10 Best Web Hosting In Asia And Singapore

If you are an Asian customer, most of your website’s visitors come from Asia. You need to select the best web hosting in Asia. It is important because the distance between viewers and the data center will impact the website’s speed and performance. 

As well, be careful when selecting a hosting service because the performance of your whole site is dependent on it. Confirm that the data center is closed for you and your audience. Also, read my Litespeed web hosting-related article. It might be helpful if you’re looking for the best web hosting in Singapore. 

However, multiple hosting companies maintain at least one data center in Asia. There are a lot of bad hosts out there. No matter what they offer, stay away from them.

We also need to clarify that we get service for our money. I never recommend using a cheap shared or misleading hosting provider.

Best Web Hosting Singapore and Asia

Considerable Asian customers look at Best Web Hosting Singapore services to host their websites. Because most providers have at least one data center in Singapore. 

Imagine how the user experience will change if most of your visitors are from Asia, but your data center is in Canada. Requests are sent to your server’s location when someone views your website. Multiple systems are used to collect data from your website. The usual latency is high because of the data center’s and visitors’ gap. 

Location is critical when getting the best reliability and performance from hosting services. Read My Blocksy Theme Review.

Now maybe you are asking, “What is the latency?” Read this Cloudflare article that explains it. What is latency? How to fix it. 

latency explains
Source: KeyCDN

Make sure the data center where you’ll be hosting your website is close to your target audience. Let’s look at some hosting companies; their data centers are in Asia.

1. Host Armada

hostarmada Web Server in Asia

HostArmada is a growing hosting company with new technology and cloud-based hosting. They provide clients with WordPress, shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting plans. Read WPJohnny’s HostArmada review.

HostArmada offers low prices, high performance, and helpful customer support

It is a fantastic service that compares favorably to other hosting companies with better service at a lower price. HostArmada is unique in that it will provide good server resources even with shared hosting

  • Start Dock plan includes 2 CPUs with RAM of two gigabytes. 
  • Web Warp has a four-core CPU and four gigabytes of RAM.
  • Speed Reaper consists of 6 Cores CPU and 6 GB RAM, which is ideal for websites with medium traffic.

You’ll receive the LiteSpeed web servers to speed up with the Speed Reaper plan and other plans on Nginx. However, the standard monthly price is high, and you can get a discount if you sign a long-term agreement.

The pricing is pretty low, the speed and service are outstanding, and the help was first-rate. Yet compared to modern-day standards, it is incredibly affordable.

  • Start Dock – The annual discount price of $3.5/mo, the regular price of $11.95/mo.
  • Web Warp – The yearly discount price of $5.09/mo., the regular price of $16.95/mo.
  • Speed Reaper – The annual discount price of $5.99/mo., the regular price of $19.95/mo.

They run their shared hosting on high-performance VPS hosts. They are using Linode equipment. You can find that by looking at the IP address. 

In any case, I appreciate their efforts in offering a high-quality service at a reasonable cost! Email hosting and file manager will be nothing new if you have always utilized hosting services like A2. These features can be a significant benefit if you use cloud providers like Cloudways. In any case, it’s a handy feature they already have.

Standard features are things that don’t seem unique, but it’s great to know they can be. Malware scanning and cleanup, though, will scan and remove from your site if it is attacked because you couldn’t keep it up to date. Honestly, this is friendly service.

It is good to have WAF and IP Firewall. This is favorable to both the user and the company, as fewer DDOS disruptions will result in better system performance.

HostArmada is still new to the hosting field. They are most certainly worth giving a try. Honestly, I appreciated it. 

However, they have an excellent Trustpilot rating and positive reviews for the quality of their service. Data centers are available in the United States, Canada, London, Australia, India, and Singapore.

 HostArmada data centers
Hostarmada Data Centers
1. 45-day moneyback guarantee.1. Still a newcomer.
2. High server resources.2. Limited features for start plan.
3. Multiple PHP Versions.3. LiteSpeed does not power all packages.
4. FREE Domain
5. Virus/Malware Scanning.
6. Free SSL from Sectigo

2. Cloudways 

Cloudways Asia

The good news is that there are no more problems with data centers with Cloudways; they can access more than 60 data centers worldwide. 

According to w3techs.com, the Cloudways service is used by at least 0.5% of all websites. They are cloud platform providers rather than any traditional hosting company because they don’t own data centers.

Cloudways offers a free trial, and you do not need to provide a payment option. That is excellent for newcomers and will not be available on Google or Amazon servers. 

But you can test cloud servers with Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr servers. Read my Cloudways Review for more about the features.

Everyone, including myself, does, in fact, consider the price first. Cloudways is a Pay-as-You-Go solution, which means there are no long-term contracts. 

They have five cloud platforms with five different pricing options. Their hosting is cost-effective; you can get 1 GB of RAM and 1 CPU for almost $10/month. 

Most affordable Cloudways Packages:

  • Standard Digital Ocean is $10 per month, and Premium is $12.
  • Linode $12
  • Vultr-Standard $11 
  • Vultr-High Frequency $13 

Some people are afraid to use Cloudways because they think they need some technical knowledge. I’m not sure why. For Cloudways, a significant drawback is the lack of a file manager and also no domain and email hosting.

Cloudways provides dedicated firewalls monitored in real-time and free SSL that is simple to install. Moreover, email is not backed up on the Cloudways server. You’ll have to pay for an addon or find separate email vendors.

Cloudways offers accessibility to over 60+ data centers, and all partners have data centers in Singapore. In India, there are no Vultr data centers. AWS and DigitalOcean have locations in Korea, Bahrain, and Hong Kong.

Cloudways Asian data centers
Cloudways Asian Data Centers

Overall, Cloudways is a proper cloud hosting solution. It’s also great for website testing because they offer a free trial and require monthly usage, so you can do it for $10. It has advantages because a long-term contract exposes you to financial loss if you fail.

1. Five servers and 60+ data centers1. They don’t offer email through their servers.
2. Multiple websites can be hosted on the same account.2. You cannot purchase a domain.
3. You can get a free SSL certificate.3. Servers at DigitalOceans cannot be reduced.
4. It’s the easiest method to start using cloud hosting.4. The lack of a file manager.
5. Vertical scaling allows you to scale up your server anytime.
6. Pay for what you’ve used.

3. A2Hosting

A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting

According to w3techs.com, at least 0.6 percent of all websites are hosted on the servers of A2 Hosting. A2 offers internet services beyond web hosting, including domains, email, SSL, and more. 

A2 has a decent TTFB, but its uptime statistics aren’t the best in the industry. I’ve noticed that their uptime rates have dropped. They provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but some complaints about support and downtime have occurred.

The A2 Turbo Hosting bundle, which offers a Litespeed server with speed packs, is the most popular because of its faster loading speed. A2 only uses LiteSpeed servers with its Turbo Boost and Turbo Max packages.

A2 offers developer-friendly features such as PHP, MySQL, Python, SSH, SFTP, FTP, etc. This is useful for busy programmers who wish to use this affordable hosting as a test environment. 

You know what you’ll get with cPanel: backup, SSL, staging, domain, and MySQL settings, along with some performance and safety features. A2’s cPanel is generally user-friendly.

A2 plans are now more expensive with a higher rate of renewal. If you want a discount, you must select long-term contracts, such as 12 or 36 months, but you could end up paying twice as much.

A2 Hosting data centers are located in:

  • USA – Michigan
  • USA – Arizona 
  • Europe – Amsterdam 
  • Asia – Singapore 
A2 Hosting Data Centers
A2 Hosting Data Centers

Asian Data Center, Litespeed, and Cpanel are A2 Plus points. However, I’m not satisfied with most of the other features.

1. High-performance SSD drives 1. There is a restriction on resources.
2. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.2. Higher renewal rates.
3. You can migrate to A2 Hosting for free.3. Complaints about uptime and support.
4. Turbo packages for Litespeed4. The high-cost domain is almost 17 USD.
5. Great TTFB

4. Kinsta

Kinsta web server in asia

My favorite feature of Kinsta is that it uses Google Cloud C2, which delivers results faster than the regular Google Cloud. Kinsta TTFB is significantly quicker, but it is not a cheap solution for small websites; it is suitable for high-traffic sites. 

Kinsta has a unique dashboard with server-level caching and keeps track of website metrics, among other things. Kinsta tries to make the process as simple as possible.

Kinsta provides 24-hour assistance, including all hosting packages, whatever your level. You can open a support conversation from the dashboard to get help. 

Kinsta provides service in English, but it also does so in a few other languages. Kinsta’s blog is also a helpful tutorial resource, with solutions for most cases.

Kinsta is flexible in potential loading speed and allows you to work while testing websites. It will enable you to choose from 34 different data center locations worldwide. 

I did not list them all but indicated the Asian data centers Kinsta has to offer:

  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta
Kinsta Asian Servers
Kinsta’s Asian Servers

Kinsta, on the other hand, has a few significant disadvantages. The key drawback is that you can’t host anything except WordPress sites on Kinsta. Also, as they don’t offer mail hosting or domain sales, if you want professional email, you’ll need to host it elsewhere.

Some of Kinta’s competitors provide extra functionality for a similar price. They’ve obviously gone downwards and sometimes even slower now that they offer limited resources.

Kinsta has a great brand name and is consistently faster than WP-engine and Flywheel, even with a few negative reviews. Kinsta is the best WordPress hosting Singapore.

Kinsta pricing

However, when it comes to cost, $35 a month per website is not the lowest price for WordPress hosting because there is more to do than that price.

1. Kinsta offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.1. Kinsta doesn’t provide email hosting.
2. Google Cloud C2 offers fast performance.2. They do not offer phone support.
3. Multi-language support3. Kinsta has a lot of plugins that aren’t allowed to be used.
4. Kinsta uses Linux containers and offers security updates.4. Their prices are high, with some starting at $35.
5. Straightforward dashboard5. Limited resources (Bandwidth, Websites, Visitors, Worker limits in PHP, etc.)
6. Datacenters are located all over the world.

5. Chemicloud

Chemicloud Asia

Chemicloud is a cutting-edge cloud hosting company that offers hosting solutions powered by Litespeed servers. The cheapest web hosting Singapore.

Chemicloud has good customer satisfaction ratings; their Trustpilot profile has many positive things about their support.

They have servers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. More than 11 global data centers. Since they utilize three data centers for you—in Singapore, Japan, and Mumbai—it’s ideal for Asian customers.

They provide a 45-day money-back guarantee, quite a long time since most providers only offer a 30-day offer. 

However, there are restrictions on server resources, such as storage and monthly visitors, comparable to those of other cloud hosting services.

Chemicloud offered three WP and shared hosting plans: 

  • Starter – 1 GB RAM and a single-core
  • Professional – 2 GB RAM and two cores
  • Turbo – 3 GB RAM and three cores
Chemicloud Sever resources

The good news is that all services are powered by Litespeed servers. Also, only the Turbo plan offers a full-featured hosting plan with better security and cache layers. A great choice of managed WordPress hosting in Singapore.

Chemicloud turbo plan features

I like the features of their turbo plan since it includes advanced tools like malware removal, FW, Memcached, Opcache, APC, leverage cache, and QUIC protocol. 

Chemicloud, like the others, offers low prices only if you sign a long-term contract. 

If you choose, the monthly plan cost is relatively high. Also, the a high renewal charge for long-term plans. Take a look at the pricing structure in this image. 👇

Chemicloud’s Pricing Structure
Chemicloud’s Pricing
1. Every plan gets cloud-based Litespeed.1. When compared to others, it’s a bit expensive.
2. Free domain for all2. Several resources are limited, as are others.
3. Free Website Migrations3. Advanced features are only available on the Turbo plan.
4. Unlimited email accounts 
5. Daily backups for up to 10-30 days
6. Its servers are located all over the world.

6. SiteGround

SiteGround web server in asia

SiteGround is not on my recommended list because of its minimal server resources, high renewal, poor TTFB, growing prices, etc. 

They were fine previously, but things are now worse.

SiteGround has attempted several changes, but they’re usually not improvements. I feel they’re an effort to make more revenue.

SiteGround is a famous hosting provider and, according to w3techs.com, hosts more than 2% of all websites on their servers. It is a WordPress-recommended hosting provider and uses the following data center zones

  • Iowa
  • London
  • Eemshaven
  • Frankfurt
  • Sydney
  • Singapore

The start-up is almost 17 dollars per month; if you choose a one-year plan, they give a discount, but their resources are not suitable for at least trial websites. You only receive 10 GB of space and 10K monthly visits, and you can only host one website.

GoGeek is the only plan with rich features, but it is 45 dollars per month and has limitations such as 400,000 visits and 40GB of storage, among other things. Priority Support, Advanced Backup, Client Management, Private DNS, Staging, and more are included with GoGeek.

Siteground resources, high renewal, growing prices

In comparison to other hosts, SiteGround’s shared hosting is somewhat on the expensive side. That SiteGround’s VPS is pricey and not as good as a professional VPS, and SiteGround is not a genuine provider of VPS.

1. Money-back guarantee
1. Increased prices and high renewal costs
2. Free cache plugin: SiteGround Optimizer2. Slow TTFB
3. 6 Data centers3. Limitations on server resources
4. Free spam protection and SSL.4. Only the GoGeek plan has excellent features.

7. WP Engine


According to w3techs.com, WP Engine powers at least 2.0 percent of all websites on the internet. Damn! Read the Sydney Theme Review.

On the other hand, it is expensive compared to its competitors; their starter plans start at $30 per month. WP Engine is not cheap; its starting price is on the high side of the WP hosting price range. They’re not really the fastest, such as GoDaddy.

WPEngine has several data centers to select from, such as data centers in :

  • The United States
  • Australia 
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Taiwan Data Center for Asian Customers
WPEngine Data Centers
WPEngine Data Centers

Since it is WordPress-managed hosting, they will keep you track of upgrades and security issues. They might alert you to modify plugins if a risk is identified. 

They also have DDoS protection, their own antivirus tracking system, and two-factor verification. Also, offer the recent PHP version, which helps secure the system.

WPengine is the most well-marketed and widely used premium WordPress hosting service like Kinsta. Not the fastest with some plugin limitations.

Busy guys, newcomers, and non-tech users like them, while tech users think they’re flawed and limited; a cheap web host can surpass them.

WPengine’s visitor limitations are a significant downside if your site receives wildly changing monthly traffic. You’ll even be charged $1–$2 for every additional 1000 visits that are not part of your level. There is no email service; you’ll have to find another place to get business email addresses. 

1. 24/7 discussion and phone support.1. Limited resources (Visits, Storage, Bandwidth, Sites).
2. It includes 10 Genesis Themes.2. Managed hosting means higher costs.
3. SSH and SSL are both available for free.3. WPEngine banned a lot of plugins (complete list).
4. Multi-factor authentication.
5. Virus tracking system

8. Contabo


Contabo is OK, but not for all. Although the performance is fair, I still wouldn’t suggest it if you are looking for an entry-level solution.

Contabo has a wide range of data centers, with four in Germany and three in the United States (New York, Seattle, and St. Louis). including the Data Center in England. Users in Asia can get the Singapore Data Center.

Contabo’s advantage is that they provide excellent server resources at a low cost, which you won’t find with other providers at that price. 

However, Contabo has some drawbacks. Why, as I mentioned earlier, is Contabo not suitable for beginners? 

  • They lack a ticketing system and an online chat, which is a downside compared to many other hosting providers.
  • If you select a monthly basis, there is a setup fee for the first month but no setup fees for long periods. 
  • Installments may take some time on VPS and VDS. 
  • An additional cost for locations other than Germany, notably in Singapore.
An additional cost for locations other than Germany
Charges for servers that are not located in Germany.

Contabo provides all the features you need on shared hosting, including a free domain, cPanel, web apps, webmail, DNS management, and other essential elements. 

It does not mention server resources in shared, but web space is excellent.

Some call Contabo the “VPS King.” It’s splendid if you desire an elevated hosting service like a VPS or a dedicated server because the entry-level VPS offers 4 cores, 8GB RAM, and 50GB NVMe. You know its price is just approximately $7 a month. Huh!

Contabo Review
1. For a low price, you can get more server resources.1. The lack of regular support.
2. NVMe storage Availability2. No fully managed service.
3. Worldwide Service in 9 sever Locations3. On VPS and VDS, you’ll have to pay extra for many features.
4. Deploy Custom Images on Servers4. Set up charges for short-term plans
5. Server plans with a lot of flexibility5. Extra fees for servers outside of Germany.

9. Hostinger


Hostinger offers a wide range of web services. However, the renewal cost is high, and Hostinger is not on my recommended list. They appeared to be friendly, but I’ve also noticed unhappy customers. Some were unhappy with the speed and others’ reliability.

Hostinger is a hosting web service for 1.3 percent of websites, according to w3techs.com. Hostinger’s servers are located worldwide.

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • Singapore 
  • India
Hostingers server locations
Hostinger Server Locations

Hostinger provides developer-friendly tools such as file management, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Caching Controller, Cloud Linux, and Litespeed.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. But, I do not suggest Web hosting companies with slow servers and poor TTFB. 

On Hostinger, renewal fees can be up to 300 percent higher than discounted rates. If you pay a $5 monthly bill with a coupon, your renewal price may be $15 or $20.

Each shared hosting plan includes RAM (750 MB, 1 GB, 1.5 GB, and 3 GB). Hostinger had some failures in the past and got many negative complaints. The first year of domain registration is free but does not include a startup plan.

1. 30 days money-back guarantee1. Hostinger has a little downtime.
2. Global data centers2. TTFB is not acceptable.
3. Real-time chat support is available.3. The cost of renewal is expensive.
4. For new users, it is affordable.4. Support can be slow at times.

10. MilesWeb

MilesWeb hosting

MilesWeb is India’s most extensive hosting solution, with six data centers in the USA, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore, and Australia. 

Milesweb data centers
Milesweb Data Centers

Yet, the fastest server can not be guaranteed, but it is reasonably priced.

  • MilesWeb includes a free domain with each hosting solution. 
  • If unsatisfied with the service, get a full refund within 30 days. 
  • You also get a free cPanel with your MilesWeb hosting.
  • Free email and free SSL certificate hosting plans.

Their hosting is pretty cheap and offers five different hosting options, including shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting, which starts at $1/m. 

Server options include Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed. 

You can customize your SSD-based storage, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, resource analysis, and CSF Security with security patches and updates.

MilesWeb also offers complete managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting. With specific performance, security, network support, software, and server updates to enhance protection, 24/7 tracking, and free-of-charge support.

MilesWeb is OK for those looking for a low-cost entry-level hosting service. If you are getting bigger, I do not recommend they are. You can use VPS or cloud solutions.

1. Money-back is guaranteed for 30 days.1. Poor TTFB and slower servers
2. SSD-based Storage2. Discounts are only available for the long-term.
3. Supported: MySQL, MongoDB, and MariaDB.3. The cost of renewal is greater.
4. Free Email Accounts4. Technical support is lacking.

Cloud Web Server in Asia

Here are some unmanaged servers, mostly well-known cloud hosting providers. They also have many data centers around the world. And performance is excellent, better than Godaddy and Newfold Digital hosting services.

In Asia, Google Cloud has four locations: Jakarta, Singapore, Delhi, and Mumbai. They are too expensive, but they work effectively. Web hosting Singapore.


Linode has 11 data centers, including 3 in Asia: Mumbai, Singapore, and Tokyo. Linode is a high-performance cloud hosting provider, and I have heard many good things about them. Dedicated servers are cheap and shared virtual servers that start at just $5 per month for 1GB RAM and 1 core with 25 GB SSD.

Linode shared CPU Prices

Linode computer and system connections are guaranteed to be up and running 99.99 percent of the time. They are consistently on best-performance testing lists all over the world. A faster processor, more features, and improved capacity.

Also, you can use Linode through third-party services like Cloudways, HostArmada, RunCloud, Spinupwp, Stablepoint, and more.

Linode is the best web hosting in Asia for searching for low-cost, high-performance solutions. But, newcomers may notice Linode’s skill set is too high. Some people may be uncomfortable with their user interface.


Cloud-hosting platforms are at an all-time high, and DigitalOcean is one of the best in the industry. Developers, site owners, or anybody can use cloud hosting to build innovative projects with DigitalOcean. 

DigitalOcean has two Web Server in Asia: Singapore and Bangalore. The best web hosting singapore.

Developers will like DigitalOcean’s developer-friendly features, which let you create servers in under a minute without coding or installation.

They have complete root access and can customize stuff depending on the web server. Global Image Transfer, Cloud Firewalls, Automatic Backups, DNS Control, and a Simple Panel are some extra features offered with DO.

DigitalOcean’s price starts at just $5/month, like Linode’s. It also makes the work very simple, and the user-friendly interface may be better than Linode and Vultr. 

DigitalOcean also provides two months of free credit. You know Cloudways DigitalOcean starts at $10 per month with complete control.

Digital Ocean is the cheapest and most customizable cloud platform with maximum control. Their TTFB is OK. Read Image Optimization Plugins.

This is the perfect solution for developers who like to manage their personal servers. Of course, unlike previously, they also get some downhill.


Vultr has a ton of pricing structures that you want. Cloud Compute is a popular solution that runs on shared vCPUs and can be used by various companies and apps, websites, weblogs, databases, and more.

Vultr High Frequency for newer versions of CPUs and NVMe Disks provide speedy performance nowadays, and TTFB is currently delighted. A friendly interface to keep things simple, even for newbies. 

Vultr has slight downtime, but it is OK. Regular Performance Plans with normal CPUs and standard SSDs start at $2.50 per month, with 1 vCPU and 0.5 GB of RAM. 

High Frequency starts at 6 USD for a month, but you get 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, and a 32 GB NVMe SSD, which is excellent for a low-traffic website. I have already tested with that awe-inspiring speed. Cloudways offers 13 USD but is fully managed.

Best Web Hosting In Asia: Final thoughts

Finally, these are just the best web hosting Singapore and include a data center in Asian countries. However, this issue no longer exists because, when you connect to the CDN service, the content is swiftly delivered everywhere.

CDN is the one with the nearest points of presence to your viewers. You need to use a CDN service to fast-forward the closest sight points to your visitors. 

A CDN is not required, though, if your website receives little traffic. I recommend Cloudflare and BunnyCDN because they are both reasonably priced. Cloudflare’s free plan will suffice if you only have a small website. BunnyCDN is inexpensive, as you can use it for one dollar per month. 

Keep in mind that there aren’t enough data centers in the location. It would help if you considered other factors such as uptime, TTFB, hardware, scalability, etc. 

I can configure it myself, so I don’t care about support. The only time support is required is when there are issues with the server. 

If you are a beginner, you will need SUPPORT.

Be aware of NewfoldDigital, which is a publicly-traded company that gathers and operates hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, DomainHost, and Site5 are among them. These are just a few examples of companies. 

Hostinger, InMotion, Ionos, VPSnet, HostPapa, Godaddy, Namecheap, Hetzner, and other lousy web hosts are not recommended.

To the newbies, the most puzzling thing is figuring out why these hosts are terrible. You can see it has a long list of satisfied users. 

But you can learn on your own judgment, lol yeah. So people do not care about it and will opt for the too cheap Webhosting with powerful affiliates.

This is due to the large affiliate commissions paid by these hosts. That’s why you’ll find so many blogs promoting them. You can research; for example, Bluehost, HostGator, Godaddy, and Hostinger give big commissions to affiliates. 

That’s why reason even very famous blogs guide them. 

You should be alert to new providers who offer significant discounts. Almost all the usual, the pricing is fair, and you will get power capacity stuff at an affordable cost. But the crucial question is whether they’ll be able to manage in the long term.

Additional Reading

If your visitors come from Asia, choose a web host from an Asian country, like Singapore or India. It is a good idea for the best performance and reliability.

HostArmada, Cloudways, Digital Ocean, and other ways to grow attractive options for those who need their website to migrate to the cloud.

HostArmada, Cloudways, A2Hosting, and Kinsta all have data centers in Singapore. There are even numerous country-based hosting companies and resellers.

If you need a fast server in India, check out Cloudways, HostArmada, or other hosting providers for the best results.

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