LuckyWP Table of Contents: Get Google Search Jump Links

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I tried a ton of TOC plugins and Gutenberg block plugins like Spectra.

Still, luckywp table of contents plugin provides better results because it doesn’t auto-load content or load advertising or other bulky items at the front end.

It has a clear user interface and cutting-edge features. Yes, I used TOC for most of my articles, and I had some benefits from Google Jump links.

The Google algorithm’s enhanced CTR gives its links in the separate classes more value. These links can appear as blog links in the organic search results.

Google Search Jump Links in techexplians
Google Search Jump Links

Some of the most crucial elements you should consider while creating an article are user experience and accessibility. For this reason, a table of content should always be present in long-form content. Read Htaccess File Editor.

WordPress Table of Contents

WordPress Table of Contents provides users with organized content from the first impression to the last perception.

So visitors access your website through a search engine or directly want structured content to go into the details that interest them.

Read Free Image Optimization Plugins.

Users can study the different parts of a blog article more easily with the help of a content table. You can imagine six headings in a blog article, which you have included in the TOC.

However, the reader prefers to read some of those.

As a result, users simply have to click on the subsection.

Your blog content will also have more range on the search page. Also, visitors already know the critical places without viewing the blog article.

So, people will click on your stuff if you have a good value. That specific thing, however, is not entirely in your hands.

If your post is interesting and high-quality, Google will finally do it.

So far, as I have seen, content is enhanced effectively by a specific plugin like LuckyWP Table of Contents.

Benefits of WordPress Table of Contents

  • It improves the user experience.
  • It provides the proper formatting and layout for your article.
  • It makes it easier to move across the various subheadings.
  • Assist in increasing Google CTR
  • Add Google Search Quick Links to your Article
  • Inspire readers to read lengthy content

LuckyWP Table of Contents Plugin Features

Luckywp provides users with decent and sufficient features and customization, with no unnecessary effects or garbage.

So let’s look at some impressive features of this plugin. Read Removing Powered By WordPress.

Automatical insertion

Auto Insert Table of Contents

There is an automatic insert for a table of contents, so you don’t have to add each article separately. However, I recommend using it for each article and making some optimizations.

You can place a contents table before the first headline, after the first heading, after the first blocks like a sentence or header, at the head of the post content, or the bottom (never recommended).

Also, you can choose which article types will automatically include a contents table.

LuckyWP Table of Contents Shortcode

On Gutenberg or any page builder, you can insert using just a shortcode.

Skip headings

Skip Headings LuckyWP Table of Contents

This function is handy if your article contains ten subheadings with the same structure as H2 or H3. But only want to show six headings for the TOC.

You can use this feature to copy those headings and paste them into skip headers.

Numeration items

If your heading contains numbers, you can disable it, but if it does not, you can set it as a proper list. If you do it correctly by asking questions, you have a chance to get a Google-featured snippet with accurate content.

Smooth scroll

If you click a #hash link, the browser will naturally switch its focus to the element corresponding to that number.

Although the page might scroll, the scrolling affects the perspective shifting.

Even though other plugins have awful built-in features, this one is effective and compatible with all web browsers.


I tested the LuckyWP Contents Table with various plugins and themes and noticed no incompatibilities.

For instance, it is compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Oxygen, Rank Math, SEO PRESS, Yoast, WP Rocket, FlyingPress, and all caching plugins, as well as Blocksy, Astra, GeneratePress, Zakra, Neve, and the majority of WordPress themes.

LuckyWP TOC Gutenberg Block

Gutenberg block Table of Contents

Also, LTOC has a standard block, which is helpful if you use Gutenberg blocks as I do.

See my screenshots to catch how you can customize anything with LTOC on the Gutenberg block, including the hierarchical view, numeration suffix, toggle show, label show, appearance, wrap table of contents, and more.

Customize Table of Contents

Minimal Count of Headings

Suppose you use the automatic insert feature and have a minimal number of headings in your article. In that case, the TOC will not be displayed in that post.


  • Auto
  • Full width
  • Custom Value

Color Scheme

For your TOC, choose a color scheme of light, dark, white, transparent, or inherited from the theme.

Font customization

LuckyWP Table of Contents Font customization

You can modify the title’s font size, weight, content, and many other things.

Color Palette

Override Color Scheme Colors

LTOC provides a color picker for background color, border color, title color, link color, hover link color, and visited link color.

Add Table of Contents in WordPress Without Plugin

Yes, there is an easy way to add a table of contents to WordPress without a plugin.

Make a list of the subheadings you want to add to the TOC.

Add Table of Contents in WordPress Without Plugin 1

Add an HTML anchor in the advanced tab section without spaces, as seen in my screenshots.

Add Table of Contents in WordPress Without Plugin PAR 2

You must also add HTML anchors for each subheading, as seen below.

Screenshot 1

Go to your table of contents after pasting the text into the HTML anchor text box. Include hyperlinks in your table of contents with the # tag. Test your manual table of contents now.

Include hyperlinks in your table of contents

This is the simplest method to add a table of contents in WordPress without a plugin.

I won’t try to expand on it if you don’t understand everything; there are tons of articles on the subject so I won’t waste time on it. Read PhastPress Plugin Review.

You can rank for multiple keywords with the Table of Contents, but you’ll always need quality content for all this.

As I’ve already said, the search engine highlights certain elements higher. As a result, you can perform for various keywords while targeting different ones.

If you target the answers to the frequently asked questions, there are opportunities to appear in the featured snippet.


Your website is enhanced by a table of contents, improving content comprehension and usability for visitors and search engines.

You can get simple solutions from plugins like LuckyWP if you don’t want to mess with HTML anchoring by yourself.

You’ll quickly understand how to organize your stuff simply and straightforwardly.

The subheadings will also improve the structure and legibility of your article.

Also, you can figure out the value of the table of contents by checking the duration bounce rate from some data analysis.

At the very least, they bounce less often because they can locate the essential thing faster.

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