05 Steps to Copy From Protected Website

Maybe you may find something to “Copy from protected website.” But not found the right direction?

Most websites do not prohibit or limit the copying of content. It is okay for anyone to select and copy the lines. However, some websites restrict duplication. We are resolving it now: “How to Copy from Protected Website” step by step.

How to Copy from Protected Website

Why is content protected on some websites? 

The most common reason is that many people who plagiarize web content do not credit the original author. It’s a terrible thing; never do it. However, it would be OK to copy some information for a few reasons, such as academic purposes.

Now we’ll look at some simple steps on “how to copy text from protected website.” That may be different from browser to browser. These solutions work with a variety of browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Vivaldi, etc.
How to copy text from protected website Chrome

You can also copy something using the Ctrl+P (Websites to PDF) trick. It’s a simple approach to implement that.

how to copy text from protected website firefox

Some other browsers do not work perfectly, but Firefox Reader View works most of the time. With the Firefox browser, this is the smartest way to do it.

Using Website Source Code


Do you have a basic knowledge of HTML? There is access to the content, and you can get the information right away. Ctrl+U is the shortcut. However, that would not be an easy way to do that, especially for beginners. There are some distinct ways to do that.

Save the Page Method

The simplest method is to use Ctrl+S to save the page, then download and open it. Some websites will work in this way, while others will not.

However, as there are numerous content management and coding regulations and plugins, including some good extensions for restricting that process, this approach sometimes does not work correctly.

Save the Page Method

Using Websites to PDF

You can easily print that web page as a PDF (CTRL+P) and then copy the content as you would expect. This should work for many more websites, but some have access restrictions.

You can use Firefox reader mode, which works better than Chrome reader mode.

Websites to PDF
Websites to PDF

Convert the image to text.

convert image to text
Convert image to text

If you have not worked on any previous methods, this one is the final approach to copying content from a restricted website. Simply, you need to get a screen capture of that content and convert the image to text.

If you’re unsure of what format is needed to convert screenshots to text, the solution is that it doesn’t make much difference since most image-to-text tools function with any file type. 

Finally, I hope you’ve found a solution to copy content from protected website. Do not use these strategies to cause harm to others. These will only be used for academic purposes and will not be published. However, it would help not use them for copyright infringement.

Copy From Protected Website

Based on the severity of the replication you’ve engaged in, you may face some severe problems resulting from data redundancy.

  • Maybe the content’s creator could file a lawsuit against you, and you’d have to pay financial compensation as a consequence.
  • Copying can harm your brand’s reputation.
  • The viewer will perceive you as a non-professional who plagiarizes other people’s ideas.
  • After being trapped with copied statistics, a copywriter may fail to work in the industry.
  • People will probably stop exploring your webpage if it does not provide original content.

This one is essential if you are a website owner or content writer. Compelling and unique content serve a vital role in improving a webpage’s search engine rankings, which results in a leading keyword ranking.

If the content you’ve posted is scrapped, it will have a critical SEO impact. Moreover, not just one webpage, but the entire website, would struggle with a drop in search rankings. Also, you get a high spam score for your domain.


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