Review: How Effective Is It as CRM?

Monday is my least favorite day of the week. Is that correct? Mondays are the days to get up and get going if you’re in business., a project management platform, appears. This business app is covered in detail in our review, from features to pricing plans. We’ll go over Monday CRM software and workflows, as well as many of the use cases for and what the reviewers are saying. review: Is Monday CRM any good?

When conducting a Monday review, we must consider whether we are reviewing only Monday project management or other features of The project and task management tools for are obviously the most important, but we also look at Monday CRM.

If Monday CRM is good, the answer is emphatically yes. Although not billed as a full-service sales and CRM platform like Salesforce, CRM software tools cover almost all of your basic and advanced CRM needs, including marketing and customer service. is also suitable for a variety of industries and use cases, as we will see later.

Is there a Monday coupon code or a promo discount voucher available?

To begin with, offers free trials on all of their plans. This allows you to determine which plan is best for you at the best price. The free trial does not even require a credit card.

Second, while there are third-party online coupons and promo discount vouchers for, there is always a vendor discount when you pay annually upfront. This represents an 18% savings.

Finally, individuals can use for free, though this is limited if you need it for business purposes.

What is the purpose of

To begin, is extremely useful for small teams, startups, and businesses, assisting them in staying organized and getting things done in a more streamlined manner. To truly answer the question, “What is good for?” we need to break down its various feature sets, which we’ll do later in the piece. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 1

But for the time being, it’s safe to state that is used for the following purposes: task management, time tracking, and project management. It is used to assist teams in communicating and collaborating over long distances. is also useful for automating workflows, which take over simple tasks and free up your human employees’ time to do more complex tasks such as being creative or networking with contacts.

Case Studies for has many great use cases, and here are a few of them:


Create email and social media marketing campaigns. Clients and third-party agencies are managed. Manage your Facebook ads. You can even market an event.

CRM and sales

Can dethrone Salesforce? Maybe. You can handle basic CRM tasks and assist sales teams in staying organized and on track to meet their sales goals. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 3

IT is ideal for information technology departments. You have control over onboarding and ticket requests. Get quick updates on all issues that are currently being resolved. A good IT order template for hardware and software is also available.


Job application form management is one of the HR use cases. There are templates and tools for recruiting, onboarding, and training. You will receive employee engagement surveys as well as HR service and request forms.

Design can be very useful for designers. Digital asset management is available. Designers can be assigned weekly tasks. Creative planning management with an Adobe template is available for Adobe users.

Construction has many applications in the building and construction industries, which are increasingly turning to CRM providers. Among the features are contractor solutions, construction roadmaps, and resource management.

Property Management

Another sector of the economy that is finding more applications for a CRM and project management tool like is real estate. They have real estate agency management templates as well as other property CRM features.

What’s the difference between free and paid?

Regarding’s pricing plans, it’s worth noting the distinction between the paid and free versions.

The free plan supports up to two users. You get unlimited boards and documents, as well as access to over 200 templates. You can also use the iOS and Android mobile apps with the free version. This is essentially a good free CRM for individuals or two-person teams. Following that, it’s time to upgrade. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 5

Starting with the basic and standard plans, you get a solid platform for your team for $11 or $14 per user per month billed annually. Starting with such paid plans, you get 5 GBs of online storage. With paid plans, you also get increasingly more prioritized customer support from

When you upgrade to the Pro plan, which costs $22 per user per month billed annually, you’ll discover incredible features like time tracking, dependency columns, automations, and integrations.

There is also an enterprise plan, but you must contact’s sales team for a price. Users can find the most detailed analytics and reporting here.

List of Monday software features

Monday CRM’s key features are as follows:

  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Dashboards and UIs
  • Dependencies
  • Resource management
  • Templates
  • Budget tracking
  • Shareable boards
  • Guest permissions
  • Document management
  • Integrations, API and widgets
  • Android and iOS mobile apps

1. Task management and project tracking

This is’s bread and butter in terms of Monday’s project tracker and task management capabilities. These capabilities come with a wide variety of functionalities. The user interface options for tracking time, tasks, and projects in a visual format are the most important. Kanban, timelines, calendar views, Gantt charts, map views, and workloads are just some of the tools available. The fact that project boards function using an aesthetically pleasing drag and drop system earns them a lot of points for ease of use. In addition to this, Monday Task Manager provides templates for a wide variety of tasks, including customer support ticketing and management of sales pipelines. You will, of course, also receive a reliable to-do list tool from Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 7

2. The numerous dashboards that are available on

As was stated earlier, the many different dashboards that are available in the user interface really shine when it comes to managing projects and tasks. Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we? To get things started with your very own Monday dashboard, you can select from a wide variety of high-quality templates that are readily available. They are easy to understand, uncomplicated, and attractive, in addition to being highly modifiable. It could be something as simple as a spreadsheet, or it could be a more complex dashboard that shows you at a glance which of your key performance indicators are being updated in real time. You also have the option to set notifications for any updates to the dashboard. You can drill down into workloads and automation boards using the dashboards, which offer a variety of views for viewing basic information.

3. Due date dependencies

What exactly is meant by the term “dependencies”? When one task cannot be finished without the completion of another, this is called a dependency. For instance, if multiple members of a team are working on a marketing campaign and one of them needs to finish writing the content before the other can place the copy into the layout, then the tasks of writing and designing the layout are considered to be dependent on one another. includes dependency columns that help coordinate tasks that are dependent on one another. You can link these activities by using dates or by creating a timeline. In addition, dependencies on can be implemented using automations, meaning that one task will automatically begin running after the completion of the preceding one once both have been finished.

4. Management of resources within the platform

The resource management platform incorporates a number of practical tools. This section of the platform will assist you in planning the acquisition and storage of resources, as well as the distribution of those resources among the various stages of the production of goods and services. It could be anything, from raw materials to digital assets to the labor of actual humans. A visual drag-and-drop dashboard is used for resource management on, just like everything else, so that users have an easy time getting an overarching view of their accounts and processes. You can define priorities, add due dates, and put in time estimates. If you need to repeat any processes related to resource management, you can assign tasks and ownership to particular members of your team, and everything, including the assignment of tasks, is fully customizable.

5. Board design templates

If we are going to discuss, then we need to provide more information about the templates that were discussed earlier. This is one of the most significant advantages that provides for its customers. When you first sign up for, you are given access to more than 200 pre-made board templates that can be used for a variety of purposes. These include marketing plans, social media plans, content calendars, blog planning, CRM templates, and custom onboarding templates. Additionally, there are board templates available for startups, small businesses, HR departments, sales teams, and IT support help desks. The templates are always straightforward to use and come with a high level of personalization.

6. Budget tracking

It is essential to keep a close eye on both your budget and your finances, whether you run a major corporation or a startup or a small business. provides users with tools and templates that make it possible for anyone, not just accountants, to successfully keep track of their budgets. One of the templates for tracking the budget includes columns that help compare what was budgeted and what was spent to assist in showing the difference and providing you with quick sums. Using the budget tracking tools provided by, you will be able to disaggregate your primary operating expenses, secondary operating expenses, and other miscellaneous costs. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 9

7. Shareable boards

There will be times when you need to collaborate on a task or project with individuals who are not members of your team and may even be from outside your organization. Shareable boards serve this function, and makes it very easy to utilize them. Outsiders are also referred to as guests on, and this term can refer to a variety of different types of people, including clients, customers, freelancers, contractors, lawyers, graphic designers, writers, and consultants. You are able to collaborate with these individuals by using the shareable boards on However, you can restrict their access to the board so that they can only modify the sections that you allow them to. A private board, which is also something that can be found on, is the antithesis of a shared board.

8. Organize your documents

As of the time this article was written in 2022, has introduced a new feature known as Monday workdocs. This new feature is a fully functional document management system. It is possible for you to create docs and then work on them as group projects with other members of the team. People are able to collaborate on the editing of documents in real time, as well as communicate with one another by leaving notes and comments on the documents. In addition, it is possible to embed things like boards, dashboards, and videos into documents. Additionally, you are able to instantly convert things that are on the docs or notes into live actionable tasks, which can then connect to workflows that are already in progress. Each time a collaborator makes a modification of any kind to a document, that document will automatically be updated for all other collaborators via automation, and notifications will be distributed.

9. The numerous integrations available on

Even though can be used as a complete stack of work tools and applications, the platform still allows you to have integrations with any software that you are already utilizing. Tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and many more are included in the list of some of the most popular integrations available on Monday. There are integrations for customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce, integrations for marketing platforms like Mailchimp, integrations for software development platforms like Jira, and integrations for project management tools like Trello and Asana. In addition to integrations, offers developers increased flexibility through the use of an API that was built with GraphQL. In addition, there is a collection of Monday widgets that can be added to your dashboards to provide additional functionality.

10. iOS and Android app evaluation

The office is no longer the sole domain of anyone’s workspace in this day and age. We require mobile access to our business software, and delivers without hesitation. They offer mobile applications for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, in addition to Android apps that can be used on other types of smartphones and tablets. The user interface of the platform is highly screen sensitive, which means that it can automatically adjust to the dimensions and orientations of the screens of various devices. Utilizing the mobile apps makes it simple to carry out a variety of tasks, including communicating with your team, sharing and editing files, and keeping project workbooks up to date. Everything is updated in real time, and you can even use the applications when you are not connected to the internet. The ratings for the app review on Monday are excellent. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 11

Evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of

The following is a list of both the benefits and drawbacks of Monday CRM:

Advantages of Using CRM on’s ease of use and education for new users is one of the platform’s most notable selling points. This means that your team won’t need as much time for training and onboarding. It also has a wonderful appearance, which is more than just an aesthetic quality because it makes it easier to use. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 13

Another significant benefit of using this platform is access to the support services. They provide a comprehensive knowledge base that users can search through to find answers to direct questions in a short amount of time. There is also a webinar hub that hosts live webinars as well as webinars that can be viewed on demand. In addition, features a YouTube channel that is loaded with informative video guides.

Additional advantages of using include its powerful API and extensive library of integrations. simplifies the process for you regardless of whether you intend to use this tool on its own or as part of an ecosystem of SaaS applications.

In conclusion, the availability of templates is a significant benefit of using The library of templates is enormous, and it fulfills all of the significant requirements for a wide variety of departments, industries, and sectors. CRM disadvantages

When it comes to obtaining phone support, does have a few limitations, despite the fact that we did highlight the excellent support the website offers in the form of tutorials, webinars, and a knowledge base. When you call the customer service number, you are more likely to be directed to an online form than to speak to a real person.

One of the other potential drawbacks of using is that it might be difficult to significantly scale up. There is no shadow of a doubt that this is an excellent business tool for start-ups and smaller companies. Critics and users alike are divided on whether or not it functions satisfactorily with extremely large businesses.

Monday CRM complaints & praise (info from real reviews) deserves praise

Monday CRM reviews from around the internet as well as office talk in the real world are generally quite favorable. has received between 4.6 and 4.7 stars out of 5 from some of the most prominent CRM and SaaS review websites on the internet, and this is based on the votes of more than 5,000 customers.

The review community has a number of recurring sentiments, one of which is that makes everything more convenient and straightforward. Some people even claim that using it is enjoyable. Others are impressed with the customizable appearance and sensation of the user interface. The numerous view options and the extensive template library are frequently cited as being among the most impressive aspects of this platform.

Complaints regarding the website

When one reads a critical review on, the person who wrote it most likely had a negative experience with the site themselves. There have been a few reports of people having trouble getting everything set up. Others have voiced their dissatisfaction with the notifications, citing their erratic and unreliable behavior. Last but not least, some users have expressed displeasure at the pervasiveness of the logo.

Analysis of the Monday support

As was just stated, the support and customer service departments of Monday typically receive very positive ratings from the company’s customers. This includes a knowledge base, as well as discussion boards, webinars, and video tutorials. Live calls, on the other hand, might be the only item on this list of great support that isn’t checked off. Review: How Effective Is It as CRM? — 15

To give an example of how reviews of Monday’s support have been phrased, it has been stated on multiple occasions that even though’s support team responds relatively quickly, their response may sometimes be something along the lines of “Sorry, we do not offer that kind of feature or solution.” In light of the aforementioned information, provides a section labeled “feature request,” regarding which a great number of online reviewers have expressed their satisfaction.

Is it worthwhile to use Monday CRM? Our conclusion

In a nutshell, the question of whether or not is worthwhile is easily answered with a resounding “Yes” That, of course, comes with a few important disclaimers. To begin, we believe that this is an excellent CRM and project management platform for the individual, small team, startup, or small to medium-sized business. When it comes to enterprise-level organizations and larger businesses, it’s a little bit more difficult to say.

Try out the free version or sign up for the free trial (neither of which require a credit card) if you are still unsure about whether or not you want to purchase the product. Even if you take the plunge and sign up for one of the plans that has a better monthly payment, nothing is guaranteed. However, if you pay for the entire year at once, you will receive a nice discount.

When you have up and running, it is important to remember to make use of all of their resources, such as the frequently asked questions section, webinars, and video tutorials, so that you can get the most out of their tools. If you devote the necessary amount of time to mastering, you will not be disappointed with the results.


Is it free to use provides users with a no-cost option for using its platform. It can accommodate up to two people at a time. You have access to an unlimited number of boards and documents with the free version of The free plan gives users access to the entire template library, which includes more than 200 different designs to choose from.

Is in compliance with HIPAA regulations? is a very trustworthy online community. This indicates that they are in complete compliance with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Users can have confidence that any sensitive information pertaining to their medical records is kept secure. This also applies to the company’s mobile apps, which are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Does function as a CRM? is an excellent tool for customer relationship management due to its many useful features (customer relationship management). gives you the ability to manage not only your contacts but also your sales pipeline. You can also manage client projects, provide customer support, and keep track of marketing activities using this tool.

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