How to Optimize Images For Web Using 07 Free Tools

How to Optimize Images For Web

Media optimization matters by reducing the file size of your media file potential without losing state. One of the most common parts of reducing your site performances is your images. Also, image optimization is essential to every Website, even if you are hosting any powerful server.

Is it significant? The leading cause is that the most general websites are use graphics; there remain several image files. Giving these pictures uncompressed and in the illegal arrangement can drastically increase your web load times. This sort of model can have an extreme worry on the file size. Always use JPG or Png for each graphic image. And Nevermore uses uncomfortable file formats like Bmp or Tiff.

According to gtmetrix, There are a couple of forms of condensation that we want to know, Lossy and Lossless.

Images stored in a lossy format order seem lightly complex than the first image when uncompressed. Keep in understanding that this is only noticeable at literally close attention. Lossy squeezing is suitable for the web because pictures use a small vision but can be enough like the first image.

Images collected in lossless format hold all the data required to produce the first image. For this purpose, these images take a lot more extra data and, in appearance, are a huge file size. more about image optimization, read this article,

Suppose you are using heavy image files for your Website its direct impacts your website performance down. It is a case of SEO, and your visitor experiences nobody like to use additional data cost. Its impact to web owners too because bandwidth usage, CDN usage, and SEO ranking affect your Website media, even images.

How to Optimize Images Without Any Cost

There have two ways to reduce your pictures file.

  • Before uploading to Website
  • Using an add-on or plugin

Before Uploading to Website

An example of the simplest method to optimize images reduces them before uploading to your Website, notably if you’re working with fresh ideas like using a camera, Using a photoshop editor, or any high-quality files. There have several web tools to reduce image files without image condition and quality.

An example, your content needs a 720px image, but you upload full HD or maybe 2k or 4k images; it affects your visitors because they need to stay to load your pictures, possibly that image size 1MB. You can decrease using this one of the free tools just like 100kb, maybe 50kb, it’s suitable to user experience and website speed and ranking to SEO.


How to Optimize Images For Web

One excellent tool for resizing your images can be executed by decreasing their Width and length—the tool support Jpg, Png, Gif, and Bmp files formats. It has an easy method; you can drag and drop your image or click the upload button.

You can optimize 05 files at one time after you upload a display like this, and it reaches to change quality, height and Width, file format, and background color.


Image: is another media resize and optimization tool. Also, it can help you decrease the size of your images and photos drastically while keeping a high position with virtually no variation apparent to the sight. Choose from lossy or lossless condensation to get the most appropriate balance between picture state and file capacity. Also, it featured drop pictures or clicked to Browse snd compress jpg, png, gif, webp. And allow Maximum one-time storage of 10 MB.

03. TinyPNG


TinyPNG works with clever lossy concentration methods to decrease the file of your image files. It also supports WebP, png, and jpg images format to optimize. You can, on the one-time, drop to 20 images a maximum of 5MB for each file. And you can download all files from one zip file. TinyPNG provided a Website scan tool it helps with how it wants to optimize your images. It also has a similar web tool named, the same as



This online tool provides you to reduce and resize your images. You can Choose many photos in jpg, png, or BMP format. Also, you can modify it to Png or Jpg format. The tool hasn’t been limited or has some restrictions. You can optimize your file without limitation; even devices not only have image optimization prospects, but they also provide some other features like Image resizer, Password generator, and GIF Creator.



Reduce jpg, png, and gif with the most excellent quality and confining ad. Reduce the file capacity of your photos as a whole. is not just an image optimizer tool. They have multiple tools with images. Like Resizer, Crop images, Convert to Jpg, Png, Rotate images, Watermark, Editor, Meme creator, and Html to image. But there have some limitations to the free version, as you can only 30 images optimize at one time.


You can resize images without modifying their status. You can browse and upload the photos you need to shorten—the supported file formats, Jpg, Png, BMP also GIF. Also, have other similar tools including, Image Compressor, Optimizer, Converter. But you can use only one file at one time.



Another free tool for Quickly resizing and editing your pictures online. Also, their editing tool gives additional features such as rotate, flip, smaller or customize, set a border, etc. Multiple images resize you to resize up to 100 shots at one time. If the work is finished, that will be ready to download resized pictures in a zip file.

There are many other tools to optimize your images files online also; you can use local software. 


Adobe photoshop

Screenshot 4
Screenshot: adobe photoshop – Save for Web

Suppose you are an adobe photoshop user no need to use online options. In that case, you can use their feature as Save for Web option; it is easy to use, and live preview is excellent to quality us images and saves it any primary file format. Multiple photoshop software has options to resize your image file.

Websites usually have various beautifying images, such as background photographs, badges—anything unnecessary files. That can happen in extensive blended file sizes and heavy load times. You want to get a more intimate aspect of your embellishing images so people won’t disturb your Website. You need to reduce the file sizes of everything on your site and practice a template that reduces file sizes.

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