20 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins In 2022

You’re probably looking for the best WordPress speed optimization plugins. Everyone can’t spend the extra money on speed optimization. Many beginners, including me, try to get help from free plugins to improve website performance.

However, heavy page builders (Elementor), weighted themes (Divi, Newspaper), third-party codes (ads, affiliates), slow WordPress plugins (Jetpack, woo-commerce, Yoast SEO), and shared hosting have much trouble with speed. 

It also Cloudways Web Hosting gives you a free trial. Read these related articles if you’re looking for suitable hosting providers. (WordPress Hosting, Cloudways Review). It is ideal for using cloud or VPS hosting services and lightweight themes and plugins. 

I detected some fantastic free plugins to resolve most WordPress speed troubles. Most users use paid plugins, while others use free tools and plugins. There are paid plugins, including FlyingPress, WP Rocket, Perfmatters, and paid versions of others. 

Nowadays, WordPress Speed Optimization is a common search question. A reliable CDN service to fast-forward the nearest points of presence to your viewers. I recommend Cloudflare and BunnyCDN because they are both relatively affordable. 

cdn performance
CDN Performance Analytics & Comparison – Source: CDNPerf

Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin Free

LiteSpeed Cache and SGOptimizer are the best WordPress speed optimization plugin free available. Also, other valuable plugins from Gijo Varghese (Flying Pages, Flying Scripts), Async JavaScript, Autoptimize, Rocket Lazy Load, and WP Optimize.

W3 Total Cache is a useful plugin compared to other free plugins like Fastest Cache, Super Cache, etc. If you want a free cache plugin with good performance, but your server isn’t Litespeed or Siteground, then W3 is a better option. But configuration is not easy.

Use image optimization plugins or online compression to optimize high-resolution images—the WebP Converter for Media plugin serves WebP to your website. You can save over 50% of the website’s size by converting JPG and PNG formats to WebP. 

JPG to WebP results
JPG to WebP results – KeyCDN

Here is Some Best free WordPress Speed plugin

Here is a list of some of the best free WordPress speed plugins for different solutions, including databases, caching, image optimization, Query, Minification, etc. 

Also, heavy assets, such as video files and audio files large images, should never be uploaded directly to your host. That will significantly affect performance. If you use videos for your content, you can embed them using third-party hosting services.

1. LiteSpeed Cache

WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins 
LiteSpeed Cache By LiteSpeed Technologies

You can use this as your cache plugin if you’re running a LiteSpeed server. It’s one of the best cache and optimization plugins available for free.

Benchmark LiteSpeed Cache
Source: LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed Plugin Features

Litespeed uses server caching, so you can achieve the most significant improvement to your website through server-level caching. It also includes additional optimizations similar to those of other popular paid plugins like WP-Rocket and Perfmatters.

1. Image Optimization

You can optimize images while keeping backups of the originals in a similar folder and using lossless optimization. While optimizing images, you can also choose to use WebP versions.

Image Optimization Control allows you to adjust the tone of your image from 0 to 100. You can also enable lazy image loading to reduce page loading time and make fewer HTTP requests. It can boost the pager’s speed score and improve the core web vitally.

2. Page Optimization
LiteSpeed Page Optimization
  • That allows combining CSS and inline CSS and minifying in the browser.
  • You can delay the Java script to reduce resources and increase performance.
  • Inquiry orders from inactive sources can be removed.
  • It can minify HTML and delay off-screen HTML elements.
  • Combine all of the JS states and inline Javascripts into a single file.
  • Other essential features include removing Google Fonts, WordPress emoji, and the default tags.
  • Lazyload Iframes can shorten the time it takes for a website to load by reducing basic HTTP requests.

If you have any issue with these minifications, you can check the error and enter if you don’t want to minify CSS files, Javascript, or inline script code.

3. Database Optimization
Litespeed Database Optimizer 

LiteSpeed cache plugin can clean all trashed posts and pages, post revisions, pingbacks, spam, and trashed comments, and optimize all database tables. Also, clean transients that have expired and others.

Also, you can do the same thing with the WP-Optimize plugin.

4. Additional Options

Guest Mode provides a persistently cacheable landing page for first-time visitors and can update the cache via AJAX. It helps improve the cache experience for mobile or tablet visitors for the most effective optimization for all visitors.

By using the Cloudflare API, you can manage Cloudflare. You can edit the.htaccess file without going to the file manager.

The Image Optimization, PageSpeed Score, Critical CSS, Low-Quality Placeholder, Crawler Status, Page Optimization, and CDN Bandwidth can all be seen on the dashboard.

Optimization Plugins

The Litespeed cache plugin is only for users of the Litespeed server, so if you use other servers like NGINX, you won’t be able to use it.

2. Autoptimize 

Autoptimize is another excellent free plugin for resolving render-blocking resources; it also provides additional optimization options.
Autoptimize By Frank Goossens (futtta)

Autoptimize is another Best free WordPress Speed plugin for resolving render-blocking resources; it also provides additional optimization options.

Autoptimize Features

1. Optimize Java Scripts

It uses Autoptimize to expand its cache and usefully prepares JavaScript more quickly. The theme and plugins, as well as the JavaScript, are all included.

2. Optimize CSS 

If you’re having trouble removing render-blocking CSS, Autoptimize can inline over it while loading the internal CSS, which is especially useful on page loads.

You can set all the CSS inline; it is the primary method to stop the CSS from rendering-blocking. However, it is usually not admired because it can cause HTML to grow significantly. You can put the list of CSS to decline to suggest optimization.

3. Additional Settings
  • You can use CDN Options via the CDN Base URL.
  • You can also use image lazy-loading to reduce the image impact.
  • Remove Google Fonts or Settings Connect links in the head.
  • Remove WordPress emojis, inline CSS, inline JS, and unoptimized JavaScript.
  • It removes query segments from resources that are no longer active.
    • This has no effect on page load time, but it improves site performance.
Autoptimize Additional Settings

If you want to improve your first-paint-times using Critical CSS, you need to sign up with Criticalcss.com and move to a paid plan.

3. WP-Optimize

The most useful free plugin, WP-Optimize, allows you to inspect your database records and remove tables left behind by previous plugins, and also perform other optimizations like removing trashed posts, spam, auto-draft, and many more.
WP-Optimize Team Updraft

WP-Optimize is the most popular free plugin for evaluating database records and removing tables left behind by previous plugins, among many other optimizations.


WP-Optimize Features

1. Database Optimization
WP-Optimize Database Optimization
  • WP-Optimize can be used to remove expired selections and trackbacks.
  • Delete the post meta, comment meta, and orphaned link data.
  • You can schedule cleaning time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Optimize database tables, delete all post revisions, and draft posts.
  • Spam, trash, unapproved, and pingback comments can all be deleted.
2. Image Optimization

You can have it automatically reduce the size of newly added images. With WP-Optimize Show, the image’s dashboard changes image quality. You can also check all uncompressed images for bulk optimization.

3. Cache and Minification
WP-Optimize Combine CSS and Javascript

I don’t recommend caching for WP-Optimize. If you’re interested in their features, they’ll automatically detect and set them up for your site. You create separate data for mobile devices and get cached pages as an administrator.

Gzip compression improves the performance of your website and reduces the time it takes to load. WP-Optimize has minification functionality, but it isn’t going to help me.

  • The default settings, HTML, and CSS minification. 
  • You can exclude JavaScript and CSS.
  • You can delay all of the JavaScript files.
  • It can disable Google fonts.
  • Combine CSS and Javascript.
  • Disables Minify for logged-in users.
  • Separating metadata from the page header.

WP-Optimize has a paid version available. The free version lacks essential features. It is not the best caching plugin, but it is excellent for database optimization.

4. SiteGround Optimizer

SiteGround Optimizer
SiteGround Optimizer

The SiteGround Optimizer is the Best free WordPress Speed plugin for SiteGround users. It improves the performance of your website by using server-level caching.

Server-side caching is quicker and more accurate than other cache plugins like file-based caching. After LiteSpeed cache plugins, this is an excellent free plugin with rich features to speed up your websites. 

SiteGround Optimizer Settings Tutorial

SiteGround Optimizer Features

  • You will avoid excessive database queries and page loading with Dynamic Caching.
  • Memcached frequently conducts queries to your databases, reusing them for improved speed.
  • CSS minification can be allowed or disabled.
  • CSS preloading and CSS combination to minimize the number of requests to the server.
  • You can improve the HTML by removing unnecessary elements and minimizing the file sizes.
  • It will include optimizing web fonts with the Preconnect link source for Google fonts.
  • You can use image compression to downsize your current images and reduce storage.
  • The WebP image format significantly decreases the size of your images.
  • The plugins have database optimization and more speed options.

5. Async JavaScript

Async The JavaScript indicates which lines to attach as “async” or “defer” to improve the website’s performance. It does not have any crashes on CSS. Eliminate Render-blocking JavaScript primarily focuses on the plugin. 

It helps prevent content from appearing on the page until the plugin has finished loading. Async JavaScript also allows you to defer JavaScript and inline stylesheets, and it is often more effective than cache plugins at solving render-blocking resources.

6. Asset CleanUp

Asset CleanUp Another WordPress optimization plugin considers your page and identifies all the assets that are placed. 
Asset CleanUp: By Gabe Livan

Another WordPress optimization plugin removes the bloated page and identifies all its assets. The plugin is similar to Perfmatters, but you need to upgrade to the pro version if you want more options, but the lite version has some valuable prospects.

Asset CleanUp Features

Asset CleanUp Features
  • Preload CSS and Javascript
  • Self-host Google Fonts
  • Remove render-blocking resources.
  • You can turn off emojis, dash coins, and comment replies.
  • Remove the header, body, footer, broken links, tags, and HTML.
  • You can remove the WordPress meta, RSS feed, and unused resources.
  • Remove query strings or send static assets that are CDNs.
  • Keep hiding the WP Version.
  • Eliminate jQuery Migrate.
  • You can remove shortlinks, self-pingbacks, rest APIs, dashicons, and Google Maps.
  • You can disable the WooCommere scripts, the cart, and the checkout pages.

However, the free version has some limited optimization, but the pro version has many features and is the best plugin to remove unnecessary elements in WordPress.

7. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache helps improve the overall user experience by increasing site speed and reducing response time. However, it doesn’t support database clearing, Google Fonts, video improvement, and other options.

W3 Total Cache Features

  • Caching your entire website
  • CDN management with WordPress static files
  • Defer non-critical CSS, Javascript, and offscreen images using Lazy Load.
  • You can minify CSS, JavaScript, HTML, posts, RSS feeds, and third-party JavaScript.
  • Control over browser caching expires headers and tags.
  • Import attachments from posts straight through CDN.

Compared to other free cache plugins such as fastest cache, super cache, and so on, this is a reasonably good solution. Nevertheless, configuring it can be challenging.

8. Flying Pages

Flying Pages from wp speed matters; it induces a tiny JavaScript code and then waits for the browser to become inactive. So it detects webpages on the screen and preloads those when the finger crosses them. 

The “Crossing Detector” identifies links within the view and notifies the browser to prepare them. If your page contains a lot of URLs, loading it all at once may cause the site to load slowly for visitors. 

Flying Pages are used in a string to limit the number of preloads per second. If you have some links on the screen, preloading them will take a few seconds, depending on what you select.


9. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache
WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is one of the most popular free cache plugins, and it’s simple to set up. However, it has fewer feature plugins, and if you want to advance, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

In which case, you’d be better off with other paid plugins. WP Fastest Cache is only valid if you have a small website and don’t want to spend too much time on the configurations.

WP Fastest Cache Free Features

  • Preload Cache: It creates a cache of all the places.
  • Minify: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Combine JS and CSS.
  • Browser caching reduces page load times for repeat visitors.
  • You can remove the emoji inline CSS and JS files.

WP Fastest Cache is the most straightforward plugin to set up in this roster, but it’s not ideal for large web pages.

10. Breeze From Cloudways

Cloudways Breeze

Breeze works solely if you’re using Cloudways hosting, but it is a beta version still developing features that don’t work perfectly. The breeze settings are limited. Read My Cloudways Review for more information.

However, you can use Breeze’s simple feature to speed up the performance of your website as well, but caching works fine.

  • Improve CSS, Javascript, HTML, and Inline CSS.
  • Disable the emoji libraries from WordPress.
  • Lazy load images for loads of scrolls on visitors.
  • The page will load speedily with the preload links.
  • Gzip Compression Use this to compress your static files.
  • The Browser Cache feature expires headers for static files.
  • Varnish cache: Varnish is pre-installed on servers.
  • Allow your website to set up a proper CDN.
  • Database Optimization

11. Flying Scripts

 Flying Scripts
Flying Scripts

Flying Scripts plugin helps to reduce the impact of third-party code on websites. You can significantly improve the performance of your page load.

For example, you can delay Javascript such as Ads, Tag Manager, WPDiscuz, affiliate banner, cookie-law-info, live chat widget, Tawk API, Analytics.js, etc.

12. Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket Lazy Load
Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket Lazy Load allows lazy images, videos, and iframes, reducing requests and improving loading time. This plugin is from the WP Rocket team, so my favorite feature is “Replace Youtube videos by thumbnail.” 

Rocket Lazy Load settings

It is beneficial to use YouTube videos for your content because they significantly affect your site speed, but it is just an image file with this plugin. So this is a good plugin for WordPress users. Personally, it helps me more than A3 Lazy Load.

13. Speed Booster Pack

Speed Booster Pack
Speed Booster Pack

The Speed Booster Pack is a WordPress optimization plugin for assets, databases, CDNs, caches, and other features. It can instantly remove the query strings, pingbacks, additional emoji scripts, dash icons, and Gutenberg.

You can edit each post or turn off post revisions entirely. It limits how many post revisions are saved for a single post. You can create data caches for mobile devices and desktop computers separately.

Connect to the Cloudflare CDN using the Cloudflare global API key. If you’re a Sucuri user, you can connect to the plugin via the API. Set all asset URLs manually, including the CDN domain.

Speed Booster Pack Assets Optimization

Improving CSS performance defers all CSS. It may be helpful for small jobs, but it can harm websites by breaking thumbnails. You can reduce the HTML request by using the minify HTML. 

Speed Booster Pack negative reviews

Lazy loading allows you to defer loading images, videos, and iframes. Avoid render-blocking issues by delaying all JS and inline JS in optimizing JavaScript stuffing. However, the plugin has negative reviews for its support and some feature bugs.

14. Query Monitor

Query Monitor
Query Monitor

Query Monitor displays accumulated SQL information from the plugins, themes, or other features. This plugin helps monitor your heavy plugins, themes, page builders, and an access control toolbar menu with page analysis and detailed error detection.

Also, display the individual’s opinions in frames. Discover the slowest-loading plugins, queries, scripts, and other factors. It’s recommended to remove it once you’re finished because it performs regular scans and tends to take up processor time.

15. Clearfy Cache

Clearfy plugin for WordPress optimization

Clearfy Cache is a useful caching plugin that is straightforward to use and configure, and, most pertinently, helps improve the website’s performance for quick loading times. This plugin includes the following optimization solutions:

  • Page caching
  • Performance optimization
  • Code cleanup
  • SEO optimization
  • Removing page duplicates
  • Automatic plugin updates
  • Heartbeat API optimization
  • Posts optimization
  • Assets manager

14. Optimole

Optimole Image optimization

Optimole is an image optimization plugin with multiple functionalities. It makes it simple to sweep up your massive images and exaggerated pages. With the basic plan, you can improve pictures for up to 5,000 monthly visits. That is enough if you have little traffic.

Optimole uses cloud-based technologies to increase your pictures in real-time, allowing you to speed up your website by providing images that are the appropriate size for each device. 

Premium users can have more than 25k monthly visitors, but it is pricy, at almost 20 dollars a month. Premium plans are performed from AWS Cloudfront.

17. Hummingbird

Hummingbird Optimize Speed

Hummingbird is just another plugin to help improve the performance of the website with such features as;

  • Gzip compression
  • Delaying Javascript patterns and fonts
  • CSS and JS code optimization
  • Lazy Load integration
  • Page caching.

You can easily configure the load placement of your stylesheet, JavaScript, Google Fonts, and many other files to improve page load speed.

18. Flying Images

Flying Images (WP Speed Matters)
Flying Images

Flying Images is Gijo Varghese’s plugin for the fundamental image optimization tool. It includes free CDN, compression, WebP, Adaptive Pics, and Lazy Loading.

19. Jetpack Boost

Jetpack Boost
Jetpack Boost

Jetpack Boost is an optimal solution plugin that increases the speed of your WordPress website and has a few different aspects, including:

  • Generates critical CSS
  • Defer non-essential Scripting
  • Compels all Javasripts
  • Lazy Image Loading.

Nevertheless, I never recommend the Jetpack plugin because it slows down your website by adding extra CSS files.

20. Resize Image After Upload

Resize Image After Upload
Resize Image After Upload

Resize Image After Upload decreases server usage and speeds up your website by resizing images once delivered within a given width and size. Furthermore, whether or not images are resized, the plugin can re-compress uploaded JPEGs and convert PNGs to JPEGs. 


Other WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins

I hope you can solve your problem with at least one plugin. There are also other plugins measures to resolve a variety of issues. 

  • UnbloaterBloat cleanup plugin for the interface, database, block editor, and third-party plugins. Unbloater covers a broader range of issues and is also free. Reduce post revisions, remove jQuery migrate, reduce heartbeat, stop auto-updates, minimize bloat from the admin, and many others.
  • Redis Object Cache: Integrate your site with Redis, which is considered speedier. It’s also a good idea to double-check that your host uses Redis.
  • Use Any Font: You can use custom typography; it’s typically a local host font. Change fonts quickly and easily without having to know any coding. You can utilize any customized font (TTF, OTF, WOFF). Although it is beneficial to use fonts to improve the performance of your website, the free edition only allows you to upload one font.
  • Host Google Analytics Locally: Google Analytics lets you host analytics.js or gtag.js locally. CAOS yet helps with Minimal Analytics (Google Analytics Lite).
  • WP YouTube Lyte:  Lazy loads videos that only use the prominent YouTube player when the play button is pressed. You can use other plugins to lazy load videos, like Rocket Lazy Load, and most cache plugins also have this option. WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin Free

Also, keep in mind that the performance of your entire site is based on the hosting service you selected. Make sure you and your visitors can access the nearby data center.

You’ll also need to consider uptime, support, TTFB, hardware, scaling, and other factors. We also need to clarify that we are receiving service for our money.

I never recommend low-cost, shared, or misleading hosting services. The NewfoldDigital includes Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, and DomainHost. Hostinger, HostPapa, Godaddy, and Namecheap are all companies I never guide. (Related: Best Hosting Providers in Asia)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WP-Optimize free?


Yes, WP-Optimize is the most popular free plugin for cleaning database records and removing tables left behind by previous plugins, along with many other optimizations.

What is the best free caching plugin for WordPress?

LiteSpeed Cache is the best free WordPress cache and speed optimization plugin because LiteSpeed uses server-level caching. It also includes more optimizations like other popular paid plugins, FlyingPress, WP-Rocket, and Perfmatters.

Can I speed up my WordPress website for free?

Here are the five best free plugins to speed up WordPress:

1. LiteSpeed cache: One of the best cache and optimization plugin
2. Autoptimize: It does a better job optimizing CSS and JavaScript files
3. WP-Optimize: It is a popular free plugin for cleaning database records
4. Async JavaScript: Async JavaScript solves the problem of render-blocking resources
5. Asset CleanUp: A better free plugin to optimize WordPress assets.

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