Best Google Certified Publishing Partners For Publishers

Google Certified Publishing Partner List means the partner is a qualified authority on AdSense, Adx, AdMob, and other products.

They can increase your web and app ad revenue by optimizing factors like configuration, optimization, monetization, etc.

Google guarantees its partners will deliver quality service. They must maintain Google guidelines to continue to be a partner.

They need to give their customers satisfactory service. Google Associate will offer you the highest grade of benefits.

They offer header/open bidding, lazy loading, detectionsA/B testing, yield optimizationspeed optimization, SEO, and other publishers’ optimal solutions.

This list contains Google’s officially listed partners. There are more MCM partners, reseller partners, and ADX partners, such as NeworMedia, Snigel, etc.

Now let’s look at some stuff about the authorized Adx partners List. 👇

Google Adx Partners
Google Adx Partners

You can call Google AdX partners and use them as Google Adsense alternatives.

Use them for web and app monetization because they can access Ad Manager. 

Publishers could use real-time to sell their ad space to marketers and firms through Google AdX to the opening, where pricing is settled in an online auction.

Trying to set up AdX for your ad space can be challenging. Because Google individually reviews your request since entry to AdX is typically limited to big publishers.

That’s why you should use official Adx partners. Since most of these serve as impressions and otherwise cost per mile, Adsense performs as a cost per click.

As a result, you can effectively enhance your ad revenue with these authorized partners because they will be paid for each ad view.

If you have such requirements, use one of these to increase your revenue.

Most of them are CPM networks; I’m not saying they’re all the top, yet they are better than Adsense. I used Ezoic, Mediavine, OptAd360, Fatchilli Media, and others.

Why are they better compared to AdSense?

Most of these utilize header bidding or open bidding to integrate the publisher’s ad supplies with more supply-side platforms.

If you use AdSense on your website, Google is the only supplier. However, if you select these platforms, you will have access to more bidders, including Google Ads.

But, there are no traffic requirements for Adsense, so you can apply even if your site receives few visitors. There are some traffic requirements for each of these networks.

So let’s look at some partners’ tools, services, and what they can provide for publishers. Also, read Blogging Tools & Resources.

1. Ezoic

Ezoic - Google Certified Partner

Ezoic is a revenue and publisher optimization provider with many options. Also, Ezoic offers different web services for publishers, such as 👇

  • Monetization and Ad-Tester
  • Advanced Analytics tool
  • Ezoic Leap for Speed Optimization 
  • CDN and Ezoic Caching
  • Web and Video Hosting
  • Tag and Layout Tester
  • Consent and privacy settings
  • Integration SSL
  • Image Optimization
  • Advanced DNS Management

Ezoic features partners like Outbrain,, OpenX, Pubmatic, Appnexus, Magnite, Sovrn, Vertamedia, Spotxchange, and many more networks.

What are the requirements to join Ezoic Monetization?

If you want to join Ezoic, you must meet specific requirements, such as having a Google-compatible website. Interesting and unique content.

If your site gets more than 10,000 visitors per month, you can join the Ezoic level program. You will have Ezoic Access on websites with fewer than 10,000 visitors.

The approval process usually takes one to ten days. Still, you need to complete some tutorial and exam processes to get to the full features of the access program.

Since Ezoic EMPV is more attractive, some countries are comfortable with higher rates. Ezoic is at No. 1 because it is simple to sign up and Ezoic removed the minimal traffic requirements.

So you can join with a quality website. Size doesn’t matter.

You can introduce your ad partner as mediation if you have already partnered with other ad networks such as Adsense,, and native platforms like Revcontent.

Ezoic Payments

Ezoic gives flexible payment options to the publisher; their payment terms are 30 days based on when you receive your payments.

You need just 20 dollars as the threshold. They offer PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfers as payment methods. Take a look at the Ezoic Youtube channel for more information. Read my article ReklamStore Publishers Platform.

Ezoic Pros
– The minimum threshold is $20.
– High CPM and extensive SSPs around the world.
– No traffic requirement for the access program
– Free CDN and Leap to increase site performance
– Ezoic provides a referral program (earn an extra 3%).
Ezoic Cons
– Ezoic monetization makes the user experience worse.
– Ezoic requires you to change your DNS records to their ones, but this is no longer necessary if you use Cloudflare.

2. Mediavine

Mediavine Google Adx Partner

Mediavine is a leading ad management service and Google’s official partner for publishers to monetize their content.

But they have stricter policies than Ezoic for joining their service, but monetization offers a high earning potential. Mediavine team and ad partners thoroughly review all applications.

Mediavine Requirements

  • According to Google Analytics, you needed 50K sessions in the previous 30 days.
  • Good standing with Google without penalties.
  • Need interesting, lengthy, unique content.
Mediavine Requirements
Mediavine Requirements

Mediavine Payments: Once you reach $25, you can withdraw from your Paypal account. Still, the bank transfer threshold is as significant as $200.

Also, you can get Mediavine payments using providers like Wise and Payoneer. It works like a bank account and allows worldwide publishers to get paid in dollars.

Mediavine says they pay “NET 65,” which indicates your earnings get paid after 65 days; DAMN.

Mainly on the 5th of every month, payments are made. For instance, you’ll be paid your total March revenue on June 5th. I hate that payment circle.

Mediavine Difference
Mediavine Pros
– Mediavine provides premium SSPs.
– The minimum payout is $25 from PayPal
– Free SEO Consult and Speed Optimization
– Best CPM rate in the industry
– Pragmatic ad optimization and header bidding
Mediavine Cons
– Strict approval process and can’t reach small publishers.
– You can’t use them with other monetization platforms.
– High payment circle of 65 days 😒

3. Adthrive

Adthrive Google Publishing Partners

AdThrive is an excellent ad management provider that competes with Mediavine and other top-quality services. The latest tech, combined with a balanced practice of monitoring, can benefit you and make more revenue from your website.

AdThrive offers custom ad layouts, media players, and free video hosting, even if your website doesn’t include video content.

The Enhanced Ad Code improves ad delivery by constantly serving numerous tests to enhance overall CPM.

If you want to join Adthrive, you need at least 100K page views per month, and most of your visitors come from the top tiers (USA, Canada, and Europe) and creative content. I think it is unnecessary to mention Google guidelines because they are Google Certified Publishing Partners.

If you have multiple sites, you can submit one application per site and maybe have a chance to accept sites with lower monthly pageviews.

You need to approve read-only access to Google Analytics for AdThrive. As a result, they check your website’s traffic numbers before approving you.

You will receive an email confirmation after submitting an application.

Reviews of websites usually take a week or longer. Because the onboarding process is so tricky, it takes longer than most other processes.

AdThrive requires at least three ad units on the website. When your data is inserted into the panel, they will notify log data and set up payment details.

Next month, on the 15th, AdThrive payments revenue according to a Net 45 routine.

75% of revenue generated flows straight to publishers under the pricing model.

They provide PayPal and wire transfers as payment methods.

You can use Wise or Payoneer services that give access to a US bank account.

The minimum threshold for all payments is $25, but the wire transfer has a $100 minimum threshold.

AdThrive Pros
– High-quality ad and good customer support.
– The industry’s highest CPM rate is offered by AdThrive.
– AdThrive offers high-quality suppliers.
AdThrive Cons
– There isn’t an affiliate program from AdThrive.
– It is difficult to join because of the strict approval process.

4. OptAd360

OptAd360 AI-based ad network

I’ve already reviewed OptAd360. 

Using machine learning-based optimized ad placements on your websites, Optad360 improves potential revenue while maintaining a positive user experience.

Automatic detection of content and design with analytical concepts improves Optad360‘s best practices in online advertising.

OptAd360 offers simple integration, so no need to change DNS or other settings. Dynamic ad layouts are shown based on user activity and devices.

OptAd360 has a reliable report’ to analyze daily income, ad sessions, clicks, CPM, and other stuff with real-time statistics, but not accurate as Adsense and ezoic.

Ads Refresh delivers practical updates on the ads in exact locations.

The Ad Mapper tool serves up their flexible ad layout on your website. It analyzes the website and the ads by checking several critical factors.

Optad360 offers header bidding with Google, Yandex, Adform, Mgid, Taboola, Rubicon, Sovrn, Pubmatic, Index Exchange, and many other SSPs.

Optad360 Header Bidding Partners
-Optad360 Header Bidding Partners

What requirements need to be met for OptAd360 to be approved? 

An Adsense account is not required to use Optad360. To achieve optAd360’s requirements, monthly page views depending on the region; some want at least 50K, while others wish to reach 500K.

It is useless to mention other prohibitions, like irregular traffic and other stuff, because that is the same as others.

Optad360 forwards revenue to the 30-day payment cycle of the following month, just like Ezoic and Adsense do.

A $100 minimum payment threshold provides many payment options, including bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, and TransferWise.

OptAd360 Pros
– Extra help from a personal account manager
– Multiple ad types: videos, native, and banners
– Machine learning and header bidding technology
– A 30-day payment cycle and various payment options.
OptAd360 Cons
– Lower CPM compared to competitors
– Each country has different traffic requirements.

5. Clickio

 Clickio (Google Certified Publishing Partner)

Clickio is similar to other Google Adx partners. They provide premium partners with header, open, and server bidding technologies.

Clickio continuously tests out different ad sizes, layouts, and bid types. Its new tech dynamically adapts such factors based on visitors’ devices and network speed.

You can enhance your website and boost yields with a flexible layout. It increases the impression and removes futile places to improve the website’s performance.

Also, fewer ads will be displayed on slow connections to improve the user experience. 

Also, the Clickio AI-based algorithm analyzes every page, automatically places ad units, and regularly tests A/B tests to identify the optimum placement. It also includes lazy-load and other optimizing stuff for their ad layout technologies.

Clickio Minimum Traffic Requirements: each country has different traffic requirements. Let’s say your site does not fulfill that requirement, but you still earn more than $500 per month, like Adsence.

You might qualify for Clickio. But, if a publisher does not achieve that after three months, they disable ad serving. 😕

Clickio Minimum Traffic Requirements
Clickio Traffic Requirements

Also, publishers need to stick with Google’s Ad Policies. The approval process usually takes three days, but a complete review can take longer.

If you need more info about the requirements, their Clickio Entry Standards.

In addition to Google, Clickio offers publishers premium SSPs like Amazon, Smart+, Outbrain, Pubmatic, Teads, Magnite, and more. 👇

Clickio SSPs
Clickio SSPs

Clickio payment terms are NET 60. Estimated revenues are verified end of the month. The balance invoice will be pending at the start of the next month, and will get a payment in 60 days if your amount exceeds the threshold.

Depending on the payment method, you’ll get paid when unpaid invoices reach their minimum level.

Clickio minimum threshold: USD 100 via local bank transfer, USD 200 via wire transfer, USD 100 via PayPal, USD 10 via Webmoney, and GBP 100 via Payoneer.

Clickio Pros
– Personal Support with an account manager.
– Dynamic Demand Access: Open, Header, Server bidding
– Adaptive ad layouts and cloud-based mobile template
– Vast Payment methods: Papal, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, etc.
Clickio Cons
– 60-day payment terms
– Traffic requirements vary for countries
– Clickio will stop serving if you do not earn at least $500 monthly.

6. SHE Media

She Media publisher optimization network

She Media is a Google Certified ad network with high CPM rates.

It primarily targets women to monetize their websites. Beyond managing the ads, they help share the knowledge with technical optimizing and operating the ads.

She Media requirements to approve at least 20k page views per month. They may accept sites that aren’t quite at this traffic stage, but you need to have relevant content and publish it regularly.

The website should be fine with ad brands and Google. Sites must be at least 90 days old, with the most traffic from the US. 

Also, they look at some other stuff on your websites, such as feminine content. The site must attract a female audience with no invalid traffic.

They will check your request after submission and might require access to your Google Analytics during this approach. After approval, you must sign the agreement.

The contract has a six-month term, and the agreement will continue after six months.

Let’s say you want to cancel; you must notify them 60 days before the renewal date. You cannot remove or use other ad networks without canceling the service. 😂

She Media payments are made on a net 60 basis and should total at least $20 through PayPal. So local publishers can use direct deposits.

She Media Pros
– The best ad management platform for women.
– Higher-end ad exchanges like OpenX, Pubmatic, and ADX
– Various banners, natives, and video ads.
– Quality Support Crew
She Media Cons
– Net 60 basis payment terms, limited methods.
– You must create content for a female audience.
– Must need traffic in the United States.
– No trial; you must accept an agreement.

7. Fatchilli Media

Fatchilli Media
-Fatchilli Media

Fatchilli Media is a professional monetization platform, now a Google Certified Publishing Partner. I’ve used their service; I had complete control over everything.

Fatchilli Media requirements: the approval process is delicate if you have a good website. You can enter and fill out the application with around 10,000 monthly page views. After you submit your application, they will contact you via email and ask for further details like traffic stat, personal information, payments, etc.

An ad example on Fatchilli Media
An ad example on Fatchilli Media

They use pricing floors, waterfall management, lazy loading, and flow control. Provide access to better buyers by offering better CPMs with header and open bidding.

I could not get CPM rates comparable to those of Madiavine, Ezoic, Adthrive, and other rival partners. Additionally, if you are unhappy with their services, you are not required to continue. There is a trial opportunity to check Fatchilli Media.

Ad formats include regular display, Native, Interstitial, Video, Sticky, and more.

The NET30 payment method will be used to make the payment.

The monthly minimum is €100. The two payment options are bank transfer and PayPal.

Fatchilli Media Pros
– It is not as difficult to join as some.
– Personal support
– Access AdManager 360
Fatchilli Media Cons
– It lacks a deep analysis tool.
– Lower CPM rates Compared to most others.

8. AdPushup

Adpushup Google Adx Partners

AdPushup is noted for A/B, header bidding, Adblock recovery, mediation, and many other tools for ad revenue optimization.

However, due to their higher requirements, small and medium-sized publishers are excluded from AdPushup.

Their AI technology allows users to customize their ad structure and select the ad elements. Their tools can help you recover revenue lost due to adblocking and provide regular adblocker traffic reports. AdPushup has now achieved AMP backing. 

Considering that one of AdPushup’s features is that it can enable publishers to find valuable revenue opportunities and that AMP Ads allow header bidding.

Adpushup graphical editor is grand, similar to the Ezoic ad tester, allowing you to experiment with various ad settings. 

They collaborated with significant premium partners such as, Amazon, Xander, Index Exchange, OpenX, Rubicon, Pubmatic, etc. 

The payment is made on Net-45 by PayPal or wire transfer.

It is unnecessary to mention the minimum payout threshold because they are only accepted for high-traffic websites. Still, the publisher’s revenue share is 80%, and the minimum threshold is $50. 

AdPushup Requirements: minimum of 1000 to 5,000 USD in past monthly ad earnings, examples like Adsense or any other decent ad network.

Also, it wants high-quality content that complies with its partners’ rules and regulations, including Google. If approved, they will get in touch with you right away.

AdPushup Requirements
AdPushup Requirements

If you do not meet their traffic requirement, I also wrote about Ad Networks For Small Publishers; you can find some suitable platforms for your website.

AdPushup Pros
– A personal account manager for each publisher.
– The latest technologies: Adblock Recovery, AMP, A/B testing, Header Bidding
– High CPM rates with Premium Partners
– Fast ad loading from lazy loading and CDN.
AdPushup Cons
Adpushup is unreachable for websites with little to medium traffic.

9. MonetizeMore


MonetizeMore is similar to AdPushup in that their publisher requirements are so high that they are unsuitable for small-sized publishers. 

MonetizeMore Requirements: You should have earned at least $1,000 in the previous month. You can apply for their starting plan. Professionals require $5,000, premiums are $20,000, and enterprises, $100,000. comfortable with all their ad partners’ guidelines.

With Header Bidding, you can access global ad networks like Google, AppNexus, sovrn, TripleLift, and Amazon, which will improve your automated CPM.

MonetizeMore payments for Google Adx, the revenue period is on a 30-day schedule. Additionally, the minimum threshold is 100 USD through wire transfer, ACH, and PayPal.

Traffic Cop from MonetizeMore prevents illegal traffic on the publisher’s site.

The ability to identify fraud is constantly using specific machine learning algorithms. To protect the ad property against scams, the Traffic Cop regularly finds new illegal activities.

MonetizeMore Pros
– A Personal account manager
– Premium partners with header bidding
– Advanced AI technology
– Traffic Cop finds illegal activities
MonetizeMore Cons
They only access high-traffic websites.

Google Adx Partners: Other Solutions (GCPP)

There are many more Google Adx partners than the nine on this list, so here are a few other firms with a brief explanation.


YieldBird is a Google Certified Partner.

They also provide header bidding, open bidding, and other advanced AI technologies. To participate, the site must have one million monthly page views and comply with Google’s guidelines.

Their interface includes a profit comparing graph of daily and weekly with CPM rates. They have 30-day terms and a $50 minimum payment via wire transfer or PayPal.

They provide progressive viewability via lazy loading and native, video, and banner ads.


Publift is a Google-certified partner that enables publishers with ad management with machine learning. Publift provides header bidding, analytics, design optimization, ad-blocking, and unwanted traffic and ad detection.

Publift is a suitable platform for publishers with high traffic to increase their income. This gives you access to over 25 quality ad partners.

Like most, they also use lazy loading and mini ad codes to maintain high-quality ads and a great user experience.

Newor Media

I have not yet worked with Newor Media, but I’ve heard good things about them. Newor Media is certified by Google to resell the Google ad exchange market. 

Newor-Media, like AdSense, has a 30-day payment schedule.

PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer are the payment options.

It’s a great thing to provide many options.

Newor Media Requirements: Your website must have at least 30,000 hits and need two ad units to Newor Media. You will contact someone from them to confirm your commitment. They are MCM partners, so you must be in good status with Google’s ad guidelines. The approach may need a few days to complete.


Primis is a Google Certified Media Company and an advertising network specializing in video ads. It utilizes fully customizable in-view video ads delivering a better user experience.

They are focusing on some high-traffic websites and apps.

Primis offers better CPM rates for video content using context, machine learning, and demographic targeting.

You have complete control over the elements to match your website nicely. Also, you will get a personal publisher manager.

So I’m not going to say much about Primis; I just want to mention a few different networks because they are video ad networks.


Hey guys, thanks for reading my article.

I want to show you a few suitable Google Certified and Google ad manager partners for publishers because monetization isn’t limited to Google AdSense.

Publishers have a range of monetization options.

There are many other Google ad partner platforms for publishers and developers.

I did not mention the following: Freestar, CafeMedia, Marfeel, Playwire, OKO, Sortable, YourBow, Total Media, AddApptr, and plenty more.

What are the advantages of using a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

  • They passed a Google review, had to fulfill many eligibility requirements, and are certified as specialists in AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.
  • So the best thing is that you can trust them because many platforms are available. If they are certified partners, they are not frauds because Google doesn’t want to damage its reputation.
  • They can improve viewability, which relates to how visible the ad is, how long it can be seen, and what effect it has on your visitors.
  • They can decrease the spam score, take care of the safety of your account, notify you of any Google policy violations, and provide specific solutions.
  • You can access Google beta tools if you work with Google Certified Publishing Partners. The beta functions can be integrated into your platform via them.

Using a google ad manager partner allows for a direct connection. This company receives its crew from Google. You can make your relevance more effective.

They receive instruction to help partners enhance their marketing; these firms receive regular guidance on the latest technology and how to use it effectively.

Perhaps there are more positives than I mentioned. Most are publisher optimization firms rather than simply ad delivery platforms like Adsense.

There is more benefit and faith. So if you are struggling with monetizing your app or website, try one of these guys; you can get some solutions from them.

If you run an ad network for your website, web hosting is essential stuff, so read my hosting recommendation articles.

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