13 Best Free WordPress Themes For Blogs, News, and Magazines

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Best free WordPress themes for blogs, news, magazines, or whatever matters! Oh my, WordPress themes keep becoming trickier and trickier! Which one is the better and which one should you choose?

What specs are necessary, and which marketing tactics are to be ignored?

Pretty simple, innovative design that, at minimum, lets you add something style. It’s all you need, so long as it feels fantastic or has the potential to be excellent and spectacular with a bit of maintenance. It shouldn’t be a need for a hundred fabulous.

Flexible with all plugins, it is simply scalable because it’s easy to enhance the theme’s default features with other plugins. A lot of the time, well-coded themes will work with all the other components. Most of the incompatibilities in themes are caused by that since they strive to do everything.

The newest features, like mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization, good speed, schemas, and., are influential, so they shouldn’t require that much focus. It’s because they always come as default. Read Free Themes with Demo Content.

A factor in the slowness of many themes is dazzling elements. Many news and magazine-style themes do this, so don’t try that stuff. They load too many features, such as sliders, numbers, vibrance, etc. It goes to hell in user experience.

Popularity increases sales. Is this an indication that they have a quality product? Sorry, it will not. It simply means they have clever marketing and are attracting the mainstream. Just one popularity that matters theme is trendy among true professionals.

Excellent customer support doesn’t always matter.

This function is promoted to newcomers who assume that “excellent customer assistance” is valuable. They think everything will be described to you by the firm.

This is similar to the hosting industry, where some believe support is more important than uptime.🤪🤪 But they should fully commit to developing, fixing bugs, enhancing correctness, and adding features as needed. 👉 Read Image Optimization Plugins.

Best free WordPress themes for blogs, news, magazines, or whatever 

Most starters catch a variety of themes, each of which is different and quite nicely, and they are confused about who they are or even what their identity ought to be. Although in debate, keep in mind that the content, not the theme, is what matters.

Users won’t be able to personally test if a code is pure. You’ll need to converse, research studies, and find out which other legitimate experts are using it.

Overall, the quality code follows WP’s recommended practices and is executed in a clever, efficient way. Nothing bizarre tweaks or misleading techniques are used.

The best free WordPress theme for blogging and what your matter here is my recommendation. Also, you can download all from the WordPress theme directory, and all have a great free version. 👉 Read my Sydney Theme Review.

1. Blocksy: Overall Best Free Theme

Blocksy WordPress theme

Also, the free version of the Blocksy offers much customizability. It can be used for blogs, news and magazine websites, and other websites. If you find a theme for an advanced project, I recommend Blocksy Pro start your stuff. 👌

I favor themes that are uncomplicated and uncluttered. Blocksy seems like a great solution with no precise style limits because I hate junk and don’t want to be bound to trends. 👉 Read my Blocksy Theme Review.

Header Builder is a successful work of art in the Blocksy theme. Suppose you’ve ever started to struggle to create a custom design without coding. In that case, you’ll enjoy how powerful Blocksy seems. It’s the perfect header creator I’ve seen in a theme.

Blocksy free is probable the great free edition theme in the WordPress theme directory for non-coders that allows for vast customization. It is also an alternative to Astra, Generetepress, Kadence, Neve, and other related items. 🙌

The Footer Builder is the same as the Header Builder. By dragging and dropping features, you can begin building a comprehensive footer with unlimited widgets. One prominent feature of news and magazine website posts page customization.

Since the theme offers a wide range of customization options, Blocksy is the ideal choice for bloggers. ✌ Each post page content section can customize with the following elements: border-radius, shadows, and backdrop.

In Layout Area Spacing, you can also modify the global separation distance. Related post, post navigation can be shown at the bottom of your content. Container Spacing, Header Visibility, Thumbnail Visibility, and Overlay Colors are all customizable. 😎

13 free starter demos are available with the Blocksy . As a result, it is helpful to newbies and simply requires one click. All of their launch sites are attractive and functional. The good news is that Blocksy has a News template compatible with Gutenberg.

Blocksy News Template
Blocksy News Template✌

Like other themes, the Blocksy Premium version includes Multiple Sidebars, Content Blocks, Local Fonts, Enhanced Menus, Further Header Items, White label, Custom Code, Various Footers, and many more customization. 

2. GeneratePress: Best Free WordPress Themes For Blogs

GeneratePress Logo

Oh, GeneratePress, if you haven’t already known, is quick and straightforward to use. If you are new to WordPress, GeneratePress‘ free edition can make you think, “What the heck?” This is garbage but an excellent theme with a long track record. 😮

There are perfect demos with a fabulous range of starting themes (PRO). What you desire is in a blog, news article, or magazine. It has designs that I genuinely enjoy.

You have a blank sheet to play with GeneratePress. And you need to purchase the premium edition to unlock extra features if you desire them.

The Pro version, wow, it’s great, my favorite all-time. GeneratePress is the ideal balance of features and a clean user interface. 👉Magazine Website With GeneratePress.

GeneratePress free default example
GeneratePress free Default Example

The Sections hook in GeneratePress lets you have article sections with a card layout (great for news and magazines) without needing a bulky page builder or heavy editing. I consider that GP’s Segments feature delivers that in a more orderly fashion.

You don’t have to spend hours checking the configurations of different iterations of your site to recollect which one’s the correct one. On the other hand, the Element function enables you to quickly modify the layout and templates. 🤪

It features a very straightforward interface for hooks and filters. Hooks designate a page’s relative position to the header, title, footer, etc.

What a fun thing! Hence, imagine you want to do something below the head but on different pages or a random widget. 😳

Was that going to be superficial? Most themes wouldn’t be able to handle all of your random content placement. And you would waste a lot of time asking others to do it.

But, GeneratePress, you can execute it on your own. Multiple hooks and controls are provided, helping you properly control what content appears where and on which pages. 

So might as well take a step back and consider it. Page builders and developers are both really required to do it. 😑

Site builders primarily create carded segments and customize this level. Developers are there to bind and stuff to the places you desire. But GeneratePress is ready; anybody can make far more without clunky website builders or overpriced designers.

I really recommend that you get GeneratePress and practice with it. So simple and clear. Select the hook places and filters you want to use, among other things, without bothering a designer. 👎

In GeneratePress, you can stop peeking at different themes if you want one that will come with a friendly forum from which you can get assistance.

The free version performs okay, but the premium version is recommended if you’re just starting out. Or attempted to experiment with GeneratePress but got blah results. 😕

Start with Equal Blocksy, Kadence, and OceonWP themes, which are ideal for non-coders. 👆 👉 Read GeneratePress, Blocksy Comparison.

3. Neve: A Top Free WordPress Theme

Neve WordPress theme For News Website

Neve has many of the same qualities as Blocksy and Kadence. However, it is underwritten by a “Themeisle” firm with excellent support and a massive array of customizations. It is relevant for various websites, including blogs, news, and magazines.

It has a color palette and keeps your site looking vibrant. In the free version, there are 3 blog design menus: covers, and grid. It is helpful to develop a fantastic news or blog website. If you’re starting from scratch, request Demos for assistance as well.

Neve example customization
Neve example customization

Neve integrates smoothly with various WP page builders, including Gutenberg, Elementor, Beavers, and Divi. Neve allows you to continue using your favorite page builder, which will make the process much simpler in the long term.

If you’re a content creator, use certain layout elements to entirely change the look of your website. Features tools are key ways to enhance the user experience and significantly improve your writing pleasure.

With Neve, you can integrate and use more than 100 starter templates. There are 50+ free pre-site templates with various concepts offered. Neve has a built-in AMP.

Neve is a good theme for any of your purpose because it works with any page builder, even the code editor. Also, it has excellent documentation with a big company, so there is nothing to worry about using it.

4. Hueman: A WordPress Magazine Themes Free

Hueman Free WordPress Themes

Hueman is a popular free WordPress theme from Presscustomizr with over 40,000 active installations. It is well known for its user-friendliness and content-type websites that load fast. It has a default news style, WordPress magazine themes free.

Well-coded theme and back-end with company “Presscustomizr.” You can select from various layouts and different settings for your home, blog, and single post. Including; full width, no sidebars, one right sidebar, two right sidebars, and left and right sidebar.

This feature is available in the Hueman free theme, unlike several free themes that keep it for the “Commercial” version. You can change the copyright text on your bottom and choose whether to show the credit by selecting the edit footer.

Hueman Default Example
-Hueman Default WordPress Magazine Themes Free

You’ll be required to activate the Hueman Addons plugin following setting up and installing Hueman. A sharing button and theme-specific addons are features of this plugin. You can share any post on social using the Hueman Sharing Button.

If you don’t need that stuff, there is no need to install it because every plugin impacts website speed. 👎 PressCustomizr contains guidelines that will assist your setup process. All customization options are covered in the documentation as well.

Also, there is a Question section with different articles on how to solve users’ most typical issues. If you decide to make improvements, Hueman Pro is also a solution.

Pro theme loads quickly and matches entirely on mobile devices. You can change each webpage to perform separately and can access automatic updates from the dashboard. Professional support via email and online if you need assistance using Pro.

You have flexibility over the grid layout options, including the columns and layout. WordPress themes are standalone addons that change the appearance of your website.

Hueman is suitable for websites with any type of content and no complex customization, because the more features, the more complicated it is to customize. 😶

4. Kadence: Best Free WordPress Theme For Blogging

Kadence News theme

Kadence theme, you can easily customize the appearance of your websites. You can create a stunning site using its attractive options without the premium edition. 

The Kadence coding is smooth and well-designed. Its native WordPress customizer integrates the features pretty nicely. Style, fonts, headers, footers, and so on. 

With the theme, you can use any page builder and get the desired result. Kadence will let you do this if you enjoy having control over every last detail of your theme. 

Kadence Default Example
-Kadence Default Example

The Kadence theme’s header and footer builder uses drag-and-drop functionality for its elements. It is one of its most notable features, especially given its lack in many popular WordPress themes. Read Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Review.

There is no doubting that Kadence has a significant fan base and an active online forum. The Kadence Blocks plugin is also a wonderful collection of simple Gutenberg blocks. But I’m not a fan of the Kadence theme.

The free version gives you more flexibility over the design and arrangement of your web pages and posts. Free starter templates can obtain quickly, imported onto your website, and edit them as required. They are available for both the Gutenberg and the Elementor.

If you are focusing on a content website, Kadence is an acceptable solution to any News, even Magzine; whatever your intention, try Kadence’s free version.

5. OceanWP: An Extensive Typography Customization Theme

OceanWP News Theme

OceanWP offers a lightweight theme that looks nice, but I dislike how hidden their pricing is. The theme is free, but every additional feature you want to use costs money. However, now that they offer a fully pro edition for one fee, it’s positive.

For content-focused websites, OceanWP offers extensive customization and a lovely grid style. It has 15 free demos, 5 archives & entries layouts, and a separate mobile sidebar. 

They have fantastic customization options, including Grid Columns 2–6, Image Width and Height, Excerpt Length, Pagination Style, Elements Placement, Meta, and many other customization options. I especially liked their grid layout.

OceanWP Gride Layout Example
-OceanWP Gride Layout Example

Typography customization for OceanWP Wow is very impressive. You cannot compare it to other themes because it covers all customizations, including headers, menus, widgets, headers, footers, etc. The inbuilt Google font disable feature is nice. ✌

While OceanWP lacks the header and footer builder found in Blocksy, Kadence, and Astra. It makes up for its other valuable features like the 7 styles, shortcodes, padding, link effect, and placement. 

Also includes content after the header, pulldown menus, mobile menus, social menus, and the ability to remove the copyright area. I’m not a fan of OceanWP, but it’s a decent theme, and you should check out their extensive customization options. 

The free edition is more than enough for news and blog websites and includes several helpful demos. If you still can’t find the ideal theme, try OceanWP. OceanWP has over 700,000 current installations and over 5,000 five-star reviews, which isn’t bad.

7. CosmosWP: An Awesome Newcomer

 CosmosWP customization

For any kind of website, CosmosWP offers plenty of customization options. It also has more advantages, such as pre-built themes and header and footer builders similar to Blocksy and Kadence. 👉 Read my CosmosWP Theme Review.

The team behind the CosmosWP theme has created Gutentor, a Gutenberg block plugin with cutting-edge features. Header Builder is an award-winning feature; you’ll enjoy how solid and adaptive CosmosWP is.

A fabulous menu creator UI is simple to drag and drop, with an excellent sticky header. With this theme, you have complete control over every aspect of your website, including modules, layout, forms, dropdowns, and sections.

The footer option in the theme can be customized entirely and has various elements. They also have three-foot bars, middle and bottom bars, and can drag and drop.

Moreover, there are many elements, such as social, HTML, and widget sections, and you can remove the footer theme credit. Let’s say you want to use this theme for a blog, news story, or magazine.

In that instance, many customization choices are available for websites, including selecting between two blog layouts: full-width and column structure. There are seven settings for sidebars on blog pages:

  • Left Content-Right Primary Sidebar
  • Full-Width Content-No Sidebar
  • Middle Column Content-No Sidebar
  • Left Primary Sidebar-Right Content
  • Left Secondary Sidebar-Middle Content-Right Primary Sidebar
  • Left Secondary Sidebar-Middle Primary Sidebar-Right Content
  • Left Content-Middle Primary Sidebar-Right Secondary Sidebar

Using their 20+ free templates, you can quickly build a great website. It’s a straightforward method that works. The simplest way to begin your design from the site is by integrating templates. 

CosmosWP News, Blog, Mag examples
CosmosWP News, Blog, Mag examples

To use the Cosmos-WP example, you need to set up Gutentor, Breadcrumb NavXT, and Contact Form 7. The models were created with the Gutentor builder. Here are a few instances: magazine, blog, portfolio, etc.

They provide a pro version with extra functionality, similar to other themes, such as priority support, additional elements, paid start demos, layouts, off-canvas sidebar, sticky footer, sticky sidebar, and more.

8. Zakra: Attractive Theme For Any Purpose

Zakra WordPress theme News Style

Zakra is a notable theme from “ThemeGrill.” It was created using a light design and is fast and flexible. It indicates that you’ll get a webpage that loads incredibly fast. 

The free edition only offers a few customization options, but they are enough for content websites. It gets along very well with Gutenberg’s block editor. 

It is classified as a Gutenberg theme because it effortlessly blends with the editor; you’ll have no trouble setting it up on your website. Pre-built startup web pages from Zakra that you can insert into your website and then personalize to your joy.   

Zakra Restaurant blog example
Zakra Restaurant blog example

It saves you effort and time. Zakra has over 80 new startup websites, with 30 of them being free demos. You can speedily insert the free samples from the functionality when you’ve installed the theme.

Zakra is a well-coded theme with few faults, although the features are limited for free and more plentiful for paid users. Additionally, the theme is quick like GP, allowing you to launch a blog or even a news website without needing premium features.

9. Sinatra: Free WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Sinatra News Theme

Sinatra is a top-notch free theme for websites that prioritize content. The theme is no longer updated; the last update was about a year ago. Even so, this is a decent theme for blogs and news websites because customization is simple.

There are two blog page layouts: horizontal and vertical. The three headers included are the top bar, header, and navigation. There are two sidebars as well as two different. 4 site layouts are available: boxed, separated, full width, and contained.

Sinatra Example Customization
Sinatra Example Customization

Sinatra has a Hero Section that is ideal for news and magazines. It includes a few customizations such as size, height, overlay, post elements, post quantity, and more.

Sinatra includes native Bradcumb, Form Styles, Schema, Preloader, device visibility, Typography Settings, Headings, Sticky Sidebar, and left or right navigation.

Native Author field, Column Layout, Widget Content, and 3-footer (Pre, Main, Copyright) are included. Sinatra is OK if you want a simple theme that is properly coded.

However, it appears that the theme is no longer being updated even if it is still effective. It is simple to use and lacks in-depth customization features like Blocksy and Kadence. Still, it is suitable for websites with a content focus.

10. ChromeNews: Free WordPress Themes for News

ChromeNews WordPress Theme

ChromeNews looks new and hardly an improvement over the “Newsup” theme. However, this one has greater free version customization than Newsup.

However, there are certain bloated, impressively designed magazines or news websites that I do not find pleasant. Native Breadcrumbs, a few typography options, archive layouts (List or Gride), a section for Things You May Have Missed, and global content alignment options (Sidebar + Content or Content + Sidebar).

Sticky navigation, Off Canvas, and a mobile menu are included in ChromeNews. Additionally, there are background pictures for the body, footer, sidebar, and navigation.

ChromeNews includes eight widget places, the main banner, the editor’s picks, the trending, the leading news, and 10 handy free templates for import on click, etcetera.

ChromeNews default template
-ChromeNews default template

ChromeNews includes a dark mode in the free version, which has some advantages. But I don’t like installing many plugins to get full features. Lightweight yet lacking in functionality, it is only quick until you install every third-party plugin needed to finish your website. blablabla

11. ColorMag: Free WordPress Themes for Magazine

ColorMag Logo

Many claims that ColorMag is the most excellent option for the magazine, news, and blog WordPress themes. But I deny them since I just consider the benefits of free news templates, which is OK. Although ColorMag features a vast widget space, “oh.

However, you can design modern websites with minimal features for news sites, magazines, and other sites. Go to the customization section and take a look at yourself. Damn, this message says, “Unlock more features accessible for this section.”

Although ColorMag’s pro version offers many features, it also boasts an extensive company backend, a decent community, 100,000+ installations, and 1,000+ favorable reviews.

12. Newsup: Free WordPress Theme for News Style

Newsup WordPress Theme

Although Newsup has a good design, I don’t like it. Because I don’t want to be limited by styles with certain stylistic limitations. Newsup is helpful for beginners because it has a default news style. Still, the free edition does not have many customizations. 

If you are just starting out, it is much preferable to use Blocksy, Kadence, and OceonWP; they have massive customizations in the free version. Newsup offers three single blog layouts and six archive blog layouts. 😕

Header options exclude extensive customization; just stick with the default settings. Oh. Newsup doesn’t get much attention because the theme is so restricted. It truly disappointed me that the theme wasn’t customizable. 👎👎

Newsup has more than 20,000 current installations and 100+ positive reviews; I don’t know why 😣

13. News Portal: Magazine/News

News Portal WordPress theme
-News Portal

Similar to ColorMag, News Portal lacks at least flexible customization in the free edition and requires the installation of a plugin to access all capabilities. There isn’t much mention of the theme, and I never recommend these themes.

With News Portal, you may customize a few things like layouts, colors, and other things. If you want to stick with a high-effectiveness theme, this is not for you, but if you wish to do whatever, it’s okay. 👍

Recommendations for Free WordPress Blog Themes

Ignore Overly-customizable

Most WordPress themes are very slow because of their high customizability. Too many people demand one theme to satisfy everyone’s needs. Themes targeted at professionals load a minimal number of features, if any at all. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Child Theme

It keeps all your theme settings, so you never lose your style settings when updating your theme. Most people modify their website’s theme and appearance. Although those are the proper techniques to change any theme, they carry considerable risk.

The concern is that if your theme is changed, your preferences, style.css, and functions could be removed. This is the reason why everyone recommends using a child theme.

The main themes are fully developed, including all necessary script and stylistic assets. Child themes are helpful because you can integrate all of your tweaks there, so you never waste them when the main theme is modified. 

Go with a well-known theme.

The more widely known theme is the more assistance it has in the form of manuals and YouTube tutorials. It’s relatively easy to get free stuff from people who have used it previously. Still, it’s also better to access developers who fully comprehend when to use it effectively. A theme progresses over time as the community for it develops and the creator develops.

Choosing an obscure theme from an unknown entity will always lead to problems, despite how much guidance the official company says to provide. And no one will be able to solve issues and make modifications.

Choose a free theme; if it has a pro version.

Free themes are generally still acceptable for content websites like blogs, articles, and recipes. Still, you’ll need a design modification or functionality that the free theme doesn’t offer.

You’re now forced to choose between installing bulky plugins, custom-coding, or switching to a premium theme that does everything you need. At most, be sure a free theme includes an updated pro version if you decide to use it.

Add social sharing buttons at the bottom.

Most websites have social sharing buttons, often in the form of a sliding icon cart that moves with you as you scroll down the page. Maybe it is suitable for a post on Facebook, but not for a reputable site.

It benefits websites with viral marketing, such as prank videos, media stories, and public events. Some people use it because they believe it helps their website look more presentable. It contains all the typical graphics or those of the more popular sites.

If this is your justification, then you shouldn’t be concerned. You can create a neat, professional web design if you so like. Another popular choice Like me, place the social media share buttons at the bottom of the article.

It offers excellent value because users often don’t share until reading your article and fully understanding it. You want visitors to jump directly to reading the article. This is also a good option because it is simpler and less cluttered at the front of the site.

I prefer having a simple, clean look because if your stuff is so outstanding, people will share it. A worse case is when websites put icons around their pages but perhaps have 0 share counts. “DAMN.”


I think the article has some comprehensive stuff. OK, I salute you for reading my stuff. Here is my final conclusion about WordPress themes. Best of luck. 🙋‍♂️

My Theme Recommendation

  • Blocksy – The blocksy theme and the header and footer builders are excellent. It is a leading player with a significant user community and more than 14 free starting demos.
  • GeneratePress – It has a strong community, a friendly paid version, and a free version. I really like this one! Superb samples with a high performance of starter styles are available in Version PRO.
  • Kadence – It’s a nice and simple theme with a Kadence Blocks plugin. I like how they have a clean design that isn’t standardized, and drag-and-drop functionality is used for header and footer builder.
  • Neve – It shares many of the same features and is backed by a big company with excellent support resources. Neve fully integrates with all page builders, making the process much easier in the long run.
  • OceanWP – A lightweight theme with a nice appearance, wide-ranging customization, and a gorgeous grid style. It includes 15 free demos as well as 5 archive and entry layouts. The extensive typography customization is quite outstanding.
  • CosmosWP – Friendly new player with lots of customization options. Like Blocksy and Kadence, it also features additional pre-built themes and header and footer builders. You have complete control of your website with this theme.
  • Zakra – It is famous for its speedy, adaptive design. There are only a few modification options left in the free version. Still, they are plenty to encourage creativity, with 30 free samples.
  • Astra – It is a free theme with customization options that are simple, fast, and suitable for block editors and page builders. Astra is a widely used free theme that currently has a large community. I’m not a big fan either.

Hosting Recommendation

Best free WordPress themes for blogs, news, magazines, or whatever matters! Oh my, WordPress themes keep becoming trickier and trickier! Which one is the better and which one should you choose? End of Post

Await the code.


WordPress design, speed optimization, content marketing, and monetization are on the high end of blogging. I have followed up on all matters for at least seven years.

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