Freshsales CRM Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Features and Functionality

Small business owners who are interested in implementing Freshsales CRM should read this review.

  • You can manage outbound email campaigns from your CRM with Freshsales.
  • Cloud-based phone service is included in all subscription plans.
  • AI-driven insights are included in higher-tier plans to help you stay on top of deals and increase revenue.

A leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Freshsales by Freshworks offers an excellent combination of built-in communications tools and AI-powered features that go beyond the fundamental capabilities of the traditional sales pipeline, such as tracking and managing deals.

With built-in cloud telephony, you will have a lot more context about your prospects, including an instant view of their previous activities, call notes, previous conversations, and their overall score. This will allow you to close deals much more quickly. You will be able to better understand the key performance indicators that drive sales with the assistance of the platform’s ability to automatically log sales calls.

Freddy, the AI-powered assistant, will learn from the historical sales data, activities, and customer engagement that you provide in order to provide you with improved recommendations that you can implement throughout the customer journey. By enabling the chatbot on your website and providing accurate responses to the most frequently asked questions by customers, you can shorten the amount of time it takes for your website to provide its first response and generate new leads.

Exploring the Features and Benefits

Freshsales provides AI-powered chatbots, bulk email marketing tools, easy forms to capture customer data, and auto-enrichment to automatically add social and publicly listed information to your contacts’ listings. In addition, Freshsales provides native cloud-based phone support with toll-free and local business phone numbers that can be purchased in more than 90 countries.

Your team will have access to vital customer information and AI-powered insights if you combine fundamental communications tools with an automated sales pipeline. This will allow them to concentrate their efforts more effectively and close more deals in a shorter amount of time. You are able to use numbers from an existing plan while taking advantage of the benefits offered by the CRM platform through the use of the Enterprise plan, even if you are not yet ready to leave your current phone provider.

You can also manage all of your sales from your mobile device while you’re on the go thanks to the mobile app that comes standard with all of the plans. Even though chat, email, and phone support are included in the free version, we recommend upgrading to the Pro plan for the most comprehensive Freshworks experience. This plan provides AI-powered deal insights, time-based workflows, and multiple sales pipelines to assist teams in making more sales.
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You can set your priorities and sharpen your team’s focus by viewing all of the deals in your pipeline and their respective values.


  • Freshsales paid plans include Al-powered tools that provide actionable insights throughout the customer journey.
  • Freshsales includes a basic VoIP phone service with virtual phone numbers in over 90 countries.
  • With over 150 currencies and multi language support, you can manage global transactions.


  • The built-in phone system lacks cloud-based call management capabilities.
  • If you exceed your limit, you will be charged $75 for 1,000 additional bot sessions.
  • There is no discount for buying a large number of seats.

Your current business phone service provider and email marketing automation program may be able to be replaced by Freshsales CRM.


Freshsales is not one of the CRM platforms that we’ve found to be the easiest to learn and use, despite the fact that it is by no means one of the most difficult. The learning curve is something that applies to many of the AI-powered tools as well. These tools get better over time as they gain access to more historical data on sales, activities, and engagement. Freshworks makes it much simpler to understand your customers and provide better service to them once you and your team have established your visual sales pipelines, sequences, workflows, enriched contacts, and AI-based forecasting tools.

Increase the productivity of your team with the help of the platform’s many automated sales productivity tools, which include workflows, chat campaigns, lead capture, and sales sequences. You will reap the benefits of predictive contact scoring to help you prioritize your efforts, as well as recommendations for the next best action to take in order to close a deal, when you have all of Freddy AI’s features enabled. Access to the Freshworks API and simple integrations with widely used business applications are also included in the Freshworks package. Sales teams in a variety of industries use these tools on a daily basis.

Features of Freshsales

You’ll have everything you need to effectively manage your customer relationships and make sales with any one of the three paid plans offered by Freshsales. On the other hand, the Pro and Enterprise plans are the only ones that give users access to a significant number of the standout features that make Freshworks such a powerful CRM platform. Certain features, such as bulk email and sales sequences, have a predetermined cap on the number of actions that can be performed in a given day. This cap varies depending on the plan.

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  • Cloud telephony. Get inbound and outbound VoIP phone service with basic call management features and tools.
  • Freddy AI. Using intelligent tools, you can gain actionable insights across your customers’ journeys.
  • Bulk Emails. Create personalized email templates and track key metrics to improve performance.
  • Deal management. Increase revenue by staying on top of deals with automated follow-ups and predictions.

Cloud Telephony

Many subscribers to Freshworks are able to eliminate their need for a separate business phone system provider and instead make use of the CRM software that comes with an integrated cloud-based phone system to take advantage of many of the same calling features and tools. This feature gives you everything you need for a successful sales call, including call recording, call logs, voicemail, and phone numbers that are available for purchase in more than 90 countries around the world. You can make calls directly from any laptop or mobile device, and you can track all of the calling metrics to improve the effectiveness of your sales strategies and tactics.

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When using the integrated VoIP phone feature, you can access call logs, notes, and recordings to quickly gain context and enhance customer experiences.

Freddy AI

Freddy is an AI-powered assistant whose primary function is to assist you in developing a deeper understanding of your clientele. This feature gets better over time as it learns from the data in your CRM to provide predictions and recommendations that are tailored to your particular company’s aims and objectives. With Freddy’s data-backed suggestions for the next best action to keep the conversation moving forward, you can increase the chances of success for your team and avoid letting warm leads cool off by not letting them fall through the cracks. Automating chat conversations on your website to proactively interact with prospects and answer standard questions is another way to cut down on the amount of time it takes for your site to provide its first response.

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For the best open rates and engagement, you can schedule bulk emails by time zone using Freshsales.

Bulk Emails

Utilizing the time-saving potential of personalized bulk emails for outbound marketing campaigns is made simple with Freshsales’ platform. With the built-in tracking and reporting options, you have the ability to personalize emails with content that is highly targeted, monitor recipients’ open rates, and view their click-through rates. Freshsales assists teams in sending email messages at the appropriate time and notifies users in real time whenever a recipient interacts with their communications. You also have the option to reawaken dormant leads, send follow-up emails, and automatically capture leads from email correspondence.

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To help you prioritize your efforts and stay ahead of your sales goals, Freshsales can forecast revenue from deals.

Deal Management

Tracking and managing deals is one of the fundamental capabilities offered by Freshworks; the company refers to its deal feature as pipeline management 2.0. This indicates a significant advancement over the earlier functionality. This feature can assist you in making decisions that are more informed and timely by enabling you to predict the performance of each deal, engage with your prospects, and forecast revenue.

When you upgrade to the Enterprise plan, your CRM will have the ability to automatically enrich the contact sheets of each of your prospects by adding any relevant publicly available information. You are also able to identify bad deals and quickly move on from them, as well as manage your incentive structure to accommodate a variety of sales teams and scenarios.

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To help you prioritize your efforts and stay ahead of your sales goals, Freshsales can forecast revenue from deals.

Freshsales Pricing

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Freshsales provides users with the option of selecting from one of four pricing plans: Free, Growth, Pro, or Enterprise. These plans have prices that range from $0 to $69 per user per month when paid for annually. Freshsales does not impose a minimum seat requirement on any of their pricing plans, in contrast to the policies of many of their rivals, including Sales CRM and Keap. Additionally, Freshsales provides individual add-ons for branding documents as well as additional bot sessions. Using a trial account, you are able to test out any plan at no cost for a period of 21 days.


  • The starting price (per user/per month) — N/A.
  • Features — Contact and account management, deal management, lifecycle stages, built-in chatbot, email, phone, inbound caller ID, and mobile app.


  • The starting price (per user/per month) — $15.
  • Features — Everything in the Free plan, including a visual sales pipeline, AI-powered contact scoring, and sales sequences, as well as up to 2,000 bot sessions, 5 sales sequences, and 250 personalized bulk emails per day. WhatsApp Business, an activity dashboard, 20 workflows, 2GB of file storage, two-way email sync, call recording, and messaging integrations are all available.

Pro (most popular)

  • The starting price (per user/per month) — $39.
  • Features — Multiple sales pipelines, time-based workflows, 10 sales sequences and 1,000 personalized bulk emails per day, AI-powered deal insights, up to 3,000 bot sessions, territory management, offline access, 50 workflows, 5GB of storage, advanced call queues, lead-gen bot, and answer bot.


  • The starting price (per user/per month) — $69.
  • Features — Custom modules, AI-based forecasting, audit logs, up to 5,000 chatbot sessions, dedicated account manager, customer profile enrichment, 100GB of storage, 25 sales sequences and 5,000 personalized bulk emails per day, holiday call routing, and website tracking are all included in the Pro package.

During your first few months, keep a close eye on your use of chatbots, sales sequences, bulk emails, and API access hours to avoid overages or service interruptions.

Setting Up Freshsales

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Freshsales is not among the CRM platforms that are the easiest to get up and running, despite the fact that it is in no way difficult to use. All subscribers, with the exception of those on the Enterprise plan, will be tasked with setting up their system and making use of the 15 articles from the knowledge base that are categorized as “setting things up.” These articles provide clear and concise instructions for a variety of tasks, such as logging into the platform, adding new users, and converting sales emails into Freshsales leads, among other things.

You could also make use of a limited number of workflow templates as a starting point for optimizing the workflow to meet the requirements of your team. The request process can take up to two days to complete if you also plan to buy and configure a new local or toll-free phone number at the same time. After the procedure is finished, a phone widget will appear at the bottom of your Freshsales account, and you will then be able to start making calls.

Customer Support

Freshsales customer service is available via phone, email, and live chat around the clock, five days a week. This feature is included in all of the company’s pricing plans. Although many of our rivals, including Sales CRM, provide customer support around the clock, not all of them include phone contact, which we consider to be an essential mode of communication for support and which is not offered by all of them. Enterprise subscribers are each given a dedicated account manager who will personally handle any issues on the subscriber’s behalf and work to resolve them.

Freshsales provides its users with a variety of customer case studies and how-to videos that cover the fundamental features and tools in order to facilitate independent learning. There is also a program called the academy available on Freshworks, which includes classes to help you improve your skills and certifications for admins and agents to demonstrate your familiarity with the system.


Only weekdays are available for contact with the customer service department. In this sector of the economy, numerous rival businesses provide round-the-clock customer support for all of their pricing tiers, from basic to premium. Freshsales, on the other hand, provides support over the phone for all of its plan tiers, whereas its competitors, such as Sales CRM and Keap, do not provide this feature.

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Even with an Enterprise plan, the maximum number of bot sessions and other feature actions that can be performed each month is limited. Enterprise customers who subscribe to receive daily sales sequence emails, personalized bulk emails, and API access will encounter restrictions. Additional bot sessions can be purchased in bundles of one thousand for a price of seventy-five dollars.

During the first few months of operation, ensure that you keep a close eye on how much you use chatbots, sales sequences, bulk emails, and API access hours to avoid incurring excessive costs or experiencing disruptions in service.

Freshsales FAQs

Are Freshworks and Freshsales the same thing?

The former name of the Freshworks CRM has been changed to Freshsales. In order to provide support for a wide variety of business departments and teams, Freshworks has expanded its product offerings to include Freshdesk, Freshmarketer, Freshservice, Freshteam, Freshping, and Freshstatus.

Is Freshsales free to use?

Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is hosted in the cloud and designed to assist businesses in the collection of new sales leads and the management of interactions with prospective customers. The customer relationship management (CRM) platform is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and it features an AI tool that assists in the cultivation and conversion of leads.

Overall Value

Freshsales is recommended for…

  • Businesses interested in using chatbots to reduce first-response time.
  • Small businesses looking to cut their recurring software and service costs.
  • Small teams with extensive lead lists.

Freshsales is not recommended for…

  • Companies that do not use online lead capture.
  • Businesses that do not want to be concerned about overages.
  • Large corporations seeking enterprise-level discounts.

The Conclusion

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Because of its built-in cloud telephony and AI-powered chatbots, Freshsales is our top choice for a CRM platform with a focus on communications. This is largely due to the fact that it enables seamless selling across multiple channels.

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