17 Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022

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Perhaps you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting provider for your WordPress project. I thought of presenting some hosting providers’ benefits and features from the opposite side.

Sure, this post contains a few affiliate links. Nevertheless, I haven’t ever used external links to questionable hosting providers. Also, cheap hosting is not recommended for any website size, even if you are a beginner or looking to host a small website at a low cost.

A-List of the 17 Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Here is to study the providers of the best WordPress hosting. Try looking at hosting services if you consider them relevant. Keep in mind that the performance of your website is determined by the hosting service you use.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is the most reasonable method to bring Cloud hosting to your WordPress project
  • Cloudways Review Cheap Cloud Hosting

Cloudways is the most cost-effective way to add cloud hosting to your WordPress project, providing a simple option for those who want to move their website to the cloud.

Cloudways is not a traditional hosting service; they are agents for different cloud hosting platforms, including Vultr, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Google.

Cloudways Cloud Partners
Cloudways Cloud Partners
  • According to w3techs.com, Cloudways operates as a hosting agent for 0.4% of total websites.

Cloudways Features

  • Cloudways is different from other providers because it doesn’t own data centers. However, they can access more than 60 data centers globally
  • So you can decide what locations are related to or near your noteworthy visitors. It can improve your website’s performance by reducing latency. 
 Cloudways Pay-as-go
Cloudways Pay-as-go
  • Cloudways does not have any long-term agreements that only pay-as-you-go payments.
  • It only provides cloud servers, which means less downtime.
  • You can change the root of the application and clone servers, making duplicates databases.
  • Offers free SSL for every application. 
  • Using the handy A records, you can add your domain to the app and indicate your domain to Cloudways.
  • They authorize you to build teams with additional entry levels in your account.
  • You can optimize your server disk by terminating excessive elements.
  • You can track server resources and effortlessly control your resources.
  • Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of protection for your account.
  • Using active APIs, you can control your servers and apps.
  • You can switch the PHP version to the latest update.
  • Expand your server length anytime by using vertical scaling.

Cloudways disadvantages

  • You can’t reduce the server volume with DigitalOcean’s.
  • Cloudways does not provide email thru their servers, so you’ll have to pay extra for email.
  • Cloudways doesn’t authorize you to purchase a domain from them.
  • They do not provide an accurate file manager.

However, Cloudways has more positive aspects for hosting your project in the cloud. Furthermore, they provide a fully managed hosting service.

2. NameHero

namehero is excellent for wordpress hosting.

If you want a LiteSpeed web server hosting provider, NameHero is excellent for WordPress hosting. Furthermore, their hosting plans are the most cost-effective and include the most extra features. NameHero offers a beginner plan with 1 GB of RAM and 1 core, which is a good feature because other competitors do not.

NameHero Prices for 3 Years Terms
NameHero Prices for 3 Years Terms

Their sole security systems proactively defend websites by utilizing AI technology to recognize and decrease bursts before causing harm. You can also get every plan with free SSL, auto backup, and free Cpanel.

Moreover, their support offers a fast response, and their bandwidth and email are unlimited. You can get Cloudflare CDN and SSH access for every account. 

Unavailable Starter Cloud for one month.
Unavailable Starter Cloud for one month.

The NameHero turbo cloud plan is exceptional because you can access 3GB of RAM and a free domain, including premium SSL and NVMe technology, to storage extremely fast compared with SSD. However, you can’t buy “Starter Cloud” for one month.

3. Kinsta

Kinsta is an outstanding WordPress managed hosting provider.

Kinsta is an outstanding WordPress managed hosting provider. If you want immeasurable web performance with cloud integration, you can pick from around 30 data centers globally.

Kinsta extends free CDN and security features with Cloudflare without additional charges that are amazing to buyers. Kinsta is very user-friendly and its support operation is wonderful.

kinsta pricing
Kinsta Pricing

Their cost is high, such as a beginner’s at 30 dollars a month; however, their features are fair at that value. They allow a 30-day money-back guarantee on every plan, and Kinsta is suitable for developers with the most advanced Php and other developer tools, including backup.

kinsta google cloud
Kinsta Use Google Cloud

Kinsta uses Google Cloud for fast and reliable effects, and also contributes to comprehensive data centers globally. Kinsta recommends high-traffic websites because Google Cloud works well with high volume traffic if your website is medium or large.

They work with Cloudflare, which means you can quickly identify and prevent DDoS attacks, including web firewall security.

Kinsta Overage prices
Kinsta Overage prices

Their support team is swift in real-time. However, Kinsta only provides WordPress cloud hosting; you can’t get other hosting plans from them; the cost is also high, making it unsuitable for beginners.

4. WPX Hosting

WPX is a premium WordPress hosting service provider

Like Kinsta, WP Engine WPX is a premium WordPress hosting service provider that delivers speedy and superior benefits to its clients. WPX web hosting is accessible and user-friendly for beginners and anyone.

Wpx Use LiteSpeed
Wpx Use LiteSpeed

Once you have an account, it’s easy to install WordPress and go live with your website. Also, Wpx uses LiteSpeed Server and Cache, which means you have a fast web server and a caching system. There is no need to worry about website performance.

wpx prices
Wpx prices

You can install unlimited SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. You have been certified secure from DDoS protection to ban malicious attempts. Also, you receive free malware scanning and discarding.

WPX has a computerized backup strategy that keeps your data. However, WPX has only three data center areas. In the US, UK, and Australia, there are no Asian data centers. That is a harmful thing.

wpx free cdn
Wpx free CDN

You can reach the technical support agent via chat, email, or support ticket, but phone support is unavailable. Also, you receive limited storage and bandwidth, but the Content Delivery Network is free for all WPX WPX hosting plans.

These are some options to consider if you want faster WordPress hosting and a website with a high level of performance at a reasonable price. Because performance is a concern, managed WordPress hosting solutions provide good performance as well, but at a high cost.

If you are a developer and know about web hosting, these options may help you search for something beyond web hosting. Most hosting companies use cloud hosting or Litespeed technology for their hosting services.

5. A2Hosting

A2 hosting is the most progressive developing hosting service

According to w3techs.com, A2 Hosting serves at least 0.45% of all websites, making it the most progressive and developing hosting service with cutting-edge technology.

A2 Hosting, famous for its Turbo plans, with its Turbo features pre-configured with LiteSpeed, significantly receives the best status because LiteSpeed is more durable than Apache and Nginx. 

A2 Hosting is provided for closed data center locations such as the United States and Europe. They also have an Asian data center in Singapore, so you can choose if your visitors are from Asia. It aids in the reduction of latency and the improvement of WordPress performance.

a2 hosting shared hosting prices for 36 months
A2 Hosting shared hosting prices for 36 months.
a2 hosting shared hosting prices for 12 months
A2 Hosting shared hosting prices for 12 months.
a2 hosting shared hosting prices for 1 month
A2 Hosting shared hosting prices for one month.

If you’re focused on WordPress, A2 Hosting offers a convenient feature for WordPress users: A2 Optimized comes pre-installed with WordPress, which means you don’t have to install it manually. You can contact technical support via chat, email, or phone call.

They also provide a free SSL certificate for your site. If you are not interested in their services, a2 Hosting has a money-back guarantee. However, a shared starter plan is not recommended because it will slow your website. 

Even after the discount, the A2 hosting renewal price is high, even without a free domain feature. Still, you can buy a domain there, but the price is high compared with other registrations.

6. SiteGround

siteground logo

I think you are knowledgeable about Siteground. Wordprss.org has officially recommended them, and they are a fast-growing company. Kudos to their resources and cutting-edge technology. They set up fantastic performances.

According to w3techs.com, SiteGround manages 2.0% of websites as a web hosting provider. Also, Siteground is associated with Cloudflare and gives a free CDN service.

Furthermore, provide an SG-Optimizer plugin for WordPress to increase the advanced server-side cache system for your websites. It’s almost that plugin, similar to WP-Rocket and Litespeed cache.

siteground WordPress hosting prices.
Siteground WordPress hosting prices.

SiteGround is not the cheapest because the price is high. However, if you choose a starter plan for one month, you will need to pay extra setup fees. Other providers generally provide free domains with each plan.

Siteground does not allow it. If you want a domain with Siteground, you have to pay a special fee of nearly 18 dollars for the year. That is a really high price because most registrars’ average price is between 6 and 10 dollars.

siteground wordpress hosting for one month.
Setup fees.

Siteground offers WordPress Migration, Free Email, Reliable Support, a Money-Back Guarantee, and more features. Also, automatically free SSL on each site from the control panels. SiteGround uses Google, which means it is more durable.

Siteground has some opposing sides, like not providing VPS hosting; cloud hosting is expensive and not suitable for a small website.

7. Krystal UK

Krystal Web Hosting UK Based

One of the great web hosting companies is Krystal Web Hosting, UK-based. Krystal uses SSDs, LiteSpeed web servers, and caching to increase the speed of browsing on all websites.

Krystal Use  LiteSpeed web servers
Krystal Use LiteSpeed web servers

With their starter plan, you get 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU, as well as hosting for two websites. Also, the customer service via tickets, live chat, and phone calls. They provide regular offsite backups and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

All plans come with free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt and cPanel. Security features include firewall, DDoS protection, and CloudLinux Websites are kept secure, even including virus and malware scans—unlimited bandwidth on every hosting plan.

krystal prices
Krystal WordPress Hosting Prices
krystal data centers
Krystal Data Centers

Krystal is a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable and influential cloud-based hosting service. Because it is entirely based in the United Kingdom, the focus is on Europe. There is no data center in Asia, so non-European customers may experience some latency.

8. Chemicloud

chemicloud.com wordpress hosting

Chemicloud, another Litespeed server superstar, is the most active hosting company offering cutting-edge technologies. Chemicloud has three prominent server locations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the rest of the world.

Chemicloud Basic Features
Chemicloud Basic Features

They are associated with Cloudflare; you will receive a free CDN from Chemicloud. They give a LiteSpeed Web Server that helps with a speedy WordPress experience. 

You can speed up your website with the LiteSpeed cache; additionally, they offer free backup, advanced firewall, free lifetime domain, SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and free email. Even a starter plan gives 1 GB RAM and one core and includes a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Chemicloud Anual Price for the first Year
Chemicloud Anual Price for the First Year

Chemicloud’s monthly plans aren’t available, and even starter plans aren’t available. In addition, the starter plan lacks some notable features, such as malware protection, a firewall, Memcached, OP-cached, and other advanced features.

9. Knownhost

Knownhost provided various hosting services, including Standard Webhosting

Knownhost provides various hosting services, including standard web hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated, and Managed Cloud. 

All powered by LiteSpeed servers and a great hosting provider that offers fully managed WordPress hosting. Knownhost includes DDoS protection, essentially as a regular feature.

Knownhost LiteSpeed Features
Knownhost LiteSpeed Features

The WordPress hosting will come pre-installed with GIT, LiteSpeed Cache, SSH, and SFTP access, making it simple for advanced users and WordPress specialists to get the full benefit of a WordPress site. 

Automatic WordPress updates proceed in measure with each WordPress hosting plan. At KnownHost, if you purchase any WordPress hosting program, you will receive a Plesk control panel for free. 

knownhost monthly prices
Knownhost monthly prices

All your WordPress websites will receive a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt. The real benefit is that Knownhost uses LiteSpeed and Cache for your WordPress site. However, you didn’t receive a free domain from Knownhost.

10. HostArmada

Host Armada is a growing hosting company with modern technology

HostArmada is a growing hosting company with modern technology, including unique features. If you want to test their servers, you can get a 45-day money-back guarantee from HostArmada.

Customers can choose from three WordPress hosting plans: starter, Web, or Speed Reaper. Because LiteSpeed powers Speed Reaper, it’s also suitable for medium-sized websites. The other two plans are powered by NGINX.

Host Armada Prices For 1st Month
Host Armada Prices For 1st Month

They’re also using cloud drives, which combine cloud and Litespeed technologies to boost performance. Even if you choose the cheapest plan, you’ll get 2 GB of RAM for your project, which is quite a lot.

Their security features are robust, such as firewalls, Brute-Force Protection, virus and malware scanning, server monitoring, and more defense features for all hosting plans. 

HostArmada supports SSH, Python, Drush, PHP, MySQL, Remote MySQL, and other developer-friendly features. Each plan also comes with a free cPanel account, unlimited email, and a free SSL certificate.

host armada data centers

Host Armada has many data centers worldwide, including the USA, Canada, London, Australia, and Asia. They’re also new to the hosting industry, which means they’re still unsure about their service. However, I have yet to encounter any problems with them.

11. InMotion

InMotion is a renowned Web hosting company in the business

InMotion is a well-known Web hosting company in the industry. If you are not comfortable with their hosting services, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. However, it is valid for six-month and longer plans.

Their technical support is thru phone calls, live chat, and email—each InMotion hosting order comes with a free domain. Also, every project arrives with a free SSL certificate. Additionally, C-Panel, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and Multiple PHP, including the latest version of PHP, are supported. 

InMotion Prices For 1 Year Terms
InMotion Prices For 1 Year Terms
Only  WP-4000S, WP-VPS one monthly plan.
Only WP-4000S, WP-VPS one monthly plan.

On the negative side of InMotion, the renovation costs are considerably higher than those typical of WordPress hosting. If you want to know who the WHOIS contact for your domain is, you will have to pay an additional fee.

You can’t buy a one-month plan from InMotion WordPress hosting; however, you need to get a WP-4000S or WP-VPS if you want a one-month plan. Also, only the US-based servers, which means Asian and other regions, have some loading speed issues.

12. WP Engine

WP Engine fully controlled WordPress hosting provider.

WP Engine is a fully controlled WordPress hosting provider. That means hosting is fully optimized for WordPress and fully managed with the best features. According to w3techs.com, WP Engine groups operate at least 2.0% of the entire websites on the internet.

WPEngine Prices
WPEngine Prices

WP Engine’s price is high compared with its competitors, but its service is used by a lot of business and enterprise-level website owners, making it unsuitable for beginners. 

Moreover, starter plans start at 30 USD per month. Regardless, WP Engine offers valuable features for that price, such as a reliable support team, performance monitoring, developer tools, SSH, MySQL, GIT, and SFTP.

WPEngine Limited
WPEngine Limited Resource

WP Engine presents various data centers from the United States, Australia, and Europe. Additionally, the Taiwan data center serves Asian clients. Also, premium WordPress themes (StudioPress themes), free SSL, daily backups, platform-level security, and more features. 

13. Dreamhost

Dreamhost hosting provider.

Dreamhost is still a leading hosting company with over 20 years of experience as a hosting provider.

DreamHost’s services are available in over 100 countries. According to w3techs.com, Dreamhost hosts nearly 0.6 percent of all websites.

They provide notable features, such as good support, WordPress setup, a free domain for the first year, an SSL certificate, email hosting, automated backups, and free WordPress migrations. They are also a recommended hosting company by WordPress.

Dreamhost shared hosting plans price.
Dreamhost shared hosting plans price.

Dreamhost also offers a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their service. They do, nevertheless, provide a cost-effective average monthly plan to help you get started on your project.

Dreamhost has some disadvantages, such as the uptime issue, the absence of CDN services, the inability of email for stater plans if purchased on a monthly basis, and the sudden loss of a discount because the discount is only valid for long visits.

14. Hostinger

Hostinger provides a comprehensive range of web services with WordPress hosting.

Hostinger provides a comprehensive range of web services, including WordPress hosting. Hostinger is an entire hosting company that advances modern technology like LiteSpeed and Cloudflare. 

According to w3techs.com, Hostinger worked as a web hosting provider for 1.0% of the total websites. Hostinger owns servers all over the globe, in Asia and Europe. Hostinger has four WordPress hosting plans: Single, Starter, Business, and Pro. 

hostinger single WordPress prices
Hostinger single WordPress prices
hostinger WordPress starter prices
Hostinger WordPress starter prices
hostinger business wordpress prices
Hostinger business WordPress prices

You can get a free domain registration for the first year, but it doesn’t include a single plan. Furthermore, provide LiteSpeed’s cache and Cloudflare’s security, including free SSL, to your WordPress site.

If your satisfaction is uncertain, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, you will receive RAM for each plan (Single-750 MB, Starter-1 GB, Business-1.5 GB, Pro-3 GB).

Hostinger provides developers-friendly features including file manager, access manager, several PHP configurations, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Cache Manager, Cloud Linux, and more. 

Hostinger previously experienced some downtime and received a lot of negative feedback. Furthermore, the renewal fee is exorbitant.

15. Namecheap

Namecheap is leading to specific domain registrar

Namecheap is a leading specific domain registrar. Starting in 2000, they started to provide vital web products and services, including hosting, security, SSL, CDN, email, and multiple other services. According to w3techs.com, Namecheap runs 1.1% of all websites as a web hosting provider.

Namecheap monthly wordpress hosting plan
Namecheap monthly WordPress hosting plan
Namecheap yearly WordPress hosting plan
Namecheap yearly WordPress hosting plan

Namecheap provides some excellent features for its WordPress hosting plans, including one-click backup, SSL from Sectigo, access to files via SFTP, and Namecheap’s Content Delivery Network. The best thing is that you can test it for 30 days with their free trial.

Namecheap provides a cheap WordPress hosting solution. However, first, you need to know that Namecheap banned a lot of WordPress plugins concerning the platform and might negatively influence the performance.

Including w3 total cache, wp super cache, Ewww image optimizer, and wp rocket, look here for all plugins. Namecheap Banned Plugins List.

16. Bluehost

BlueHost is a Company of Newfold Digital.

According to w3techs.com, Bluehost managed at least 1.3% of total websites. Even tho the official recommendation from WordPress. It started in 2003; nowadays, nearly 2 million websites are hosted on their servers.

BlueHost is a company of Newfold Digital, which means such a big business has an enormous marketing appropriation. When exploring hosting, you will see their ads and affiliate offers around.

Bluehost newfold digital

Bluehost offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting for your preferences. Also, Bluehost provided a fully controlled WordPress hosting solution. This service competes with other managed-to-host providers such as DreamPress, Kinsta, WP Engine, and other operating WordPress hosting services.

bluehost 12 months terms prices
Bluehost 12 months terms prices

Bluehost has some cheap pricing arrangements. However, pricing is just right for new buyers, depending on the program you select. The renewal cost is much higher after the end of your long-term contract.

Bluehost regular rate
Bluehost regular rates

Bluehost offers some good features for WordPress users, such as providing a free domain for the first year. Bluehost panels are user-friendly and comfortable to conduct, which makes them an ideal option for beginners. Also, it offers a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt for each domain.

Bluehost presents an email with any plans and also permits you to operate multiple PHP versions. Bluehost again authorizes you to drive your databases on MySQL.

Bluehost gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee to try out the service also; if you revoke in the first 30 days, you can bring all of your funds, but if you add extra add-ons, those are non-refundable.

Bluehost has many more negative aspects than positive ones. Bluehost presents all kinds of help opportunities like chat, phone, email, and tickets. However, responding takes some time. I think that reason has a considerable customer base.

Due to overload, the shared servers have a slow loading speed and poor performance. Furthermore, Bluehost does not guarantee 99.9% uptime because they have some average uptime.

Bluehost does not allow you to decide on your location’s ideal data center. Bluehost doesn’t present the opportunity to spend on monthly-based plans that are high-risk if you want to test them. Bluehost got some somewhat poor reviews from major review organizations such as Trustpilot.

17. HostGator

HostGator is a leading Web hosting company in the hosting industry.

HostGator is a leading Web hosting company in the hosting industry. However, identical to Bluehost, HostGator is a company of Newfold Digital. I do not recommend it, but you can experiment with Hostgator because they offer some valuable features to website owners.

HostGator is a company of Newfold Digital.

HostGator provides significant uptime, but recently they have had some downtime between 99.95 and 99.97. HostGator has three plans for WordPress, such as starter, standard, and business. You can get a free domain from them for the first year and also get a free site migration.

If you are not comfortable with them, you will get your money-back guarantee and will be repaid for hosting costs. However, you can’t refund domain costs and other additional service charges.

Hostgator prices for 36 Months Terms.
Hostgator prices for 36 Months Terms.

Hostgator is comfortable to use for beginners. It set up their accounts and started working quickly. They offer some reasonable security components, like site monitoring, and even provide spam filters for your emails. You get a site analysis and a free SSL.

HostGator offers support via phone, live, and tickets, providing FAQs and different working manuals to assist you. but the concern is having to perform it manually with no automated backup. If you want that, you will need to pay extra.

hostgator billing cycle for one month
HostGator billing cycle for one month to one site.
hostgator billing cycle for 12 months
HostGator billing cycle for 12 months to one site.

If you want to get the best deals, you’ll have to buy for a longer period of time. The price is standard high if you buy for a month, and the other cost is the resurgence cost. When the plan expires, you’ll be hit with a higher resurgence fee.

Managed WordPress hosting providers offer full-managed WordPress services rather than regular hosting. That means you don’t have to do anything because they are pre-configured with all the features.

When compared to a standard hosting solution, it’s simple to set up, provides useful features, and gives you priority support. Managed WordPress Hosting is used by most business sites and some people who do not have the time to advance with creating a website.

However, managed hosting is expensive compared with regular hosting services. You can probably get a fast VPS or cloud hosting solution at that price. But if you need to move to managed WordPress hosting, theirs has some excellent solutions.


The primary distinction between regular web hosting and WordPress hosting is that WordPress hosting is designed specifically for WordPress websites.

However, there are no differences in hardware environments. Some providers give high-capability web spaces and memories, but most providers equip just the same for shared hosting.

Typically, WordPress hosting offers a host of web servers optimized and tuned to operate WordPress websites over an expansive surface.

You also don’t need WordPress hosting for your WordPress project because you can use other hosting options to run WordPress sites, such as cloud hosting (which people highly recommend), VPS hosting, and even dedicated hosting.

Await the code.


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