11 WordPress Themes to Removing Powered by WordPress

Are you trying to removing powered by WordPress from your website’s footer? Several themes are being developed, but their free versions do not allow full customization. It is unable to WordPress change copyright footer.

I will remove the “WordPress change copyright footer” or any other footer credit links or text from the website’s default theme. You can also permanently remove and edit the “Footer.php” file. Nonetheless, I’ll take a quick step with plugins and some basic CSS code.

I strongly recommend you use a theme that can remove the footer credits. Since plugins consistently negatively impact your website’s performance, typical plugins can provide this function if you don’t have a solution.

If you don’t know, modify the code for the Remove Copyright Footer. You can easily remove footer credit WordPress plugin without learning how to code. I want to highlight the following plugins for that approach, both of which are straightforward to use, so take a look.

remove footer credit
Remove Footer Credit By WPChill

This plugin allows you to change your footer credits easily. Here are only two text boxes: one for finding HTML and another for replacing text. Is it hard to use? The following plugin does that visually.

visual footer credit remover

Like the previous one, this plugin helps remove the WordPress copyright footer without having to change the theme code. After installing, go to the dashboard and click on Tools. Also, read this article about WordPress speed optimization plugins.

You will see “Visual Footer Credit Remover.” Click on it. You will redirect your website visually now. Select the footer credit area, then type in your word or blank and replace it; that’s it.

visual copyright remover

OK, now let’s see how to removing WordPress footer using the simple code in this quick guide. Go to theme customization and go to the Additional CSS section. Put this simple code in, and it will be gone. Code – .site-info { display: none; }

remove footer credit using code
before putting in the code
Before putting in the code
after the code
After the code

For example, I used that for the GeneratePress theme, which you can see before and after putting in the code in the additional CSS section.


I expect the editorial to be valuable. These approaches are dependent on your comfortability. However, even if you don’t use it, the information above might be helpful. Now we see which popular free themes allow us to remove the footer in WordPress.

The theme is the essential factor in determining the performance and speed of your website. Scripts in most free themes aren’t optimized. That will require the use of third-party plugins. 

However, all these free themes are great, and most theme elements are freely customizable, including the Remove Footer Credits.

1. Blocksy

Blocksy WordPress theme

Blocksy is a highly customizable theme, and even the free version allows for wide-ranging customization. Although Blocksy has a paid version, you shouldn’t need to upgrade if your project isn’t complicated. You can use it for any kind of business. (My Blocksy Review.)

You can customize the header layout and widgets in Blocksy’s three customizable columns. Place elements in multiple rows, and the free edition provides a sticky header. 

Make fantastic drop-down menus with a great deal of flexibility. You have complete control over everything else. You may also divide the menu into two segments in the header and footer with the mobile menu. Even Blocksy gives you four top-level menu options.

You can create unlimited widgets with footer columns. Drag and drop items onto the footer to quickly create a handy website. Typography allows you to modify the font across your entire website easily. It also supports an extensive range of typefaces. 

You can also change “Removing Powered by WordPress” and put it wherever you like without using an extra plugin. The Blocksy theme comes with 14 free demos to get you started. It is beneficial for beginners and only requires a mouse click. 

The theme created by “Creative Themes” even has valuable video tutorials on YouTube. There is no risk in trying that out because it is free. The layout is straightforward, and most elements are approachable through the WordPress Customizer.

2. Kadence

Kadence Theme
Kadence WP

Kadence is a WordPress theme that can create stylish and speedy websites. It allows you to have a beautiful, fast WordPress site without buying the premium edition. The Kadence theme includes a drag-and-drop header and footer editor. 

It is one of the theme’s most outstanding features, as it is lacking in many popular themes. You have total control over Kadence’s layout elements. There’s no need to worry about selecting the wrong builder. The theme is designed to work with any page builder.


You receive free starter templates with the Kadence theme. To see all the starter styles, you should install the templates plugin. Templates are available for both Gutenberg and Elementor. You can effortlessly import any pre-made designs onto your website.

You can also modify the “WordPress copyright footer ” and place it wherever you like without plugins or editing theme codes.

2. Zakra 

Zakra WordPress theme

Zakra is a notable theme for WordPress as it is a fast and lightweight theme built on a minimal structure to get a flash website. It’s a solid multipurpose theme with a fair number of features. When designing your website, you’ll have an array of options.

You should use WordPress plugins to build and maintain your website. Zakra has good plugin compatibility with WooCommerce, Brizy, and Elementor. Also, Gutenberg’s block editor gets along pretty smoothly, which works with the editor.

Zakra offers pre-built sites to integrate into your website and modify as per your preference. Once it integrates onto the website, you can import the free samples. You can adjust the “remove copyright footer WordPress” without utilizing a plugin or code.

3. CosmosWP

The CosmosWP theme

CosmosWP theme is one of the most configurable WordPress themes that works perfectly with Gutenberg. It allows you to effortlessly customize your website using many approaches to create unique combinations.

You’ll be able to create blogs, arts, advertising, entertainment, cafes, charities, education, e-commerce, and other websites. You can create innovative websites with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and WP Bakery page builders.

Using their 20+ free templates, you can quickly create a stunning website. Combining templates is a simple approach to getting your idea into action. You’ll need to install Gutentor, Breadcrumb NavXT, and Contact Form 7 to use the CosmosWP samples.

Gutentor Additionally, their Gutenberg block plugin has excellent features. I’ve already blogged about that plugin. (Gutentor Page Builder.)

You can change the “removing WordPress footer” without using a plugin or code. With this theme, several aspects of your website, like widgets, navigation bars, icons, and menus, are under your control. 


4. Hueman

Hueman theme is magazines.
Hueman By Nicolas

Hueman is usually known to produce an excellent experience on mobile devices, load quickly, and be straightforward. Inbuilt mobile devices’ responsive layout adjusts and renders perfectly on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

Minified Java stylesheets and CSS stylesheets increase performance for your website overall by lightening the load time. Also, the native lazy loading of images on the scroll can increase speed by reducing the weight of pages.

Hueman also has a mobile device detection option that loads a small javascript file to detect if a mobile device is displaying your site, like a phone or a tablet. Theme Comfortable With Nimble Page Builder, you can design any page with a few clicks. 

You can change the “removing powered by WordPress” setting without using a plugin or coding. You’ll need the pro version if you want additional features. Advanced customizations include a content builder, a grid layout, and other options.

5. Sydney

Sydney is a fantastic marketing theme.

Sydney is a well-known WordPress theme, both free and paid. It was created by aThemes. It is currently a popular theme in the directory. The header graphic is one of the primary features of the theme that separates it from other online business themes.

Thanks to the gradient effect, visitors will find browsing more enjoyable and engaging. The Sydney theme can add a floating background element to any row in your design. It was created with a mobile-responsive design.

You can start fresh with your brand. Set up a website for your organization. In addition, there are five free templates provided. You can change the “WordPress copyright footer” without using a plugin or coding. 

6. Neve

Neve is customizing the theme.
Neve By Themeisle

Neve is a simple WordPress theme with a variety of customization options. It’s suitable for many websites, including blogs, enterprises, and even more complicated purposes. Take the color scheme of your website in one area and then extend it to the other. 

Neve works well with Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi Builder, among other page builders. Many similar themes only have a limited number of website builders, but Neve includes Architect and Divi. You can continue to use your favorite page builder.

If you’re a blogger, you can customize the design of your site by using specific layouts and tools that are designed to enhance the user experience. You can change the “remove copyright footer WordPress” and put it wherever you like without using extra plugins.

7. Astra

Astra is a lovely theme.
Astra By Brainstorm Force

Astra is a charming WordPress theme suited for different sites, including blogging, online shops, employment, studios, etc. It was created by Brainstorm Force. Astra is weightless and fast because it doesn’t load much-bloated content on your site.

Google fonts are well-known, they are also free and look great. You’ll most likely wish to use one on your site then. Astra theme loads Google fonts directly onto your website’s server. You can change the “remove copyright footer” without using extra plugins.

Customizing the header and footer of a website is simple with Astra. You have the option of adding several footer rows. They have sticky headers as well. You can establish a website for your selections using one of several pre-made beginning structures. 

8. Sinatra

Sinatra is the best free theme..
Sinatra By sinatrateam

Sinatra is the best free theme for blogs and content-focused websites. Still, you can use any page builder to create a multipurpose website. The theme is entirely free and lightweight, and it comes with four layouts and base colors, which you can customize. 

The pre-footer, main footer, and copyright area are the three-footer options. As well as two blog page layouts (horizontal and vertical). The three headers available in the theme are the top bar, sidebar, and navigation. 

There are also two sidebars and two glossy and sticky headings. You can remove the “WordPress footer copyright” without using a plugin or coding. 

9. OceanWP

OceanWP is a clever free WordPress theme

OceanWP is a clever and well-known free WordPress theme with various uses, including eCommerce, business, blogging, portfolio websites, and any other type of website. A simple theme for multi-purpose websites is fast and lightweight.

Everything is editable, including the header, footer, layout, etc. A professional grid layout with large images or thumbnail styles. It can be done separately on the desktop and mobile. 

It comes with three different mobile menus in the prominent header styling and the global fonts and colors. Use your preferred colors and a variety of Google fonts. The theme has separate typography settings for various functions and areas.

You can modify the “powered by WordPress” setting without using a plugin. It also works seamlessly with all page builders. It has a quick loading time and can be fully customized.

10. Phlox


Phlox is a trendy theme that can be used for any website. Pre-built samples for the Elementor page builder are available from Phlox. It’s a stunning modern theme in both free and paid editions.

You can also easily change any aspect of your website by adjusting the theme’s configuration settings. More than 70 free examples and more than fifty paid demos are included. You don’t need to use a plugin to change the “remove footer credits” option.

Speedy, really responsive, translation ready, RTL, SEO, gallery features, widgets, and elements, WooCommerce Ready, Plugin Ready, regular updates, and integration with Elementor, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin make Phlox outstanding.

The theme should be straightforward and load quickly, with less than 100 KB of files. There aren’t as many CSS and HTML files in clean code. Fortunately, the theme should focus on the theme’s local fonts and on the mobile device to provide a smooth experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Google and other services strive to provide the best possible service to their users. To get the best results from our side, we need to focus on search engines, and the theme must be SEO optimized.

The theme should be fully customizable and have a friendly, professional design because many designers use page builders to create pages.

For our website, we need to manage several plugins. Some themes aren’t compatible with cache or minify plugins; the theme should be compatible with all plugins.

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