. Even though provides support materials to make the process easier, newcomers who aren’t familiar with the CRM’s functions and formulas may find this particular aspect of the software to be somewhat difficult to use.


Is a customer relationship management system or a tool for managing projects? began as a solution for project management, but it has since developed a suite of products that are more narrowly focused. These products include a customer relationship management system for sales, as well as marketing and software management platforms. Because the platforms can be connected to one another, a comprehensive solution for business management is provided.

Is there a free plan available for CRM?

Yes. The free plan offered by enables up to two users and provides basic CRM capabilities such as contact management, a limited file storage space, web forms, a Kanban view, and a single visual dashboard.

Is appropriate for a single user? offers a free plan with some restrictions that allows for up to two users. It is best suited for sole proprietors and incredibly small teams who require only the most basic contact and deal management features and who work with a relatively limited amount of data. One of the paid plans is available to customers who want access to more advanced CRM features, such as sales analytics, workflow automation, and integrations. However, the lowest number of users that can be included on a paid plan is three, which brings the lowest possible monthly cost up to $30 when paid annually.

Bottom Line comes highly recommended for…

  • Companies that need a wide variety of options for extensive customization to fit their sales procedures.
  • The goal of sales teams that want to manage the entire customer journey in a single location.
  • Businesses that require their customer relationship management system to support multiple languages. is not one of the services that…

  • Companies looking for advanced CRM tools and features in a solution that is free to use.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who require a customer relationship management system for a predetermined number of seats
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