Gutentor Review: A Page Builder For Gutenberg

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Gutentor plugin features an expandable page builder with rich patterns that work with any theme. You can make any related web page quickly.

So, let’s get started with this Gutentor Review.

Website speed is affected by bloated page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and others. The Gutentor plugin, on the other hand, is designed for speed and customization.

And it has features that allow you to create stylish web pages without knowing how to code. You only need the native editor and a customizable WordPress theme.

Its simple design and easy configuration save a lot of time. It contains a list of one-of-a-kind Gutenberg blocks for creating pages and posts.

You can also access 300+ demo elements.

The plugin comes with various blocks you can use according to your tastes.

It features drag and drops to create your website. Slider selection, typography, animation, HTML, background, border, shadow, padding, and other customizations give your website a unique look.

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Gutentor Features


Gutentor provides customization options for all blocks and widgets, including page or post-like page builder features.

You can pick the addon with an HTML tag, such as a header, footer, article, etc. Select the background for any block, including solid or gradient colors, videos, and images. 

Gutentor Blocks

Gutentor allows you to create borders for any blocks you desire. Solids, dots, insets, outsets, dashes, and doubles provide this feature.

You can also use a four-cornered radius border. An essential part is customizing box shadows for any block, top, and bottom, to at least 20 different shapes.

Using the animation feature, you can choose various animation options for each block, including flip, fade, zoom, etc.

Use display mode to determine which devices can see a block if you don’t want it to appear on mobile devices. So let’s look at a few of the blocks that come with this plugin. Read my article about the CosmosWP Theme Review.

Gutentor Review

1. Advanced Column

Advanced Column

You have nearly 20 options for selecting columns when creating a section.

Also, enable sticky columns to advance much farther. That allows you to create a custom layout design for your website using a range of column styles.

While testing each element with a modified template, you can display a post or type in a list or grid layout.

Many features, especially for bloggers, benefit from presenting articles with attractive designs.

You can also use post ids to include or exclude posts if you want to show them in a different order, such as categories, tags, titles, or dates. 

Feature images, meta, buttons, titles, and descriptions can be deactivated or activated. The image, title, meta, outside post box, post shadow, borders, spacing, merge, and colors can all be customized for you.

It has the potential to create a stunning feature post section. Other Gutenberg plugins typically don’t have this option.

This opportunity is even offered as a paid feature in some page builders.

On the other hand, this plugin does it for free and with more customization. Read my article about the WordPress Themes Demo Content.

3. Feature Category and Advanced Text

You can use an advanced text section to customize the title and paragraph text, including layout editing, padding, margins, borders, and box shadow.

For the background section, users can also use images or videos. Use this block to show the featured category section, just like the featured post.

4. Duplex and advanced posts.

Duplex Post

The Duplex Post block can use in any feature or regular post.

The ideal display of featured sections is the newspapers and media websites. You can create intelligent post spaces by correctly arranging the areas.

There are six other types of animation post-modules included as well. Read my article about the Best Alternative To Adsense List.

5. The Author Box

The author box is where most bloggers describe themselves, and you can customize the background color, shadow, and border.

Using the Creator Profiles block, customize the writers’ bio style, name, caption, and button.

6. News Ticker and Post Carousel

This option can display the news ticker area if you have a news-related website. Marquee, Vertical, Horizontal, and Typewriter are the four designs available.

Excellent carousel selections will simplify creating a post, review, or product. It allows for 1–12 placements while maintaining a fantastic design.

7. Rating


If you run a review website, this block is handy; it will do it for you if you want to rate something like a professional.

Colors, background width, size, and other customizations are available.

Use the rank element to develop a number between 1 and 10 or a custom range. Read an article about Google Publisher Partners.

8. Restaurant Menu 

Restaurant Menu 

If you run a restaurant or hotel-related website, it can display a product menu with a price table. 

WooCommerce Goods, prices, carts, and blocks are fully functional, allowing users to show the parts and recipes present in the restaurant with other features.

9. The Separator Block

The Separator block allows users to identify between pages or other site features and submit unique forms with fantastic shapes.

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10. Google Map

With the advanced part of Google Maps, the user can display the exact location of an organization, corporation, or any other site.

11. Social Icons

Users can use the Social block to present pages from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin on your websites.

12. The Gallery Block

The Gallery Block allows the user to create a stunning image gallery with a description, ideal for a showcase, company, or product.

Gutentor Templates Library

Templates Library

You can select the 300+ templates and blocks free from the template library; it’s beneficial for a designer to adjust that pre-built template.

These are compatible with every theme, with templates for the blog section, the home page, the call to action, the about us, contact us, hero, blocks, and template kits.

Gutentor Optimization


You can disable unnecessary blocks, widgets, elements, and terms that can help reduce loading time for your website.

It can manage an individual’s optimized CSS for a post or page. You can disable the post if you use it only for page building. 

It is competent to reduce your browser’s requests.

You can disable it if you don’t need resources, including Font Awesome, animation, the Count UP block, Popup Features, etc.

Gutentor Review: Conclusion

Gutuntor is better at Gutenberg block plugins than other plugins. With this similar page builder customization, you can build your dream project.

Creating pages and posts in the block editor is easier, avoiding third-party plugins like Elementor, Oxygen, and BB.

Other page builders, especially Elementor, require vast servers than Gutenberg. 

Elementor is eating up server resources, and you’ll have to pay if you want more.

If you use an impact page builder, you’ll need an excellent hosting service with plenty of server resources.

There are a few customization options if you use Elementor for free.

Many plugins impact websites, while others have CPU-intensive hidden growth usage. Include WooCommerce, Statistics, Gallery, Carousel, and JetPack.

They can affect various factors, including lacking server response times and render-blocking resources.

It’s best if you upgrade to the pro version. Otherwise, you’ll have to install additional add-on plugins to make your website heavier.

It is a free plugin with add-ons; you will not suffer financially by using it.

Most page builders have developed pro versions, and you can save money by using that plugin. You don’t need to code because it is a simple drag-and-drop block system. A page builder isn’t required to create a stunning website.

Compared to page builders, faster loading times. Many page builders generate extra CSS and HTML data so that the page slows down and wastes your time and money. 

You can’t modify the visible building choice; this suggests that many page builders have a simple visual building feature for editing, but Gutenberg doesn’t.

It offers many features that can be adjusted. Furthermore, loading times are slow when compared to other Gutenberg plugins.

Hosting Recommendation

Await the code.


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