10 Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers In 2022

The best ad networks for small publishers. I sometimes notice website owners looking That MATTER for ways to monetize their websites.

Are you a newbie, or have you recently launched a website? If you don’t fulfill their requirements but want to monetize your website quickly. So, I created a list of some alternatives and the best ad network for beginners.

This list includes many ad networks without traffic volume requirements. By using these ad networks for publishers, you can generate some revenue. Everyone, even bloggers, needs money to cover different expectations and expenses.

If you regularly create original content, you can easily monetize your website with display ads. Never stop trying; always be open to new things.

After growing gradually, there are different ways to make money, including monetization, offers, affiliates, and more marketing strategies. When you receive enough visitors from blogging, you build many connections.

You get trust from those connections by writing. Hence, writing does not result in quick money or cheap money. In the long term, it increases your gains. Once improves your audience’s trust in you, which opens the door for more opportunities.

There are a couple of platforms for CPM ad networks for low traffic websites. But for large and medium-sized websites, there are countless monetization options. 

For example, Mediavine, Valueimpression, AdThrive, Freestar, MonetizeMore, Publift, Sortable, Adpushup, and many more CPM ad networks for good traffic websites. Here are a few examples of the requirements.

  • Optad360: 50K page views.
  • Mediavine: 50K sessions per month.
  • Adthrive: 100K page views.
  • NeworMedia: 30K monthly visitors.
  • Setupad: 100K monthly visitors

I still say this even if Google Adsense is a simple monetization method. It’s efficient. Simply insert small lines of code, which will take care of displaying relevant ads to your readers. The only issue is that you won’t earn much from it.

Since Google Adsense is the most widely used website monetization method, I don’t think it’s necessary to mention Adsense. There are many ways to describe Google Adsense, so it is unnecessary to go into detail.

Some Adsense features, such as self-control, auto-ads, and experiments, are elements I like. However, it requires quality requirements; if you can’t uphold excellence, Adsense will ban you from violating rules and other illegal activities.

Adsense doesn’t have any traffic requirements, which is a plus. Perhaps reject it if your new application doesn’t meet the quality criteria. You may verify your ID or address to get paid for the first time. So everything is digital now. It seems to be so outdated.

AdSense threshold has never been my favorite because $100 is difficult for beginners to achieve. Also, AdSense has no additional payment options, such as PayPal or Payoneer.

I propose a few ad networks for websites with low traffic, though there may be more effective options. 👇

1. Ezoic: Best Ad Network For All

Ezoic Monetization

Ezoic provides different web services for publishers, such as speed optimization, CDN, hosting, SEO, and monetization. 17K+ unique domains are already partnered with them. Ezoic is the best CPM ad network for low traffic websites.


Ezoic is the most excellent Adsense alternative. If you already use Adsense, MediaNet, or other similar services, you can submit them to Ezoic as a mediation partner. They are a professional partner, so your Adsense account is safe with them.

Another plus is that they have a referral program. So that you can generate income from it without using Ezoic. Start and Increase ad revenue by 50-250% with Ezoic.

Leap is a tool that enables you to enhance your site’s speed and core web vitals. It can improve your site with the proper settings, which has always worked for me.

In addition to configurations, Leap makes suggestions to improve your site. Such directions provide the details to identify what is causing issues on your site.

Most of the details about your plugins, WordPress themes, and third-party recourses like ads, CDN, and other scripts. Their image optimization settings are excellent.

Ezoic Leap
Ezoic: Leap

Ezoic provides tremendous supply partners such as OpenX, Appnexus, Spotxchange, Amazon, Yahoo, Outbrain, and Google; there are many more.

Ezoic is at the top of the list because you can enter their platform with a great content website. Many monetization platforms have minimal traffic requirements, but Ezoic gives a small publisher a chance; that’s great, hah.

Your website should comply with Google’s Ads guidelines because they are a Google-certified publishing partner. The approval process typically takes one week, maybe. You can apply for the level program if you have 10,000 or more monthly visitors.

If you have a low-traffic website, you can use Ezoic Access Now. On Access Now, you must face some tutorials and exam processes.

Ezoic Levels Program

Top-tier countries like the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and others have beneficial CPM rates. But most third-tier countries get a low but not tragic rate.

High ePMV For Top Tier Countries
High ePMV For Top Tier Countries

A lower payment limit is $20, which is brilliant since anyone can achieve it if there isn’t enough traffic. You’ll also receive payment on a 30-day basis, with methods of payment including Paypal and Payoneer.

I hate that Ezoic requires changing the DNS settings to their DNS. I disagree because it should remain under our control, but that is Ezoic’s only integration option.

You have complete control over ad placement. Ezoic has a range of ad types, including native, and provides an ad tester extension to enhance ad placement. Users can handle Vignette and Anchor Ads from the Ezoic control panel.

Ezoic ad example
Ezoic Ad example
Ezoic Advantages
1. The minimum threshold is as low as $20.
2. High EMPV and you can join from any country.
3. No traffic Requirement for the access program.
4. You can access Ezoic’s free CDN
5. Leap programs to optimize your site’s performance.
6. Expanded data analysis tool, you can get more data about your website.
Ezoic Disadvantages
1. Its monetization method causes a slower web experience.
2. Impact on your core web vitality if you use shared web hosting.
3. You must change your nameservers to Ezoic’s NS servers.

2. Monumetric: Propel Program to Small Publishers

Monumetric Propel Program to Small Publishers

For content creators, Monumetric offers full-service ad optimization. Like Ezoic, you can use Monumetric as an alternative. Yet, the minimum traffic requirement is only 10K page views, so try it, man, for automation with header bidding.

When you join Monumetric Criteria, there are four different options to choose from. Its Propel Program, which focuses on small publishers, is the one that catches my interest the most right now. 10,000 PV, but it has to be a Blogger or WP user. 

Your sidebar must be 300 pixels wide or more (uncommon); the site needs to receive primary ad approval ( no good sound). 

Also, 50 percent of visitors are from top-tier countries (DAMN). A $99 one-time setup charge must be paid if you did not have 80k PV (pooh-poohs).

With professional ad management with Monumetric, you make more money than using Adsense. The two payment choices are PayPal and bank transfer, which are different in the payment. The payment is due 65 days after the end of the month.

Your website has a minimum requirement of 6 ads for the Propel Program. Monumetric doesn’t have any specific standards for ad quantity, excluding the Propel Program.

Example of a Monumetric display ad
Example of a Monumetric display ad

The publisher has different focuses for making a profit from their website and wishes to run various ads. You know, each configuration has upsides and downsides.

It may sound strange that Monumetric has unusual requirements, payment options, and due dates. The 10K PV and their CPM-based model are why I’ve included them on this list. I don’t like other stuff, but it is a better choice AFTER Ezoic for low-traffic websites.

Monumetric Advantages
1. Monumetric provides managed ad services.
2. They provide reasonable CPM rates.
3. Personalized dashboard with detailed statistics
4. Programmatic Header bidding
Monumetric Disadvantages
1. 10000 Monthly Page Views Not easy for startups
2. Complete approval typically takes three months.
3. It is not friendly on a net-65 payment schedule.
4. For small websites, there are setup fees of $99.

3. ReklamStore: The Best Ad Network for Beginners

ReklamStore Networks For Small Publishers

First, read my ReklamStore Review because there is more stuff. Hah! They are involved with global demand, such as Google Network Partner, as it is a reseller. Appnexus, Adform, Pubmatic, Criteo, Rubicon, more ad exchanges, and direct bidders offer. 

ReklamStore is the best ad network for beginners. The dashboard is built straightforwardly. Users can monitor their earnings details and track their real-time views, clicks, time, ad placement, size, click-through rate, CPM, etc.

ReklamStore payment methods include wire transfer, Payoneer, and PayPal, and the minimum amount is $50. Payment schedules are net 30 days, which is a feasible option.

A solid monetization solution that doesn’t require a lot of traffic. Unlike Ezoic and Monumetric, you don’t receive much higher CPM rates. For starters, you won’t be able to earn significant CPM rates. All platforms need some time to be fully optimized.


ReklamStore bidding strategies for CPM and CPC. The great news is that there are no minimum requirements for publishers. They are accepted by various publishers but not approved if you include nudity or other illegal content.

Standard banners, adaptive, leaderboards, contextual ads, native, mobile, and types are available through ReklamStore. The following is an example:

ReklamStore Ad Example
ReklamStore Ad Example
ReklamStore Ad Formats
ReklamStore Ad Formats
ReklamStore Pros
1. There are no requirements for a publisher.
2. IAB-approved ad formats with header bidding.
3. There are two types of targeting options.
4. Getting extra revenue from affiliates
5. Ad exchanges: Google, Criteo, Rubicon, and others.
ReklamStore Cons
1. It has a high $50 threshold.
2. Sometimes show low-quality ads.
3. The minimum payout is $300 for bank transfers.
4. In comparison to others, their CPM rates are low.
Infolinks for small publishers

Infolinks is the Best ad network for websites and differs from others because the ad formats are different. Infolinks are not the same as the usual banner ad networks.

A good thing is that applying to Infolinks doesn’t require significant traffic. However, you’ll need a great website with valuable content. Downloads, x-rated content, misinformation, rewards, casinos, and non-standard sites are not allowed.

The approval process could take three days or longer, depending on the content quality. I previously applied but was rejected simply due to a lack of content.

Their guidelines are comparable to other ad networks, such as Google. You have complete control over the ads and can personalize the website to your taste.

But ads slightly slow down your page speed. Of course, every ad network affects your web speed, but they have more since they do not use the latest technology, such as modern ad networks using Lazy Load and CDN.

Infolinks’ supply partners include Pubmatic, Yahoo, Google, Criteo, Sonobi, Sovrn, Appnexus, etc. You can increase your earnings by referring publishers to get 10% of their revenue for the next twelve months.

A fair point is that you can get payments by PayPal, and Payoneer, but you require a minimum of $50. Payment is made in 45-day increments, slightly longer than others.

Infolinks’ ad formats 

  1. Highlighted words on the website called “InText.”
  2. “InFold” is the same as what others call an “anchor ad.”
  3. “InTag” works on website pages and posts.
  4. InFrame” ads surface at the edges of the website.
  5. “Infeed” automatically places several places on the website.
Infolinks InFold Ad Example
Infolinks InFold Ad Example
Infolinks InText Ad Example
Infolinks InText Ad Example
Infolinks Pros
1. Clean ads and a wide variety of ad formats
2. You can earn extra with the referral program
3. Good support platform 
4. The publisher has complete control
5. You can use other suitable networks with them.
Infolinks Cons
1. High payment terms and threshold.
2. Old-style reports and dashboards.
3. Low CPM rate in the industry.

5. Adsterra: Monetize Your Every Traffic

Adsterra Ad Networks For Small Publishers

Adsterra is OK, but it is not a suitable alternative to Adsense. Publishers may monetize their websites, social media traffic, and mobile apps using Adsterra. In fact, I would still not recommend it if you’re running a decent content website.

Adsterra is ideal for websites that include gossip, nudity, images, and other non-standard content. You can make some reliable money if you have a lot of traffic. From my experience, the U.S., Europe, and other top-tier countries had acceptable CPM rates.

However, Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan) traffic has not had fair CPM rates. Adsterra has a variety of banner ad formats, including leaderboards, verticals, square banners, and more.

Popunder, push notifications, social bars, and other ad formats are included. Still, I hate that format because it harms the user experience.

Adsterra  Ads Control
Ads Control

There are good reviews about those blah-blah things, but it is OK like download sites because you can get more clicks, but it really affects website performance, UI, and even SEO. I’m not stating they’re all awful; they have some favorable facts.

You don’t have to waste your websites because Adsterra can monetize all of your traffic. Adsterra has no traffic volume restrictions and a quick approval process, so you can start immediately. It makes no difference how much traffic your website receives.

It is a good ad network for low traffic websites. You can earn revenue from your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media pages with good traffic levels. It is a unique feature outside a website or app’s monetization.

Adsterra offers a payment method; PayPal, cryptocurrency, wire transfer, Paxum, and Tether are all options for publishers. The lowest payment is lower, with Webmoney and Paxum at just 5 USD.

Adsterra Payout Methods
Adsterra’s Payout Methods
Adsterra Pros
1. Facebook pages and other social media platforms can be monetized.
2. Quick approval process and no traffic requirements.
3. Multiple payment options and minimum payouts of $5.
4. Earn more with Adsterra’s referral.
5. CPM, CPA, PPC, CPL, and other cost models
Adsterra Cons
1. Ads that provide a poor user experience (push ads, notification, and popunder)
2. Not suitable for genuine websites.
3. Low CPM rate in Asian countries.

6. A-Ads: Crypto Ad Network on Any Website


A-Ads, otherwise known as Anonymous, is a crypto and finance-related ad network. You can use it on any website, meaning you don’t need a related website. Unlike most crypto-related ad platforms, A-A does not prohibit using other websites.

A-Ads are unique from other ad networks since there is no approval process. It is primarily concerned with crypto ad marketing. You can access the network secretly because they are not using cookies.

The network does not gather private details. You can connect with it using your wallet if you do not want to use your email address. They pay on a CPM, CPC, and CPA basis.

Primarily displays crypto-related ads and games, lotteries, betting, investments, and other topics. The main drawback is that it only accepts bitcoin as payment.

The minimum payment threshold is 0.001BTC. The good thing is that you can withdraw with auto withdrawal. Coinzilla offers bank transfers, but A-Ads does not.

According to SimilarTech, they are used on almost 15,000 websites worldwide. A-ADS welcomes all types of websites to join their ad platform. So, if you have a website or blog, you are welcome to network, even if it is free hosting like Blogspot.

A-ADS is the best ad network for small publishers and those with low traffic volumes. Simply place an ad-unit script on your website to start earning.

The banner ads are lightweight, simply an iframe with no heavy javascript. As a result, they have little impact on your web’s performance and will not cause any security risks.

A-ADS Ad example
A-ADS Ad example
A-Ads Pros
1. Use it with anonymity and no cookies.
2. Clean banner ads; no back-links, or other spam ads.
3. There are no approval processes or restrictions.
4. Adaptive ad units can be placed anywhere.
5. There is no need to wait for payment; it is automatically withdrawn to a wallet.
A-Ads Cons
1. Only financial-related ads.
2. Only Bitcoin withdrawals, no other e-wallet systems 
4. Your website’s performance is affected by animated ads.

7. Coinzilla: Top Ad Network for Crypto and Finance

Coinzilla is a crypto-related ad network

Coinzilla is a decent ad platform, but not for everyone. Because why? They accept websites containing financial and crypto-related content and tools. I recommend Coinzilla as it is the best ad network for small publishers hoping to grow immediately. 

Coinzilla works on a CPM revenue structure for display and native ads, making it a far better platform than A-Ads. Coinzilla is used by 800+ websites, including Coingecko, BSCscan, Coinpayu, Whattomine, and Way2earning. 

Coinzilla requirements

Coinzilla Requirements As I previously stated, they are a high-quality ad network, so they do not allow pointless content. The publishers need the following requirements:

  • Coinzilla does not specify traffic requirements, but you will need some.
  • Coinzilla just accepts websites related to crypto and finance.
  • The domain should be at least three months old.
  • There must be no prohibited content on the website.
  • It would be favorable for Coinzilla to have a top-level domain.
  • Coinzilla does not accept subdomains; Blogspot, or WordPress, with free hosting.
  • The website must be professional in appearance.
  • The website should not contain malware, spam, or other harmful content.
Example of a Coinzilla ad
An example of a Coinzilla ad

Payments are made quickly via multiple payment options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfers. A minimum amount of €50 to publishers. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are processed in less than 24 hours, bank transfers can take several days.

They are a top crypto advertising platform that allows you to make a profit from your website. If your website’s content is financial industries, you should try, and they accept traffic globally. Coninzilla includes a referral program to earn extra.

Coinzilla Pros
1. Reasonable CPM rates compared with other related ad networks
2. No traffic requirements
3. Coinzilla provides clean ads with no spam or scam ads.
4. Bank transfer is available and there are no payment terms.
Coinzilla Cons
1. Some have a high threshold of €50
2. There are only crypto and finance ads
3. No support for other websites’ categories.

8. Media.net: Contextual Ads for Publishers

Media.net for SMALL publishers

After Adsense, Media.net is a popular platform operated by the Yahoo and Bing networks. Setting up is effortless because Media.net’s banner units vary from others. However, you must have traffic from the US, Canada, and others to be approved. 

An invitation-only network is Media.net. It will review your website and decide whether to accept or refuse the publisher depending on its requirements and guidelines. 

They do not mention how much traffic needs to be approved, but you need some excellent traffic with quality content. Your admin logins will be provided once approved. An account manager is provided to you as a Media.net process.

Contextually ads are featured from Media.net; they are placed according to the publisher’s website’s type of content. For example, visitors will see ads for the website design industry if a website publishes blogs on website design. Model 👇

Media.net contextually targeted ads Example
Contextual ads from Media.net

Native ads perform really well on media.net. Native ads integrate into the website’s designs and styles. Publishers can insert responsive ads that adjust to the width of the phone’s screen because of a feature in mobile-friendly ads. 

Media.net gives a better CPM than Google. Both are primarily PPC platforms, and you can use Media-net with AdSense. More profitable revenue can be earned, but user experience and SEO go downhill, fellas. Haha.

The Google algorithm discourages the use of heavy advertising. Many of them have either lost their traffic. Media.net Payment methods better than AdSense include Wire Transfer, PayPal, NET-30 periods, and a $100 monthly minimum threshold like Google.

Media.net promotes the search ad format. When a user clicks on a word in the ads, it takes them to a search query. Like that which Media.net has connected with, including Yahoo! or Bing. You can also see this format on Google.

Media.net Pros
1. Multiple ad formats
2. No exact traffic requirements
3. High click rate contextual advertising
4. They provide an account manager.
Media.net Cons
1. High payment threshold of $100
2. Need traffic from the top tier for approval.
3. They don’t provide real-time earnings status.

9. WordAds: Decent Ad Network for WordPress

WordAds is from Automattic

WordAds is from Automattic, which works with CPM-based. Also, they partner with demand brands such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Appnexus, etc. WordAds only provides banner ads, but the ads are clean, with no spam or low-quality ad types.

A few requirements must be met before you can begin using WordAds. It is not a free ad network, so you need a WordPress or Jetpack premium plan with a custom domain. 

However, there are no minimal level traffic requirements to join them, but you need some traffic to get approval. If you have top-tier country traffic, the CPM rate is proper. Other most countries have low CPM rates.

WordAds example
WordAds Example

A notable drawback is that WordAds only accepts PayPal payments, but PayPal lacks support for all countries. Earnings are displayed in your WordPress dashboard.

It is not beginner-friendly because a balance of $100 is required to receive a payment. The amount paid is around 45 days, which is high compared to others.

However, I cannot guarantee that WordAds is a good option for monetizing your website because it has some significant flaws. Your website must be built with WordPress. Nevertheless, you can check how it works if you are satisfied with that stuff.

WordAds Pros
1. WordAds offers high-quality ad units.
2. Complete control with a single plugin
3. Users-based ad targeting
4. Compatible with Adsense and other ad networks.
WordAds Cons
1. Long payment terms of 45 days and a high threshold of 100 dollars.
2. PayPal payment only
3. You will need some premium plans. (Worpress or Jetpack)
4. Only eligible WordPress websites.

10. H12-Media: A Native Ad Network for Small Publishers

H12 Media is a native ad networks for small publishers

H12 Media is an excellent native ad network for small publishers. H12 offers various ad units, including standard, slide, and video advertising. The sizes are typical for mobile and desktop devices.

H12 Media allows payouts through PayPal and bank transfers. It’s worth mentioning that the lowest payment limitation for PayPal is $50. Your account balance is automatically updated every day, and you can choose to pay monthly or weekly.

There are no traffic criteria. But illegal content; adultery, casinos, spam, and malware, is not allowed. You can’t click on ads or push others to do so, just like others. It is not allowed to create false traffic and use over 5 ad units on a webpage.

By referring users to this ad network, you can grow your revenue, and the commission is 10%. H12 Media is comfortable with gossip, movies, forums, news, and normal websites.

This network is not recommended if you have a decent website because these kinds of native ads are not suitable for rich content websites. They offer HTML-based responsive ad units that change the layout of your website.

Of course, every kind of third-party code impacts your website’s speed, and H12 is no exception, but they offer a lazy load, which is good but still not enough.

H12 Media An Ad Example
H12 Media Ad Example
H12-Media Pros
1. It’s a user-friendly self-serve platform.
2. No traffic requirements.
5. Referral program for additional revenue.
H12-Media Cons
1. H12 ads that are not suitable for decent websites.
2. Asian and other low-tier traffic have low rates.
3. Limited Payment options

Native Ad Network for Small Publishers

Native ads are part of the more vast online platform. You can see native ads in a range of methods. The most common format is content recommendations.

Outbrain, Taboola, Gemini, TripleLift, RevContent, MGID, and other leading native ad platforms. Unfortunately, they are not a chance for small websites.

For example, RevContent content recommendations
For example, RevContent content recommendations

There are also some native platforms for small publishers. Content-Ad is an excellent native ad network for getting revenue through content recommendations.

If you do want more excellent CPM rates with top-tier traffic, Content.ad is an ideal choice. There are no specific traffic requirements, but they do not accept all.

Bidvertiser 👇

Also, Bidvertiser has no traffic requests to join. They work as a pay-per-click form. Through the sign-up, BidVertiser has automated approval. You can start with if the website does not involve illegal or adult material.

Bidvertiser has low-quality ads such as notifications and pop-unders. It is not a platform that matches advertising to the publisher’s website contextually, and it does not do this well. It seems to be falling.

Conclusion: Ad Networks for Small Publishers

Hey guys, thank you for reading my article about the best ad networks for small publishers. Although publishers have many monetization networks, picking the ideal ad network can be difficult nowadays.

Some well-known ad networks aren’t included, including Adcash, PropellerAds, AdMaven, and HillTopAds. I don’t like their advertising and terms because there are poor options such as push notifications pop-unders and others.

They damage your SEO and the user experience also. Hence I do not recommend them. Let’s say search engines find that stuff on your site. In that case, it will affect your search engine ranking.

Moreover, if you started with some, select fewer ad placements because the user experience is one of the most critical things about any website. Also, having mixed ads makes websites perform poorly. 👉 Read WordPress Speed Optimize Plugins.

You can use sponsored post websites like “Adsy” if you don’t like online advertisements. You can make some money by including guest content and links from clients. However, you will need some traffic and at least a 15-point Doman authority score.

You’ll probably make double as much money as you expect by looking into different traffic monetization strategies. It won’t be long before you understand the actual value of your traffic and learn how to make the most of it.

You can work as an affiliate marketer, but you need unique, regular traffic if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer. The affiliate method does not affect the speed of the user experience on the website. 😮

I repeat It’s pretty simple to monetize with ads. Simply insert a code to online ads to your audience. One concern is that, believe me when I say this, you won’t make much money from it. 🤪🤪

👇: Webhosting is the most critical part of using ad networks. If you’re experiencing trouble, don’t forget to read my hosting review.

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