Blocksy Theme Review In 2022 (Quality Code and No Bloat)

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Blocksy theme is at the top of my list, and I play with it a lot.

Oh, guys, WordPress themes are getting harder and harder!

Which is better, and which should you select?

The issue with most themes is that they only have a few customization options.

Your site looks default, lacks customization, and seems unattractive. I hate junk and don’t want to be bound by trends. However, this theme offers more styles and flexibility. It is not limited to their styles; that is the reason it looks impressive.

I like uncluttered themes, and Blocksy seems a great option with no specific style boundaries. It helps your elements look professionally structured and varied without putting all your steps into a particular style.

Blocksy theme is helpful for non-coders because you shouldn’t need technical knowledge to use it, and very beginner-friendly.

If you’re new to WordPress and find a theme but have no idea what to do, it is perfect, and I always recommend a Blogging tool. Also, it looks excellent in a more prominent variety of settings, allowing you to style more freely rather than being forced to design less. So let’s begin my Blocksy Review.

Disclaimer – I use affiliate links to Blocksy PRO and appreciate your assistance. It encourages me to write more helpful articles.

1. Blocksy Content Blocks (Hooks)

The “Content Blocks” feature is a powerful tool that lets you simply put any content into any website area. It doesn’t need hard coding or a bloated page builder and is structured in a way that is far more logical than page builders.

Therefore, it is indeed similar to their website builder. Clever how they’ve made their “content blocks” customizable. Ability to quickly customize pages and layouts.

It features a virtual graphical interface for “hook” and filtering. Let’s think you needed to put something above the title but only on one page or would be to place a single widget in the header at the top. 

Is it that simple? 🤔

Most themes, I’d think, wouldn’t be able to adapt to all of your random content orders. You might need to ask a developer to do it for you or do it yourself.

With Blocksy PRO, you can choose to design and create content that is shown wherever on your website according to clear visual cues. 

Also, you can create a separate content block for the default 404 page and customize it using your design. 

Here is an example image of the “Content Blocks” Visual Clue. What fun stuff, wow!

Blocksy Content Blocks (Hooks)
Blocksy Content Blocks (Hooks)

“Content Blocks,” is my favorite in Blocksy Theme Review. The “Popup” feature is an ideal option to display to users if you wish to promote or launch a flash sale.

You can use it for news feeds or get other notifications by using the feature. 🙂

2. Blocksy Child Theme

Why is a child theme usually necessary?

It keeps all your theme tweaks, allowing you to freely upgrade your theme without losing things like customizer options, style changes, or functionality changes.

However, these are the recommended aspects that can change your theme.

They imperil having your preferences, stylistic changes, and functions wiped out by a theme upgrade. This is the reason why everyone recommends using a child theme.

You can take the parent theme entirely, packed with all the necessary PHP and style assets. A “child theme” is an expansion to the main theme that only contains the distinct designs and features that are specific to that theme.

You can keep all your adjustments in child themes. The primary theme is flexible enough to refresh regularly and ensure you never lose edits. 

It can be compared to a shielding cover. A child theme is merely the covering that goes over the primary theme, which is the real core. Maybe this explains stupid 🤪🤪, but I think you got the purpose.

You can visit the theme webpage and download a child theme. (For example, here is the Blocksy child theme.) After that, in the child theme, import your theme stuff. Look at this tutorial 👇.

Can’t child themes be used with your theme? It’s out-of-date, and time to change with a modern, improved WordPress theme.

3. Theme Speed Test

Now, look at the theme speed test with a prebuilt website.

I used the Cloudways Digital Ocean Singapore server with 1GB RAM. I didn’t use any caching plugin; the test worked with default hosting settings. If you’re interested, you can read my Cloudways Review.

Blocksy Google Page Speed Test
Google Page Speed Test
Blocksy Theme GTMetrix Speed Test
GTMetrix Speed Test
Blocksy Theme Review Pingdom Speed Test
Pingdom Speed Test

In my experience, Blocksy is a fast theme; maybe GeneratePress and Zakra are faster than Blocksy. Because those themes come with very slight features, this performance isn’t a big deal, and we can optimize it further.

A fast theme can be called a simple theme, but the core problem is. Your theme has no features when it is so simple; it isn’t much you can do with it.

A theme should be a complete package, but if you use simple, fewer designs with basic themes regularly present unfinished builds.

However, if you intend to build a style based on a simple theme, such a theme may become more complicated.

Why is that happening?

Because these themes have minimal features, you’ll have to install extra plugins to complete your project. We all agree that installing more addons slows any website by at least five milliseconds.

Website speed is a significant factor on any website. A theme is a critical part of a website and impacts site speed. If it isn’t well coded, you will be in trouble with optimization and SEO because website performance is now an SEO factor.

Maybe you’re experiencing difficulty optimizing your WordPress website but don’t want to spend too much money. Read my free plugins to speed optimization.

4. Blocksy WordPress Theme Demo

Blocksy has 25+ free WordPress theme demos. It is helpful for beginners and only needs a single click to get into your design.

I like the Blocksy Demos because they are excellent and attractive and don’t have a generic appearance like others.

Read: Free Themes with WordPress Templates

Here are some examples of pre-designed templates as well. 👇

Blocksy WordPress theme demo provides 20+. It is valuable to beginners and only needs a single click. Created sample sites are elegantly built; however, I despise it when a theme includes boring examples or resembles other designs. 

The starter webpages on Blocksy are well-balanced so that you can quickly change anything, and they will still look pretty good. Here are a few examples of demos with compatible page builders.

Demos Name Compatible Site Builders
Blocksy News Gutenberg
Modern Shop Brizy, Elementor
Travel Gutenberg, Brizy
App Gutenberg, Brizy
Charity Gutenberg, Brizy
Product review Elementor
Business Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor
Home Gutenberg, Brizy
Tasty Gutenberg, Brizy
Wedding Gutenberg
Web Agency
Barber Shop
Car Service

5. Blocksy Theme WordPress Features

Blocksy theme WordPress has straightforward customization for each part of your webpage. You’ll have control, including the header, bottom, sidebars, navigation, etc. Let’s look at a few of the notable features of the free version.

Header Builder: Award-winning feature in Blocksy Review

That is a winning piece of work. If you’ve struggled to develop a unique menu design without coding, you’ll enjoy how effective and flexible Blocksy is.

It is the best header builder I’ve seen from a theme; you can get that type of experience in page builders. Blocksy theme lets you adjust the header build with visuals and widgets with three customizable rows, and pro version, you can create more.

You can use multiple rows to place elements in columns; a sticky header is included in the free version. No trouble and a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, similar to other theme options, and arranged to the left, right, or middle.

The configuration is a simple UI viewpoint, and I like it. Perform with it and see what lovely things you can make.

Logo and Site Title

These are not provided in the free version of most themes, but this one does. Accounts, HTML, logos, multiple menus, buttons, search icons, social icons, and header features provide additional flexibility.

You can modify the mobile header. It contains the menu and the logo, and it makes most parts display a mobile device. You can use fewer elements in an off-canvas.

Blocksy Website Layouts

Website Layouts Customization

It allows you to select your favorite width from pixels and adjusts the spacing between the primary content area and the header and footer.

It is also used for posts or pages with a narrow-width structure and comprehensive alignment option.


Theme typography

The core of the content is typography. It sets the tone of your writing, so always keep your typography in mind. Website typography is more than just words; it influences the structure of your content. Webpages without words it just graphic items with no sense or clarification.

Do you wish for a perfect website? 

If so, you need to make your typography more effective. Always choose one or two fonts. The body font conveys your content to the audience. The title is in the other font to guide readers on where to start and where to explore.

Think outside the box. Your font size will also describe how your content is arranged. You need to choose how much bigger your titles should be than the other text within them. Don’t just follow what is attractive; follow what makes sense. A massive headline with tiny text signifies that the title is far more essential.

So you must also balance well; let’s look at the blocksy feature in the font option. Blocksy theme typography lets you quickly change the font across your entire website. Also, it works with a vast number of fonts. In the Premium version, you’ll be able to use custom fonts, Adobe, and host Google Fonts locally. 

You can change the size of basic typography, heading tags, and other design elements. Also, you can use the Use Any Font plugin to host local fonts.

Global Colors

Color customization

Most themes do not have a color scheme, but Blocksy allows you to choose a long-lasting color palette and switch between them.

Choose colors for the typography, links, and headings to customize the color scheme. You can also change the color of each element’s settings.

Footer Builder

Blocksy Footer Builder

You can create unlimited widgets using three-footer columns, much like the header. You can quickly build a fully-functional website by dragging & dropping different elements onto the footer.

Remove Copyright Text

Also, you can change “Copyright-Text” and place it at your leisure, with no need for an additional plugin. If you are stuck with this feature, read this post to learn how to remove it from any theme. How to remove the copyright footer.

Footer Builder

Blocksy Performance Settings

Blocksy basic optimization

It has basic optimization features like removing the default WordPress emoji and includes lazy loading for image optimization.

But, since the theme does not come with comprehensive optimization, I recommend you use a quality plugin to optimize further.

Scroll to the Top Button

Customization Scroll to Top Button

Lengthy content allows for more information graphics and improves your SEO results. But it was while overlooking usability. You can prevent this by including a back-to-top option. It just returns the visitor to the top of the existing page.

It’s compatible with all devices and displays and usually floats in the right corner. A scroll back-to-top button is highly recommended if you prefer a lengthy statement, and Blocksy provides this for free.

Social Share Buttons

Blocksy Social Sharing Box

It is a valuable feature that isn’t included in most WordPress themes. If you need social media, share icons to appear on individual pages.

In that case, simply input the “Share Box” to display at the top or bottom of your articles with a Blocksy theme. Selecting the top or bottom of your posts for the social sharing buttons is a crucial question nowadays. So, why are most put at the top? 

I think they are trying to prove their website’s power or traffic volume. Also, because of the graphic elements, people use it because they believe it gives their website a more professional appearance. But a flexible, clean website will give your website a more professional look than using that stuff.

Some try to let people identify the most well-liked or effective content. And most people do it because everyone does it, tee hee. Yet, I think it should be just for sharing and allowing users to engage via social media. 

Many websites include social sharing buttons everywhere, such as on a slide icon rack that moves with the scrolling page.

It is OK; websites that are useful with viral-based stuff, such as prank videos, media stories, and notable events. 

The worst case is when websites overuse those icons but have zero share counts. It seems spammy, and the website looks like it only uses re-used stuff. Like I do, many other websites use a “social button” at the bottom of the page. Visitors generally won’t share until they’ve read your content. It also looks professional.

Theme Menu

Create stunning dropdown menus with a range of options.

The rows, the length, and every other element are customizable. Also, the trigger allows the user to divide the menu into two halves in the header, footer, and mobile menu.

Blocksy lets you choose from four top-level menu options. You can design a dropdown menu with related articles and category pages. It can also change the appearance, font, size, margins, border, and menu.

You shouldn’t use dropdown menus if you want to give a better UX. Put an end to that; each has up-downsides, but only from the creator’s, not the viewer’s, standpoint.

If you have a lot of stuff, that’s okay; use dropdown panels. But few, it might be better to remove them simply. How about e-commerce sites, though? They just function to prove the fact because they have a bunch of extra stuff to provide.

Need solid evidence? Visit TechCrunch, MSN, Mashable, and other popular websites, and you won’t find dropdown menus. Because why? The user experience is more valuable, and they won’t click on stuff they can’t see.

Page Structure

You must choose from five post structures: blog, category, search, and author page. The five pattern designs include Simple, Classical, Grid, Advanced Grid, and Gutenberg.

You can customize and add various effects to elements of all these designs. With Card Options, you can customize elements, including headings, meta, experts, feature images, typography, colors, spacing, shadow, etc. Narrow Width, Normal, Left, and Right Sidebar are the four different layouts provided on all web pages.

Post Page Customization

Post structure and Customization

Blocksy is a perfect solution for bloggers because the theme has many customization options beyond what you expect. Read CosmosWP Theme Review.

You have to customize the post page content area with the following: shadow, background, page background, padding, and border-radius. You can also customize the global spacing value in Layout Content Area Spacing.

Post Title

Customization Post Title

You have two options for titles: 1 and 2. Elements include breadcrumbs, experts, and meta. Also, select Horizontal and Vertical Alignment. Container Width and narrow. Also, you can customize the font, colors, background, and container padding.

Author Box

Author Box Customization

Most bloggers use the author box to describe themselves, so Blocksy offers that feature with two designs. Your social account, inner container spacing, and post count can all be configured. You can also change the background color, shadow, and border.


The comment section is essential on every website where readers can tell you what they think about your posts. So the theme has a more customizable comment section. 

Comment Section Customization

You can also choose one of two module placements: separate or container. Avoid visitor spam from expecting backlinks; the theme can remove the “Website Input Field.”

Related Posts

Customization related posts

Would you like related articles to display on your WordPress blog? The blocky theme covers it. You can encourage your visitors to access new content, keep them focused, reduce bounce rates, and drive more pageviews. Read Gutentor Review.

You can customize Columns and Posts, Related Criteria, Image ratio size, Meta Elements, Title Alignment, Module Placement, Border Radius, Colors, etc.

Posts navigation

Posts navigation

Post navigation can be displayed at the bottom of your content, like the related post. Customize the following: Container Spacing, Title Visibility, Thumbnail Visibility, and Overlay Colors.

Form Elements and Buttons

Form elements

There are two options to set the style: classic and modern. It also supports significant form providers, such as contact form 7. These can all be customized: font color and size, border color, height, background color, radius, etc.

Buttons Design

Buttons can edit the entire website, including the hover effect, border, colors, font, padding, and more options.

Breadcrumbs and Reset

breadcrumb is a simple text direction usually found at the top of a website and clearly shows where the visitor is on the webpage. The breadcrumb path lets you know where you have been. 

Breadcrumbs and Reset

Blocksy provides a free breadcrumb function; whether you use your SEO plugin breadcrumb, you can deactivate it, but if not, you can edit the separator, home item, font, and colors.

Theme Reset

You can simply reset your theme customization to a fresh installation using the reset option, and your posts and other settings will not be affected. It only resets the theme features.

Sidebar and Widget

sidebar option and settings

Narrow Width, Normal Width, Left Sidebar, and Right Sidebar are the four different layouts on all web pages. You can also customize and add various effects to elements of all these designs.

widget settings

You know that the sidebar and widget are linked theme elements, letting you modify widget elements such as fonts, colors, margins, and link decorations.

6. Blocksy Pro Version

 Blocksy Pro

Like other themes, Blocksy includes a PREMIUM VERSION, but if you’re running a basic website like a weblog, you don’t need it. Blocksy Pro offers Simple Rates for All, a detailed plan that includes something you might need, and even more. There are three plans:

  1. Personal is just $49 for a one-year site license and $149 for a lifetime license.
  2. The professional package is ideal for online businesses; the lifetime cost of a 5-site license is $199, or $69 per year.
  3. The Agency Package is fantastic for an unlimited site license. $299 over a lifetime or $99 annually.

The premium version is impressive. I’ve already mentioned my favorite pro feature, “Content Blocks.” Here are some more advanced professional features. 👇

  • Optimized Header Builder: This award-winning function allows you to build unlimited headers and display them as needed on different pages of your website. You have countless design options with the new elements in Pro.
  • Optimized Footer Builder: Make as many footers as you want, just like the header, and then decide when to show them on the website. Built-in footer wherever necessary, depending on display and user role. Pro has new features that provide numerous options.
  • Advanced Menu: You can create enticing dropdown menus with advanced options that can contain any content. You can alter everything, including the visible columns’ and their style, as well as the overlaying width. In a mega menu header column, attach content blocks.
  • Custom Fonts: You can use as many WOFF fonts as possible with all of Blocksy’s typographic options. Additional features include changing fonts and varying personalization.
  • White Label: You can replace the existing brand with a white label feature on the website for even higher levels of conviction. Titles, plugins, authors, and images can all be customized. You can update them with just a tick.
  • Custom Sidebars: My other favorite feature is Custom Sidebars. It lets you effortlessly assign different sidebars from the exact location as controlling widgets to give each page of your website a distinct look.

7. Blocksy Companion Plugin

Blocksy Companion spreads the Blocksy theme’s stuff. More widgets, cookie popup, and integration with Mailchimp and WooCommerce.

The widgets include social media, contacts, ads, newsletters, recent posts, etc.

You can build affiliate widgets with a product review addon. Also, highlight your successful articles or products based on the comments or views. Many of the features are available with the companion.

The “Cookie Notice” feature does not yet come with most themes. But, since extra scripts significantly slow down the website, it is unnecessary if you don’t want to. I recommend avoiding using additional plugins on your website, do stuff without plugins.

8. WooCommerce integration

Blocksy is WooCommerce-ready and comes with extra configuration to help you get started quickly. WooCommerce is one of the most well-known ways to make your WordPress website into an online marketplace.

It has valuable options, like notifying visitors about such a function or a special deal on your website. You will also have the option of selecting your product images.

You have to choose whether to display certain information. Customize the layout of various elements related to your goods, including the headline, promotion logo, scores, and social media.

You can modify the size and position of the purchase widget and order confirmation. In addition, a WooCommerce image portfolio has been included. A product description appears in a box when users click on a product link. There are plenty more options in the pro version; you should use the premium version if you run a shop.

WooCommerce Extra In Pro Version

Using WooCommerce Extra, you can significantly improve your online store with stunning features. A dazzling flash of your products can be opened easily from the shop page. Show a stick on the product’s page added to the cart by using a floating cart.

With easy accessibility on mobile devices, off-canvas filtering can show the categories on your company’s website on an off-canvas. For even more info on small devices, the Off-Canvas cart can show your cart in an elegant and customizable off-canvas.

9. Blocksy Theme Alternatives

  • GeneratePress has a large user base, a user-friendly paid version, and a free version. This one is fantastic! Version PRO includes excellent samples with a high performance of beginning designs.
  • Kadence is a friendly, straightforward theme with a beautiful blocks plugin. They feature a simple layout that isn’t standardized, and the header and footer builder uses drag-and-drop capabilities, just like Blocksy.
  • Neve – Backed by a big company with good support resources and shares many of the same functionality. Neve integrates with all page builders, making the process much smoother overall.
  • OceanWP – A light theme with a beautiful design, many modification options, and a lovely grid layout. It comes with five archive and entrance designs and 15 free demos. The extensive font customization is pretty astounding.
  • CosmosWP – An excellent newcomer with a ton of customizability options. It offers more pre-built themes, header, and footer builders, just like Blocksy and Kadence. With this theme, you have total control over your website.
  • Astra – This freemium theme has fast customization features that work with block editors and site builders. There is currently a large community for the extensively used freemium theme Astra. I may not like it.
  • Zakra – Although well-known for its quick, flexible design, the free edition has minimal modification options. Nevertheless, with 30 free examples, there are plenty to support innovation.

Conclusions: Blocksy Review

Thanks, buddies, for reading my stuff about Blocksy Review.

It is a unique theme with a 5-star rating based on 700+ reviews and an installation of 70K+. The theme is updated at least twice a month, which is an optimistic factor for further protection. 👇

Blocksy users rating

The problem with most themes is that they always appear with their classic styling. Also lack many opinions and appear overly messy or unattractive.

Let’s say you don’t have the budget to contact a professional designer.

In this case, Blocksy is ideal because it offers pre-built demos that are highly configurable. If you assume you want more customization options for your header and footer. Blocksy is a brilliant choice because it has a real-time builder.

Good use examples for Blocksy theme if you don’t like a more sophisticated theme like GeneratePress, Astra, etc. Blocksy lets your stuff seems perfectly structured and varied without forcing your content into that default style.

It looks tasty with plenty of settings and the interesting built-in features of Blocksy.

Compared to some WordPress themes, the Blocksy free version offers many more features. It might even have more features than most of the premium themes. Blocksy is developed by “Creative Themes” by two developers, Andrei Glingeanu and Sergiu Radu. It also has good video tutorials on YouTube. 

There is no risk in testing that out because it is free. The layout is clean, and most features are approachable through the WordPress Customizer. Also, read my GeneratePress vs. Blocksy.

Hosting Recommendations

Await the code.


WordPress design, speed optimization, content marketing, and monetization are on the high end of blogging. I have followed up on all matters for at least seven years.

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