Blocksy Theme Review 2022: How Good is Multipurpose 

Blocksy theme is very flexible; even the free version allows you to perform advanced customization options. It also offers a Pro version, but you won’t need it if your project isn’t progressive. It’s suitable for blogs, service websites, freelancing, and your goal.

You can effortlessly build any kinda website, from blogs to large industries. Blocksy free version impressed me because it includes outstanding capabilities for various WordPress productions. It is also an alternative to Astra, Generetepress, Kadence, Neve, etc.

It’s great if you think about that before installing a WordPress theme. Because changing a theme is challenging nowadays, you must focus on something before deciding. Like The theme should be well-structured and built according to WordPress’s standards. 

Customizability, readability, and compatibility with other plugins are significant factors in optimizing website performance and SEO. Its layout should optimize for SEO terms and speed. Also, need a great overall appearance and receive regular updates.

Blocksy Theme Speed Test

Now, look at the theme speed test with a prebuilt website. I used the Cloudways Digital Ocean Singapore server with 1 GB of RAM and one core. I didn’t use any caching or optimization plugins or equipment; the whole test eventually defaulted to hosting.

If you’re interested, you can also read my Cloudways Review.

Blocksy Google Page Speed Test
Google Page Speed Test
GTMetrix Speed Test
GTMetrix Speed Test
Pingdom Speed Test
Pingdom Speed Test

In my experience, Blocksy is the fastest theme, but GeneratePress and Zakra themes defeat Blocksy. Perhaps there are faster themes than this one. However, this performance isn’t a big deal, and we can optimize it further.

Website speed is a significant factor in any website built with CMS. A theme is an essential part of speed optimization. If the theme isn’t well coded, you will be in trouble with optimization and SEO because website performance is now one of the SEO factors.

Blocksy WordPress Theme Customization

Blocksy WordPress theme has the simple customizing each aspect of your webpage. You’ll have complete control, including the header, bottom, sidebars, navigation, etc. It also has an advanced arrangement feature for your website.


Let’s look at a few of the notable features of the free version.

1. Website Layouts

Website Layouts Customization

It allows you to select your favorite width from pixels and adjusts the spacing between the primary content area and the header and footer. It is also used for posts or pages with a narrow-width structure and comprehensive alignment option.

2. Typography

Theme typography

Theme typography enables you to change the font across your entire website easily. Also, it works with a vast number of fonts. In the Premium version, you’ll be able to use custom fonts, Adobe, and host Google Fonts locally. 

You can change the size of basic typography, heading tags, and other design elements. Also, you can use the Use Any Font plugin to host local fonts.

3. Global Colors

Color customization

Most themes may not have a color palette. Still, Blocksy allows selecting a long-lasting color palette and changing between them. Customize the color palette by choosing colors for the typography, links, and headings. Also, you can set the color of each element.

4. Performance Settings

Blocksy basic optimization

It has basic optimization features like removing the default WordPress emoji and includes lazy loading for image optimization. Nevertheless, it would be best to have other robust solutions for further optimization.

5. Header Builder

Blocksy header design

Blocksy lets you modify the header design and widgets with three customizable rows. You can use multiple rows to place elements in columns, and a sticky header is included in the free version.

Logo and Site Title

Accounts, HTML, logos, multiple menus, buttons, search icons, social icons, and header features provide additional flexibility.

Mobile Header
Mobile Header

Menu, logo, and trigger, you can modify the mobile header of your website. Configure all of your elements precisely to display across a mobile device. In an off-canvas area, you can put fewer essential elements.

Header Builder

6. Footer Builder

Blocksy Footer Builder

You can create unlimited widgets using three footer columns, much like the header. You can quickly build a fully-functional website by dragging & dropping different elements onto the footer.

Remove Copyright Text

Also, you can change “Copyright-Text” and place it at your leisure, with no need for an additional plugin. If you are stuck with this feature, read this post to learn how to remove it from any theme. (How to Remove the Copyright Footer).

Footer Builder

7. Scroll to the Top Button

Customization Scroll to Top Button

Lengthy content allows for more information graphics and improves your SEO results. But it was while overlooking usability. You can prevent this by including a back-to-top option. It just returns the visitor to the top of the existing page. 

It’s compatible with all devices and displays, and it usually floats in the right corner. A scroll back-to-top button is highly recommended if you prefer a lengthy statement, and Blocksy provides this for free.

8. Sharing Box

Social Sharing Box

It is a valuable feature that isn’t included in most WordPress themes. It’s available for free on Blocksy. 

Suppose you needed social media share icons to appear on individual posts. In that case, simply input the “Share Box” options to display at the top bottom and both of your articles. It enables the numerous social networks you want to appear in the box.

9. Theme Menu

drop-down menu

Make fabulous drop-down menus with extensive elements. Users can customize the length, rows, and everything else. Also, the user can split the menu into two sections in the header, footer, and mobile menu with the trigger.

Even Blocksy lets you choose four top-level menu options. You can design a drop-down menu with related articles and category pages. It can too change the appearance, font, size, margins, border, and everything in the menu.

10. Page Structure

Search results structure

You have to choose from five post structures: blog, category, search, and author page. The five pattern designs include Simple, Classical, Grid, Advanced Grid, and Gutenberg. You can customize and add various effects to elements of all these designs.

With Card Options, you can customize elements, including headings, meta, experts, feature images, typography, colors, spacing, shadow, etc. Narrow Width, Normal, Left, and Right Sidebar are the four different layouts provided on all web pages.

11. Post Customization

Post structure and Customization

Blocksy is a perfect solution for bloggers because the theme has many customization options beyond what you expect. 

You have to customize the post page content area with the following: shadow, background, page background, padding, and border-radius. You can also customize the global spacing value in Layout Content Area Spacing.


Post Title

Customization Post Title

You have two options for titles: 1 and 2. Elements include breadcrumbs, experts, and meta. Also, select Horizontal and Vertical Alignment. Container Width and narrow. Also, you can customize the font, colors, background, and container padding.

Author Box

Author Box Customization

Most bloggers use the author box to describe themselves, so Blocksy offers that feature with two design options. Your social account, inner container spacing, and post count can all be configured. You can also change the background color, shadow, and border.


The comment section is the essential element on every website where readers may tell you what they think about your posts. So the theme has a more customizable comment section. 

Comment Section Customization

You can also choose one of two module placements: separate or container. Avoid visitor spam from expecting backlinks; the theme can remove the “Website Input Field.”

Related Posts

Customization related posts

Would you like related articles to display on your WordPress blog? The blocky theme covers it. You can encourage your visitors to access new content, keep them focused, reduce bounce rates, and drive more pageviews.

You can customize Columns and Posts, Related Criteria, Image ratio size, Meta Elements, Title Alignment, Module Placement, Border Radius, Colors, etc.

Posts navigation

Posts navigation

Post navigation can be displayed at the bottom of your content, like the related post. Customize the following: Container Spacing, Title Visibility, Thumbnail Visibility, and Overlay Colors.

12. Starter Sites (Templates)

Starter Sites (Templates)
Free WordPress Themes With Starter Sites

Blocksy WordPress theme provides 13 free starter demos. Therefore, it is valuable to beginners and only needs a single click. Their starter sites are all pretty and practical. Here are a few examples of demos with compatible page builders.

Demos NameCompatible Site Builders
Blocksy NewsGutenberg
Modern ShopBrizy, Elementor
TravelGutenberg, Brizy
AppGutenberg, Brizy
CharityGutenberg, Brizy
Product reviewElementor
BusinessGutenberg, Brizy, Elementor
HomeGutenberg, Brizy
TastyGutenberg, Brizy
Web AgencyGutenberg

13. Form Elements and Buttons

Form elements

There are two options to set the style: classic and modern. It also supports significant form providers, such as contact form 7. These can all be customized: font color and size, border color, height, background color, radius, etc.

Buttons Design

Buttons can edit the entire website, including the hover effect, border, colors, font, padding, and more options.

14. Breadcrumbs and Reset

breadcrumb is a simple text direction usually found at the top of a website and clearly shows where the visitor is on the webpage. The breadcrumb path lets you know where you have been. 

Breadcrumbs and Reset

Blocksy provides a free breadcrumb function; whether you are using your SEO plugin breadcrumb, you can deactivate it, but if not, you can edit the separator, home item, font, and colors.

Theme Reset

You can simply reset your theme customization to a fresh installation using the reset option, and your posts and other settings will not be affected. It only resets the theme features.

15. Sidebar and Widget

sidebar option and settings

Narrow Width, Normal Width, Left Sidebar, and Right Sidebar are the four different layouts provided on all web pages. You can also customize and add various effects to elements of all these designs.

widget settings

You know that the sidebar and widget are linked theme elements, letting you modify widget elements such as fonts, colors, margins, and link decorations.

Blocksy Child Theme

A WordPress child theme operates in concert with a parent theme, from which it takes all of its functions and styling. With one such approach, you’ll be able to change all themes without thinking about breaking the primary theme.

As a safe way to design main themes, building practices enhance utilizing child themes to modify, improve, or customize themes. Blocksy offers that for free; you don’t need a create a child theme.

Extra Features

  • Website Frame: Blocksy produced a website frame if you need one.
  • Schema: If you use an SEO plugin, you can deactivate markup on your website.
  • Google Analytics: Track your performance with Google Analytics.
  • Pagination: There are two pagination options: standard and numbers.
  • Site Identity: Change your website’s title, tagline, and icon.
  • Additional CSS: To customize the layout and design of your site, add your custom CSS.
  • Mobile Sidebar Position: You can have your default sidebar show on the mobile device’s top, bottom, or even deactivate it.
  • Page Hero: A page hero section with scroll visuals and other features.
  • Dark Mode: Dark mode in the Theme options panel

Blocksy Companion Plugin

Blocksy Companion is a plugin that spreads the Blocksy theme’s stuff. More widgets, cookie acceptance, and integration with Mailchimp and WooCommerce. Social icons, contact information, advertisements, a newsletter, and recent posts are among the widgets.

You can build an affiliate with a product review addon. Also, based on all of the comments or pageviews, highlight your successful articles or products. Many of the features are available with the Blocksy Companion.

The “Cookie Notice” feature does not yet come with most theme plugins. But, since extra scripts significantly slow down the website, it is unnecessary if you don’t want to. I recommend avoiding using additional plugins on your website.

WooCommerce integration

The theme is WooCommerce-ready and comes with additional configuration to help you get started quickly. WooCommerce is one of the most well-known ways to make your WordPress website into an online marketplace.

It has some useful options, like notifying your visitors about such a function or a special deal on your website. Furthermore, you will have the option of selecting your product images. You also have to choose whether to display certain information.

Customize the layout of various elements related to your goods, including the headline, promotion logo, scores, and social media networks. You can modify the size and position of the purchase widget and order confirmation.

Also, a floating cart can scroll down the page. In addition, a WooCommerce image portfolio has been included. When users click on a product’s link, a product description appears in a box. There are plenty more options, and explaining them all is impossible.

Blocksy Pro

Blocksy Pro version, just like other themes, but it isn’t necessary if you’re running a simple website.

  • Multiple Sidebars: Provide a different sidebar for each webpage to draw the eye. Create sidebars with the same straightforward interface as the location you manage.
  • Content Blocks: It is a helpful tool that lets you insert any content anywhere on your website and is compatible with Gutenberg and popular web builders.
  • Local Google Fonts: On your web server, fonts are cached locally. You don’t want to use Google’s server to render, and it is a perfect specialty for flying websites.
  • Advanced Menus: Your website can gain from stunning menus. It will continue to develop your item blocks, headers, icons, and other things.
  • More Header Items: Explore the new header features, including separators, widgets, translations, and more potential for your headers.
  • Custom Fonts: WOFF custom fonts can be uploaded and used in any design with advanced features.
  • White label: To improve your engagement, promote your name and brand on the websites you’ve created. You can also change whatever.
  • Custom Code: Add header and footer codes to launch on each website page. It helps run different framework statistics scripts.
  • Multiple Footers: Create different footers for your website and use styling from an existing footer to create new ones.

The Blocksy theme comes with many unique features to build a great website and expand your business. Blocksy Pro version includes many WooCommerce features, such as a floating cart, off-canvas cart, quick view, SKU, and more options.

Blocksy Alternatives

1. Kadence

The Kadence theme is filled with responsive and innovative, quick web pages. Since both have roughly similar features, Kadence is a great Blocksy alternatives. With the Kadence, you receive free startup templates. First, install the starting templates plugin.

The free edition delivers the control structure of your pages. It has a drag-and-drop header and footer builder that’s simple to use with a sticky header for a distinctive look. You can select sidebars or no sidebars, wide width, and Kadence’s color scheme.

2. OceanWP

OceanWP is a clever Blocksy Alternatives for multi-purpose websites that are compact and quick to load. It’s all completely customizable, including the header, footer, style, design, etc. The theme has three different mobile menus and a modern grid layout.

3. Astra

You may be familiar with Astra, a visually attractive theme for web designers and developers. It’s excellent for any online purpose and famous since it is straightforward to use with positive effects. With a single click, Astra provides vast starter templates. 

Astra is lightweight because it doesn’t load bloated on your site. It is a significant advantage; that a successful website must be fast. Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brizy are all these pre-sites. There’s also a header and footer builder.

4. Neve

Neve is a simple WordPress theme suitable for blogs, businesses, organizations, stores, and most purposes. Neve comes with 50+ free pre-sites and has complete control over Gutenberg and popular builders Elementor, Brizy, BB, VC, and even Divi.

5. Phlox

Phlox is an attractive theme that includes pre-built demos for Elementor. More than 30 widgets with WooCommerce ready, typographic, animations, header customization, website frame, sidebars, and footer builder are available in Phlox.


Finally, Blocksy is a unique theme compared to its other qualities. Yeah, Blocksy’s loading speed is slow compared to GeneratePress and Zakra, but I think GP and Zakra are very lightweight and featureless, which isn’t a big deal.

Blocksy users rating

The theme got a 05-star rating based on 600+ reviews for now. It also has an active installation base of 50K+. Further, the theme is updated at least twice a month, which is a positive factor considering WordPress should always be up to date for further protection.

Blocksy’s free version has plenty more features than some other free WordPress themes, and maybe it has more features than most paid WordPress themes. It’ll be an ideal Gutenberg WordPress theme to create rapidly and efficiently.

The theme developed by “Creative Themes” also has good video tutorials on YouTube. There is no risk in testing that out because it is free. Nevertheless, the layout is clean and straightforward, and most features are approachable through the WordPress Customizer.

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