Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this WordPress Hosting Service

Kinsta is a cloud-based host that provides managed WordPress solutions with unparalleled server power and optimization. Kinsta offers all the scalability and speed benefits you’d anticipate from a cloud-based server. Add this to a highly qualified staff of WordPress developers who provide assistance. In performance testing, it outperformed the competition while still being very simple to use. It’s simply unfortunate that the cost is a little out of reach.

What You Pay For Is What You Get

WordPress managed hosting is the focus of Kinsta. The essential term there is “managed,” which means that all server setup and hosting is done for you.

The servers are quick and redundancy is built in because it is a cloud-based service developed on top of the Google Cloud Platform. In case you need assistance, there is a support staff that is, at least according to the marketing promises, completely fluent in WordPress.

Does it seem too wonderful to be true? Okay, so it’s not. It’s simply pricey. Yes, this is the holy grail of WordPress hosting, everyone. It’s quick, attractive, and might make your wallet rethink its course in life. To put things in perspective, that implies Hostinger only charges $1.99 a month, compared to $35.00 for Kinsta’s cheapest plan. Amazing WordPress hosting would surely be expected for the price that Kinsta is asking.

Kinsta features

Kinsta Is Serious About the Managing Part

Kinsta aspires to be the controlling helicopter parent of your website. Although this method of management may not be the best for people, it works wonders for websites and the majority of dogs. All plans include automated server scaling, every 2 minute website uptime checks, and a promise that your website will be fixed if it is hacked. I’ll talk more about server scaling below.

A dashboard for managing several sites at once, a wealth of WordPress-specific tools, and comprehensive site statistics and analytics are also available, although cPanel is not one of them. That’s truly to be anticipated considering that WordPress is the only CMS you can use.
The Starter plan has 10GB of storage space, 1 website, and adequate bandwidth for around 20,000 monthly visits. This is a great beginning, and Kinsta does an excellent job of assisting you in utilizing your resources to the fullest.

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The higher-tier plans allow you access to more websites and resources; 20 websites, 400,000 visits, and 50GB of storage are all included. All plans are the same other than that.
There is no “hidden boost” that is only accessible with the more expensive plans, and there is no bizarre pricing structure where you have to pay for features you don’t need in order to get the one you do. The best features are routinely concealed behind paywalls and upgrades by almost all shared hosting services. It is not hip.

However, it bears repeating that Kinsta is not a shared hosting provider. In no way. It operates on its own customized server technology and is entirely cloud-based. Because of this, its premium cost includes almost everything you’ll need. When you’re already paying a lot, there’s no reason to squeeze out even more cash from you.

You automatically receive SSL certificates, as one would anticipate from a premium service. SSL ensures that all user activity on your website is encrypted, which is beneficial for security, beneficial for avoiding legal action, and even beneficial for an SEO boost from Google. There is essentially no drawback to this.

By default, you receive daily backups that are totally automated. However, you may also create your own backups whenever you want. Every host should come with this feature by default, but they don’t.

Additionally, performance-improving caching options are provided, allowing static websites to quickly move from resource-intensive to resource-efficient, utilizing fewer resources and loading pages faster for visitors.

Global Google Cloud Data Centers

Speaking of quick loading…
Old-school hosts either operate their own data centers or rent out space in one that already exists. This used to work rather well, but as hardware ages quickly, practically all shared hosts now offer hosting on top of systems that are at best from the early 2010s and at worst from the late 2000s.

Just a little reminder for us adults: that hardware is 20 years old. In the US, it is practically legal drinking age, while it is much past legal drinking age everywhere else. This may help to understand why outdated hardware tends to behave badly.

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Additionally, the majority of hosts only run a couple of data center locations, often on the Dutch and US west coasts, occasionally in Singapore. As a result, tourists from a distance—and let’s face it, California is far away from New York—will experience slow speeds and a poor time.

Kinsta leverages Google’s cutting-edge, high-performing cloud data centers to host its WordPress platform rather than maintaining its own state-of-the-art data centers. This means that in addition to receiving the greatest, most up-to-date hardware to run your project, you also have a wide range of server placement options.

Kinsta operates 24 data centers worldwide, including 7 in the US. With locations in Zurich, So Paulo, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Taiwan, and more, Kinsta is the ideal host for audiences in those cities.

Owns a CDN of its own

Therefore, a CDN, sometimes referred to as a Content Delivery Network, is a system that will take cached versions of your website and transport them to even more data centers, allowing you to simultaneously utilize several server locations.

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Although many servers will let you integrate a third-party CDN with your website, it’s typically Cloudflare, and it’s typically the free plan. That places you within some severe limitations unless you pay more for Cloudflare’s more expensive services.

Fast and already included in the fee you’re paying is Kinsta’s own CDN. Why not adore it?

Automatic CPU and RAM Scaling Maintains Site Performance Under Heavy Traffic

A cloud platform’s attractiveness is its simplicity in scalability to accommodate rising demand. Kinsta automatically scales your CPU and RAM rather than arbitrarily limiting it, so your website will be able to handle the traffic even if your project ends up needing more power or if you’re experiencing a visitor blitz.

Some hosts just stop working altogether, while others will email you and say, “Pay much more and perhaps your hosting plan can manage the load.” It almost never does with them.

Just for comparison, Kinsta’s maximum RAM offering is thought to be roughly ten times greater than that of its competitors. And that, my friends, is the difference between a WooCommerce store that can handle numerous simultaneous visits and generate a ton of revenue, and one that crashes, generates a pitiful amount of revenue each month, and has almost no repeat customers.

Kinsta Backups

The ability to save and restore your WordPress site at any time is one of the essential features you desire. The good news in this situation is that Kinsta provides a ton of options:

  • Automatic backups for 14 days on the Starter to Business 2 plans
  • Automatic backups for 20 days on the Business 3 and 4 plans
  • Automatic backups for 30 days on all the other plans
  • Manual backups available
  • Cloud-backups with Google Cloud or Amazon S3
Kinsta review backup

Though I’ll leave that up to you, in my opinion 14 days isn’t long enough to feel truly secure about your site. On the other hand, there are add-ons that you can buy and install that will save your website every hour, or every six hours.

I should also point out that backing up and restoring is quite simple, again because to Kinsta’s superb UX and fantastic web resources. It’s also really quick when compared to WP Engine. With WP Engine, what takes just seconds with Kinsta can take up to five minutes. This is because Kinsta, like Siteground, only makes incremental backups.

This has one significant drawback: if your core files get corrupt, you’ll have a serious issue. But we’ve never gone through it, and we don’t intend to.

Ease of use

the Kinsta dashboard

It’s Mostly Easy

Kinsta is far superior to the many hosts that flag you as a potential scammer and delay your access to the service by two weeks because signing up was quick and I was activated right away.

With a few exceptions, the overall experience is seamless, enjoyable, and a breath of fresh air. Let’s examine the positive and negative aspects.

Using the Custom Control Panel, you can get all the help you need

Kinsta built and customized every configuration to already meet your WordPress requirements after creating its own own WordPress platform. Because you can’t really use a fully-fledged hosting panel for anything other than WordPress, there is no need for one. Once more, there is no cPanel.


It really is alright.
The “chat box” for pre-sales turned out to be a form that was received as an email.

Although live chat would have been more convenient for me, I received a response very promptly with an offer to organize a pre-sales phone call.

Although I admire the effort, I preferred to speak on my reliable keyboard. When I inquired if that was conceivable, he remained silent, and our conversation came to an abrupt close.

The pre-sales contact form

After enrolling, things really improved. Even during live chat, where help is available 24/7 by phone and live chat, I never had to wait longer than a minute. Refreshing fixes a strange problem when the responses occasionally don’t appear.

Furthermore, because our live chat remembers your past exchanges, you may go on working on a problem without having to repeat yourself or bounce between agents. This is how a ticket system and live chat should be connected.

Always polite, timely, and incredibly informative responses were provided. In five minutes, I want to say, “Here’s a solution to your problem.”

I started posing web development-related inquiries about WordPress in an effort to push the support team’s capabilities. They stayed focused and helped me accomplish all I desired, step by step. The agent quickly described what the tools offered and went over all of the key points when I asked for clarification on the CDN and the security features.

However, Kinsta can only do so much because its primary focus is hosting.

Kinsta WordPress Plans & Pricing

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 10

Kinsta now offers 10 different plan tiers, each of which scales the services it provides.

Many of these provide the same fundamental important services, including complimentary SSL and CDN, customer support, daily backups, and similar things. The number of WordPress installs that can be maintained per account and the number of PHP workers assigned to your site are the two key distinctions between tiers (PHP workers determine how many simultaneous requests your site can handle at a given time, i.e. one handling each uncached request).

Starting with Starter, moving on to Business, and finally Enterprise, which is obviously geared for larger enterprises.

Each plan is well explained, making it simple for you to select the one that is best for you. Additionally, throughout the 30-day free trial, you have the opportunity to either upgrade or decrease your hosting plan.

What can you expect from each Kinsta plan?

The fact that Kinsta offers so many plans is clearly due to the fact that each one is divided into categories based on the amount of websites you can host, monthly visitors, storage, and CDN storage, which I don’t believe many other providers typically cap.

However, all of the plans come with a variety of features, including the following:

  • Excellent customer service team. Although it’s solely via chat, their agents are excellent and available around-the-clock
  • Specific to WordPress website architecture — better and faster
  • Testing your WordPress website in a staging environment before publishing changes
  • Free premium migrations (concierge service). You get 1, 2 or 3 depending on your plan
  • Basic migrations from different hosts that are limitless using a WordPress plugin
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic database optimization
  • Automatic daily backup and manual backup points

Now for the exact plans, the names pretty much speak for themselves.

They also provide disk space upgrades, so you are not need to switch to a more expensive plan if you ever run out of web space. You may add 20GB for $20 a month. These $20 enhancements may be stacked as many times as desired.

STARTER: Sufficient for a modest WP-hosted company website or blog. Just keep in mind that you might need to upgrade to the next plan or choose a Disk Space Update if you work with large files, such as you might as a photographer or videographer. A maximum of 25,000 visitors and 10 GB of storage are permitted every month.

PRO: better suited to websites for small to medium businesses. Kinsta doesn’t actually advise it for an online store, but a significant blog has to be included in that plan as well. A maximum of 50,000 visitors and 20 GB of storage are permitted every month.

BUSINESS 1: In terms of monthly visitors and storage, this is the point where things start to become serious. Additionally, it has twice as many PHP workers per site as the last plan, which, according to Kinsta, facilitates the many requests required for e-commerce. A maximum of 100,000 visitors and 30 GB of storage are permitted every month.

Also keep in mind that the Business plans 2, 3, and 4 offer more storage and monthly visits. Additionally scaling everything up in terms of numbers are Enterprise plans 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 12

Kinsta Pros and Cons


  • Solid speed
    When we evaluated Kinsta, its loading speed was amazing. Both your SEO and user experience will benefit from it. They also score marks for having a strong CDN, a free SSL, and modern PHP.
  • Uptime
    There is nothing to be unhappy about because Kinsta works almost 100% of the time. You receive some money back if the rate falls below 99.9%. Although this is not at all horrible, WP Engine’s service level agreement ensures 99.95% uptime (SLA).
  • Support
    Only available via chat, Kinsta support is some of the best I’ve encountered.
  • Server features and locations
    25+ locations worldwide to choose from.
  • Ease of use
    For individuals who need to spend some time in their hosting provider dashboard, there is simple navigation and a nice user experience.
  • Team management
    You can define roles and permissions at the business and site levels with no limits on users.
  • Site backups
    On the less expensive plans, you only receive 14 days of automatic backups. To receive 20 days, you must upgrade to the Business 3 plan. There are also manual and cloud backup options. You can download backups as well.
  • Build for WordPress
    This indicates that the support staff is knowledgeable, the architecture is CMS-friendly, and you have access to helpful resources on plugins and other WordPress-specific tools.
  • Free migrations
    You can instantly migrate a site into Kinsta using the WordPress plugin that Kinsta offers. However, all plans also include certain expert migrations that Kinsta’s team will do out on your behalf; this is something that not many other providers give.


  • WordPress only
    Any other CMS cannot be set up on a Kinsta host.
  • A lot of limits
    No unlimited storage, CDN or monthly visits. If you exceed, there will be an additional fee.
  • Higher prices
    While offering managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is not the cheapest option. It’s not for everyone, but you get what you pay for.
  • Some WordPress plugins banned
    The following plugins are prohibited by Kinsta for security and functionality reasons. Various external caching, backup, and optimization techniques are included.

When to use Kinsta web hosting?

Professional websites built on WordPress will appreciate Kinsta much. You can maintain your site (or sites) secure, operational almost always, and provide users with respectable site speeds. It is dependable enough to support a sizable e-commerce site and excellent for SEO.

However, I might consider looking elsewhere if you notice dramatically shifting monthly visitor counts. Although you will still be charged for them (further information on how it’s determined can be found in the FAQ), you will receive notifications before you exceed any kind of limit.

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 14

When not to use Kinsta web hosting?

There are more affordable web hosts available, and there are undoubtedly more affordable WordPress hosts if your site doesn’t require the highest performance. I’m thinking about personal websites, blogs, or portfolios where you aren’t continuously concerned with providing the fastest possible load times for your visitors (or to Google for search engine optimization).

10 Reasons to Use Kinsta

1. Faster Than Lightnin’

We all understand that speed is crucial when it comes to websites.

Higher conversion rates, longer average visitor durations, lower bounce rates, and considerably improved SEO are all related to faster website loading times. On this site, we’ve written extensively about speed.

Largest Contentful Paint, or LCP, is one measure in particular that we want to pay close attention to.

This is because one of the three elements that Google just named as Core Web Vitals is LCP. They created this collection of recommendations for all online pages that aim to provide excellent user experiences, with particular emphasis on the three crucial areas of loading, interaction, and aesthetic stability. It’s an excellent benchmark that any website owner should follow.

The first “loading” parameter of LCP, which is simply a measurement of the render time of the largest image/text block visible within the viewport, will be greatly impacted by the performance of your host’s server.

Google suggests that LCP happens within 2.5 seconds of when the website first begins loading in order to create a positive user experience.

Good news is that Kinsta will help put you on the correct track in regards to superb, Google-approved site loading performance!

2. Cloud-based Infrastructure Built for Speed

Let’s examine Kinsta’s construction in more detail.

Its primary differentiator is that it only provides hosting for Google cloud servers. This distinguishes its infrastructure from the conventional shared or dedicated hosting offered by its rivals.

How? Cloud hosts, on the other hand, use virtual server space that draws on a sophisticated network of actual servers, as opposed to hosting through a single server in a data center.

Users get some very awesome benefits from this in terms of speed, dependability, scalability, and flexibility.

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 16

There are a few cloud server hosting out there, but Kinsta uses Google’s exclusive fiber network. It is one of the largest in the world and in some places is capable of rates of 10,000 TB per second.

Even better, Kinsta users now access the highest levels of performance, speed, and security because Kinsta has joined Google Cloud’s Premium Tier.

Additionally, 29 Google Cloud server locations are available to Kinsta users. In order to keep latency low and load times quick, you can choose the data center that is physically nearest to your audience for each of your WordPress sites.

Also Kinsta users have access to premium DNS with Amazon Route 53, which is another tool in its toolbox for maintaining speed.

3. Software Included to Boost You

The next point? Yes, speed is involved once more.

Through the use of technologies like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers, and MariaDB, Kinsta is strengthened with a “speed-obsessed architecture” (their words, not ours).

While there are many plug-ins and add-ons for Kinsta, we could talk about them for pages, but CDN is one that you should use.

Kinsta collaborates with KeyCDN, a wonderful content delivery network that supports HTTP/2 and IPv6.

In this case, Kinsta has joined forces with Cloudflare, one of the biggest content delivery networks in the world. The resulting “Kinsta CDN” enables Kinsta users to instantly boost their media to consumers throughout the globe.

With servers spread over nearly 200 locations in more than 100 countries, Cloudflare has a truly global network. Comparatively, less than 60 points-of-presence are shared by other well-known CDN providers like KeyCDN (with which Kinsta once collaborated), Bunny CDN, and StackPath. Additionally, Cloudflare provides support for HTTP/3, an upgrade from HTTP/2 that enables advantages including faster SSL handshakes and 0-RTT support.
In addition to this effective collaboration, Kinsta has made CDN management simple in typical Kinsta way.

Typically, CDN and caching technologies are distinct, but Kinsta neatly bundles them together and makes managing them from your dashboard quite straightforward, allowing you to monitor bandwidth usage, the most popular files by requests, and more.

4. 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

In reality, Kinsta provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by a SLA.

This endorsement is a definite outcome of its cloud hosting infrastructure. By their very nature, cloud hosts are far more reliable at keeping websites online.

If that’s not enough, Kinsta additionally marries this with continuous monitoring and uptime tests every minute. If they fail to resolve erroneous response codes within 30 minutes, your account will be credited. This warranty is valid 365 days a year, around-the-clock.

5. It’s (almost) hands off

Managed WordPress hosts, as their name implies, should free up more of your time so you can concentrate on expanding your website rather than worrying about it.

Kinsta has a ton of tools that give you a perfect atmosphere to keep enhancing your website without having to worry about technical difficulties.

Kinsta Features

Features for effective site management include:

  1. Tweaking for speed
    Caching and performance evaluations are included here.
  2. MyKinsta dashboard
    With some unique features, it’s a welcome change from the standard cPanel or Plesk provided by many other hosts.
  3. Updates management
    A step up from forced updates (which are typical of many other hosts and can occasionally result in troubles), you just inform the Kinsta staff of your preference for them to handle future updates.
  4. One-click staging
    Test new WordPress versions, plugins, and code quickly and safely before making them live in a matter of seconds. Additionally, their Selective Push function allows you to have fine-grained control over what you wish to live-push.
  5. Multi-user access
    Business owners will appreciate how simple it is to set up several access accounts and manage the rights assigned to each user.
  6. Developer friendly tools
    Starting with site cloning, you can use SSH to access WP-CLI and make adjustments. Additionally, they introduced DevKinsta, a handy tool for designers, developers, and local WordPress site deployment.

Even better, Kinsta is constantly introducing new tools to make site maintenance simpler. For instance, individuals that manage several websites or companies that need to rebrand will like their recent inclusion of site labeling and renaming tools.

6. Awesome Technical Support

The support staff at Kinsta is one of their greatest assets.

It is fully made up of seasoned WordPress developers and Linux hosting experts, and we mean it. This indicates that the technical level of help is among the best available. They even brag about hiring less than 1% of candidates.

Kinsta users never have to go through a chain of level 1 or level 2 support representatives since they always have access to genuine specialists who can answer their questions.

Kinsta provides live chat, a ticket system, and Intercom widget help around-the-clock. It’s actually a pretty clever approach with a window that stays open while you switch between dashboard pages and an automatically preserved chat history.

From my experience, every email we sent received a response in under three minutes. All the people we talked to were very helpful, informed and supplemented their responses with connections to resources for further study. All in all, a very great experience that was backed up by pages of raving client testimonials praising Kinsta’s support staff.

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 19

Additionally, we adore the often updated Kinsta blog and useful knowledge base, which includes guides, articles, and a glossary of technical jargon.

7. Simple Set-up and Migration

We were surprised by how quick and easy it was to join up for Kinsta. Making an account just took a few seconds, and after that, a variety of information geared toward everyone from complete novices to seasoned developers appeared on our new dashboard.

Following that, we got several helpful follow-up emails outlining how to connect our website and asking if we had any questions.

Consequently, this brings us to our second point: every Kinsta plan also includes at least one free site migration from an existing host, handled by their team of professionals.

It’s clearly far easier to let the experts handle such a crucial work than to attempt a manual migration (which is also an option with Kinsta’s help). Simply request a migration from your dashboard to avoid any downtime. When the migration is finished, you’ll receive a notification so you can make sure everything is functioning flawlessly.

Although Kinsta doesn’t provide a free trial, it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which we quite honestly like to give users enough time to really get a feel for the software. There are different membership tiers (more on that later), but we appreciated how the plans were explained.

8. Ultimate Security of your Website

Kinsta provides many options to maintain the security and safety of your website.


  • Daily backups
    Both system-generated backups for all of the sites on your account and daily automated backups of WordPress are provided by Kinsta. On the MyKinsta dashboard, these are accessible as restore points and
  • Manual backups
    Up to five manual backups are allowed, one of which can be even downloaded locally.
  • Event backups
    Additionally, some occurrences cause an automatic backup. A copy of your live site is created, for instance, when you go from staging to production, in case something goes wrong.
  • External backups
    With this new service, you may backup your website to Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 for a charge. It streamlines the procedure, helps you save time, and gives you the security of an offshore backup.

Even better, to provide you as much space as possible, backups are not included in your total disk space consumption.

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 21

The following security aspects are noteworthy:

  • Support for SSL and hardware firewalls
    Free one-click SSL certificate activation. By integrating Cloudflare, all Kinsta sites have automatic wildcard SSL support.
  • Continuous monitoring
    In the case of your site becoming hacked or going down, Kinsta’s personnel are alerted promptly and they straight set to work on resolving it.
  • Automatic security patch updates
    Free hack repairs, code injection and DDoS defenses, and daily malware/spyware checks.
  • Name servers
    We found it interesting that most hosts provide two name servers so that DNS pointing can be accomplished. But Kinsta provides 4, each with a separate website suffix (.net,.org), so you can trust on the others to keep your site up and running even if one goes down. Another minor illustration of Kinsta’s best efforts.

9. Excellent for Traffic Pikes

Who said that expanding your website needed to be so challenging? Scalability, a direct result of Kinsta’s cloud-based architecture, is another excellent feature.

Kinsta’s interface with the Google Compute Engine enables a website’s container to scale dramatically to as many CPUs as necessary in the event of an unanticipated traffic surge. Your WordPress site won’t crash as the cloud automatically scales to handle the load.

Many third-party hosts, in contrast, are limited to 2–6 CPUs per Virtual Private Server.

You will be informed at 80% and 100% usage if you do over the monthly visits cap of your plan, but you will still be required to pay an overage cost of ($1/1,000 visits) after a certain number of visitors.

What matters is that your website will continue to be accessible. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend money on sponsored advertising or eventually become viral, only to have your website crash just as you were basking in the limelight. Imagine all the opportunities lost.

If you are aware that such significant traffic occurrences are due to occur, Kinsta additionally provides an Exponential Traffic Spikes and Surges Upgrade.

10. Designed for E-Commerce

Kinsta, in all honesty, is fantastic news for any WordPress-based e-commerce site.

After all, WordPress continues to be one of the most alluring platforms for business owners thanks to free plugins like WooCommerce.

But these e-commerce websites are also the ones that may quickly become resource-intensive and intimidating, especially since these plugins are frequently what make up the most sophisticated technical aspects of WordPress.

Kinsta — Ultimate Review of this Wordpress Hosting Service — 23

WordPress-using business owners stand to benefit greatly from Kinsta’s support and simple administration tools. In particular:

  • With regulations in place to ensure optimized functionality for e-commerce sites, quick server-level page caching is in place. Cart, My-Account, and checkout pages are examples of pages that shouldn’t ever be cached.
  • Kinsta is a long-term remedy for combating growth discomfort. Simply pay for the next tier up to upgrade your plan if your traffic exceeds the limits of your existing one. There is no requirement for difficult host server migrations, which are a genuine possibility on shared hosts. This is a huge bonus for websites that keep creating product pages at an exponential rate.

Overall, Kinsta can provide a LOT to any business owner who wants to concentrate more on expanding his company and less on the specifics of maintaining his website online.

Kinsta Review: Conclusion

This math is simple. Use WordPress, have money to spare, and require power? Kinsta. Right now, look at its most effective plans.

You require power but lack the necessary funds. Try to get that money while considering your life, investments, and everything else. This power is unique and unavailable elsewhere.

Really lacking in funds? Try a bargain-priced shared hosts. My top choices are Hostinger and InterServer, but don’t even assume for a second that you’ll be getting anything close to what Kinsta offers.


Is Kinsta worth the price?

The managed WordPress hosting options from Kinsta are well worth the price of admission if you have the extra cash. The power of the servers utilized to run Kinsta sites is very difficult for other hosts to match, and our performance tests were, well… Although they weren’t “off” the charts, they did offer the most attractive charts we now have.

Where are Kinsta’s data centers located?

Kinsta doesn’t, in fact, have any data centers. The Google Cloud Platform, which has data centers on every continent but Africa, manages all hosting. Remember, this is Google; it’s only a matter of time before there are one or ten data centers in Africa.

There are currently 8 data centers located from Los Angeles to Montreal, all in North America. There are so many options available.

Is Kinsta good for WordPress?

WordPress is Kinsta’s exclusive area of interest. It has software for managing many WordPress sites, servers built for handling it, and a support staff that is qualified to handle it. The irony is that you don’t have the same level of control and site ownership with, which may be the only host that works better for WordPress.

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