08 Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers in 2022

This article is about the best ad networks for small publishers. I usually notice most website owners are looking for ad networks and monetization platforms to monetize their websites.

If you find Google Adsense alternatives, read this related article: Alternative to Google Adsense. Many ad networks and revenue optimization platforms have traffic requirements to access their monetization features.

If you don’t meet their requirements, I made a list of ad networks and other media. Although there may be better ones, I tried to put different kinda services, and almost all ad networks would not specify traffic requirements.

But they do have some standard qualities. Here are a few examples of the requirements for entering their platform.

  • Adblade: 500,000 monthly page views.
  • Mediavine: 50,000 sessions per month.
  • Monumetric: 10,000 monthly page views.
  • Adthrive: 100,000 monthly page views.
  • AdPushup: Already making $5,000 a month.
  • Revcontent: 50,000 users per month.
Small Publishers Denied by the ad networks

Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize a website. There is no need to explain what Google Adsense is; countless articles out there. I like some of the features, like self-control, Auto Ads, and experiments. 

Adsense doesn’t meet traffic requirements. But, it requires quality terms; if you can’t maintain a grade, Adsense will ban you due to policy violations and other invalid activities. 

It also rejects new applications if you don’t have the quality standard. Yet, I never liked the AdSense threshold because $100 is not easy to reach for beginners—also, there are no extra payment solutions.

You need to verify your national ID or address. Since everything is now digital, it seems old-fashioned.

Best CPM Ad Networks For Low Traffic Websites

You know, there are not many platforms to choose from for the best CPM ad networks for low traffic websites. But there are many monetization options for high and medium-sized websites. 


Like Mediavine, Valueimpression, AdThrive, Freestar, MonetizeMore, Publift, Sortable, Adpushup, and other CPM networks suitable for high traffic websites.

Moreover, content recommendation ads, otherwise known as native ad networks like Revcontent, Outbrain, Taboola, and Mgid, To join them, you should have increased traffic requirements.

You can use “sponsored content platforms,” such as the Adsy platform. You have the chance to begin receiving unrivaled content online from buyers and generating revenue after placing it on your websites.

You can also select Google-certified publishing partners to monetize websites because they are official ADX partners.

The ad networks approved small publishers.

You can use one of these if your website does not have enough traffic requirements, or maybe you want to switch to a different monetization service. Let’s look at some suitable monetization solutions for small publishers.

01. Ezoic

Ezoic Monetization

Ezoic provides different web services for publishers, such as website speed optimization, CDN, hosting, and monetization options. 12K+ unique domains are already partnered with them. Ezoic is the best CPM ad network for low traffic websites.

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

Ezoic provides vast areas of ad formats and partners, like Outbrain, Media.net, OpenX, Pubmatic, Appnexus, Magnate, Sovrn, Vertamedia, Spotxchang, and various ad partners.

Your site should be compatible with Google’s Ads policies and requirements for approval. The approval process usually takes 1 to 6 days.

  1. If you have 10,000+ monthly visitors, you can apply directly to the level program.
  2. If you have a low traffic website, you can use Ezoic Access Now. (You have some tutorials and exam processes.)

Ezoic Access Now

Ezoic Levels Program
Ezoic Leap
Ezoic: Leap

Ezoic offers complete control to the publisher who wants to show ads on the website. Also, they provide ad-tester extensions for more optimization, and some nations get pretty high EMPV.


If you have already partnered with other ad networks such as Adsense, Media.Net, Revcontent, or other ad networks, you can mediate with Ezoic as mediation partners. 

Ezoic ad example
Ezoic ad example
High ePMV For Top Tier Countries
High ePMV For Top Tier Countries
  • Payments: 30 Day Terms via Paypal, Payoneer
  • Threshold: 20$
Ezoic Advantages
1. The minimum threshold is as low as $20.
2. High EMPV and you can join from any country.
3. No traffic Requirement for the access program.
4. You can access Ezoic’s free CDN
5. Leap programs to optimize your site’s performance.
6. Expanded data analysis tool, you can get more data about your website.
Ezoic Disadvantages
1. Its monetization method causes a slower web experience.
2. Impact on your core web vitality if you use shared web hosting.
3. You must change your nameservers to Ezoic’s NS servers.

02. ReklamStore

Reklam-Store is a Self-assist web traffic monetization program for publishers

ReklamStore is a self-assisting web traffic monetization program for publishers. Also, header bidding technology assists you in increasing your earnings. Please read my review of ReklamStore.

The approval process is not complicated and quick, and there are no traffic requirements. Also, you can refer publishers to Reklam; you can earn a 10% percentage based on their earnings.

They provide direct ads and better demand network partners like Appnexus, Adform, Pubmatic, Magnite, Google, Criteo, and more.

ReklamStore Ad Formats
ReklamStore Ad Formats
ReklamStore Ad Example
ReklamStore Ad Example

Ad Formats: Banners (300×250, 720×90, etc.), Flipside, In-Page Notification, Sticky, and others.

The minimum threshold is $50, and if you don’t reach it, the minimum income is carried over to the following month. Payment methods include Paypal, Payoneer, and bank transfer.

ReklamStore Pros
1. You can apply to ReklamStore if you don’t have enough traffic.
2. You can earn some extra revenue from referrals.
3. A wide range of ad formats
4. Header Bidding technology for publishers.
ReklamStore Cons
1. It has a high $50 threshold.
2. A good website can affect low-quality advertising.
3. The minimum payout is $300 for bank transfers.
4. In comparison to others, their CPM rates are low.
Infolinks is a leading ad and partner network for the publisher.

Infolinks is a leading ad and partner network for the publisher. Nevertheless, they have some differences because their ad formats are different from others.

Infolinks doesn’t provide minimum traffic requirements, but you require a decent website. The approval process takes three days. Nonetheless, you need quality content because Infolinks focuses on websites with a lot of content.

I had previously applied to Infolinks but was turned down due to a lack of content, meaning that their rules are similar to those of other significant ad networks like Adsense and Media.net.

Illegal websites are not permitted, such as download sites, nudity, frauds, false information, money, rewards, casino-based, and non-standard websites.

Infolinks’ ad formats 
1. Highlighted words on the website’s pages and posts are called InText.
2. InFold is the same as what others call an “anchor ad.”
3. InTag performs on website pages and posts.
4. InFrame ads surface at the edges of the website.
5. Infeed ads, you can automatically place several on the website.
Infolinks ad examples
Infolinks ad examples

Pubmatic, Yahoo, Google, OpenX, Criteo, Sonobi, Sovrn, Appnexus, and others are their major marketing partners. Join a referral program to increase your earnings by recommending publishers and earning 10% of their revenues for 12 months.

  • The minimum payout threshold is $50 for PayPal, eCheck, and Payoneer.
  • The payment will be treated and given 45-day terms with some high terms.
Infolinks Pros
1. Clean Ads and so many ad formats
2. You can earn extra with the referral program.
3. Good support platform 
4. Complete control to the publisher (You can customize ads for what you prefer).
Infolinks Cons
1. High payment terms and threshold.
2. Old-style reports and dashboards.
3. Low CPM rate in the industry.

04. Adsterra


Publishers may use Adsterra to monetize their websites, social media traffic, and mobile apps. In comparison, if you’re running a decent content site, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Adsterra is ideal for websites that contain gossip, nudity, images, and other non-standard content. You can make some reliable money if you have a lot of traffic.

My personal experience gets good CPM from the USA, the EU, and top-range countries, but Asia traffic does not have reasonable CPM rates. Adsterra is completely automated since there is no need for a manager or additional employees.


Its approval process is significantly faster and takes less than an hour to approve.

adsterra Ads Control
Ads Control

Adsterra has five different payment structures.

  • Cost Per Mille: 1K ads Impressions
  • Cost-Per-Click: A visitor clicks on an ad.
  • Cost-Per-Action: Pay for the purpose 
  • Cost-Per-Install: Pay for a correct response (Download)
  • Cost-Per-Lead: Subscriptions, Fills something
Adsterra Payout Methods
Payments: Adsterra

Adsterra’s ad formats are Popunder, Social Bar, Push Notifications, Native Ads, VAST, and Banners. PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Bitcoin, and Tether are just a few payment options. 

Also, the payment terms are 15 days, which means if you reach a minimum amount, you can withdraw at the end of the month. They postponed your payment until the following month if you did not meet the minimum.

Adsterra Pros
1. The minimum payout is five dollars.
2. Quick approval process and no traffic requirements.
3. Expanded Ads type adjustments for Adblocking.
4. Earn more with Adsterra’s referral.
Adsterra Cons
1. Bad user experience with push ads, notification, and popunder ad types.
2. Not suitable for genuine websites.
3. Low CPM rate in Asian countries.

05. A-Ads


A-Ads were formerly known as Anonymous. It is a crypto-based ad network, but you can use it with any website standard. A-Ads are different from other ad networks because there is no approval process. No need to sign-up; you can easily use an access code. 

They pay on CPM, CPC, and CPA-based networks. It mostly provides crypto-related advertisements and plays games, lotteries, betting, winning games, and investments.

According to SimilarTech, A-Ads are used on between 10 and 15,000 websites. Available in Banner, Adaptive (300 x 250, 728 x 90, 970 x 90, 970 x 250, 250 x 250, etc.)

A-Ads example
A-Ads Example

To withdraw from BitCoin, you should have at least 0.001 BTC, but you shouldn’t have to wait. You can get your wallet right away once you reach it.

A-Ads Unit Statistics
A-Ads Unit Statistics
Impressions Report A-Ads
Impressions Report A-Ads
A-Ads Pros
1. There is no need to wait for approval.
2. Clean banner ads; no pop-under, back-links, or other spam advertising.
3. A-Ads provide affiliates with extra income.
4. Adaptive ad units can be placed anywhere and in any layout.
5. There is no need to wait for payment; it is automatically withdrawn from a wallet.
A-Ads Cons
1. Only crypto-related and financial ads.
2. Only Bitcoin withdrawal.
3. No other cash withdrawal or e-wallet system
4. Animation ad formats that influence your website’s speed performance
5. No user-friendly dashboard

06. Coinzilla


Coinzilla is a finance and crypto-related ad network that leads that industry. If you have a finance or crypto-related content site or another service website, you can apply to monetize it.

Coinzilla requirements for publishers

  • Coinzilla doesn’t have any traffic requirements.
  • The website should include cryptography and finance.
  • The domain should be at least three months old.
  • You need to have a valid SSL certificate.

It would be best to have a top-level domain for Coinzilla that doesn’t support subdomains such as Blogspot, Weebly, or WordPress associated with free hosting.

It would be best to have a top-level domain for Coinzilla that doesn’t support subdomains such as Blogspot, Weebly, or WordPress associated with free hosting. Prohibited traffic exchanges, invalid traffic, bots, and fake traffic.

Coinzilla is a CPM and CPC-based network that offers a referral program to anyone, like publishers or advertisers. It has some conditions to maintain a quality website.

Coinzilla Ad Example
Coinzilla Ad Example

Ad formats are available in banners 300×250, 728×90, Native ads, Pop-under, and Anchor ads for the header and bottom.

The minimum withdrawal amount is €50; you can submit it from the dashboard if you reach that amount. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are processed within 24 hours, bank transfers typically take less than a week.

Coinzilla Pros
1. Reasonable CPM rates compared with other related ad networks
2. No traffic requirements
3. Coinzilla provides clean ads with no spam or scam ads.
4. Bank transfer is available and there are no payment terms.
Coinzilla Cons
1. Some have a high threshold of €50
2. There are only crypto and finance ads
3. No support other websites’ categories.

07. WordAds


WordAds is from Automattic with CPM-based network work with significant demand brands such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Appnexus, etc. It is not a free ad network, which means you need a WordPress premium plan or Jetpack premium plan.

But no minimum traffic requirements to join with them. You will need an excellent standard website to apply to WordAds. It also needs quality traffic because this ad network pays by impression, so you have nothing if you don’t have traffic.

If you have top-tier country traffic, the CPM rate is proper. Asia and Africa have low CPM rates. WordAds only provides banner ads, but the ads are clean, with no spam or low-quality ad types.

WordAds example
WordAds Example

WordAds only accepts payments via PayPal regularly. But PayPal’s lack of support for all countries. The amount paid is around 45 terms, which is relatively high compared to other competitors.

WordAds Pros
1. WordAds provides friendly ad units with good standards
2. When you enable the plugin, ads will display in the proper places
3. Users-based ad targeting
4. Compatible with Adsense and other ad networks.
WordAds Cons
1. Long payment terms of 45 days and a high threshold of 100 dollars.
2. Withdrawal only PayPal
3. You will need some premium plans. (Worpress or Jetpack)
4. Only eligible WordPress websites.

08. H12-Media

H12 Media
H12 Media

H12 Media is a native ad network for a small publisher, promoting related advertising and profits from existing blog traffic. H12 Media is a straightforward platform for managing ad formats, reports, and payments.

The unique thing is that your account balance is renewed each day, and you can ask to pay on a net-5 basis. The threshold is $5 for Paypal and $25 for bank transfers.

That is why it is suitable for small traffic websites, but it doesn’t mean it is not ideal for high traffic websites. H12 Media is a CPM and CPC-based ad network.

However, ads are comfortable with gossip, movies, forums, news, and regular websites. If you have some decent website-like technology, this network is not recommended.

h12 media
H12 Media Ad Example

They provide responsive ad units that adapt to the layout of your website based on HTML. Also, have sticky ads and video ads. The speed of your website will not be impacted by lazy load-activation.

H12-Media Pros
1. It’s a user-friendly self-serve platform.
2. No traffic requirements.
3. The minimum threshold is just five dollars.
4. There’s no need to wait for payment periods.
5. H12 provides a referral program for additional revenue.
H12-Media Cons
1. H12 displays some nudity ads that are not suitable for decent websites.
2. CPM rates are lower compared with other networks.

Here are Other Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers

You can check out these publishers’ services if you have some quality traffic.

  • Media.net: You need some good traffic, and most of it comes from top-tier countries.
  • Newor Media: Header Bidding with quality banner ads) You need at least 30k monthly visitors.
  • Adversal: Display and native advertisement medium). You need at least 50K page views for a month.
  • Mediavine is a leading ad management company and Google partner for publishers looking to monetize their content. their traffic requirements to 50k sessions in the past month.
  • Monumetric: Like Ezoic, however, you need at least 10,000 page views, and there is also a setup fee for small publishers.
  • Bidvertiser: No need for traffic requirements; however, Bidvertiser has some low-quality ads like push notifications, direct navigation, and pop-unders.

Ultimately, you can test with different ad networks and optimization providers to determine which ones provide the most stability in keeping your loyal fans happy while growing revenue.

Use fewer ad placements and networks because users’ experience is one of the most important aspects of any website. Moreover, site speed decreases if you use mixed ads, which will affect SEO directly.

There are tons of monetization platforms for publishers. If you don’t like ad networks, you can also become an affiliate marketer. Affiliates have no impact on the site’s speed or user experience. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you’ll need unique regular visitors.

It’s ideal to use an ad network as your primary source of income. Thanks & regards, and I hope you found this helpful information. 

If you’re having trouble with hosting, don’t forget to read my hosting review because hosting is the most critical aspect of using ad networks. 

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