09 Best Google Certified Publishing Partners (Monetization)

Google Certified Publishing Partner List means the partner is a qualified authority on AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob.

Google has approved Ad: Optimization, management, financials, marketing, and ad designs. More information. This list includes Google’s official certified partners. But there are more MCM partners, for example, NeworMedia, Snigel, and more.

I’m not saying they’re all the best, though better than Adsense because most are CPM platforms. I didn’t use all of these, but I used Ezoic, Mediavine, OptAd360, ExMarketPlace, and a few others.

Google Adx Partners for Website Monetization

Google Adx Partners
Google ADX

Perhaps you can call them Google AdX partners and use them as Google Adsense alternatives. You can also use them for website monetization because they can directly access Google Ad Manager. They also offer more than just Google.

Adsense performs as a Cost Per Click, but most of these work as impressions or Cost Per Miles. You can increase your revenue reasonably because you will pay for every ad impression. Adsense has some small CPM bidding, but it is flawed. 

Nevertheless, Adsense has no traffic requirements, so you can apply even if you don’t have many visitors. All of these networks have some traffic requirements. If you have those requests, you should use one to increase your revenue. 

These are publisher optimization services that provide header bidding, Yield optimization, site speed optimization, SEO, etc. Let’s look at the Google Certified Publishing Partners, including their pros and cons, payments, requirements, and others.

1. Ezoic

Ezoic is a revenue optimization and publishers Optimization service provider

Ezoic is a revenue optimization and publisher optimization service provider with many options. Also, Ezoic offers different web service choices for publishers; look at the Ezoic Youtube channel for more information.

  • Website Speed Optimization: Ezoic Leap
  • CDN, and Ezoic Cloud Caching
  • Web Hosting and Video Hosting
  • Tag Tester to improve SEO
  • Control and consent and privacy settings
  • DDoS protection, and security.
  • Advanced DNS Management:
  • Website Monetization and Ad-Tester
Ezoic Leap
Ezoic Leap

Ezoic has enormous ad partners, such as Outbrain, Media.net, OpenX, Pubmatic, Appnexus, Magnite, Sovrn, Vertamedia, Spotxchange, and many more.


If you need to join with Ezoic, there are some requirements.

  • Your site must be compatible with Google to be approved. 
  • Interesting and unique content is required.
  • Website traffic must be human.
  • You can join the Ezoic level program with more than 10,000 visitors per month.
  • On websites with fewer than 10,000 hits, you will have Ezoic Access Now.

The approval process usually takes between one and ten days. Nevertheless, you need to complete some tutorial and exam processes to get access to the full features of the access program.

Ezoic EMPV is more profitable, and some countries are satisfied with higher rates. The reason for this is that I placed Ezoic at No. 1 because it is straightforward to join. After all, minimum traffic requirements were removed by Ezoic.

You can introduce your ad partner as mediation if you have already partnered with other ad networks such as Adsense, media.net, and native platforms like Revcontent.

Get Started With Ezoic

Ezoic Payments

Ezoic gives flexible payment options to the publisher; their payment terms are 30 days based on when you receive your payments. You need just 20 dollars as the threshold. They offer PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer as payment methods.

Ezoic Pros
1. The minimum threshold is $20.
2. High CPM, with extensive ad partners around the world.
3. There is no traffic requirement for the access program.
4. You can get free CDN
5. Leap programs to increase site performance
5. Ezoic provides a referral program; you can earn an extra 3% of their earnings.
Ezoic Cons
1. Regular Ezoic provides site optimization settings, but monetization happens slowly.
2. Ezoic is required to change your nameservers to their nameservers.

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2. Mediavine

Mediavine is a leading Ad management service

Mediavine is a leading ad management service and Google’s official partner for publishers to monetize their content. Mediavine has strict policies for joining its service, but monetization offers a high earning potential.

Mediavine payments within 65 days. Your December payment will be given in March. It has some long payment times when compared to other competitors.

Mediavine Requirements
Mediavine Requirements

The traffic requirements for Mediavine have been increased to 50K sessions. The website must follow Google’s advertising policies. The site’s content should be engaging overall.

Mediavine Difference
Mediavine Pros
1. Mediavine provides high-quality ad spaces with premium ad partners.
2. The minimum payout is $25 from PayPal.
3. Websites Speed Optimizations with helpful support.
4. High RPM with stunning Revenue
5. Ads are placed automatically and have no significant impact on the website.
Mediavine Cons
1. It has a strict approval process and can’t reach small publishers.
2. You can’t use them with any other monetization platform. (affiliate is OK)
3. High payment terms: 65 days
4. Mediavine gets at least three months to optimize your site fully.

Mediavine Payment Method

You can withdraw from your papal account once you hit $25, but the bank transfer threshold is as high as $200, and there are no other payment options available, such as Payoneer.


3. Adthrive

AdThrive is different from ezoic, Mediavine, and others because AdThrive converges only on ads for websites.

In contrast to Ezoic and Mediavine, AdThrive simply gathers ads for websites. It means they don’t offer further publishing services like SEO. However, if you want to join Adthrive, you will need the following:

  • At least 100K page views per month.
  • Most of the traffic is from top-tier countries (USA, Canada, and Europe).
  • Unique Content and Site with Security Protocol

The approval process can take several days, maybe weeks, but onboarding gets some time. AdThrive offers a 75% dependable revenue share to publishers, and you can monetize videos in their system video player. 

AdThrive Pros
1. High-quality ad and good customer support.
2. AdThrive is the best CPM in the industry
3. Premium Demand with High Revenue.
AdThrive Cons
1. AdThrive doesn’t produce an affiliate program.
2. 45 payment terms and limited payment methods.
3. Due to the strict approval process, most websites are rejected by AdThrive.

Adthrive Payments Details

Payment periods are 45 days, with direct deposit as a payment method, such as Google Adsense. AdThrive is a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) network, which indicates your revenue based on ad impressions.

4. OptAd360


OptAd360 is an AI-based network such as Ezoic that provides you with the ability to optimize your ad index completely. They offer multiple ad types, such as display, native, video, overlay, and interstitial ads.

OptAd360 is a CPM-based network, meaning you will earn impressions from visitors. It would help if you waited a few weeks to optimize your website completely.

They access global demands: Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, Index Exchange, Mgid, Smart+, and other partners. OptAd360 payment terms are 30 days, including Paypal, bank transfer, and Payoneer. The threshold is as high as 100 USD at a minimum.

OptAd360 Demand Partners
OptAd360 Demand Partners
OptAd360 Pros
1. Header bidding, high CPM rates with AI technology.
2. Good support with an account manager.
3. Various ad setups: banner, native, and video.
4. 30-day payment terms and various payment methods.
5. Flexible Ad design to the analysis of the device
OptAd360 Cons
1. High minimum threshold 100 USD
2. Low CPM compared with other competitors: Adthrive, Mediavine
3. You require high-traffic websites.

OptAd360 Requirements

You must have at least 50K page views per month, and your site must comply with Google’s ad policies and OptAd360 policies. It would be best if you had family-friendly, unique content.

5. Clickio


Clickio is similar to other optimization providers. It provides site optimization like image optimization, lazy loading, CDN, and caching. Clickio provides excellent header bidding, open bidding, and server bidding technologies. 

Additionally, they offer premium-quality ad partners such as Google, Rubican, OpenX, Pubmatic, Sovrn, Amazon, and Yandex. The payment terms are 60 days with a $100 threshold by bank transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer.

Clickio Ad Partners
Clickio Pros
1. Personal Support with an account manager.
2. High Revenue with premium ad partners and header bidding.
3. Real-time recording and video monetization.
4. Adaptive layout does not significantly impact your site’s performance.
5. Comprehensive Payment: Papal, WebMoney, Bank Transfer.
Clickio Cons
1. 60-day payment terms are high compared with competitors’
2. It does not approve of small publishers.
3. You’ll require high-traffic websites.
4. If you do not generate at least $500 in a month, Clickio will stop serving ads.

Clickio Requirements

Minimum traffic requirements are different in each country. Suppose your site does not meet the minimum traffic requirements, but your ad revenue exceeds $500 per month. In that case, you may be eligible for the Clickio program.


The approval process usually takes one or two days, but a review can cause it to take longer. Publishers need to stick with Google’s Ad Policies. If you need more information about the requirements, read their standards: Clickio Entry Standards.

6. SHE Media

SheMedia is another ad management and publisher optimization partner network

She Media is another ad management and publisher optimization network. It primarily targets women to monetize their websites, offer innovative technology, and demand Google, Yahoo, Sovrn, Amazon, OpenX, and Magnite.

You can apply if you have those requirements; approval can take a long time, maybe weeks, to respond. It may, but allow sites with less traffic if the content is attractive. You can not run other ad inventories with She Media, but affiliate is OK.

Adding a plugin and setting ad placement in the SHE Media panel was all it took to get started. The payment terms are net 60 based. The minimum threshold is $20 via PayPal for international and direct deposits for US residents. 

She Media Pros
1. She Media is the leading and most reputable ad program for women.
2. High bidding revenue with the premium ad exchanges.
3. High-quality ads and optimized banners, natives, and video ads.
4. 30-day payment terms and various payment methods.
5. Grade support system and the most helpful state reports.
She Media Cons
1. Net 60 basis payment terms, limited payment methods.
2. You must create content specifically for a female audience.
3. You will not be approved if most of your traffic is not from the United States.
4. The report panel is problematic and may not always record accurate details.
5. There is a one-year commitment requirement, and there are no experiments.

She Media Requirements


You will need at least 20,000 page views a month. Traffic must be with top-tier countries (the US, UK, and Canada). High-quality content and good standing with Google. Your domain needs to be at least three months old.

7. Exmarketplace

ExMarketPlace is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

ExMarketPlace provides maximum income with the header bidding strategy with Google, Verizon, Amazon, Rubicon, OpenX, Index Ex, PubMatic, Sovrn, Outbrain, and more.

ExMarketPlace Payments

The payment terms are net 30 days. PayPal also accepts payments with a minimum of $50. There’s also a wire transfer option, but for that option, you’ll need $1,000.

ExMarketPlace Pros
1. The extensive list of ad partners provides a better website ad. 
2. Premium support with an account manager.
3. High earning potential with premium ad exchange partners.
ExMarketPlace Cons
1. Lack dashboard (No good analytics design dashboard).
2. Limited payment methods, such as PayPal and wire transfer.

ExMarketPlace Requirements

You will need at least 300,000 page views, long-engaged content, and good standing with Google. After registering, an agent will contact you via email to provide your traffic details. If you are qualified to work with them, follow their instructions.

8. AdPushup

Adpushup Google Adx Partners

AdPushup is famous for A/B, header bidding, Adblock recovery, and mediation with ad revenue optimization. However, AdPushup is not eligible for small and medium publishers because their requirements are elevated.

Their AI technology allows users to customize their ad structure and select precisely the ad elements that should be placed. View ads, stick ads, and native ads are all available. Various platforms for real-time using automated processes.

AdPushup’s ad software can help you recover revenue lost due to adblocking. AdPushup additionally provides regular reports on adblocker traffic. The AdPushup team built the Accelerated Mobile Converter for the ad, giving you different solutions. 

The graphical editor is great, similar to Ezoic, and it allows you to experiment with various ad settings. AdPushup collaborated with Media.net, OpenX, Rubicon, Pubmatic, etc. Each publisher will receive a personal account manager. 

The payment is made on Net-45 by PayPal or wire transfer. It is unnecessary to mention the minimum payout threshold because it is only accepted for high traffic. Still, the publisher’s revenue share is 80%, and the lowest payment limit is $50.

AdPushup Pros
1. Every publisher receives a personal account manager.
2. High Revenue with the latest technology
3. Adblock Recovery, AMP Converter, A/B testing, Header Bidding
4. Premium Demand Partners to maximize Revenue.
5. Fast ad loading does not affect your web performance by lazy loading, and CDN.
AdPushup Cons
It is not acceptable for small and medium publishers with high requirements.

AdPushup Requirements

A minimum of 1000 to 5,000 USD in monthly ad earnings is required. They review all applications from publishers. It would be high-quality content, and it would have to comply with the rules and regulations of each ad network, such as Google.

AdPushup Requirements
AdPushup Requirements

9. MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore is similar to AdPushup

MonetizeMore is similar to AdPushup in that their publisher requirements are so high that they are not suitable for small and medium publishers. MonetizeMore is the most suitable option for ad optimization for website owners with sizeable earnings potential. 

You can access global premium ad network companies such as Google, AppNexus, Amazon, etc. Its winner, Traffic Cop from MonetizeMore, prevents illegal traffic on the publisher’s site and recognizes and eliminates ad scams.

The payment term is a 30-day basis for Google Adx. Also, the minimum threshold is 100 USD via PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer. They have different plans: starter, professional, and premium. It has partnered with over 1,000 various publishers.

you can apply for their stater plan if you have 500K monthly page views.
MonetizeMore Pros
1. Account Manager for every publisher easily reach them through chat and email.
2. Decent CPM with premium partners and header bidding.
3. Advanced AI technology ad position does not affect performance.
4. Using invalid traffic control solutions, publishers get a higher benefit.
5. If it is not suitable for you, you can leave in 30 days.
MonetizeMore Cons
It is not suitable for small publishers because the minimum traffic requirement is high.

MonetizeMore Requirements

You can apply for their starter plan with 500K monthly page views or make 1000 USD from the previous month. It would be suitable grade content and be in good standing with Google.

Other Google Adx Partners (GCPP)

Further than the list, there are additional qualified Adx partners. It also collaborates with Google and other media platforms. So, let us look at a few different associates for more information. There are far more alternatives depending on the variety.


YieldBird is a Google Certified Partner. Its self-service header-bidding framework enables you to control your platform with Open Bidding. Additionally, they bring programmatic success, giving you more time for yourself.

Another benefit is that their interface includes a profit comparing chart of daily and weekly revenues and their RPMs and CPMs. They have a $50 minimum payout. It is paid through PayPal or wire transfer, and publishers are delivered within 30 days. 

They provide the improvement of viewability through Lazy Load Innovation and Native, Video, and Banner ad formats. One million monthly page views are required, and the site must follow Google’s ad standards and quality guidelines.

Fatchilli Media

Fatchilli Media is a professional monetization platform for publishers. Additional features With Google integration, you’ll have complete control over the monetization of your stuff, including pricing floors, lazy loading banners, and flow control.

They provide access to more clients offering greater CPMs on AdExchange, header bidding, open bidding, and exclusive deals. Regular display, Native, Interstitial, Video, Sticky, and Interscroller are examples of ad formats.

The payment will be made using the NET30 payment method. €100 is the monthly minimum value. If this sum is not met, the amount is postponed until the following month. Bank transfer or PayPal are the two payment methods available.

I previously used Fatchilli Media and received an average CPM. The Fatchilli Media approval process is straightforward if you have a good website. You can enter and fill out the application with around 10,000 monthly page views.


Publift is a Google partner that enables publishers with ad integration. Publift provides header bidding, analytics, format optimization, ad-block revenue, and block unwanted adverts. It’s the platform for publishers looking to increase their income. 

Publift gives you access to over 25 quality ad partners and a minimalist and fast ad code. There will be no hold agreement and complete freedom to depart. It maintains high-quality ads and has a minimum impact on the user experience.

Newor Media

Newor Media is a Google-approved reseller of ad exchange-demanding programmatic ads. It provides better controls and features for its users, including access to local deals, monitoring, etc. However, not everyone is accepted by Newor Media.

Newor Media keeps on top of that one with their Outstream video solutions. They make their ads load as quickly as possible without impacting core web vitals. It included analytics and monitoring tools, friendly staff, and Net 30 terms of payment.

They must manage two ad units on the website and should have a minimum of 30,000 page views. An account manager will contact you to confirm your commitment to meet their requirements. It is a simple process that takes as little as two days.


Primis is a Google Certified Media Company and an advertising network specializing in video ads. It utilizes fully customizable in-view video ads providing a better user experience. Furthermore, they are focusing on some high-traffic websites and apps.

Primis offers better CPM rates for video content using context, machine learning, and demographic targeting. You have complete control over the segments to match your website better. Also, keep the freed process with personal publisher managers.

There’s many other networks, such as:

  • Freestar
  • CafeMedia
  • Marfeel 
  • Playwire
  • OKO
  • Sortable
  • YourBow
  • Total Media
  • AddApptr for app publishers and developers.


Finally, you may try several solutions to see which ones provide the most outstanding reliability. Also, keep your regular viewers happy while increasing revenue with one of these Google Certified Publishing Partners.

Beyond the ADX, publishers have a variety of monetization opportunities. Other content-recommendation platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, and Revcontent. Propeller Ads, Ad Cash, Ad Marvern, and other web push ad platforms are also available. 

On the other hand, push advertisements disturb because they take attention away from the user. You can also work as an affiliate marketer if you do not like advertising networks. Affiliates have no impact on the site’s performance or user experience.

However, you’ll need a steady flow of unique visitors to be a successful affiliate marketer. You can’t get it through affiliate marketing since you have to build people’s trust first. It is beneficial to write an explanation because affiliates depend on you.

Maybe it’s preferable to use an ad network as your primary source of income. If you are looking for suitable hosting services, read these helpful related articles: WordPress Hosting Providers, LiteSpeed Hosting Providers.

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