GeneratePress vs Blocksy WordPress Themes Comparison

GeneratePress vs Blocksy Both are notable themes for any project. Most developers use GeneratePress because it is lightweight and customizable. You can activate and deactivate elements you do not want. Also, theme-coded without jQuery. 

That’s the basis for some people choosing GeneratePress. Blocksy theme is easy to customize, and the free version allows advanced customization at your fingertips. You can easily create any website, such as blogs or large businesses. 

The free version is delightful because it has many convenient features. Blocksy is suitable for beginners who lack coding skills, and the theme features are rich. These top free themes are known for their simple, customizable features. 

It also includes layouts for you to utilize on any website. If you’re a newcomer, you should begin with some pre-built demos. It’d be ideal to think about it before installing a WordPress theme. After all, modifying a theme is difficult and time-consuming. 

You must focus on this before making a final decision. It should be well-coded in WordPress’s requirements. Flexibility and compatibility with other plugins. As website performance is an important ranking criterion for search engines like Google.

The theme should be optimized for speed and SEO. It needs a fully customizable and attractive appearance and regular updates. The free versions are available on the WordPress theme directory, and you can get them. Let’s start with the comparison.

GeneratePress and Blocksy Themes Comparison

Free Version FeaturesBlocksyBlocksy
Remove Copyright Footer
Native authors’ field
Sticky Header
Grid Blog Structure
Live Preview
Integrated with WooCommerce
Starter sites 
Compatible with Page Builders
Color Palette
Header/Footer Visual Builder
PHP Version 7.0/ higher5.4.0 / higher
Recently Update
Google fonts. 
Cache dynamic CSS
Left and Right both sidebars


GeneratePress is a solidly built WordPress theme.
GeneratePress By Tom

1. GeneratePress Free

GeneratePress is a solidly built WordPress theme, focusing on a fast experience and adaptability. When creating a WordPress website, everyone worries about the website’s performance. The fresh GeneratePress installation is just 10 to 20 kb per page size.

But, the GeneratePress free version is limited, so if you want to get through the theme and its brilliance, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium edition. It’s also a personal developer theme. That means considerable support does not back it.

GeneratePress does not include the native authors’ fields. You’ll also need to install another plugin to show it, and it doesn’t have a native breadcrumb. You will need to use a third-party plugin to display breadcrumbs. It is not allowed to remove the copyright footer. 


The theme is compatible with all page builder plugins, including Elementor, BB, WP-Bakery, and Gutenberg’s WordPress block editor. Also, GeneratePress is a collaboration with the GenerateBlocks plugin.

The free version includes some valuable WooCommerce functionalities. Company notice, product information options, the quantity of the products, show items or groups, shopping cart page, etc. Related: Magazine Website With GeneratePress.

2. GeneratePress Premium

Offering multiple new functions, GeneratePress Premium is a massive improvement to the free version. A theme builder, a website library, and enhanced customization. You have complete access to the theme’s coding if you upgrade to GP premium. 

It allows complete control of the platform’s structure and different elements. In the Theme Editor, you can customize CSS changes. The theme builder will add more taste to your website, allowing you to design things creatively. But, basic CSS skills are needed.

GP Premium’s Site library enables you to install a pre-built website on your site and use it as a framework to build your brand. There is a significant benefit for beginners, including support and documentation. GeneratePress was created primarily by one guy. 

So don’t expect professional-level support. You can submit a ticket in a support forum to get help. It is a brilliant theme, filled with all the features you need. The paid edition brings many functions, making it a fantastic tool for creating stunning websites.

GeneratePress is a brilliant theme, filled with all the features you need. The paid edition brings many functions, making it a fantastic tool for creating stunning websites. On the other hand, if you don’t know your way around coding, you’ll need a website builder. 

GP Premium provides a decent pricing model. A one-year membership costs $59, and permanent license prices are $249. Both versions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It can also be deployed on up to 500 domains.

genaratepress premium
Genaratepress premium Price


Blocksy WordPress Theme
Blocksy By creativethemes

1. Blocksy Free

Blocksy theme is highly customizable, as the free edition offers avant-garde customization. It also has a Pro version. However, if your project isn’t complicated, you won’t need it. You can create any type of website, from simple blogs to enterprise websites. 

It is a straightforward option to make every website element, including the headers, bottom, navigation bars, layout, tabs, etc. The theme has color palettes and changes the colors of the fonts, buttons, headings, and other elements. 

You can modify the header and widgets by featuring three customizable columns and a sticky header, which are included in the free version. The footer’s drag-and-drop creates a pretty website. The theme comes with a variety of 13+ free beginning templates


It is advantageous for beginners and only requires a single click. All of their starter websites are elegant and useful. The child theme works in combination with a primary theme. You can change it without affecting the primary one. 

You don’t need to create a child theme because Blocksy provides it free. Blocksy Companion is a plugin that extends the theme’s capabilities. Widgets, cookie notices, Mailchimp, WooCommerce, social icons, contact information, ads, and recent posts. 

Furthermore, highlight your successful articles or products based on all comments or pageviews. The “Cookie Notice” feature does not yet come with most theme plugins. But, additional plugins significantly slow down your website. 

So that’s not required if you don’t need to. It would help if you prevented extra plugins on your website. Also, WooCommerce compatible includes additional options to assist you in getting started quickly. It has handy features.

You can update visitors on a new part or a special offer on your website. It’ll be an ideal Gutenberg theme to create a website. It designed by “Creative Themes” also has helpful video tutorials on YouTube. 

2. Blocksy Pro

It has a paid version like other themes, although it isn’t necessary if you’re running an uncomplicated website. It has many unique features to help you create a terrific website and promote your business. 

  • Multiple Sidebars Provide a different sidebar for a separate webpage.
  • Custom Blocks allow you to put any content on your website.
  • Host Local Google Fonts on your web server.
  • Advanced menus on your website can help with stunning menus.
  • Explore the new header features, including separators, widgets, translations, etc.
  • You can use custom fonts in any design with advanced features.
  • White labels can promote your name and brand on the websites you create. 
  • Custom Code Add header and footer codes.
  • Multiple Footers Create different footers for your website.
blocksy pro annual pricing
Blocksy pro Annual pricing
blocksy pro lifetime pricing
Blocksy pro Lifetime pricing


These two themes ha each is different in their approach. Themes are more suitable according to your purpose. GeneratePress contains limited functionality in the free edition. However, the paid version makes it a complete piece of design that does almost whatever. 

GeneratePress Pro is the power if you want to customize each element of your website with the capability of the WordPress block editor. It is a suitable theme for those who enjoy developing because you need some coding skills to use full features from GP.

Blocksy presents the most elevated features in its free version. There is probably a prevalence of users not considering purchasing the premium upgrade. 

Blocksy is the right choice if you want more features. It is suitable for beginners because there are almost a lot of features in your hand. The free edition has more features than other free themes, and it might even have more than most premium themes.


The most range of elements can affect how people view your website. As a result, having a solid, attractive website design is essential for building confidence and driving traffic and engagement. A decent theme may give you a great spot to put your website. 

Multipurpose themes can help you gain fantastic results over time. It’s also worth noting that getting a free theme from the WordPress theme library is strongly recommended to guarantee that it’s up to date and well-coded.

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