GeneratePress vs Blocksy Themes Comparison In 2022

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GeneratePress and Blocksy themes are both my favorites. Both are elegant, but there are many differences, so let’s look deeply into GeneratePress vs Blocksy.


  • Excellent WordPress theme with a long track record.
  • Dev approach is unique with useful hooks and elements.
  • Premium version includes a great starter library and a unique design that I like.
  • A large and influential population with real devs.
  • Lightweight and with ideal features crafted


  • Header builder is the best header builder I’ve ever seen.
  • Blocksy Content Block is my favorite and is a grand pro feature.
  • 20+ Free starter sites with pretty built-in styles.
  • It’s beginner-friendly and shouldn’t require technical skills.
  • Excellent interface for customizing your website’s layouts.

Compared to the GeneratePress free version, the Blocksy free version offers multiple more features. It might even have better components than most of the PAID themes. 

While the premium versions are great, especially Content Blocks, a great feature both themes offer. GeneratePress is great for coders and has very light.

Blocksy is excellent for those who want to design everything in a graphical UI.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress Themes Comparison

Both themes are available in free and paid versions.

It’s no wonder that free themes are relatively simple and have limited options. In contrast, paid themes are nicer looking and offer more customization.

Free themes typically do not include help because developers market their paid themes. Premium themes include extra support in addition to more functions.

Some providers stop maintaining their previous themes when introducing new themes. Especially on prominent websites, free themes are generally not a good choice.

You’ll indeed come to the stage where you need functionality or a modification that the free theme does not offer. At least choose a free theme with a pro version you can switch to if you want to use it.

I noticed most free versions don’t provide a “HOOK” strategy, even GeneratePress and Blocksy.

Also, be careful with overly minimal themes; they may be fast but occasionally incomplete. So it will need a ton of plugins to do other features so that website speed will go downhill from those types of themes and plugins. 👉 Read Sydney Theme Review.

So let’s review the Blocksy vs GeneratePress free and pro comparison.

Disclaimer – I use aff links to Blocksy PRO and appreciate your support.

Blocksy vs GeneratePress Free Versions

Free Version Features Blocksy GeneratePress
Remove Copyright Footer
Native authors’ field
Sticky Header
Grid Blog Structure
Live Preview
Integrated with WooCommerce
Starter sites 
Compatible with Page Builders
Color Palette
Header/Footer Visual Builder
PHP Version  7.0/ higher 5.4.0 / higher
Recently Update
Google fonts. 
Cache dynamic CSS
Left and Right, both sidebars

GeneratePress Free

GeneratePress Free

GeneratePress is a solidly built WordPress theme focusing on a lightweight experience. As a result, a fresh GeneratePress installation is just 10 to 20 kb per page. 

I think the GeneratePress UI is flawless, with just the correct number of options while remaining very simple. But, the free version is limited, so if you want to get through the theme and its brilliance, like Hook, field, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium edition. 

If you’re new to WordPress, the free edition of GeneratePress may make you wonder, “What the hell man?”

GeneratePress is not beginner-friendly; you have a blank sheet to play with.

GP does not include the native authors’ fields, so; you’ll also need to install another plugin to show it. Also, doesn’t have a native breadcrumb; as a result, you will need to use a third-party plugin to display breadcrumbs. 

The free version is not allowed to remove the copyright footer. But it is simple to REMOVE from the footer PHP.

The theme is compatible with all page builders, including Elementor, BB, WP-Bakery, and the Gutenberg block editor.


GenerateBlocks library is simple and minimal. Also, GenerateBlocks is my favorite Gutenberg Block plugin, and I use it for most of my designs.

It seems simple, but when you look at their settings, you’ll notice that each one has a lot more customization, and some don’t even have fancy block plugins. I like it, and it’s too minimal, not bloated.

I think it will be too minimalistic for newbies. But if you prefer a simple one, I assume that grids and container blocks can enable you to create everything. GenerateBlocks is fantastic if you want to keep the design tight and fresh.

If you need more styles, you should start with a different collection. Look 👇

Blocksy Free

 Blocksy Free

Most free themes have very little customizability, so the site looks null, lacks customization, and appears ugly. Even so, the Blocksy theme provides more patterns and versatility than one’s custom styles, which is why it looks impressive.

👉 Read my Blocksy theme review for depth

Blocksy is beneficial for non-coders as it requires no technical expertise and is very user-friendly. If you’re new to WordPress and come across a theme but don’t know which one to use, this is a great option that I regularly recommend.

Blocksy provides 20+ pre-built sites in the free version; it is excellent, not limited to a typical style. It is valuable to beginners and only needs a single click to import them. 

The starter webpages on Blocksy are well-balanced so that you can quickly adjust anything. They always look stunning. 

Blocksy’s Header Builder is an award-winning feature.

Suppose you struggled to create an original menu layout without coding. In that case, you’ll enjoy how powerful and versatile Blocksy is. It was the perfect header builder I’ve seen in a theme; you could get a similar thing to happen with page builders.

The theme allows you to customize the header with graphical UI and widgets with three customized rows, and the premium version enables you to create many more.

Using three layers, similar to the header, you can design with endless UI elements by dragging and dropping various pieces onto the footer.

You can also modify the “Copyright-Text” and put it wherever you want without requiring an extra script.

Blocksy Companion offers the theme with more widgets, cookie popups, and Mailchimp and WooCommerce integrations. Also, social networking, contacts, ads, mailings, popular articles, and other widgets are among them.

Highlight any of your successful content or products based on user response.

The companion offers access to a lot of the features. Most themes do not yet include the “Cookie Notice” option, but this plugin provides it. However, additional plugins significantly slow down your website. 

Blocksy makes your content appear flawlessly organized and diverse without pushing it into that classic look. It seems tasty, with plenty of configurations and Blocksy’s exciting built-in features.

Compared to specific WordPress themes, the Blocksy free version has far more features than most high-end themes. Blocksy Free and Pro versions are distinct in a few features. Still, the free version generally provides all website’s essential stuff. 

GeneratePress vs Blocksy Premium Versions

Both pro versions have excellent features and appear identical, but the Blocksy UI is designed for ease of use, whereas the GP pro version is a powerful tool for experts.

GeneratePress Premium

GeneratePress Premium

GeneratePress Premium surpasses the free version by providing a lot of additional functionality.

The best features in the pro version are the theme builder, stater templates library, and hook sections with enhanced customization options.

If you upgrade to GP premium, you have exclusive access to the theme’s source code.

That enables complete control over the platform’s structure and various components. You can experiment with multiple page layouts without hiring a developer.

Even if you’re a developer, GP makes things easier by enabling you to manage various tasks using a pleasing user experience. It takes less effort to build the site and less effort to serve the customer in the long term.

GeneratePress facilitates very intuitive features that numerous other themes do not.

HOOK feature, for example, allows you to have content segments without requiring a top-heavy page builder or writing code.

Okay, it’s similar to their own sub-builder, and it’s genuinely organized in a manner that is more logical to me than a website builder.

The theme builder gives your website more style and lets you design things more authentically. Still, to use it properly, you need to have at least some essential coding knowledge.

The “ELEMENTS” feature lets you quickly modify website layouts and templates. It features a real-time graphical user experience for hooks and filtering.

You can choose from various “hooks” and filters with GeneratePress to precisely manage what content appears where and on what pages.

With GP Premium’s Site collection, you can install a ready-made website on-site and use it as a base to develop your brand. Read Magazine Website With GeneratePress.

For newcomers, there are many advantages, such as support and documentation.

GeneratePress was created primarily by one guy. So don’t expect professional-level support, but you can submit a ticket in a support forum to get help.

GP Premium provides a decent pricing model. A one-year membership costs $59, and permanent license prices are $249. Both versions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It can also be deployed on up to 500 domains.

genaratepress premium
Genaratepress premium Price

Blocksy Premium

Blocksy Premium

Blocksy, like other themes, has a premium version, but if you’re starting to run a simple website like a blog, you don’t need it. Blocksy Pro provides Simple Pricing for All, a comprehensive plan that includes everything you might need and more.

There are three plans:

  • Personal—$49 for a one-year – $149 for a lifetime license.
  • The professional-the lifetime cost of 5-site is $199, or $69 per year.
  • The agency Package for the unlimited license is $299 over a lifetime or $99 yearly.
Blocksy pro pricing

The premium version is unique. I’ve already noted my favorite pro feature, “Content Blocks.” Here are some more developed proficient features. 👇

Header Builder, I’ve already stated that, but the pro version allows you to make an unlimited number of headers and display them as required on different pages. In Pro Features, the new elements provide you with countless design options.

Like the header, create many more footers as you wish, then choose when to display them on the webpage. You can display the built-in footer whenever you need to, based on the display and visitor status.

Footer pro elements explore the additional features that provide many solutions.

You can create eye-catching dropdown menus and a vast menu that can include any content with the Extended Panel. Every menu item may have a text symbol. It can customize everything, including the overlying height and the displayed columns’ design.

Attaching content blocks to a giant menu top column enables a wide assortment of useful features for the content. To have each item formatted individually to your tastes, adjust the extended design options for the menu items’ different designs.

All of Blocksy’s typographical options are enabled by Custom Fonts, which can use as many WOFF fonts as you upload. There are also other options, like custom personalization and font changes. Read Image Optimization Plugins.

For even greater levels of trust, white label features on the website can replace the current brand. Changing the titles, plugins, publishers, and graphics and turning off the brand panel with a simple tick. Read my CosmosWP Theme Review.

The custom sidebar is another one of my favorite parts. It lets you quickly give each website page a unique design by assigning various sidebars from the same place as controlling widgets. (Astra vs Blocksy vs Generatepress)


Blocksy and GeneratePress themes are distinct in their approaches, and which is more suitable depends on your purpose.

GeneratePress has limited functionality in the free edition; however, if you want to use the WordPress block editor to customize each element of your website completely. 

The paid version makes it a fully functional design feature that can do everything. It’s a good theme for developers because it requires some coding knowledge to use all of GP’s features.

Blocksy proves the multiple enhanced features in its free version. So most probably, don’t think about getting the premium upgrade. Blocksy is the right choice if you want more features.

It is suitable for beginners because there are almost a lot of features in your hand. The free edition has more features than it might even have more than most premium themes.

Numerous factors can influence how visitors see your website. Therefore, a solid, attractive website design is essential for building trust and driving traffic and attention.

A good theme can sometimes give you an advantageous position for your website. Multifunctional themes can assist you in achieving incredible results over time.

It’s worth noting that getting a free theme from the WordPress theme library is strongly recommended to guarantee that it’s up to date and well-coded.

Thanks for reading my article about Blocksy vs GeneratePress. I hope you can see the differences between the themes and select the one that best suits your tastes.

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