06 Steps to Copy text from Protected Website In 2022

If you find something, “copy text from the protected website.” But have you not found the right direction?

Here are possible solutions, so let’s look at them individually.

Why is it that some websites restrict you from copying content from them?

The most common reason is the considerable plagiarism of web content without crediting the original author. Most websites do not prohibit or limit content-copying because it degrades the user experience. They know that someone who copies is copying anyway from content, even a protected website.

Copy from Protected Website – Solutions

However, copying certain information for personal and academic use is okay, but not for publication or plagiarism without the author’s permission.

Such activities harm your brand presence. People will recognize you as unprofessional because you copy and paste other people’s ideas. If your content is scraped, it will have a negative SEO impact. Read Blogging Tools .

Now we’ll look at simple steps to “copy text from blocked website.” This could change slightly from browser to browser. Most chrome-based browsers work well, but older browsers might not always. These solutions are compatible with many browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi.

1. Copy Text from Protected Website Chrome

If you use Google Chrome, here are some simple workarounds.

  1. Copy-paste this to your Chrome browser’s address bar: “chrome://flags.”
  2. Then scroll down and enable reader mode.
  3. Next, the browser will restart and open all tabs automatically. 
  4. Your browser now has activated reader mode.
  5. You can use it at any moment to copy something you want.
How to copy text from protected website Chrome
Google Chrome Reader Mode

This should work most of the time for Chrome users, but if it doesn’t, You can also copy by pressing Ctrl+P (Websites to PDF). Implementing that is a simple process.

2. copy text from the protected Website Firefox

It is a simple way to copy text from a protected Website for Firefox users.

Press the Reader view to the F9 key; it is the best way to do that with Firefox. It works with ANY.

how to copy text from protected website firefox

You can also use other pathways, but they are not required because if Chrome Reader Mode does not work, but Firefox reader mode does, try it out on your Firefox browser.

3. Page Source Code

Do you have a basic knowledge of HTML? There is a better pathway to access the content, and you can get the details immediately. Ctrl+U is the shortcut to open a website page source. However, that would not be an easy way to do that, especially for beginners. Try out looking at my example images.

View Page Source Code

Now scroll down and see the content after the website header codes with title tags. Take a look at the example👇

An example of a website Source Code

4. Save the Page

One of the simplest methods is to “copy text from blocked website.” Use Ctrl+S to save the page. It will download to your download folder and open in any browser. 

Copy Text from Blocked Website Using Save the Page

Some websites will work in this way, while others will not. This method, however, may not always work well. There are several extensions for stopping that process since there are numerous content management and coding limits and add-ons.

5. Websites to PDF

This is another way to do that if it didn’t work with previous methods. You can easily print that web page as a PDF (CTRL+P) and then copy the content as expected. 

Copy Content is Protected Website Using Websites to PDF

It should work for many websites, but some may have access restrictions. In most cases, right-click disabled websites do not work correctly.

However, several online tools are available for converting websites to PDF files. Let’s take a look at some free tools.

  • Cloudconvert: this tool converts web pages to PDFs and uses the Chrome browser for its online tools. The output will be similar to that generated using the Print to PDF option.
  • PDFmyURL: save a single page or the entire website as a PDF. Simply input the URL and the website’s web pages into one PDF.
  • Sodapdf: you can insert one website URL in the relevant section to start the web page in a PDF. After file conversion is finished, you can view the document by saving the PDF to your device and viewing it directly in any web browser.
  • Web2PDFConverter: It is a valuable online PDF converter for those who regularly need to convert web pages for documentation.
  • Hipdf: A tool page has excellent features that do more than just create translations. When you visit the website, it seems easy and automated. You can save the generated file anywhere you wish on the device.

6. Image to Text

Suppose you have not worked on any previous methods. In that case, this one is the final method of copying content from a website. Simply, you need to get a screen capture. Now you can easily convert images to text.

Copy Text from Restricted Website Using Image to Text

Optical text detection, also known as OCR, is an AI-based tech for detecting text within an image and converting it into readable text. If you need to convert a screenshot to text, OCR technology can assist you. Numerous tools allow you to use OCR to extract text from images.

Here are some free OCR tools to convert images to text solutions as copy text from a blocked website.

  • Cardscanner: A free online OCR converter that uses the Automatic Recognizer can extract text from images, scan documents, or print PDFs. You can convert or transfer any image to editable documents using an image text converter.
  • Ocr2edit: If you desire to turn an image into a text file, use this free online tool. Submit your photo, whether it’s a PNG, JPG, GIF, or other format. Then choose the language and get your extracted content.
  • Smallseotools: provides advanced features and a tool for users to translate or extract text from images quickly.
  • Prepostseo: Simply enter the image URL into the input field, upload a picture, and hit the Submit button. BOOM!
  • Online-convert: These guys have also created a chrome extension that allows image-to-text conversion for JPEG, PNG, TIF, SVG, Bpm, WEBP, and many others.

OCR is a technical achievement, yet no completely error-free technology has been introduced. Several online IMG-to-text converter tools can effectively turn your documents or photos into text.

Additionally, Google Docs can be used to collect images to text. You don’t need any other apps if you regularly use Google Forms. Google Docs notably detects text size, style, and color in every word. Ignoring the fact that it worked adequately for most image formats, even PDF.

A Chrome add-on can help you extract content from images. You don’t have to do anything; try installing the plugin, and it will easily do it. There are a ton of extensions available in the Chrome library.

Several OCR software can be used to convert photos on your PC. Easy Screen OCR is an excellent software that delivers high accuracy. It’s a little application that runs in the taskbar. However, the free Easy Screen OCR only allows for limited images. Numerous Android applications help you to convert images to text.

You can use Text Scanner, which allows you to take text from images offline.

Copy From Protected Website

Disable Right Click to Prevent Stolen Content

Disable right-click is perhaps the most straightforward option for ensuing copy protection. Such a simple action makes copying your stuff much more difficult for average users. This strategy also prevents users from accessing the webpage source codes.

If you’re a WordPress user, you can disable right-clicking from plugins. There are plenty that can help you with that. Disable the Right Click plugin simply without coding. Read FlyingPress Review.

These plugins make it simple to deactivate right-clicking, cut, copy, paste and access the source code and images. Anyone can use this plugin to prevent duplication, download pictures from any website, and secure that your website’s content is protected.

Wrapping up

I hope you’ve found a way to “copy from the protected website”. Please use it for educational purposes only, and do not use it for duplication or stealing. Use these tactics in a way that does not harm others. However, it would be great not to use it for copyright violations.

You may experience severe problems as a result of data theft. Then maybe the content author will take legal action against you, forcing you to pay financial damages. Plagiarism might harm your company’s image. You will be recognized as a non-professional because of reposting other people’s ideas. 

You may be unable to work in the industry after being trapped by plagiarized facts. If your website lacks original content, people will most likely leave it. 

Suppose you’re a website owner or content writer. In that case, you’ll need to understand the matter of exciting and unique content in improving a webpage’s search engine rankings, which leads to a top search rank. If your content is scraped, it will have a significant SEO impact.

Also, a drop in search rankings would affect not just one article but the entire website. Your domain also receives a high spamming score. Thank you for reading my article about the “copy text from blocked website”. I hope you found this article informative, and I wish you success in your future work.

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