CosmosWP WordPress Theme: My Review in 2022

CosmosWP theme is perfect with Gutenberg and one of the most customizable WordPress themes. It makes it easy to customize your website with various approaches to creating a different combination for you.

Theme features advanced configuration options; many aspects of your website, including widgets, navigation bars, forms, dropdown menus, and sections, are entirely in your control. Gutentor is a there Gutenberg block plugin with advanced features.

It will allow users to design websites, including weblogs, galleries, commercials, photography, entertaining, cafes, charitable, educational, healthcare, WooCommerce, and whatever you want with WordPress.

Also, it would be best if you cared about it before selecting a theme for your WordPress project. Because, after all the design, changing a theme is not straightforward, and it will be crucial; you need to concentrate on something.

But first, probably most important, the theme should be well-structured. It is written following WordPress’s standards. Customization, functionality, and integration with other plugins are all critical factors.

Even though website speed optimization is a critical ranking aspect for search engines such As google, the theme must be optimized for performance and SEO. It should have a nice look and be updated regularly.

CosmosWP Theme Performances

If you are interested in the performance of your website, this theme is a simple option for you. However, in my speed test, it was slower than Generatepress, Astra, Blocksy, OceanWP, and other popular fast themes.

Here are examples of my speed test of this WordPress theme with one blog demo site. I used Cloudways Digital Ocean Singapore with 1 GB of RAM for the test.

Cosmoswp wordpress theme Google Pagespeed Desktop
Google Pagespeed Desktop
CosmosWP wordpress theme Google Pagespeed Mobile
Google Pagespeed Mobile
Cosmoswp WordPress theme speed test Gtmetrix
Speed test Gtmetrix
Cosmoswp WordPress theme speed test Pingdom
Speed test Pingdom

In addition to Gutenberg, the theme is compatible with any page builder, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and WP Bakery, making it easy to create unique and modern websites using your preferred website builder. 


The far more impressive feature is its vast, creative configuration options. You can easily adjust quickly to even the slightest part of your website.

CosmosWP WordPress Theme Customization

The theme has impressive customization options, even in the free version. I haven’t listed all of the features, but the most important ones are listed here to see if this theme suits you. Build a Magazine Website With GeneratePress.

1. Website Layouts

Full-width, boxed, and fluid-width layouts are supported. Not only that but the length of your site’s structure can be customized.

Content layout

Content Boxes, Separate Boxes, Separate Content Boxes, Sidebar Boxes, Sidebar Separate, You can select from five of those options.

2. Header Builder

Theme Header

Cosmos-WP has a highly customizable, visible header option with exponential tools. Also, there are three header bars, including,

  • Heder top
  • Header main
  • Header bottom

The site heading and slogan are not generally used nowadays, as you place them in the website logo. However, if you’d like to display the title, you can use the logo option. It can also be used as the main menu for the header and footer.

A menu item’s color, text, border, submenu, styling, typography, margin, padding, and other features are highly configurable. You can also create a secondary menu. You can select limitless social icons with customization, margins, padding, and margins.

Social icons

If you are running a service or eCommerce website, you need to put your contact details in the best place; the theme offers that in the header. Cosmos-WP provides a customizable search box, including border, box-shadow, color, and typography options. You can place an advertisement or affiliate banner or enter an HTML code.

3. Global Colors

Color Settings CosmosWP

When designing websites, such as using the color options of this theme, it offers a wide range of color options for specific elements such as hover color, link, text, title, body, backgrounds, borders, form elements, etc.

4. Typography

Theme Typography

You can set these settings for the body, H1 to H6. Transform; style, size, letter spacing, height, font type, and weight are all options. Theme fonts, Google Fonts, custom fonts, and body and heading text are available. Additional Reading – Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg.

Theme footer

The theme has a highly customizable, obvious footer option with unlimited elements. They also have three-footer bars, including top, middle, and bottom. You can drag and drop the items into the empty section.

Theme copyright text

Additionally, you can remove the footer theme credit, and there are endless aspects, including social, HTML, and various widget areas. All elements are customizable, including display style, layouts, margins, padding, box shadows, and borders. 

Theme sidebar setting

Sidebar helps display stuff other than the website’s core content while creating a WordPress blog. You can readily show recent articles, past statements, advertisements, affiliate banners, and whatever else across a website.

The theme allows you to customize the sidebar’s alignment, title, widgets, colors, fonts, borders, shading, background color, and many other features. Set the widget’s margins and spacing as well. Background Selection allows you to change the color of the appearance.

You can also edit devices per mobile, tablet, and PC. There are nine additional widget sections in the theme and other widget elements. You can create different pages on the site while utilizing the customizing widgets on those pages.

7. Blog Options

Suppose you are looking to blog with this theme. In that case, blog options have a vast array of customization options, including choosing between two blog layouts: full-width and column structure.

Theme blog page sidebar

No Sidebar, Middle Column Content, Right Content, Right Primary Sidebar, Middle Primary Sidebar, and Right Secondary Sidebar are among the seven blog page sidebar options available.

You can sort blog article segments with enable/disable each part, primary meta sorting, excerpt setting, and featured image—pagination for the blog and archive blog page. GeneratePress vs Blocksy Themes Comparison.

8. Page Structure

You can choose from a variety of content sidebar options. Page elements can be ordered, and each item can be activated or disabled. Headings, metadata, highlight sections, excerpts, content, and more are included.

You can modify the margins and spacing of the main section of the pages. You can choose specific border and margin settings for your page content on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Suppose you’ve selected Additional Meta for the Main Content. In that case, you’ll be able to specify and arrange the content that appears in the second meta of your pages, such as posted info, publisher, comments, and updated data.


You have control over what appears on your site’s homepage. It can be a set page or posts in chronological order. You should first make two pages before setting up a static webpage. One will be used as the homepage, and the other will showcase your posts.

In the header section of your site, the main menu is where you can specify the main menus. With this theme, menus can be presented in three different areas. You’ll create a menu and add menu items such as web pages and categories.

You may create different menu zones if your site has multiple menu sections. Menu items can be customized using menu item styling, text color, the background, and the border style (solid, dotted, dash, dual, ridge, inset, and outset).

You can also change the menu item’s border width. It can even use basic typographic features such as font-weight, style, text design, font size, line length, and letter space. Image Optimization Plugins.


You can change the dropdown menu options from screen location, background color, positioning, margin, and padding in the dropdown menu. However, this is only available in the pro version.

10. Form Elements

Theme Form

You can create a unique form for your site using the “Form Design” option. The form layout styling will be changed when you install and activate the contact form plugins. You can change the color, text, background, border, border-radius, and box-shadow color. Set the float style as well.

11. Breadcrumb

Theme Breadcrumb

Breadcrumbs assist the user in exploring your webpage. Likewise, search results check for the breadcrumb pattern when indexing your site. As a result, CWP includes a breadcrumb feature. It is straightforward to customize placement.

12. Scroll To The Top

Theme Scroll top

Scroll to the top is a site feature that allows users to move to the top after navigating considerably through the article. You can switch the icon on and off if you want to remove it from a mobile phone.

The best user experience always keeps it on the right side. Configure the button’s size, style, border, and margin. The font, color scheme, bordering sort, border-radius, and box-shadow can be customized.

13. Dynamic CSS

You can use the Dynamic CSS option to add your static CSS description in the head section. It is preferred that you use options that are advantageous to SEO and website performance improvement.

14. Buttons

Theme Button

You could design a button for the entire website, including the margins, spacing, and color of the button’s word caption. Then choose the button’s border and color, height, and border. It lets users customize the button’s box shade.

CosmosWP Starter Sites (Templates)

CosmosWP Starter Sites (Templates)

You can create an excellent website quickly using their 20+ free templates. It’s a simple and effective method. The simplest way to get your design up and running is to integrate templates. Rather than beginning from scratch, you’ll be able to edit everything quickly.

Importing the demo into a fresh new WordPress installation is usually the easiest way to replicate the theme exactly. Keep in mind that it will modify existing posts, pages, sections, photos, layouts, and others. Additional Reading – WordPress Themes With free templates.

To use the Cosmos-WP demo, you will need to install Gutentor, Breadcrumb NavXT, and Contact Form 7. All of the demos are designed by Gutentor Gutenberg builders. Here are a few examples of free demos:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Automotive
  • Agency
  • Consultant
  • Woo-commerce
  • Medical
  • Blog
  • Education
  • Magazine
  • Construction
  • Photography
  • Restaurant
  • Portfolio, etc.


Yes, the Cosmos-WP theme is still new and not very popular. CWP has received some positive feedback, which is fair given how good it is, and you don’t need to get the premium version if your website isn’t too complicated.

Cosmoswp Users ratings

Like other themes, they have a pro version with advanced features, including Priority Support, More Elements, Premium Starter Demos, More Layouts, Off-Canvas Sidebar, Sticky Footer, Sticky Sidebar, and more features.

The most significant factors of a WordPress theme that can influence how people view your website. As a result, having a solid, eye-catching design is essential for building trust and increasing traffic and engagement.

A WordPress theme can help you create a fantastic place for your website, even though many multi-purpose themes can be helpful, and with time, you can achieve good results.

It provides the ability to create any type of website. Everyone can make a massive website without any coding customizations. Well, why wouldn’t you do something? Also, read Blocksy Theme Review.

Also, keep in mind that it’s highly advised to get a free theme from the WordPress theme directory to guarantee that it’s updated and well-coded.

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