How to Custom Reset WordPress Site Using Free Plugins

Reset WordPress Site Using Free Plugins

Probably you are looking to reset Fully, or custom reset your WordPress website. This article explains how to reset a website without paying any payment. Before Reset Anything Identify, regularly make a backup first if you have important content or anything.

How to Rest WordPress Database

Using Advanced WordPress Reset plugin

How to Rest WordPress Database
Advanced WordPress Reset By Younes JFR.

If you want WordPress Database back to its original fresh installation, this plugin will help without advancing into WordPress standard formation. 

How to Rest WordPress Database

Resets the database; remove all your data; your plugins and themes files are also stored; remove all content, posts, and pages.

Advanced WordPress Reset

Using WP Reset Plugin

Advanced WordPress Reset
WP Reset WebFactory Ltd

Immediately resets the site’s database to the original installation. Also, you can allow the rare options to remove all customizations, even posts, pages, or sections like plugin reset.

Reset Theme Prospects: If you need to reset your themes options, settings will reset all themes, Including not activated themes. 

Reset Theme Prospects

Delete Themes: You can remove all your installed, even not activated themes.

Delete Themes

Delete Plugins: If you want to remove your plugins, you have two options: bulk delete or Use this plugin reset option; it is more useful than a bulk option because it removes all from your database, not holding any records.

Delete Plugins

Clear Uploads Folder: All files from the upload folder will be removed, including folders and subfolders and data in subfolders. Files combined with parts records will be destroyed. Also, you can remove it from your hosting file manager path –

Clear Uploads Folder

Purge Cache: You can remove the site cache using this feature if you do not install a cache plugin.

Purge Cache

Remove Transients: All temporary relevant database records, including ended and non-expired transients and temporary timeout insertions, will be erased.

Remove Transients

Delete Local Data and Cookies: It will erase all local storage, and the remaining storage data will be erased. Erasing all authentication cookies and all WP-associated cookies.

Delete Local Data and Cookies

Remove Drop-ins: The name implies that needed plugins that WP automatically initiates can’t be deactivated through the plugins panel. It s a pro feature if you want to do it without paying any. Read this article How to Remove A Plugin When You Can’t Delete From Panel.

Also, a premium version wants to reset deeply and customize their site, including Content Reset, Screencap, Fix Recovery, Support, Reset Dashboard, White Label, User Functions, and Erase Widgets.

Additionally, you can use your theme feature to reset your data; there are some themes on how to reset with theme features.

Blocksy User: If you are a blocksy user, you can reset from the theme option.  Appearance – Customization – General – Manage Option – Reset .

blocksy user

Astra Users: Astra Customizer Reset Install this plugin; once you activate the plugin, go to Theme Customize. The reset button will surface at the summit of the customizer.

Astra Customizer Reset Install this plugin,

Any Theme Users: Customizer Reset Install This Plugin. This plugin eliminates all theme corrections that are listed through Customizer API. Reset theme customizations through 1 click. It works with any WP theme.

How to access Media Library Folders? Install this plugin – Media Library Folders for WordPress


After activated, this automatically creates exact folders in your WordPress Media Library. If you access Media Library for WordPress, it exposes the Media uploads folder wherever you wish to view the level binders like;

How to access Media Library Folders

Finally, there are more tools and plugins to reset the WordPress site easily; if you find more, a good tool is provided below.

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