15 Best Alternative of Adsense In 2022 (CPM Networks)

Alternative of Adsense: It has become a common question nowadays Because Google AdSense is the most prevalent platform for publishers to monetize their websites. 

Perhaps you should enforce a ban or look for other options. Whatever reason, if you’re looking for AdSense alternatives. I’ll show you a few platforms, including all types of traffic requirements.  🙂

Maybe you have heard about other monetization options for your traffic, such as non-standard solutions like push notifications, pop-unders, and other formats. But I don’t recommend them because low-quality ads harm the user experience.

That kinda thing negatively affects your SEO. Search engines know that your site is of no value if you use a low-quality ad network. Your search engine rank will drop significantly from those types of advertisers. 🤔

I’ve personally used most ad networks, including some of those on this list. Even other information is based on reviews and various trusted sources. So you can use one of these suitable platforms on Adsense alternatives 2022 high paying. 👇

Here is the top ideal alternative to Adsense, so consider taking your time and looking through each one. You can find a few that will complement your websites.

Do you know that accidentally clicking on an ad on our website might result in a permanent ban? Google has a lot of regulations, and they continually review websites. They will ban your registration and stop letting you register for future ad accounts if you violate one little rule. Hah! 🤪

Adsense does not have traffic requirements. So you can apply even without significant traffic, but most of these have traffic requirements. If you are looking for low-traffic monetization platforms, read this article: Ad Networks For Small Publishers

Adsense’s primary bid pays for clicks and offers a small CPM bid, but it is too minimal compared to others. As a result, most of these ad networks are more relevant.

It is more profitable to increase your revenue because you’ll be getting paid for every impression from the CPM platform. Let’s look at 15 Google Alternatives to Adsense.

1. Mediavine

mediavine is another google publishing partner to monetize.

Mediavine is another Google publishing partner to monetize your blog. Mediavine is an excellent way to make reasonable revenue because its CPM is the highest industry. However, there is a lengthy approval process that excludes small publishers.

Since Mediavine is a full-service ad management platform, you won’t be able to use another monetization option with them, but affiliate is acceptable. Mediavine’s payment terms are 65 days. That means you’ll get paid in March for your December payment. 

It is high compared to others; the minimum threshold for PayPal is $25 and for bank transfers is $200. Your earnings will be increased if you have a lot of traffic from top-tier countries. Other types of traffic aren’t a significant concern; they pay well.

mediavine is a google publishing partner
Mediavine is a Google publishing partner.

👉 Mediavine requirements

Your website must meet the following requirements to join Mediavine. In the last 30 days, Google Analytics should have verified at least 50,000 sessions on your website. Your content should be unique, detailed, and engaging. As they’re a Google official partner, the website must comply with Google’s ad guidelines.

Mediavine requirements
Mediavine Minimum Requirements

👉 Mediavine Adsense alternatives 

In my experience, Mediavine is one of the finest monetization solutions for making a profitable income. They provide high-quality ad spaces with premium ad partners. Even ad slots are placed automatically and performed on “lazy loading.” 

Hence, there is no significant effect on core web vitals. Also, look at the Mediavine Youtube channel for more information.

Mediavine Displays Ad Example
Mediavine Displays Ad Example

2. Ezoic

ezoic is the best Google Adsense alternative.

Ezoic is the best Adsense alternatives for now because they are growing fast with trust. Still, Ezoic includes ad management and the best-known publisher optimization service. 

In addition to Google ADX, Ezoic offers massive demand partners. Media.net, OpenX, Appnexus, Magnite, Spotxchange, Adtech, Amazon, Yahoo, and native platforms like Outbrain. These are just a few famous networks; there are hundreds more. 

A good fact is if you already use Adsense, MediaNet, or others, you can submit as a mediation partner to Ezoic. You know? They are a Google Certified partner, so there is nothing to worry about your Adsense account. 

So what are you waiting for? Start and Increase ad revenue by 50-250% with Ezoic.

ezoic is a google certified publishing partner
Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Speed optimization, CDN, caching, Web/video hosting, privacy management, SEO, and DNS management are a few of their services in addition to monetization. 

The other good news is that they have an affiliate program. So you can get extra from that, and you don’t need to use Ezoic to become an affiliate partner.

Ezoic is on my top list because it can access anyone with a quality website. Most monetization platforms have minimum traffic criteria, but Ezoic gives newcomers an opportunity; it’s a great feature.

You can apply for an access program if you don’t need significant traffic.
You can apply for an access program if you don’t need significant traffic.

In my experience, the US, Europe, Dubai, Bahrain, New Zealand, Australia, and other top-tier countries have profitable EMPV; others aren’t terrible either.

However, most Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, have a slight CPM but not bad. Although Japan, Vietnam, and Russia have significant CPM. 

The minimum threshold is 20 USD, which is cool because everyone can reach that if you don’t have a lot of traffic. Also, you’ll get a payout after 30 days, and payment options include Payoneer and PayPal. After integration, Ezoic has several adverse facts.


If you use shared web hosting, your site speed will lack. But, if you’re using a good web hosting service, it isn’t a big problem because they provide speed optimization. If you’re looking for a good web host, Here are my recommendations: Web Hosting AsiaLiteSpeed Hostingand WordPress Hosting.

Another big flaw is that Ezoic requires users to change the nameservers to their NS. Such that, you will give Ezoic full access to your website.

Ezoic Requirements include compliance with Google’s Ads guidelines. You can apply for an access program even if your traffic volume is not very high. You can apply for the Ezoic level program if your website receives at least 10,000 monthly visitors. The approval procedure typically takes one week, sometimes less.

👉 Ezoic is the Best Adsense alternative for 2022

Ezoic gives you complete control over ad optimization. However, you require to create at least ten placeholders. They have a lot of ad formats like AdSense and native ad formats. 

Also, Ezoic offers a Chrome extension to optimize all your ad placement, called “ad tester.” Vignette and Anchor Ads, you can control it from the Ezoic dashboard.

Some placeholders are not responsive; for example, they display ads in pixel 720+ ads in the sidebar hah?. You can prevent that by using the ad tester without changing the website layout.

Ezoic Display Ad Example
Ezoic Display Ad Example

3. Monumetric

ad management monumetric

If you have an ideal traffic website, you can join them. Publishers can choose from four different monetization programs offered by Monumetric. You earn more than Adsense because Monumetric is a PRO ad management platform.

Monumetric provides you with two payment solutions: Bank Transfer and PayPal. They take a slightly different approach to the payment process. The payment will pay 65 days after the month ends.

You can use Monumetric as an alternative to Adsense because you only need 10k PV, which is not impossible to reach. Still, the site needs to meet a quality standard because the guidelines are identical to Google’s.

👉 Monumetric requirements

You are eligible to join if you receive at least 10,000 monthly pageviews. Most of the traffic you require comes from the US, Europe, Canada, and other developed countries. There is a $99 setup fee if you don’t have 80k PV per month. However, it can deduct from your monthly income.

Monumetric requirements
Monumetric requirements

At least three months to approve a site for their platform eventually. If your website is not suitable for them, they can reject it. Monumetric is looking for high-quality traffic that will accept their platform.

monetization programs from monumetric.
Monetization programs from Monumetric.

👉 Monumetric Display Ads

Monumetric is better than Adsense because it is an innovative management platform and header bidding solution that displays quality ads. Additionally, their ad slot loading is lazy, so it has no impact on the speed of your website.

Monumetric Display Ad example
Monumetric Display Ad example

Infolinks is a top Alternative of Adsense, but their ad formats have some differences. They have multiple ad types called “In-Text” on the website’s pages and posts. Infolinks Ads aren’t like other platforms, and they’re not like traditional banner ad networks. 

Pubmatic, Yahoo, Google, OpenX, Criteo, Sonobi, Sovrn, Appnexus, and others are among Infolinks’ demand partners. Payments by PayPal, check, and Payoneer requires a minimum of $50. The amount is made in 45-day periods. 🙄

You can earn more money by referring publishers, and you will receive 10% of their profits for the next 12 months. Extended payment periods and thresholds, out-of-date systems, and weak CPMs across many regions are the disadvantages of Infolinks.


Infolinks platform allows any web publisher, regardless of size, without setup fees, low minimum page hits, and no obscured agreements. They have specific policies, and you’ll need a good website with helpful content. Downloading, x-rated, false information, money, prizes, gambling, and irreverent websites will be denied.

Infolinks requirements
Infolinks minimum requirements

Infolinks approval process takes a few days, probably three, and you must have well-maintained content. They are the same as Adsense and Media.net content policies. You have control over the ads and can customize them to your preferences.

Infolinks is known for its text ad format, but they now offer five different types of ad units. Their ad formats are Intext, Infold, Intag, Inframe, and In-article. The in-article ad is virtually identical to other display advertising.

Infolinks Display Ad Example
Infolinks Display Ad Example

5. Newor Media

Newor Media
-Newor Media

I haven’t used Newor Media, but they have received positive feedback. They are revenue growth through real-time bidding, advanced algorithms, and a Google MCM partner for reselling, providing high-quality ads with quick load times for user experiences.

newor media is a google approved partner for reselling ad exchanging.
Newor Media Partners

The platform integrates enhanced real-time header bidder technology with the largest moderate networks, improving advanced analytics to optimize your revenue potential.

Newor Media payment terms are 30 days, just like Ezoic and AdSense. The payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer. It’s a good thing to offer various payment options since if it only offers one, like PayPal or bank transfer, not everyone can be covered.

👉 Newor Media Requirements

You need at least 30k monthly visitors, and they are MCM partners, so you must be in good standing with Google’s ad policies. They also expect you to have at least two ad units on your site. Newor Media still only accepts websites in English.

Newor Media Requirements
NeworMedia requirements

👉 NeworMedia Display Ads

Newor Media Display Ad Example
NeworMedia Display Ad Example

Newor Media is an ad optimization service that shows different ads from premium networks and DSPs, through which you can access the most varied demand, such as Amazon, OpenX, Appnexus, and TripleLift. They also have “lazy load” ad units proper for sites faster than AdSense.

6. AdThrive


AdThrive is an ideal ad management service, which means they don’t provide extra publishing services like hosting, SEO, or other services. They are a CPM network, which means your earnings depend on ad impressions. They give great CPM rates, but it’s not easy to join.

👉 AdThrive requirements

To join AdThrive, you must meet the following requirements: A valid SSL certificate, innovative and creative content, at least 100,000 monthly pageviews, plus top-tier traffic from North America, Europe, and other countries. Also, as Google Certified Partners, you must follow Google’s guidelines.

AdThrive requirements
AdThrive requirements

Although the approval process can take a few days, onboarding takes a long time. 😑

adthrive payment schedule
Adthrive Payment Schedule

👉 AdThrive Alternative to AdSense

Adthrive Display Ad Example
Adthrive Display Ad Example

AdThrive gives you a quality ad experience with premium demands as well as other optimization services. They also have the best CPM in the industry; you can see various ad examples. AdThrive is also a certified ad partner with Google.

7. Pubfuture


I didn’t use this ad management service. Still, I saw some positive reviews and decided to include them on this list because approval is not difficult to obtain if you have good traffic. The good thing is that they allow a vast array of payment methods.

PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and even Bitcoin are all acceptable payment methods. For PayPal and Payoneer, the lowest threshold is $50. They offer a referral program for an additional income; you can earn 5% of the revenue for each publisher.

pubfuture payments
Pubfuture payments

Pubfuture gives publishers access to a wide range of SSPs, including Admatic, Contextweb, 152media, Rubicon Project, OpenX, Yahoo, Google, and Other hundred more. Moreover, I can’t guarantee what class of CPM they are or how well they perform.

Pubfuture offers IAB Standard Sizes ad units: Interstitial, Sticky, Interscroller, and other ads format. Outstream and Instream Videos ad unit includes sticky and in-content floating. You can learn more about it by doing some analysis about them. 

👉 Pubfuture requirements

You need a good website with at least 100,000 monthly page views and relevant content. The process of getting approval is not tricky if your traffic is excellent. Nudity and other offensive content are also prohibited. Traffic frequency requires organic methods, and invalid traffic is not accepted.

Pubfuture requirements
Pubfuture requirements

8. Media.Net

an Adsense alternative media.net

You’ve probably heard Media.net is one of the most profitable monetization platforms. Is it true that almost everyone says media.net is the best Adsense alternatives?👎 Disagree with them entirely because, unlike AdSense, Media.net does not accept everybody. 

AdSense accepts high-quality websites with minimal traffic requirements, but Media.net does not. Media.net is an invitation-only platform. Based on its guidelines and conditions, it will review your website and choose to accept or reject the publisher.

Media.net publisher requirements: You will require high-quality traffic, but they do not say how much you need. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are significant sources of traffic requirements. On your website, you should try to avoid excessive advertising and need focus on English-language content.

Media.net publisher requirements
Media.net publisher requirements

👉 Media.Net Contextual Ads

Media.Net has a high click rate for their contextual advertising because the ads are mostly the same as your content. People say their ad style is unattractive, but it is unique and stands out among competitors. Look at the example.

9. Setupad

Setupad programmatic platform

I guess you have already heard about Setupad. This cutting-edge programmatic platform uses header bidding technology to enhance publishers’ ad revenues. Setupad is better than Adsense since it can increase your revenue with the highest CPM.

Let’s say your website has decent content and traffic, and you want to increase your revenue beyond Adsense. In that case, Setupad is your best option because they are a significant player in the programming industry.

Setupad is a service that can improve your advertising income by showing algorithmic ads. They utilize AdBlock recovery technology and integrate high-end SSPs like Google, Amazon, and OpenX. What makes Setupad smarter than AdSense? 🤔

If you use a revenue system like Setupad, there are more bidders and ad marketplaces. If you use Google AdSense, there is only one bidder, Google.

Viewable price management is a smart ad refresh service offered by Setupad. The banner ad can be viewed for 30 to 40 seconds by visitors.

The lowest monthly payment is €100, and the first transaction is paid after 60 days, but the next month’s payment is made regularly. You have the option of receiving payment by PayPal, Payoneer, wise or wire transfer.

It is similar to Adsense. However, the threshold is okay because they only allow websites with moderate to high traffic, making it simple to archive.

Setupad Payment methods
Setupad Payment methods

👉 Setupad Requirements

The website must follow the Setupad requirements and should receive at least 100,000 visits per month. However, I’ve heard that traffic levels closer to that amount may be acceptable. You must also agree to upload their ads.txt on your website and follow all other Setupad requirements.

Setupad Requirements
Setupad Requirements

👉 Setupad Alternative of Adsense

Setupad Display Ad Example
Setupad Display Ad Example

Since Setupad ad units use lazy load technology, you won’t be worried about your website’s speed. Obviously, any platform has an impact on how a site performs. Although AdSense ads have a considerable impact, Setupad uses “lazy load” to avoid it.

10. Valueimpression

 Valueimpression Alternative Of Adsense

If you want to get the highest revenue from your ad, Valueimpression is a top-quality ad management service that allows publishers to increase their advertising revenue.

Valueimpression is a top Adsense alternative that offers several decent features, including client services, video ads, straightforward acceptance, real-time statistics, and auto ad updates with nearly 50 more premium ad suppliers. 😮

Valueimpression provides flexible payments for all publishers, including net-15, net-30, and on-demand payouts. The minimum payout varies depending on the payment approach: Paypal $100, wire transfer $1500, and Payoneer $100.

Valueimpression payment
Valueimpression Payment Method

I’ve heard bad things about ValueImpression. Meanwhile, the CPM rate is decent but not better than Ezoic, Madiavine, and other reputed competitors. Ad inventory isn’t always filled (blank spots), ad units aren’t dynamic, and ads load slowly.

👉 Valueimpression Minimum Requirements

ValueImpression requires at least 100,000 monthly page views. The website complies with its policy and is free of x-rated, gambling, and other inappropriate content. If your website complies with the requirements, getting in touch and approved for their platform shouldn’t be challenging.

Valueimpression Minimum Requirements
Valueimpression requirements

11. Ad.plus


Ad.plus is Google MCM’s partner and uses CPC and CPM as bids. Publishers receive an 80% revenue share from Ad.plus, a fair sharing offer compared with AdSense

They also offer video monetization using the in-stream and out-stream video codecs. Publishers can use tags like Javascript, VAST, VPAID, and IMA. 💰

Ad.plus provides net 30-day payment terms via wire transfer and PayPal. Wire transactions need a minimum of $200, and PayPal requires at least $100.

Ad.plus Payments
Ad.plus Payments

👉 Ad.plus requirements

Publishers should follow webmaster guidelines and receive at least 100,000 monthly pageviews. Safe stuff: no gambling, nudity, promotional, and other stuff. You cannot sign up with them if Google has delisted your website because their policies are the same as Google AdSense’s.

Ad.plus requirements
Ad.plus requirements

12. WordAds

WordAds AdSense Alternatives

WordAds is not a free ad platform, so you’ll need to upgrade to a WordPress premium or Jetpack premium plan to use it. They are a CPM-based platform from Automattic that performs with top brands like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Appnexus, etc.

There is no need to code your websites to show ads because you can enable them from the plugin; ads appear in the most suitable areas. WordAds is a user-targeting ad network compatible with Google Adsense and other reputable ad networks.

WordAds Ad example
WordAds example

👉 WordAds requirements

There are no minimum traffic requirements for WordAds. However, you must have a good website and a subscription to either the WordPress premium plan or Jetpack. They partner with Google and other platforms, so you must follow their guidelines.

WordAds requirements
WordAds requirements

However, WordAds have more drawbacks:

  • PayPal is the sole payment method allowed by WordAds. This problem is more serious considering that PayPal does not operate in multiple countries.
  • The $100 minimum payment threshold and 45-day payment cycle.
  • WordAds can only be used with WordPress.
  • This platform is pricey because subscribing to a premium WordPress or Jetpack package is mandatory.

13. BuySellAds


BuySellAds focuses on technology tutorials and developer-related websites. Because many of them have technology partners like web browsers and hosting services.

Wire transfer and PayPal are the available payment methods, with a $20 minimum for PayPal and a $500 for wire transfers. 🙌

With the help of more than ten demand partners, BuySellAds Header Bidder Management increases yield and earnings potential. When used with native settings, the Ad Block Recovery tool aids in recovering money that has been lost to ad blockers.

There are some BuySellAds alternatives, like carbon ads and ethical ads. However, it does not pay CPM like other ad management services. 🙂

👉 BuySellAds requirements

More than 100,000 page views per month are required for BuySellAds. Your website should be fully operational, well-designed, and have high-quality content. No nudity violations or suspicious content on the site must be in English. You will not be approved if you collaborate with some other monetization platform.

14. A Ads


Let’s say you’re worried about choosing an ad network because you don’t get a lot of traffic, or maybe you don’t have any unique content. In that case, you can use an A-Ads crypto-based ad network that suits any website.

A-Ads was previously known as Anonymous. Compared to other ad networks, A-Ads is unique. You can use them from an access code because there is no approval process, no need to register, no cookies, and no pop-ups.

Ads primarily related to cryptocurrency use CPM, CPC, and CPA as bids. However, they also display games, jackpots, gambling, and famous sports bets and investments. Pop-unders, backlinks, and other types of spam ads are not offered by A-Ads.

The key drawback is that it only accepts bitcoin payments. The minimum payout is 0.001BTC, and the good news is that you can withdraw automatically. 😶

They are used by over 14,000 websites worldwide, states SimilarTech. All kinds of websites are welcome to join A-ADS’ network. So you’re welcome to join, even if it’s free hosting like Blogspot. Its banner ads are modest, with an iframe and no bloated JS.

A-Ads Example
A-Ads Example

15. ReklamStore

ReklamStore AdSense Alternatives

I’ve already reviewed ReklamStore for publishers. Direct advertising is provided with demand network partners such as Appnexus, Pubmatic, Google, and Criteo. Their SSP platform is self-service because there isn’t an admin assistant.

The minimum payment threshold is $50, and the payment period is 30 days. Wire transfers, Paypal, and Payoneer, are all possible. When using their platform, wait until there is good revenue potential. To begin with, unlike most, you won’t be able to obtain more effective CPM rates.

ReklamStore partners
ReklamStore partners

You can integrate the ad code into your website and start performing it immediately. There are no traffic requirements for standard websites, and the approval process is not complicated. Header bidding technology can help you increase your earnings. 😛

Classic banners, responsive banners, leaderboards, interstitials, native, mobile, and extended ad sizes are just a few of the display ad formats that ReklamStore offers.

Example of a ReklamStore AD
Example of a ReklamStore AD

Conclusions: Alternative to AdSense In 2022

Yo, I appreciate you reading my article. Find the best solution for your monetization; you have a variety of networks for a Google Adsense alternative 2022.

Some prevalent ad platforms, such as MGID, Revcontent, and other native networks, PropellerAds, Adsterra, and other non-standard platforms, aren’t included in this list. Its branding and terms troubled me because the ads are unfamiliar, like Adsense.

Also, those push notification ad networks are terrible because they harm the user experience. Further, I don’t like some native ads, such as those from MGID and Taboola, because they are spammy and do not match quality topics like tech and web-related. 😕

Header bidding and other cutting-edge networks, such as Adpushup, Monetizemore, Pubgalaxy, FatChilli, ExMarketPlace, OKO, Publift, Sortable, Sovrn, Yieldbird, optAd360, Freestar, Clickio, and others, are very popular these days. Such networks are Google-certified partners or MCM partners. 

If you don’t like online advertising, you can use paid advertising to earn some money by including guest content and links. You can cooperate as an affiliate marketer, but you should have reliable traffic to be successful. ✌

You’ll probably earn triple as much revenue as you think by studying different traffic conversion tactics. It won’t take long for you to realize the actual worth of your visitors and discover how to enhance it. So I hope you understand what I’m saying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative for AdSense?

Here are the 10 best AdSense Alternatives
1. Ezoic: The Best Adsense Alternatives
2. Media.net: The Best Contextual Network
3. Valueimpression: Primarily interested in your traffic
4. Mediavine: The Best CPM Network
5. Infolinks: The Best Text Ad Platform
6. AdThrive: The Best Ad Network for US Traffic
7. Setupad: The Header Bidding Optimization Platform
8. BuySellAds: Technology-related Websites
9. A-Ads: Crypto-related ads
10. ReklamStore: A friendly monetization platform

What pays more than AdSense?

Header Bidding and CPM Network pay more than Adsense because you’ll be getting paid for every impression. You’ll be able to increase your revenue even more than with Adsense.

What are Valueimpression Minimum Requirements?

Valueimpression Minimum Requirements

ValueImpression requires at least 100,000 monthly page views. The website complies with its policy and is free of x-rated, gambling, and other inappropriate content. If your website complies with the requirements, getting in touch and approved for their platform shouldn’t be challenging.

What are PubFuture requirements?

 Pubfuture requirements

You need a good website with at least 100,000 monthly page views and relevant content. The process of getting approval is not tricky if your traffic is excellent. Nudity and other offensive content are also prohibited. Traffic frequency requires organic methods, and invalid traffic is not accepted.

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