17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice

Because most of them offer drag-and-drop solutions, the best website builders allow you to create a site in almost no time at all. This simplifies the process and eliminates the need for a website design service or a professional website developer.

A website builder not only helps you save time when coding a website, but most of them also have a large portfolio of templates from which you can choose to give your website a particular visual appearance.

You will need to decide beforehand what kind of online site you want to build, such as a blog, an e-commerce platform, a portfolio website, or some other kind of website. 

We not only review and re-review the best website builders available on the market, but we also review and re-review the best web hosting providers as well. Consequently, this article contains information that is applicable to almost every kind of website. In addition, we have compared every feature that you will require from a website builder, including customer service support, uptime, and speed. Search engine optimization (SEO) tools are also included in this comparison. Over 160 different website builders and web hosting services have been evaluated and analyzed by our team in total.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 1

Our specialists register with each website builder and construct test websites from scratch in order to compare the features, user friendliness, and performance of each website builder, in addition to the customer support and security offered by each. When it comes to selecting the best website builder for your particular requirements, you will need to take all of these aspects into consideration, in addition to finding pricing that is suitable for your financial plan.

You will find a list of 17 high-quality builders below, with Wix at the top of our list as the best website builder service currently available on the market.


Wix — best website builder overall

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 3

A top-notch website builder is Wix.

Causes To Buy

  • 800+ templates to choose from.
  • Over 180 languages are supported.
  • A very beginner-friendly system.
  • Has a free trial available, which is a great way to try the service.

Causes To Avoid

  • If you change your mind after creating your website, you cannot switch templates.
  • Only the most expensive plans offer e-commerce features.
  • Beginners may become confused by the abundance of options.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 5

Brief review

Wix currently sits atop the rankings as the best website builder for a variety of reasons. We put its website builder to the test and discovered that, in comparison to other builders, it exhibited an exceptionally low learning curve. When deciding to use Wix, we were given the option of using either the Wix ADI or the WixEditor platform. Wix has also just recently released a new editor that combines the capabilities of both its traditional editor and its Wix ADI editor. Wix Editor is a drag-and-drop solution that enables you to build a website all by yourself, whereas Wix ADI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered tool that asks you a few simple questions before designing the site for you. Both tools are offered by Wix.

We discovered that the Wix Editor takes more time to use than the Wix ADI, but it provided us with greater creative control over the design of our website. Because the website builder provides several options for a wide range of color themes, we had an abundance of choice when selecting a color scheme from among the over 800 templates that Wix has available for use. We found that it was particularly simple to drag images and videos into the Wix template that we had selected.

We also went ahead and purchased a domain name using the domain registration service that Wix offers. With this service, you have the option to pay for one year, two years, or three years at a discounted rate of 6% to 12% respectively.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 7

Wix provides a free plan, a Combo plan that costs $14 per month, an Unlimited plan that costs $18 per month, a Pro plan that costs $23 per month, a VIP plan that costs $39 per month, Business Basic, Unlimited VIP plans for ecommerce sites that cost $23, $27, and $49 per month, and an Enterprise plan that costs $500 per month. All of these plans are relatively inexpensive.

Wix is your best bet if you are looking for a website builder that offers a wide variety of customization options because there is a plan available for almost every type of user on the platform. Wix also provides a 14-day trial period, which we found helpful because it gave us the option to get our money back if we weren’t satisfied with the service after using it.

Bluehost — optimal WordPress Website Builder

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 9

The website builder offered by Bluehost is based on WordPress.

Causes To Buy

  • A sizable library of templates.
  • Fantastic uptime.
  • Simple switching between the WordPress builder and Builder.

Causes To Avoid

  • No email addresses are provided.
  • No monthly fees.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 11

Brief review

Bluehost, which is well-known for providing web hosting services of the highest possible quality, introduced a website builder in 2021 that was constructed on top of WordPress. It also has live editing, mobile editing, and a repository for stock images, in addition to drag and drop editing.

We were able to set up parts of our test website using Bluehost’s website builder, while other parts of the website were set up using WordPress thanks to the integration between the two platforms. The WordPress-compatible builder comes with over 300 pre-designed themes, which is less than the number of themes offered by Wix but is still a substantial number. There are three different website builder packages available to choose from: Basic, Pro, and Online Store.

The Basic Plan has an introductory price of $2.95 per month and a renewal price of $10.99 per month after the initial 12 months of service. The price of the Pro plan is $9.95 per month for a 12-month subscription, and the price of the Online Store plan is $24.99 per month for the same duration, but the price of the Online Store plan renews at $39.95 per month.

Even though Bluehost’s website builder isn’t as seasoned or as simple to use as Wix’s overall, it still includes appealing features such as a free domain for the first year and 24/7 expert support as part of its website building service. This is in contrast to Wix’s website builder, which has both of these qualities.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 13

In addition to providing an unlimited number of websites, Bluehost’s website builder features pre-designed layouts tailored to particular categories of websites and purposes. Users also have the option to customize their sites for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Each of the three website builder plans includes marketing features that we were able to test out as well. Of these, we found the call to action button that Bluehost provides to be particularly impressive and thought it was a wonderful addition to the package.

We put Bluehost’s “30 days, no questions asked” money back guarantee to the test and were able to successfully get our money back in full. Bluehost is a website builder that you should consider using if you are looking for a WordPress site builder but do not want to fully commit to using WordPress as your content management system.

Squarespace — the ideal website builder for writers and bloggers17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 15

Another reputable website builder is Squarespace.

Causes To Buy

  • Incredible templates.
  • Numerous features.
  • Superior commenting functionality.
  • Available for a free trial of two weeks.

Causes To Avoid

  • No autosave is available for posts and pages.
  • It’s difficult to navigate the interface.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 17

Brief review

The website builder offered by Squarespace is characterized by a more straightforward approach. The builder’s dashboard presented itself to us as being uncomplicated and straightforward to navigate. Within minutes, we were able to select a template and begin constructing a test website. Squarespace is a good option to go with if you are just starting out in the world of website building or if this will be your first time blogging.

In comparison to the tools offered by the other providers, the section-based drag-and-drop builder that Squarespace offers was, in our experience, significantly simpler to use. There are four different pricing plans available for the platform, and they range from $12 to $40 per month. Regardless of which plan you select, however, Squarespace will produce a website or blog that looks fantastic.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 19

Both of its basic and advanced ecommerce plans include full access to Squarespace’s video studio app in addition to advanced website analytics and credit for Google ads. If the section-based builder is not for you, there are detailed guides that can help you navigate through the dashboard. When we tested out the email campaign tool, we found these guides to be especially helpful.

The Blog App for Squarespace allowed us to manage our test blog from our smartphones, which is a great feature for publishing and editing content while you are on the move. Tools that publish to, sync with, and import from social media outlets, such as Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and others, are a great way to make sure that your posts get the attention they deserve. These tools also provide a great way to ensure that your posts receive the attention they deserve.

Because Squarespace does not automatically keep a history of the changes we made to the website we created, it is not possible to revert to a previous version in the event that a mistake was made. This is in contrast to Wix, which does keep a history of the changes we made. This can be quite problematic, and depending on the circumstances, it may require you to start from scratch. In spite of this, Squarespace is capable of completing the task at hand in a satisfactory manner, and it offers a wide selection of templates that are expertly crafted.

Zyro — the simplest and most user-friendly website builder

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 21

The website builder from Zyro is ideal for new users.

Causes To Buy

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to draw your own designs.
  • Fantastic for novices.
  • Very quickly.

Causes To Avoid

  • Not as skilled as other contractors.
  • Fewer features.
  • Professional email increases the price.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 23

Brief review

Because of its user-friendliness, Hostinger’s Zyro stands out among website builders; in fact, it is the ideal site builder for companies or individuals who may not have a great deal of experience developing their own websites. When compared to other site builders, we discovered that the drag-and-drop editor was simpler to use when it came to certain design features. In addition, the one-of-a-kind AI writer that the platform offers can even create some of the text content for you, which helped us save a lot of time when we were building our test site on the platform.

In addition to its user-friendliness, the interface of the website builder is simple, and creating an account is uncomplicated. There are over 150 templates to choose from, which is less than what is offered by Wix or Bluehost, but the ones that are offered are of high quality.

There are several different pricing tiers available for Zyro. Each of the four plans for the website builder includes an unlimited amount of bandwidth and storage space. Zyro’s Website plan, which includes AI business branding and SEO tools, a free domain for a year, and free email for three months, can be purchased for $2.61 per month by applying the TECHRADAR code during the checkout process. This is Zyro’s most affordable package.

We put Zyro’s business plan to the test by establishing a straightforward online storefront that would sell fewer than one hundred different items. It comes with a storefront that is blazingly fast and is powered by Stripe payments. With a starting price of $4.41 per month, this plan is perfect for small business owners who are looking for an instant ecommerce solution.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 25

Zyro offers a plan called Online Store for its users at a cost of $8.01 per month. This plan is designed for users who want to focus more time and attention on their own personal online store. Despite this, users are restricted to only 100 different products. We discovered that Zyro does, however, provide more than 70 different payment options, which is more than the majority of other high-quality website builders offer.

Its website builder plans and its ecommerce plans both use the drag-and-drop functionality of the same interface. We had the option of choosing an online store as a new section that would be placed on a new page, or we could select a template that already had a store arranged for us.

Although it is not quite as professional as Wix, Zyro Website Builder does not overwhelm you with unnecessary extras, making it an excellent option for anyone looking for a simple, intuitive website builder that promises excellent uptime and 24/7 support. Zyro Website Builder is an excellent choice for small businesses, and it is also an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple, intuitive website builder.

Web.com — a robust user-friendly website building tool

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 27

Web.com is a new player in the market and offers an incredibly simple website building solution.

Causes To Buy

  • Great site building system that is user-friendly.
  • Remarkably affordable.
  • Excellent customer service.

Causes To Avoid

  • The ability to blog is still in beta.
  • E-commerce isn’t particularly strong either.
  • No possibility of a free trial.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 29

Brief review

Because of its intuitive user interface, Web.com has established itself as a leader in the market for website builders. It would appear that offering approximately the same number of professionally designed templates is the norm, as Web.com provides approximately the same number of templates as Zyro does.

The core of the website creation experience is centered on a library of modular components that can be easily dropped into position using a drag-and-drop interface. By dragging and dropping an element into the desired location, we were able to modify the appearance of a heading, a button, an icon, and even a text field.

Additionally, the user interface supports blocks, which are pre-assembled components such as an entire navigation bar that can simply be inserted whenever they are required. A potent combination of power and ease of use characterizes the interface of this application. Additionally, you get one free hour of website design support when you use its website builder.

In addition, there is an e-commerce functionality that is offered, albeit with a separate plan from the standard package. This functionality enables you to set up an online store with all of the features that you would anticipate, despite the fact that it is not really suitable for larger-scale e-commerce endeavors. Web.com’s package costs $3.95 per month, and it enables you to sell as many as 500 products. If you are just getting started with an online store, this is a good place to start.

With Web.com, the prices are very reasonable, and the customer service that is offered is of a high caliber as well; therefore, there is a lot to like about this place. In a nutshell, it is possible to assemble a sophisticated website with a minimum amount of bother and without paying anything even remotely close to a fortune for the privilege.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 31

Using the simplified data dashboard that Web.com provides, which includes real-time traffic statistics, trend charts, and an integration with Google Analytics, we were able to monitor the performance of our website while conducting our tests.

Although there is no option for a free trial here, you are only required to make a commitment for one month when you sign up (the initial fee is just $1.95 – complete with a free URL, with certain restrictions), so this is not a prohibitively expensive cost to incur in order to test out the service.

Gator — the most cost-effective and ideal choice for small businesses

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 33

The Gator Website Builder from HostGator is very affordable and has a lot of useful features.

Causes To Buy

  • A robust yet user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.
  • An abundance of features.
  • Affordable signup fees.

Causes To Avoid

  • Features on blogs are lacking.
  • Limited online store functionality.
  • Simple blog.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 35

Brief review

Another popular option is provided by HostGator. We recommend their website builder solution, which is referred to as Gator Website Builder, because of its affordability and ease of use, both of which should appeal to proprietors of small businesses.

There are three distinct iterations of the Gator game. The Starter plan has a monthly cost of $3.84 ($3.46 with our special deal), and it provides unmetered storage in addition to free hosting, website analytics, free domain name registration for an entire year, and free website traffic reporting. The Premium plan includes all of that in addition to priority customer service and costs $5.99 per month ($5.39 with our current promotion). The ecommerce plan, on the other hand, has a monthly fee of $9.22 (or $8.30 if you take advantage of our special deal), and it comes with a variety of additional features, including inventory management, a shipping and tax calculator, and the capability to generate coupons.

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 37

You will have access to a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface regardless of the plan that you select. This interface will allow you to incorporate design elements that are frequently utilized, such as images, videos, text boxes, columns, maps, and contact forms. Our research revealed that Gator offers more than two hundred web templates that can be modified in any way imaginable, making it simple to give your website the exact appearance you desire. To ensure that your online portal appears to its best advantage regardless of the device being used, you can choose from among a sizable selection of mobile-friendly themes.

If you run a small business and are concerned that you might not have access to high-quality photography equipment, Gator comes with its very own built-in stock photo library and provides a number of video tutorials that you can watch if you require additional assistance with any aspect of the program.

If there is one major drawback to this solution, it would have to be the lack of functionality for websites that are larger and more complex. For instance, there is no built-in support for email marketing, and the options for constructing blogs are only of a fundamental nature.

Gator’s websites are quick, professional, and have well-designed layouts; therefore, they should work perfectly for anyone beginning their first online project, including small businesses. In addition, all users have access to Gator’s free round-the-clock technical support, and administrators can make use of Gator’s free analytics solutions to monitor and improve the performance of their websites. Gator is an excellent choice for developing websites.

GoDaddy — the ideal choice website builder for customer service

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 39

The GoDaddy Website Builder has excellent customer service.

Causes To Buy

  • Fantastic round-the-clock technical support.
  • Plans for affordable subscriptions.
  • Simple to use.

Causes To Avoid

  • Finding templates can be challenging.
  • Customization for more specific needs is lacking
  • There is no ongoing free option.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 41

Brief review

GoDaddy may be one of the easiest website builders available, as it features a publication process that is extremely user-friendly and editing tools that are straightforward to use. This indicates that even if you have never built a website before, it should only take a few minutes for you to set up your first website.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing is a solution that offers users who are interested in a more in-depth experience a detailed analysis of how their site is performing. The analytics tool provides a comprehensive set of metrics that evaluates the performance of your online presence in comparison to that of other websites operating in the same industry as you. According to GoDaddy, customers who used the tool for a year saw an increase of 18% in their business revenue within the first year of using it. This success has certainly validated GoDaddy’s claims.

Even the most impressive online platforms are bound to have some growing pains at some point, and the GoDaddy Website Builder is no exception to this rule. To our great fortune, the support offered by GoDaddy is among the very best available. We found that we needed to use GoDaddy’s extensive PDF guides (similar to Squarespace), which cover a wide variety of questions and topics related to troubleshooting. Additionally, GoDaddy offers technical support around the clock. In addition, the community forums are an excellent source of information, and it is highly likely that someone there will be able to answer the question you have posed. During the week, there is also access to a live chat feature; however, in the course of our tests, the provider did not provide the most timely help and only provided us with a limited number of solutions.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 43

GoDaddy is very competitive in terms of pricing, as evidenced by the fact that they offer four different pricing tiers for their website builder. Starting at $9.99 per month for the Basic plan, the prices go all the way up to $24.99 per month for the Ecommerce tier. The ecommerce plan comes with everything you need to start a fully-featured online store, as you would expect, but the cheaper plans offer slightly reduced functionality as you work your way down the pricing ladder.

We did discover, however, that due to the absence of an app market, certain aspects of the website builder are lacking in depth. It does, however, mean that all of the features are built in-house and are therefore suitable for their intended use. If you are looking for a website builder that is not only inexpensive but also has excellent support, then GoDaddy might be the right choice for you.

Hostinger — a completely automated method for launching WordPress websites

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 45

You can use WordPress to create your website with Hostinger.

Causes To Buy

  • Numerous features.
  • No cost SSL certificate.
  • Simple method for moving WordPress websites.

Causes To Avoid

  • Limited assistance.
  • Not the most user-friendly.
  • Imposing dashboard.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 47

Brief review

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world because of its user-friendliness, extensive feature set, and ability to generate content with incredible visual appeal. However, because WordPress is technically not a website builder, you will require a trustworthy hosting service in order to use it. This service will go hand in hand with WordPress.

Hostinger offers specialized plans for WordPress hosting, with the Starter plan being the optimal option for users who want to get a WordPress website up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. You will have the ability to create up to 100 websites, and you will receive 100 GB of SSD storage space for a monthly fee of $3.59. Your websites will have the capacity to manage approximately 25,000 monthly visits, which is more than enough for you to handle when you’re just getting started.

Hostinger offers a one-click installation feature that is included with all of their plans. The setup process is fast but not as simple as the other builders discussed in this article. You will receive user-friendly tools, plugins, and features that will assist with the process of setting up WordPress, as the plan has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of WordPress users. If at any time you find yourself in a difficult situation, the customer support team at Hostinger will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. During our testing of the service, we ran into some difficulties navigating the dashboard when we were adding pages to our test website. As a result, we made use of this feature twice in order to work around these issues.

When it comes to utilizing the Content Management System (CMS), this offer represents a true all-inclusive package deal because it comes with a brand-new and continually expanding collection of fully customizable WordPress themes as part of the subscription.

You will also have the ability to create up to one hundred email addresses that are based on your domain at no additional cost. A free SSL certificate and a free domain name of your choice are also included as additional features. Your website will have an increased level of protection thanks to the LiteSpeed cache engine and Cloudflare protection that are both provided by Hostinger.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 49

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the services that Hostinger provides, you are eligible for a refund of your payment for the first thirty days of your contract with them. Hostinger boasts an uptime of 99.99% and provides features designed to accelerate WordPress performance in a manner that is specifically tuned for increased speed. In the end, it’s a plan that’s definitely worth looking into.

IONOS MyWebsite — the best theme selection

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 51

IONOS provides a respectable website builder.

Causes To Buy

  • Excellently constructed editor.
  • Several useful extras.
  • Good selection of templates.
  • Great adaptability.

Causes To Avoid

  • No free offer.
  • After the initial period, fees sharply rise.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 53

Brief review

If you are looking to create a serious and professional website to promote your company, IONOS, Europe’s largest web hosting provider, is an excellent choice. IONOS currently hosts more than 12 million domains and represents a great choice for those who are in this position.

Although the absence of a free plan is disappointing (although you do get the first month free), the paid options are affordable, beginning at $84 for the full year, which works out to $7 per month; however, you cannot pay this price on a monthly basis. Both the MyWebsite Now and MyWebsite Creator packages were accessible to us once we had logged in. The MyWebsite Now plan includes a domain name, an email address, and a large image library; however, it does not include some of the more advanced features that are available with the Creator plan.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 55

However, in terms of the topics that it chooses to focus on, IONOS is where it truly shines. Because its inspirational templates are arranged according to industry and type, we had a wide variety of options to choose from. As a result, it is simple to locate the appropriate structure for your website, regardless of whether you work in the tourism, real estate, or retail industries. Some of the templates put more of an emphasis on images, while others are better suited for websites that feature a lot of text. It makes no difference, as all of them are simple to put into action; you do not need any knowledge of coding at all, and a drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to make changes to the templates.

IONOS’ multilingual translation, which is capable of translating a website’s content into 62 different languages, is another feature that is likely to pique the interest of small businesses. It is even feasible to have as many as 25 distinct languages available on a website at any given time. Because of this, IONOS is an excellent choice in terms of its scalability: as a company grows, this website builder is more than capable of facilitating the company’s expansion into international markets.

There is also the possibility of using targeted content; for instance, businesses may configure their websites in such a way as to direct promotional offers specifically toward first-time site visitors. Therefore, if you are looking for a website builder that is scalable and has a great selection of themes, then you should give some serious thought to using IONOS.

Elementor — a top-notch WordPress plugin for website building

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 57

Even on the free plan, Elementor offers a lot.

Causes To Buy

  • So simple to use.
  • The free plan is remarkably feature-rich.
  • Instant page editor.

Causes To Avoid

  • If you have a lot of websites, look somewhere else.
  • For beginners, it might be confusing.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 59

Brief review

Elementor is a bit unique in the sense that it is not a standalone website builder but rather a plugin for WordPress that performs the functions of a website builder in an intuitive manner. In spite of the fact that it is completely free, the free version possesses a remarkable amount of power when compared to the premium products.

The user interface is a dead simple and streamlined affair, which enables you to drag-and-drop whatever elements you want into place while simultaneously viewing what the results look like in real-time. We were able to set up our testing location in a matter of minutes and did not experience any difficulties in the process. You can choose from a variety of widgets and pre-designed templates; however, upgrading to a paid plan grants access to significantly more content (even the most fundamental “Essential” package includes more than 300 templates).

Additionally, the Pro plans come with an increased number of features, in addition to premium technical support and the ability to run across a number of different websites (or live chat for the top-end subscriptions). You have access to a large number of editing tools here, and the amount of customization that is at your disposal for the websites that you create is seriously impressive.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 61

In a manner analogous to that of Wix, even the free option is fairly well developed, as was mentioned, and comes with more than 30 templates (and more than 40 widgets, although the complete range is more than 90). The functionality provided by the free option might be sufficient for some users, and even for those who will require more, utilizing the free option is an excellent way to evaluate what you’ll be getting into before shelling out any money for it (no credit card details are needed for signing up to the free plan, either).

The primary disadvantage of Elementor is that its premium pricing isn’t as competitive as the pricing of some competitors, such as Bluehost or Squarespace, if you’re operating a large number of websites. However, the basic Elementor plans, which support one to three sites, offer excellent value if this is all you require from your website builder.

In addition, Elementor comes with an all-in-one website builder kit, which makes it possible to seamlessly create WordPress websites. Elementor Cloud Website made it possible for us to construct our test website in a shorter amount of time by providing a unified, all-in-one solution that incorporates a code-free builder, web hosting, and the capacity to connect domain names at no additional charge.

Weebly — the most effective website builder for ecommerce

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 63

A great option for anyone selling online is Weebly.

Causes To Buy

  • Good e-commerce characteristics.
  • Fantastic blogging tool.
  • Clever templates.

Causes To Avoid

  • Simplified fonts.
  • No option for ADI.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 65

Brief review

Weebly is an excellent option to consider if you want to launch a website in a short amount of time. The reason for this is that the signup process on Weebly is very straightforward; all that is required from you is to provide your name, email address, and a password.

When it comes to the website that you are going to create, you will be asked a number of questions, some of which include what kind of theme you want, what you want your domain name to be, and what kind of payment plan will work for you.

Building a website requires a payment, and there are three paid options available: the Connect plan, which costs $5 per month when paid annually; the Pro plan, which costs $12 per month; and the Business plan, which costs $25 per month.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 67

In contrast, Weebly really shines when it comes to e-commerce capabilities. When first logging in, users have the option to build a “website with an online store,” which will enable them to access a plethora of advanced functionalities. Among these features are a fully integrated shopping cart with a secure checkout experience, an inventory tracker, and a product search tool with filtering capabilities.

The drag-and-drop interface that is a sought after feature with so many website builders also makes an appearance within Weebly’s ecommerce platform. This enables businesses to showcase their products with a variety of display and merchandising options, which increases the likelihood that customers will make a purchase. Integration with social media is also included, giving customers the ability to share products on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Weebly’s e-commerce platform provides its users with support, which is another important advantage of using it. Users have access to everything they require in order to get their store up and running, including live chat, email support, as well as a number of other resources, including several step-by-step guides.

The amount of variety that can be found in this location is seriously impressive. Retailers have the ability to set their own prices and define their own configurable product options when working with online store managers to sell physical goods, digital products, or services. Online store managers can also sell services.

As a result of the absence of an option for Artificial Design Intelligence, the process of setting up our test online store took a little bit longer than we had anticipated; however, once we were up and running, there was no shortage of great features available for us to use.

Jimdo — the ideal website builder for designers and photographers portfolio

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 69

Another website builder worth considering is Jimdo.

Causes To Buy

  • Some unusual extras come with the free plan.
  • Great technical support.
  • On its business plan or higher, there is limitless storage space.
  • Easy to use.

Causes To Avoid

  • Fewer features than some competitors.
  • Confusing library of images.
  • Limited equipment.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 71

Brief review

Jimdo made it onto our best list for a variety of different reasons, but one feature that particularly stood out to us was the variety of aesthetically pleasing and adaptable templates it provides. Jimdo is an excellent website builder for designers, photographers, or anyone else who wants to display their portfolio online as a result of the availability of professional and contemporary styles.

The platform even includes its very own Logo Designer, which was instrumental in assisting us in making our brand more recognisable. All that was required of us was to enter the name of our company and choose an initial concept for our logo. After that, we tweaked our website’s icon and layout, selected a new color scheme and typeface, and that was it!

Another helpful component of Jimdo’s design that we appreciate is the way that the colors of a website are automatically adjusted to harmonize with any image or logo that is uploaded. Because of this, garish color clashes will soon be a thing of the past, which is great news for companies for which maintaining a good appearance is an important part of their brand.

In addition, just like GoDaddy and Squarespace, Jimdo provides users with a multitude of tutorials and support documents, which assisted us in the development of our test website. These documents include a number of examples of already existing photography websites that were created using the platform, as well as recommendations on how to construct a website that is successful.

In addition, Jimdo is very easy to use, which is another one of its many selling points. To begin, customers have the option of using either Jimdo Creator or Jimdo Dolphin to build their websites. There are over one hundred different templates available in Creator, each of which can be sorted into one of four categories (Business, Store, Portfolio, and Personal), and there are numerous ways to customize each template. On the other hand, Dolphin will provide you with a website that was created by AI. You are also able to sell your products directly on Facebook and Instagram thanks to a collaboration with Facebook, which is available to you.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 73

There is a free plan that does not have a time limit, but it does require you to have a Jimdo subdomain and advertising on your site. This plan is offered at no cost. We did notice that there was a lack of fancy features, but if you want a quick and straightforward method of launching a site that looks great, you’ll have a hard time finding a better website builder than this one. We did notice that there was a lack of fancy features.

Network Solutions — the top platform for building mobile websites

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 75

An excellent tool for creating mobile websites.

Causes To Buy

  • Simple drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Excellent e-commerce tools.
  • Exemplary service.

Causes To Avoid

  • Baffling user interface.
  • Can appear a little dated.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 77

Brief review

When it comes to website construction, Network Solutions is an excellent choice for companies that are still undecided about the path they want to take their website in. Because this location provides such a vast array of choices, it is highly likely that one of them will be suitable for your needs.

You have the option, when working with Network Solutions, to either create a website on your own or to make use of the company’s paid website design services. The do-it-yourself plan includes a personalized domain name and an email address that matches it, point-and-click editing, and an image library that is adequately stocked. The professionally designed option, on the other hand, has more features and comes with search engine optimization (SEO) tools, web analytics, and the ability to make unlimited changes in the first month.

In our research, we discovered that Network Solutions has more experience than most other companies when it comes to the provision of online services. The company got its start in the domain name system (DNS) registration business in 1991; however, this does not mean that it is unable to provide more contemporary touches.

The website builder offered by Network Solutions features an approach that is friendly to mobile devices, which is one of the builder’s strongest points. You will have access to thousands of different design options when you use the builder, and if you opt for the professionally designed plan, you will also receive guidance on how to optimize the loading speed of your website. We gave our website a try on a mobile device, and were pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. For a mobile site to be successful, speed is an absolutely essential factor to take into consideration. Considering that 53 percent of mobile users will leave sites that take more than three seconds to load.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 79

There is a lot to like about the Network Solutions website builder, in spite of the fact that the website designer interface can occasionally appear to be a little bit dated, and some users have complained about persistent upselling. The prices are reasonable, and there is just the right amount of personalization to give customers a good deal of flexibility without making the process too complicated. In addition, each and every e-commerce plan comes complete with a storefront that is fully modifiable as well as a mobile version.

Even though it lacks some of the bells and whistles at times, Network Solutions is an excellent choice for any company that wants to create a mobile website that is uncomplicated but still looks professional.

Zoho Sites — the most effective website builder for large companies

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 81

A wise idea for large organizations.

Causes To Buy

  • Free test.
  • Created using HTML and CSS.
  • A good selection of house add-ons.

Causes To Avoid

  • Limited compatibility with third-party applications.

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 83Brief review

To get the most out of your experience with Zoho Sites, you do not need any prior knowledge of technology, as is the case with the vast majority of website builders available today. The platform provides access to an impressive assortment of features, such as more than 190 different template options, an interface that is extremely well-organized, and a code editor that is simple to use.

In terms of pricing, it is important to note that Zoho does not provide a free option that is unlimited in scope; however, you will be able to test out the system for a period of 15 days before making a final decision. After that, there are two different plan options available to choose from: Starter or Pro. Both of these plans include mobile optimization, SSL certification, and custom domain hosting at no additional cost.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 85

Because of Zoho Sites’ unparalleled adaptability, which ranks among its most significant benefits, the platform is ideally suited for use by companies going through periods of rapid expansion. As your company grows, you have the option to purchase one of three separate add-ons that are included with the Pro plan. There are add-ons available at prices that are appropriate for each circumstance, whether you require capacity for an increased number of contributors, web pages, or members.

In addition to this, a good number of the additional products offered by the Zoho family are designed with larger businesses in mind. For instance, the project management suite offered by Zoho, known as Zoho Projects, is excellently suited to workplace collaboration, regardless of how large or dispersed your organization may be. It’s possible that other applications, such as Zoho Books, Zoho Reports, and Zoho Creator, will prove to be just as helpful.

Concerning the negatives, we discovered that Zoho Sites provides a relatively restricted integration with the features of third-party applications, such as the most prominent social networks. Although it provides a fairly extensive list of in-house applications that you can integrate with, such as a CRM and marketing hub, the inability to simply plug-in applications from third-party sources may be a problem for some users.

In spite of this, Zoho is an excellent choice for any business that is expanding rapidly or, for that matter, any company that already has a sizable customer base because it provides a wide variety of design choices, supports newsletters, has ecommerce capabilities, and has analytics tools.

BigCommerce — the top website builder for large online shops

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 87

Causes To Buy

  • Being able to sell on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Scalable.
  • A good selection of themes.

Causes To Avoid

  • Occasionally be overly complicated.
  • No native mobile apps.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 89

A fantastic option for top brands.

Brief review

Even though the majority of website builders provide some kind of e-commerce functionality, some are undeniably superior to others, and BigCommerce is one of the website builders that just might be the best.

BigCommerce is designed for large companies that have a large number of customers that need to be satisfied. It provides excellent scalability, a host of built-in features, fantastic search engine optimization tools, and the ability to sell across multiple channels.

To begin, the platform’s drag-and-drop visual editor, fully customizable themes, mobile optimization, and checkout customization made it simple for us to build a store that has a professional appearance. When we were finally ready to make our website live and potentially begin making sales, we received a great deal of support from our community. BigCommerce allows users to sell physical, digital, and service-based products without the need to use an app. In addition, BigCommerce does not lock sellers into a single payment plan and provides sellers with more than 65 different payment gateways to choose from. Zyro provides just five fewer payment options than BigCommerce does.

BigCommerce’s interface for designing websites can be difficult to get used to and the platform’s terminology can be difficult to understand at times, which can be a drawback for inexperienced website builders. BigCommerce’s terminology can also be complex at times. Having said that, despite this drawback, it is still a viable option for smaller stores due to its tiered pricing structure, which is determined by the volume of sales generated by a particular website. There is also the option of a free trial that lasts for 15 days, during which time no credit card information is required.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 91

BigCommerce is an excellent option for online retailers who have significant sales figures or smaller brands that are planning for major expansion because it has more built-in sales tools and more scalability than its competitors.

Fasthosts — the best website builder for companies wanting to fully customize their website

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 93

The most flexible website builder available.

Causes To Buy

  • Three months of no-cost testing.
  • Great customizing possibilities.
  • Simple user interface.

Causes To Avoid

  • Plans only call for a single website.
  • Fewer features.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 95

Brief review

One of the most notable features of Fasthosts, which is also reflected in the name of the company, is how quickly it enables you to get your website up and running. By utilizing the platform’s extensive collection of customizable themes and its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, even the most inexperienced internet user should be able to produce a stunning website in a matter of minutes.

You can go with either the Essential or the Complete Website Builder package depending on your needs. The Essential plan has a month-to-month cost of $8.5 and includes all of the essential features, such as a domain name, a personalized email address, and up to 10 pages of content. The Complete plan, on the other hand, costs $11.85 per month and offers an unlimited number of pages, additional email tools, and SEO tools. You also get access to all of these features.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 97

In addition, the level of customization that is available through Fasthosts is one of the features that earns the company a lot of positive feedback. When we uploaded content to our test website, we were presented with a number of different customization options that were specific to the type of content that was being uploaded. Additionally, Fasthosts comes with an established support website that features a number of how-to guides that offer additional assistance to individuals who want complete control to tweak every aspect of their website. This feature is included at no additional cost to users of the Fasthosts service. The platform has also been optimized for mobile use, allowing users to make simple edits to their content quickly and easily using a tablet or smartphone.

In terms of user complaints, some users have criticized Fasthosts for having a poor average uptime record. Because of this, individuals who are contemplating using Fasthosts as a web hosting service should give some thought to this aspect of the company. We felt that the interface appeared to be a little bit bare, and that it possibly could have benefited from the addition of a few additional features.

Despite this, there are still a lot of things to like about the website builder that Fasthosts provides, particularly its 30-day money back guarantee and the fact that customers who sign up for the Complete plan get their first three months of service at no additional cost. This means that new users are given a sufficient amount of time to experiment with their site before deciding whether or not this particular builder is suitable for their needs.

Bandzoogle — the ideal platform for creating music websites

17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 99

A top-notch option for musicians is Bandzoogle.

Causes To Buy

  • Many options for purchasing music.
  • Simply connect your social media accounts.
  • Options for selling merchandise and tickets.
  • A good selection of SEO tools.

Causes To Avoid

  • The theme editor is not very flexible.
  • Every plan is paid for.
17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 101

Brief review

There are website builders that are tailored especially for musicians, and Bandzoogle is one of the most popular and reliable options available.

Bandzoogle, much like other modern website builders, is simple to use and provides a variety of mobile-responsive templates that are simple to implement and simple to personalize. In addition, users have reported positive levels of site uptime and can obtain their own personalized domain names.

Bandzoogle allows website administrators to upload tracks that fans can stream directly from the website. This is one of the features that Bandzoogle offers that is geared specifically toward musicians. Additionally, adding concert information and blog posts to the website is a simple process, and the site supports connecting to music-specific platforms such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 103

The platform also enables musicians to generate mailing lists, connect with their social media profiles, and receive visitor analytics to gain insights into the ways in which fans interact with the website. When testing out Banzoogle, we decided to create a standard blog and looked for templates that would meet our requirements. There are options available for people who do not necessarily want to create a music website.

Importantly, Bandzoogle provides excellent support options, whether your questions are about websites in general or about establishing an online presence as a musician. This is true whether your questions are about websites in general or about establishing an online presence. Due to the fact that the Bandzoogle web team is composed of musicians, the guidance that they provide is always pertinent to the industry. Bandzoogle can be used to create websites that are not related to music, but the platform has all of the features that are necessary to make aspiring musicians and their fans happy.

How to pick the top website builder?

There is a large variety of website builders available today, both in terms of the number of different types and the types themselves. Some companies focus exclusively on email marketing, while others provide an outstanding e-commerce solution. Other companies place a premium on simplicity, while still others offer a plethora of customizable features that could be overwhelming for someone who has never built a website before.

Therefore, prior to making a decision regarding a website builder, it is essential for you to first have a crystal clear plan in your own mind. You should give some careful consideration to the kind of website that you want to build, including whether text or images will be the primary focus, what kind of design you have in mind, and, most importantly, how much money you are willing to spend.

After you have established a mental framework for your potential location and have a general idea of how much money you have available, you can begin to investigate the various options that are available to you. It is also important to consider whether you have ever used a website builder before because this will help determine how comfortable you will be using some of the more complex platforms that are currently available.

You need to think about where you intend to do the majority of your website editing, specifically whether it will be on a mobile or desktop device. The vast majority of website builders provide mobile-responsive templates; however, not all of them let you edit the mobile version without also modifying the desktop site.

It might appear to be a difficult task, but the good news is that the majority of website builders come with free trials, which means you always have the option of changing your mind.17 Best Website Builders — Make a conscious choice — 105

What is exactly a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that makes it possible to create a website (or several websites) without knowing how to code. For people and businesses who want to create, manage, and maintain a website, there are website builders.

Those who want to establish an online presence for themselves or their business but do not need to be skilled website developers typically prefer the tool.

Most online website builders offer drag-and-drop functionalities to make website creation quick and easy, but some do require customers to sign up with a web hosting company. You can create simple personal web pages, social network posts, and business and e-commerce websites using a good website builder.

Most builders give you the option to create this from scratch or using a template.

Web design software vs. website builders?

Website builders and web design software do indeed overlap quite a bit. Both can be used to build stunning, expert-looking websites with all the features your business requires. How they are delivered and how much prior knowledge is needed to use them make a significant difference. Website builders are typically online platforms with drag-and-drop editors that emphasize simplicity and are frequently offered in free versions. On the other hand, web design software is typically a little more complicated, with some geared toward knowledgeable programmers and providing the option of coding a site line-by-line.

The cost is yet another significant distinction between website builders like Squarespace and web design tools like Adobe Dreamweaver. Unlike most website builders, which typically offer a free option, web design tools are frequently more expensive. It’s probably a good idea to have some coding knowledge before giving web design tools a try, even though they will attempt to provide an intuitive experience. In the end, your level of experience and the type of site you need will determine which website builder or web design software is best for you. The majority of the time, a straightforward website builder will do, but if you want to fiddle around a bit more, there’s no point in even trying a web design solution.

Which is better between free and paid website builders?

If you can get a website builder for free, there’s no reason to pay for one. You don’t always get what you pay for, but when you do, it’s usually the case that you do. This is not to say, however, that there are not any excellent free website builders available on the internet today. There are still many free builders that come with all of the features that you need in order to create fantastic online portals. These features include marketing tools, mobile optimization, and customizable templates with drag-and-drop editors. If you want to avoid paying more for a website builder than you have to, it is essential to conduct extensive research and have a crystal clear idea of how you want the appearance of your website to be.

It is a fact, however, that some features are not always included in the free website builders that are available. Ecommerce tools, for instance, are frequently not included in free plans, and there are a variety of other features that are typically not included in free plans either. You won’t have any control over the advertisements that appear on your website when you use a free website builder. While this may not bother you, advertisements can occasionally be intrusive. In addition, they can give the impression that your website is unprofessional. Free website builders, on the other hand, won’t provide you with a dedicated web address, which is another factor that can affect your credibility. To your good fortune, a number of commercial website builders offer free trials that can be utilized prior to making a purchase.

What is a typical price of a website builder?

The question, “How much does it cost to build a website?” does not have a straightforward answer. Website builders that do not cost anything at all can be found online for companies that are content with using basic layouts and are willing to tolerate having their website branded with generic URLs and advertisements. Naturally, the majority of brands would not be satisfied with a free solution, as this type of solution can deliver websites that have an unprofessional appearance. The good news is that there are a number of very efficient website builders available on the market today that are offered at prices that are not prohibitively expensive. The majority of them bill their customers on a monthly basis, and the prices for entry-level plans can be as low as $6 per month in some cases.

However, one thing that all administrators of websites should be aware of is the price that website builders charge for additional features. If you need to purchase add-ons for security, e-commerce functionality, and marketing tools, the price of your basic web builder package could quickly skyrocket. This is true even if the package itself is relatively inexpensive. Because it is essential for companies to provide clarity regarding the costs associated with their websites, conducting exhaustive research on the various platforms from which you can choose is a step that should definitely be taken before making a decision. It is also important to consider whether or not your website builder is scalable. Will it continue to meet your needs as your company grows, and how will the associated costs change?

How difficult is it to create a website?

Building a website is not necessarily difficult, despite the fact that it may sound like an intimidating prospect. However, the level of difficulty you encounter will depend on factors such as the type of website you want, your level of experience, and the amount of hands-on involvement you want to have in the process. Because most website builders come equipped with drag-and-drop editors, users don’t need any prior experience with coding to use them. This is one of the many reasons why website builders are becoming increasingly popular. In point of fact, the majority of website builders can have your site up and running and fully functional in less than an hour. Alternatively, people who have access to more financial resources have the option of employing a professional web designer to construct their website on their behalf.

The level of difficulty involved in the process of building a website on one’s own will vary depending on the website builder that one uses. Those who are willing to take on the challenge should keep this in mind. Despite the fact that they are all relatively easy to use, some of them come with additional features the implementation of which may require some prior knowledge of the process of building websites. The majority of platforms, including how-to guides and video tutorials, come packaged with a satisfactory level of support, which is a blessing. It is important to note, however, that the majority of the most straightforward website builders offer only a restricted level of personalization options. Anyone who truly wants complete control over their site should have some experience in coding in addition to having prior knowledge of HTML. This will be helpful.

Which is better for creating websites, WordPress or a website builder?

For anyone interested in constructing a website, using WordPress or a website builder are both excellent options; however, each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider. WordPress is a content management system, also known as a CMS, and it currently powers 39% of the websites on the internet. This makes it distinct from website builders. Since it was first released, WordPress has added a number of features that go beyond the CMS functionality that it initially provided. These features include ecommerce functionality, themes, and add-ons. WordPress, on the other hand, may present something of a challenge to inexperienced website builders due to its steep learning curve. The language can be quite complex, and users may even be required to make minor modifications to the code in order to make a plugin function properly.

Even though WordPress provides support via both live chat and email, users with less experience may find that a website builder provides a friendlier environment. The majority of website builders take great pride in their user-friendliness; in fact, many of them make use of drag-and-drop editors, which enable users to get their webpage up and running in a matter of minutes, even if they have no prior experience with web building. WordPress and website builders both come with a number of different payment plans to choose from, and both are able to produce websites that have fantastic looks. There is no way to definitively determine which method is superior to the other, but website builders are almost always going to be easier to work with.

What distinguishes a website builder from a hosting service?

When most people think of websites, they probably picture them as residing at their respective web addresses. In point of fact, websites need to be saved in a physical location as well, specifically on servers that can be found somewhere. The provisioning and ongoing maintenance of these physical servers is what is known as web hosting. To maintain the digital infrastructure upon which they rely in order to remain accessible online, every website requires the services of a web hosting provider. The availability of a variety of web hosting services is a factor that, to some extent, contributes to the complexity of the situation. Smaller websites benefit greatly from shared hosting because it allows them to share resources with other websites in exchange for lower overall fees. Dedicated hosting comes with more customization options, higher bandwidth, and improved security, but it costs more money.

To put it in its most basic form, a website builder is nothing more than a collection of tools that can be used to design a web page; it has nothing to do with the actual process of web hosting. On the other hand, the majority of website builders also provide web hosting, albeit at an additional cost in some cases. Those who do not create their online portal by employing the services of a website builder will, of course, be required to find their own web hosting provider on their own initiative. To put it in the simplest terms possible, a website builder is what determines the appearance of a website, while web hosting is what identifies the location where a website is physically stored.

Which website builder is ideal for beginners?

Wix is the easiest website builder to use for inexperienced users. This is a direct result of the fact that the website builder offered by Wix is incredibly uncomplicated and simple to operate. Additionally, Wix provides new users with ongoing deals and special discounts. Creating an online shop with Wix is a breeze because you won’t be required to have any prior experience with coding. For these exact same reasons, Wix is also the best option for building websites for small businesses.

If this is your first time constructing a website, you will want to make sure that the website builder you choose is simple and straightforward to work with. Wix is an excellent option because it enables users to construct and publish their own websites in a matter of minutes. Wix also has a system called artificial design intelligence (ADI), which will quiz you on the nature of the website you intend to build and provide you with suggestions based on your responses. Based on the responses you provide to the questions, Wix will then provide you with a website shell that is formatted specifically for the kind of website you want to create.

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