21 Best Adsense Alternatives In 2022 (Most CPM Platforms)

Are you looking for Google AdSense alternatives? 

Check these solutions. I’ll show you some options for Adsense, including all traffic requirements. Browse each, and find one that will match your website. I’ve personally used most ad networks, including most on this list. Other facts are based on reviews and various trusted resources. 

Bloggers recommend other junk monetization options such as Popunder, Notification, push, Pre-Roll, and other crap. I don’t suggest them because they are low-quality, which harms the user experience and negatively affects your SEO. Also, they are not an alternative to Adsense.

Search engines recognize that your site is worthless if you use a low-quality ad network. Your rank will drop from those ad networks.

Still, Google AdSense is a favored platform for publishers to monetize their websites. But Google’s rates have slipped over the past few years. Fewer marketers now use AdSense, which is no longer the best solution. 

Use one of these suitable platforms as an Adsense alternative. If you are a beginner, please read my article about ad networks for small publishers.

Here are the best alternative to Google Adsense

1. Media.net

Media.net logo
  • Payments methods: Payoneer\wire transfer
  • Payout schedule: 30 days
  • Payout threshold: $100
  • Traffic requirements: Not specify

Media.net is one of the well-known monetization platforms.

Is media.net the best Adsense alternative?

NO. Because Media.net does not accept all, unlike AdSense. AdSense takes high-quality websites with minimal traffic requirements, but Media.net does not. It is an invitation-only platform. Based on policies and conditions. They will review every website and choose whether to accept or reject the publisher.

If we look at Media.net publisher requirements, they require high-quality traffic but need to say how much they need. But, the UK, the US, and Canada are significant traffic sources. It would help if you sidestepped other monetization options. Mainly focus on English-language content.

Some people guess Media.net needs traffic of at least 5-10K PV per month, but no official statement. Quite strict about its publisher requirements. Perhaps too aggressively… They only partner with top-notch sites that attract traffic from specific regions. I’ve seen some tragic stories about rejections.

I was eligible despite it having only a few thousand page views. However, I see those being denied vast numbers of visits per month for no obvious cause. You will be turned down if you only visitors from Asian countries.

Some hate Media.Net contextual ads, but I like it. That is unique compared to others and stands out among competitors. Contextual advertising has a high click rate because the ads are mostly the same as your content.

 Media.Net contextual ads
 Media.net ads

Although Media.net is an ad platform, you get paid for the second click. Oh damn, this is the biggest complaint for them. 

Another concern is Media.net statistics need to be more accurate.

2. Monumetric

Monumetric Logo
  • Payments methods: Bank transfer and PayPal
  • Payout terms: 65 days
  • Minimum threshold: $10
  • Traffic requirements: 10000 Page Views

If you have an ideal traffic website, you can join and choose from four monetization programs presented by Monumetric. They help to earn more than Adsense because Monumetric is a PRO-CPM ad management platform. Use Monumetric as an option for Adsense because you only need 10k PV, which is possible to reach. 

Monumetric is an ideal Adsense alternative for WordPress because they only accept websites with WordPress and Blogger Platform.

Monumetric is a cutting-edge platform with header bidding that displays high-quality ads. Use lazy loading and CDN to deliver fast ads to visitors, so it has no significant impact on the speed of your website.

You are eligible to join if you get at least 10,000 monthly pageviews. Most of the required traffic arrives in the US, Europe, Canada, and other advanced economies. Even the website must meet its quality standards. Also, if you don’t have 80k PV per month, there is a $99 setup cost.

Monumetric Propel Requirements

They reached at least three months to approve a site for their platform. Will reject if your website does not fit. HOO!.

Monumetric is looking for high-quality traffic.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic Logo
  • Payment methods: PayPal+Payoneer
  • Payout terms: 30 days
  • Lowest threshold: $20
  • Traffic requirements: No

Ezoic is the best alternative to Adsense, even if you have little traffic.

They are on the top because you can access them easily. Most platforms have traffic criteria, but Ezoic gives possibilities to newbies. These guys are publishers’ optimization services. They provide optimization, CDN, hosting, SEO, and many benefits in addition to monetization. 

In addition to Google, Ezoic offers massive partners. Media.net, OpenX, Appnexus, Spotxchange, Amazon, and Outbrain. 

They are just a few networks; there are hundreds more. 

In my experience, the US, Europe, Dubai, Australia, and other top nations have promising EMPV; others are okay too. However, most Asian traffic, such as India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, has a low CPM and is not really bad.

Ezoic requirements include Google’s Ads policies. You can apply for Access Now; if your traffic is low. If your website receives at least 10,000 monthly visitors, you are ready for the Ezoic Levels. The approval process typically takes a week or less.

Previously, Ezoic integration was complicated and required changing nameservers. However, now Ezoic integration has two options. Using Cloudflare or WordPress plugin. Cloudflare is a simple method, but the plugin takes more time to access.

Ezoic gives you all-out control over ad optimization. They have a lot of ad designs, like AdSense and native ad formats. Also, ad tester extension to optimize all your ad placements and can handle Vignette and Anchor Ads from the dashboard. 

For example, some placeholders are not responsive; they display ads in pixel 720+ ads in the sidebar. Oooh. You can stop that by using the ad tester without changing the website layout. 

Here is an example of an Ezoic ad that needs more responsiveness.

Ezoic ad that needs more responsiveness

4. FatChilli

FatChillimedia Logo
  • Payment strategy: Bank Transfer
  • Payout terms: 30 days
  • Lowest threshold: $100
  • Traffic requirements: 10000 PV

FatChilli is an ADX 360 monetization platform with programmatic advertising. They are official Google partners in ad inventory. Pricing floors, lazy loading, waterfall management, ad manager integration, top-quality advertisers, header bidding, private deals, and personal support are some of Fatchilli’s advantages.

Their approval processes are simple. So you can reach them easily. Yes, I used them for a short time, and the performance was average, but I can’t say much because I haven’t used them for a long time. They give better CPMs with header and open bidding to gain access to more qualified bidders.

I did not see CPM rates like Madiavine and Ezoic. You are free to leave if dissatisfied with their structures because available a free trial.

Fatchilli requirements are negligible; all that is needed is a suitable website. With around 10,000 monthly hits, you can fill out the registration. Once you complete your application, they will contact you and ask for additional details such as traffic analysis, personal data, payments, etc. 

So you can try them out; no high traffic requirement.

5. Mediavine

  • Payment method: Wire Transfer+PayPal+Payoneer
  • Payout terms: 65 days
  • Lowest threshold: $25
  • Traffic requirements: 50,000 Seasons

Mediavine is a Google-certified publishing partner to monetize your website. These guys are the finest way to make reasonable revenue because their CPM is the highest in the industry. However, Mediavine’s strict requirements prevent it from reaching small publishers.

They are a full-service ad management platform, you can’t use another monetization option with them, but affiliate is OK. 

Your revenues will keep growing if you receive a lot of traffic from top-tier countries. Other traffic is not a big problem because they pay well.

Mediavine is a proper monetization solution to thriving your revenue. They provide high-quality ad spaces with premium ad partners. Ad slots are set automatically and performed on “lazy load.” No significant impact on core web vitals. Also, look at the Mediavine Youtube channel for more facts.

Example of a Mediavine ad
Mediavine ad

Bloggingguide uses Mediavine.

Mediavine minimum requirements

Your website must meet the following criteria to be approved by Mediavine.

Last 30 days, analytics should have verified at least 50,000 seasons. Content must be unique, detailed, and engaging. As they’re a Google official partner, the website must comply with Google’s ad policies.

AdThrive as an Adsense Alternative
  • Payment methods: PayPal+Wise+Payoneer
  • Payment terms: 45 days
  • Lowest threshold: $25
  • Traffic requirements: 100K PV

AdThrive is a perfect pragmatic ad management service. Considerable content creators would like to use AdThrive or Mediavine on their websites. However, not easy to reach, especially if you are a beginner. They are the best CPM in programmatic advertising and a certified ad partner with Google.

AdThrive is looking for very helpful content. I NOTICED the majority of the websites on AdThrive’s publishers are in the family and lifestyle categories, with techies occasionally included. They give quality experience with premium markets and optimizations. You can get a lot more out of AdSense.

To join AdThrive, you must have a valid SSL certificate, creative/content, at least 100,000 PV, plus top-tier traffic from North America, Europe, and others. They are Google partners, so you must mind policies and no previous penalties from them.

It is well known that AdThrive is strict about the approval process. The acceptance rate is very minimal. Although the approval process can take a few days, onboarding takes a long time. Theconscientiouseater.com uses Adthriv AND Read their case studies Mediavine Vs. AdThrive.

7. Optad360

Optad360 logo
  • Payment method: PayPal+Payoneer
  • Payout periods: 30 days
  • Lowest threshold: $100
  • Traffic conditions: 50,000 PV

I won’t talk about OptAd360 because I’ve reviewed it. They can increase profits with machine-learning technologies while maintaining a great user experience. Ml algorithms offer considerable progress in incomes on programmatic ads. 

Optad360 benefits publishers such as Header Bidding, Ads Refresh, Adaptable Ads, and more. Multiple formats include clip and banner ads, in-feed, native, dynamic, float, anchor, stutter videos, pre-roll, and more.

Optad360 ad
Optad360 ad

They provide multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and more. However, OptAd’s criteria are pretty high, and the requirement changes by location. Most want at least 50K monthly page hits, while others for 500K. Other limitations are similar to most other platforms.

8. Pubfuture

  • Payment way: PayPal+Wire Transfer+Bitcoin
  • Payout Duration: 30-45 days
  • Lowest threshold: $50
  • Traffic conditions: 100K PV

I didn’t use this ad management. But saw positive reviews and chose to include them on this list because approval is easy if you have good traffic. They allow a vast array of payment methods, even Bitcoin.

Offer an affiliate program; you can earn 5% of the revenue for each publisher. 

Pubfuture gives publishers access to various SSPs, including Admatic, Contextweb, 152media, Rubicon Project, OpenX, Yahoo, Google, and Others. 

Pubfuture offers IAB Standard Sizes ad units: Interstitial, Sticky, Interscroller, out-stream, Instream Videos ad units, and many others.

A quality website with at least 100,000 monthly page views and relevant content is needed to join Pubfuture. If your traffic is good, the approval process is simple. Forbids offensive language and naughty content. Traffic frequency requires organic and invalid traffic is not accepted.

I can’t guarantee the CPM they offer or how well they perform. You can discover more about them with some research. 

9. Newor-Media

Newor Media ad network
  • Payment mode: Payoneer and PayPal
  • Payout periods: 30 days
  • Lowest threshold: $50
  • Traffic requirements: 30k monthly visitors

I haven’t used Newor-Media, but I have seen that they have a lot of positive feedback. Also, read my Newor-Media Vs. Ezoic comparison.

They operate real-time bidding, header bidder, and refined algorithms and are also a Google MCM partner and provide quality ads with minimal effect on the user experience. Also, use “lazy load” ad units. 

The platform integrates improved technology with the largest ad exchanges, such as Amazon, OpenX, Appnexus, and TripleLift. 

N-Media needs at least 30k monthly visitors, and they are MCM partners. You must be in good status with Google’s ad approaches. They expect at least two ad units on your site. They still only accept websites with English content. 

N-Media is an ideal AdSense alternative for medium and large-traffic websites. Statisticshowto.com uses N-Media. 

10. Valueimpression

  • Payments strategies: Payoneer\Paypal
  • Payout schedule: 1530 days
  • Payout threshold: $100
  • Traffic requirements: 750,000 impressions

Valueimpression is a rated ad management service that allows publishers to increase revenue with Header Bidding. VI offers features with video ads, explicit approval, real-time statistics, and auto ads with 50+ premium ad suppliers. 

Valueimpression minimum requirements of at least 100,000 monthly page views or 750,000 ad impressions. The website complies with its policy and is free of x-rated, gambling, and other unsuitable content. 

Approval shouldn’t be difficult if your website meets the traffic requirements. These guys don’t care much about content quality like Madiavine, and Adthrive, so you can get in touch with them.

They provide flexible on-demand payouts. The minimum payout depends on the payment method: Paypal $100, wire transfer $1500. 

I’ve heard bad things about them, such as the CPM rate not being like Ezoic, Madiavine, and other reputable competitors. Also, complain that ad inventory isn’t always filled (blank spots), ad units aren’t dynamic, and load gradually.

11. Setupad

  • Payments methods: PayPal\Payoneer\Wise
  • Payout times: 60 days
  • Threshold: €100
  • Requirements: 100K visits per month

You may have already heard about Setupad. This cutting-edge programmatic platform uses header bidding to enhance publishers’ ad revenues. Setupad is better than Adsense; it can increase your income with the highest CPM. 

Setupad requirements should receive at least 100,000 visits per month. However, I’ve heard that traffic levels closer to that may be acceptable. You must agree to upload their ads.txt on your website and follow all other conditions.

What makes Setupad smarter than AdSense? 🤔

Imagine your website has good content and traffic, and you want to grow your revenue more than Adsense. If you use a Setupad, it has more bidders and marketplaces. If you use AdSense, there is only one bidder, Google.

Setupad is the top choice; it is an influential performer in the programmatic industry. Offers ad refresh and AdBlock recovery and integrates with high-end SSPs like Google, Amazon, and OpenX. Ourcodeworld uses Setupad.

Setupad ad
Setupad ad

Setupad ad units use lazy load technology, so you won’t be worried about your website’s speed. Any platform has an impact on how a site performs. Although AdSense ads have a significant consequence, Setupad uses “lazy load” to bypass it.

12. Carbon Ads

Carbon Ads
  • Payment methods: Payoneer\Wire
  • Payment times: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Traffic conditions: 10,000 page views

Carbon Ads backend by BuySellAds, and it is an invite-only network.

However, Carbon is only for some; not a perfect alternative to AdSense. Carbon is effective for developers. They are focus designers and developers, ensuring that your viewers receive specific ads. Javascript.info uses Carbon.

Ad by Carbon
Carbon Ad

You’ll understand what I mean if your website is for developers, such as tool reviews, hosting, JS, CSS, PHT, and other lessons. Their sponsors are more focused on the tech niche. Also, accept developer tools such as testing tools, charts, etc.

However, Carbon’s CPM rates are not as high, often at $2. 

If your website is compatible with a better network, you should stick with it. Yet, suppose you don’t give your revenue more attention. In that case, Carbon is an excellent platform, and the ads are pretty user-friendly. However, you will need at least 50K page views if you want more earnings.

13. Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads
  • Payments method: Paypal
  • Payout schedule: 60 days
  • Minimum threshold: $100
  • Traffic requirements: 10,000 page views

Not all bloggers are eligible for Gourmet Ads, meaning they only accept blogs with lifestyle niches like food, shopping, recipes, cooking, groceries, etc. They are incorporated with DSPs that support programmatic/header bidding, such as Xandr, Google, Adroll, Media.net, Display Video 360, and others.

Gourmet Ads offers a variety of ad formats, banners, mobile ads, video ads, native ads, and even audio ads. Another advantage is that there are no contracts; many programmatic industries have time-bound contracts, but Gourmet is not.

Gourmet Ads requires the website article should be lifestyle-focused with significant US, UK, and Australian, at least 10,000 page views per month with top-level domains, and other requirements exist.

They are an ideal option for Adsense for those with websites in the lifestyle niche. I’ve noticed that many lifestyle blogs use Gourmet as their ad partner.

14. Ad.Plus

  • Payments made: PayPal\Wire
  • Payout schedule: 30 days
  • Lowest threshold: $100
  • Traffic conditions: 100,000 page views

I know very little about these guys. Ad.plus is a Google MCM partner and uses both CPC and CPM bids. Publishers receive an 80% revenue share from Ad.plus, a reasonable sharing bid compared to AdSense. They offer video monetization using in-stream and out-stream video codes. 

Ad.Plus Requirements: Publishers should follow webmaster guidelines and receive at least 100,000 monthly pageviews. Safe stuff: no gambling, nudity, promotional, and other things. You cannot sign up with them if Google has delisted your website because their policies are the same as Google’s.

15. Adversal

  • Revenues made: PayPal
  • Payout times: 35 days
  • Lowest threshold: $20
  • Traffic conditions: 50000 page views

Adversal is a self-service ad platform.

Adversal Requirementspublishers should receive 50,000 page views per month. Adult, illegal content, image hosting, uploading or sharing sites, URL shortening, proxy-related websites, and other junk websites will not be qualified. 

Like most networks, it can permanently ban and stop payments from any publisher with illegal behavior. They are a reputable platform that only accepts a few. You must meet those requirements if you want to work with them.

They use Net35 payout schedules, and outstanding amounts will be passed over to the next month. Payment is made via PayPal or wire transfer, which needs a minimum balance of $20, but wire transfers are $250. 

16. BuySellAds

  • Payments made: PayPal
  • Payout terms: 30 days
  • Lowest threshold: $20
  • Traffic requirements: 100K page views

BuySellAds focuses on technology, tutorials, and developer-related websites because of their partners, like web browsers and hosting services. BuySell header bidder improves yield and revenue potential with more than 10 demand suppliers. The ad block recovery tool helps reclaim revenue from ad blockers.

BuySellAds requires more than 100,000 page views per month. Your website should be fully operational, well-designed, and have high-quality content. No nudity violations or suspicious content on the site must be in English. You will not be approved if you cooperate with another monetization platform.

There are alternatives, like Carbon and ethical ads

17. Revcontent

  • Payments made: PayPal
  • Payout terms: 30 days
  • Threshold: $100
  • Requirements: 50,000 visitors

Hard to compare Revcontent to an AdSense alternative because Revcontent is a native platform. Still, both have some parallels; both works as PPC.

Revcontent is a decent choice to monetize your site but complex to get acceptance. Focuses only publishers who provide relevant content are allowed to join. Also, you need at least 50,000 visitors per month and support in any language.

Revcontent ad
Revcontent ad

I like Revcontent ads because they have quality compared to MGID. I’m not too fond of most native ads because they are super spammy and cut off your website’s rate. But Revcontent provides some decent but has some spammy-looking stuff.

18. RevenueHits

  • Payments: Payoneer+wire+Bitcoin
  • Payout terms: 30 days
  • Threshold: $20
  • Requirements: NO

First, you should know that they are a performance-based platform, which means CPA (cost per action), not a CPC or CPM. Second, they seem to go downhill, with few activities in 2022. RevenueHits cannot be compared to Adsense in any way.

The good thing is that no minimum website traffic is required. However, I don’t like ad formats that seem spammy. 

I don’t rank them higher because they resemble most other garbage.

Consider this: if you place their ad on your website; an extended period, you might receive some traffic, but if no one clicks on it, you will receive nothing, so choose alternative CPM platforms or, at the very least, a CPC network like Adsense.

19. ForeMedia

  • Get paid: Payoneer+Wire
  • Payment terms: 45 days
  • Threshold: $100
  • Requirements: NO

I don’t know much about this ad network, but I’ve heard good things, and they have a Google certificate, which is why I included them in my list.

I’ve heard that websites with 10K PV traffic or more are accepted. Foremedia is user-friendly, making it simpler and faster to sign up. They offer CPM and CPC as well. I cannot promise that they are excellent. Therefore you should check other thoughts instead. I saw that some websites had reviewed them.

  • Payout options: Payoneer+PayPal
  • Payout terms: 45 days
  • Lowest Threshold: $50
  • Requirements: No

Infolinks is a top ad network option for Adsense, but their ad formats vary. They have multiple ad types and aren’t like others. Infolinks is known for its text ad format, but they now offer five different ads; Intext, Infold, Intag, Inframe, and In-article. The in-article ad is virtually similar to other display ads. 

Infolinks platform is available to any online publisher, whatever their size, and there aren’t setup expenses, minimum traffic restrictions, or contracts. But, have specific policies, and you’ll need a good website with helpful content. Poor websites, x-rated, fake news, downloading, and giveaways are not allowed.

Infolinks approval process takes a few days, a maximum of three. They are the same as Adsense and Media.net maintain content policies.

You have control over the ads and can customize them to your preferences. Infolinks’ drawbacks include minimal CPMs in many countries and outdated UI. However, they are still helpful as a side income source because their ads do not spammy look but have a massive impact on core web vital.

21. BidVertiser

  • Payment options: Payoneer+PayPal
  • Payment terms: 30 days
  • Minimum Threshold: $10
  • Requirements: No

Bidvertiser is an ad platform with some exciting facts. You’re probably already aware of it or trying to find alternatives to Google Adsense. But I lowered them from my list because they seem to be going down, and I hate their spammy-looking ads.

BidVertiser ad
BidVertiser ad

Bidvertiser has specific requirements. The publisher should comply with conditions, which include not allowing adult content, foul language, illegal substances, or content that promotes violent acts. Bidvertiser strictly forbids websites that engage in illegal stuff, spam, black hat approaches, and others.

However, an extremely flexible network but not set for reputable websites.

Bidvertiser is an acceptable and reliable replacement for Adsense, but its CPC is relatively low. A lower withdrawal limit helps tiny publishers monetize their web pages at the start time. But I do not recommend them because they harm UI/UX and can only make a little.

Read more: ReklamStore Review

Do you know that accidentally clicking on AdSense ads results will a permanent ban? Oh, ha ha, very funny.

Google has some regulations, and they often review websites. They will ban your signup and stop letting you register for future ad accounts if you violate the rules. Adsense is also not terrible. They do business and will only suspend you if you make an awful misstep; bad traffic, clicks, or VPN usage.


I hope you found some solutions as AdSense alternatives. 

This list excludes popular ad platforms, such as MGID, Taboola, other native networks, Adcash, Admaven, and other non-standard platforms. Also, those push notification ad networks are terrible because they harm the UX. Also, I wouldn’t say I enjoy native ads, such as those from MGID and Taboola, because they are spammy and do not match tech and web-related. 

Adpushup, Pubgalaxy, OKO, Publift, Sortable, Sovrn, Yieldbird, Freestar, Clickio, and others, are wildly popular nowadays. They are Google-certified partners or MCM partners. But you need massive traffic to qualify for those.

You will need reliable hosting services and speed optimization strategies if you use an ad network for your website. 

So check out my articles about hosting and speed optimization. 👇

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