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 Madushan Bandara

My name is Madushan Bandara, and I’m a digital marketer and WordPress designer from Sri Lanka. I’m currently undergoing WordPress design and Internet marketing. Also, I will experiment and gain experience through this website. Try to support rookies and those interested in digital marketing.

  • I’m also writing articles about movies because I enjoy watching films. I want to share my movie experience and suggest some good films for those who enjoy films. :)

I help anyone create an ideal website through my blog post and contact me personally. I enjoy writing articles about my experiences and experiments. However, I’m not a specialist yet. :)

  • Speed Optimization for WordPress
  • Suggest Better Themes and Plugins
  • Guide to Better Hosting and CDN Services
  • Help with Website Monetization

If you have any queries or appeals, don’t hesitate to leave me a word.

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  • WhatsApp (+94769053123)

Madushan Bandara

Madushan Bandara

Madushan Bandara